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PPC Timmins - James Bay The PPC is all about restoring power to the people. The best way this can be done is by reducing gov

Last week, news broke of a 55-foot statue of the Hindu deity, Hanuman, being constructed in Brampton, Ontario.The statue...

Last week, news broke of a 55-foot statue of the Hindu deity, Hanuman, being constructed in Brampton, Ontario.

The statue sparked a debate amongst conservative-minded Canadians.

Critics pointed out how inappropriate it was for such a gigantic statue from a minority religion to dominate the urban landscape in a Canadian city, while monuments to our own history (such as Queen Victoria or Sir John A. Macdonald) are being vandalized or torn down.

Others said it is an issue of religious freedoms, that it is being built with private funds on private land, and that others — especially the government — should stay out of it. And also that those who are destroying Canada’s heritage are not Hindu Canadians, but mostly white far woke leftists.

I find there are valid arguments on both sides of this debate.

What I don’t like is that some critics have been quick to label anyone who criticizes the statue as bigots or racists, when there are good reasons to be concerned.

There is a larger context. This whole debate is happening at the same time as we learn that three more churches have been arsoned in Alberta in December, following dozens of others in the past few years.

And as the City of Toronto announced that a key urban landmark, Yonge-Dundas Square, will be renamed Sankofa Square.

What’s incredible is that the City is doing this to get rid of an 18th century British politician who was supposedly in favour of the slave trade, when all serious historians say that on the contrary he was an abolitionist.

And Sankofa is a concept that refers to “reclaiming the past” in the language of an African tribe that itself was involved in the slave trade!!

You can’t make this up. The level of craziness and self-loathing of Canada’s woke elites is just unbelievable!

In Canada today, anything that refers to our past and traditional culture can be cancelled, smeared, or destroyed, while anything that is recent and imported from other countries is OK.

While the economic side of the consequences of mass immigration have broken into the mainstream, any discussion on the cultural consequences still remains quite taboo.

But at the PPC, we’re all about breaking taboos!

Cultural balkanization is becoming a reality in our country. And it’s necessary to have this debate now.

It comes down to a question of “what do you want this country to look like in 5, 10, 20 years?”

Because the reality is that under the current trajectory, Canada’s identity is being fast erased.

This is happening first in our big cities, but soon in our smaller towns as well.

These changes in our society are being driven by the irresponsible, unsustainable, and self-destructive mass immigration and radical multiculturalism policies of Justin Trudeau.

More than 1-million foreigners are entering our country each year with little pressure to assimilate into the mainstream Canadian identity.

In fact, they’re actively encouraged to maintain the language, culture, values, and social attitudes of the country they left.

As you can see on this graph, 10 of Canada’s 41 large urban centres have a higher proportion of immigrants than all of Canada.

We received almost 450,000 foreigners in just the last 3 months! This is how rapidly our country is changing!

A nation is more than just geographic boundaries, it is a people with a shared history and culture.

Unless drastic measures are taken soon, this transformation will sweep the rest of our country.

So what do you think? What do you want our country to look like in 5, 10, 15 years?

- Maxime Bernier

One of the most common pieces of feedback I get everyday is “Max, I like you, I agree with your ideas, but go easy on Pi...

One of the most common pieces of feedback I get everyday is “Max, I like you, I agree with your ideas, but go easy on Pierre Poilievre. Trudeau is the real enemy”.

They believe that the only thing that matters in Canadian politics is removing Trudeau from office.

I agree that this is an important goal. Trudeau and his administration have been a disaster for Canadian society.

But we can’t just swap a career politician with a red tie for a career politician with a blue tie and expect things to magically get better.

We need a leader who will confront the drastic changes that Trudeau has made to our society and correct them. Before it is too late.

Everyone pinning their hope on Poilievre is living a delusion.

Sure, he’s better than Trudeau. Marginally.

Big deal! Anything is better than Trudeau.

Any politician who failed to stand up for us during the miserable covid years is part of the problem.

Any politician who refuses to speak out against the transgender madness influencing our youth is part of the problem.

And most importantly, any politician who ignores the negative consequences of mass immigration is part of the problem.

On all of these critical issues to the future of Canada Trudeau and Poilievre are in agreement!

So, no I won’t go easy on Poilievre. And I won’t go easy on Trudeau either.

I won’t go easy on any politician who is unwilling to put Canadians first and confront these controversial issues.

I am going to force these issues into the political conversation. Because we need to have these difficult conversations if we are going to save the country we love so much.

So, to all those Canadians who believe a Poilievre government would be noticeably better for Canada than Trudeau, I’d like to pose a simple question.

What do you really think would be best? A Poilievre majority where he and his party would be able pass any legislation they like, but also ignore issues they find inconvenient?

Or a Poilievre minority with the PPC holding the balance of power?

I would certainly work with Poilievre to help pass some of his conservative agenda, but he would also have to agree to end mass immigration and address a few other critical issues.

It’s entirely possible. We would only need a handful of PPC MPs elected in strategic ridings to have significant influence over a minority government.

You can help me accomplish this goal.



A membership in the PPC affords you certain rights, including: Voting for your EDA Board of Directors at your EDA Annual General Meeting; Voting for your EDA’s candidate to represent the party in your riding in the next federal election; Running to be a member of your riding’s EDA Board of Direc...


Do you know what the biggest lie in Canadian politics is?

It’s that we have this magical healthcare system that is central to our national identity.

I’ve often heard Canada described as “like America but with free healthcare”.

It is a total myth that Canada has some great medical system which can only be preserved by the political left.

In reality, we have a crumbling, dysfunctional system which is being made MUCH worse by non-stop mass immigration which is totally overwhelming it.

Here are the facts:

Canadian healthcare is not free. We all pay for it with our unreasonably high taxes. In fact, Canada has the fourth highest per capita healthcare costs amongst developed countries.

Canadian healthcare is not the best. Nowhere close. Despite being among the most expensive, most international ratings have us around 30th in the world, lagging behind just about every developed country.

Mass immigration over recent years has completely overwhelmed the system. A significant portion of newcomers are coming through the family reunification program who are often older (parents, and grandparents) and more dependent on the healthcare system. Sometimes they are coming here specifically to take advantage of our healthcare system despite their families not paying into it!

Canadian healthcare also has the dubious distinction of having the worst wait times of any developed country. This year around 17,000 people died while waiting for medical care.

Does that sound like a developed country to you, Renaud?

And yet, if anyone calls for significant and much needed reforms to our healthcare system, leftists start foaming at the mouth and hurling accusations about “American-style healthcare”.

As if our healthcare system is some sort of untouchable sacred cow!

It's time to look to other countries, find what works elsewhere, and make major reforms here — and believe it or not, we can look to countries other than America as examples!

We need to learn from the European countries with superior and more cost efficient healthcare systems, literally all of which are mixed systems with public AND private providers for medical care.

Max and the PPC have been calling for Canada to move to a European-style mixed system for years now. It is the obvious solution for anyone who has spent time researching this topic.

Technically, healthcare is supposed to be 100% provincial jurisdiction. But in reality the federal government is much too involved.

Provinces are dependent on the feds for funds (Canada Health Transfer payments) to pay for their healthcare systems and for decades the federal government has politicized these transfer payments, holding them hostage unless provinces meet their demands.

Here’s the PPC plan to get Ottawa out of the way and fix our healthcare system:

Repeal the Canada Health Act which dictates a very bureaucratized management of healthcare, and encourage provincial and territorial governments to adopt European-style, mixed public-private healthcare systems.
Replace the Canada Health Transfer cash payments with a permanent transfer of tax points of equivalent value to the provinces and territories to give them complete autonomy over their healthcare systems.
Stop mass immigration and in particular radically reduce the number of newcomers coming to Canada through the family reunification program to relieve stress from already overburdened healthcare systems.
The PPC doesn’t believe in sacred cows. For us, nothing is off limits. If there is a problem affecting Canadians, we are going to step in and solve it.

We don’t have to just accept the lesser of two evils. We can support policies we actually believe in. We can demand better policies for our country.

Daniel Tyrie
PPC Executive Director

Is this some sick joke, or a sequel to "Dumb and Dumber"?"Canada to Offer Farmers Financial Incentives to Reduce Methane...

Is this some sick joke, or a sequel to "Dumb and Dumber"?

"Canada to Offer Farmers Financial Incentives to Reduce Methane Emissions From Cow Burps" - Article in Epoch Times

Maybe the Trudeau/Singh coalition should audition for the main roles?!

"As usual, the biggest news in Canada is being ignored by all of our crooked establishment politicians and the dishonest...

"As usual, the biggest news in Canada is being ignored by all of our crooked establishment politicians and the dishonest corporate media.

Last week Statistics Canada released a report on deaths in Canada (causes of death, overall life expectancy, etc), which include the latest data from 2022.

I’m not a doctor, a scientist, or even a statistician, but when I saw the table below, a few things jumped out at me.

First, deaths related to covid-19 (check the fourth line) were at an all-time high in 2022!

Can you believe that? There were more covid deaths in 2022 than the two years before.

And yet that same year saw the end of mask mandates, vaccine passports, and most covid measures.

For two years the elites blasted us with propaganda and warped our society around this mild illness, but when deaths were rising, they were silent. Bizarre!

To be clear, I am not advocating for any of these unnecessary draconian restrictions to return, I am just demanding some honesty and consistency from our morally corrupt politicians, public health officials, and media!

It has never been so obvious that covid restrictions were not scientific, they were just about politics and control.

But the most disturbing part is what I have circled at the bottom of the table. Deaths with “ill-defined or unspecified causes” have been steadily increasing since 2020.

These deaths have almost TRIPLED since 2020 from 6,841 to 16,043 in 2022.

What could be causing this? What happened in 2021 that could have caused this explosion of unexplained deaths over the last 2 years?

An experimental pharmaceutical product was rushed to market and forced on Canadian society, is what happened.

They told us it was “safe and effective” but over the last few years we have learned more and more about how that covid shot was neither.

Now more and more Canadians are dying from causes very likely related to the covid shot.

And where is the accountability?!

There is no admission of any possible error on the part of the government. On the contrary, it’s still encouraging everyone to get boosters!

There are no demands for an inquiry by the opposition parties to investigate the potential risks associated with the covid jab.

There are no investigative journalists trying to get to the bottom of one of the biggest medical scandals in Canadian history.

No! They're just trying to sweep it under the rug and move on!

We can’t wait for the political establishment to hold itself to account. We saw throughout the covid years that the government, the opposition, and the media will all work together to protect themselves and each other.

And we can’t let them get away with it!

The only way to hold them to account is to vote out these corrupt politicians and replace them with true Canadians First PPC MPs!

Help me hold the establishment accountable!



They can't even recognize a N**i when one is right before their eyes committing the same type of actions the German N**is perpetrated!

How many times have we, supporters of the PPC, been called "N**is" by those who seem to know so little of the Holocaust. Lo and behold, so many of these same people support and defend real modern day N**is - the Hamas terrorist organization and all its monstrous minions!
They repeat the same talking points, chant the same slogans, and some even go as far as carry the Hamas flag or wear their paraphernalia.
Maybe the cause is simply dumb ignorance for some, but for others, it is WILLFUL ignorance of the facts and history, and/or plain evil.

Here is something to consider: Why is the vast majority of these people on the woke progressive left?

Never mind the "fight for democracy"... this is actually a fight for the survival of western civilization!


"Do you know the worst kept secret in Canadian history?

To be honest, it’s not just Canada, it’s affecting much of the Western World.

The worst kept secret in Canadian history is that mass immigration and multiculturalism have been an abject disaster for Canadian society!

The intellectual, corporate, and political elite have spent the last few decades gaslighting Canadians that mass immigration is in our best interest, that it is necessary to grow and sustain our economy.

But the consequences of mass immigration are obvious to anyone that is paying attention.

Our healthcare system is struggling to keep up. Emergency rooms are overrun, and wait lists for a family doctor are unacceptably long.

Our classrooms are overcrowded, teachers are overwhelmed with immigrant students who have completely different cultural references, and the education of the next generation is being jeopardized.

Foreign ethnic and tribal conflicts are being imported. Violence in the streets is becoming common in our big cities.

Our social fabric is being eroded. The sense of community is disappearing as the elite-class pushes diversity over assimilation and unity.

Our wages are stagnating as the market is flooded with cheap labour. We are facing a generational housing crisis, and inflation is out of control.

And yet our elites tell us not to trust our lying eyes! They patronize us, call us racist, and continue to increase the number of newcomers entering Canada each year.

But a backlash is coming. More and more Canadians are waking up to the reality that mass immigration and multiculturalism are destroying our once great country.

The people are starting to recognize the self-interested lies of the elite for what they are.

They are beginning to realize that the business elite push mass immigration to access more cheap labour.

That the political elite use it as a tool to secure new voters or to pander to existing ethnic voting blocks.

And that the media elite do nothing but protect their elitist cronies and preserve the status quo.

It’s not just Canada that is waking up, right-wing populism is on the rise all over the world!

In the last month, populist libertarian firebrand Javier Milei was elected as President of Argentina and Geert Wilders led his party to hold the most seats in the Dutch parliament after their recent general election.

I find Geert Wilders’ story to be particularly relatable and inspiring.

Similar to myself, Wilders left his mainstream established party all the way back in 2004 to sit as an independent. Then in 2006 he founded the Party for Freedom (PVV).

They did not find immediate success, but they stuck to their principles, ignored calls for them to disband, and continued to grow election over election.

Finally, after 18 years of campaigning, Wilders and the PVV are in a position to be leading the next Dutch government!

I find this story to be very inspirational for the PPC, a road map of what we might be able to accomplish in the coming years.

It took hard work, consistency, and time for them to ultimately achieve their goal.

Of course, the PVV also had the advantage of operating under a proportional representation system which benefits small parties. (Under a proportional representation voting system, the PPC would have sent about 17 MPs to Ottawa after the last election!)

It is our duty as the People’s Party of Canada to bring this international movement toward right-wing populism to Canada.

Many pundits in Canada and internationally are projecting Poilievre and the CPC to capture this populist backlash in Canada.

But supporters of the PPC know better. They know that Poilievre is just another establishment politician and isn’t much different from the globalist Liberals.

Just like Trudeau, he’s in favour of continued aid to Ukraine, reaching the Paris Accord targets, and continued mass immigration.

I want to be absolutely clear: mass immigration is the issue of our time. Any politician who refuses to speak out against it is part of the problem and must be rejected.

Our only hope to reject mass immigration, to preserve the country we grew up in, is to elect a crop of bold PPC MPs to hold the entire political establishment accountable for what they are doing to our country!

This will not be easy, every major institution has been weaponized against us. But we have a duty to succeed, to save this country.

I don’t have big businesses on my side, I certainly don’t have the mainstream media on my side.

But I do have you on my side, and patriots like you all across the country.

Please help me elect PPC MPs in the next election.



"Today, I want to tell you a story.

It's from almost twenty years ago, back when I was a Cabinet Minister in the Harper government.

It’s a bit long, but I think it gives important insight into how the government really functions, the corruption in the Conservative Party, and the importance of courageous, principled politicians.

This story starts all the way back in 2006. I had just won my first election as the Member of Parliament for Beauce.

Harper wanted Quebec representation in his Cabinet so he appointed me, a rookie MP, as Minister of Industry.

At first this seemed like a dream come true!

As you may remember, when I started in politics I was mostly focused on the economy. I was eager to reform the Canadian economy and get the government out of the way.

Other than the Ministry of Finance, there weren’t many portfolios better suited to accomplish my goals than the Department of Industry.

I was so eager to get to work to make our economy work for all Canadians.

How naive I was…!

Quickly it started to set in what my job really was. I was just a cog in a completely dysfunctional machine. I had little independence to accomplish the reforms I knew would benefit Canadians.

I wanted to make sweeping changes. Eliminate unnecessary and destructive corporate subsidies. Actually downsize the government, as conservatives should.

But Harper would have none of it. He told me that we weren’t elected on that sort of mandate, and that eliminating these subsidies could jeopardize our chances at re-election.

There was no discussion on what was actually best for our country.

We had just formed government, and Harper was already focused on the next election, not governing.

What I thought was my dream job turned into a nightmare.

My job was little more than photo ops announcing subsidies to different businesses and industries. I had to stand there and smile, announcing projects I knew were destructive and wanted nothing to do with.

Eventually I figured out I could pawn off these photo ops on other MPs and ministers eager to get their face in the media.

This way at least I didn’t have to be there and pretend to smile for the cameras.

I started to work with my team to try and find ways we could actually affect change within the narrow confines of my ministerial independence.

Finally I had an idea!

Technically many of the subsidies the government provides to businesses are loans. There is an expectation that these subsidies will be paid back to the government, but it rarely happens if ever.

My plan was to publicly publish these loans, the amount, the payment schedule, and the names of the businesses, in particular those in the aerospace industry.

I called it “Name and Shame”. My hope was that making these details public would increase the pressure of these businesses to actually pay back their loans.

The unelected bureaucrats in Industry Canada were immediately opposed to it. They told me it was a violation of our contracts with these companies.

But I wasn’t ready to give up there. I brought the contracts to a lawyer I knew personally to get a second opinion. He confirmed what I thought from the start, that there was no issue to publicizing these details.

So that’s exactly what we did!

We built out a simple webpage with all these details so Canadians could get a better understanding of how their money was being spent and these businesses would feel pressure to pay back their loans.

It was a big success!

This wasn’t my only accomplishment as Minister of Industry. I also managed to aggressively deregulate parts of our overly bureaucratized telecommunications sector, despite opposition from Industry Canada and CRTC bureaucrats, other ministers, and even the Prime Minister’s Office.

Thanks to these achievements, Professor Richard J. Schultz from McGill University called me "the best Industry Minister in 30 years, without challenge".

James Cowan from Canadian Business magazine called my tenure "a golden age" for Canadian business policy.

But it wasn’t enough to keep me on the job. My “Name and Shame” campaign and deregulation efforts had ruffled too many feathers.

Shortly after, Harper appointed me as Minister of Foreign Affairs. This was widely seen as a promotion but those behind the scenes knew it wasn’t.

Harper wanted me out of the country and under his control, and there’s no better department to accomplish that than Foreign Affairs. I was basically just the mouthpiece for the Canadian government in other countries.

The day after I left the Industry Department, the “Name and Shame” webpage disappeared. Like it had never existed.

This was my first taste of how the government really worked, and how the Conservative Party really worked.

I learned two things:

The government is filled with unelected bureaucrats who have way too much influence over policy. They represent what some call the “Deep State”. They try to shut down good ideas that threaten their power and maintain the status quo. We need strong elected officials to stand up to them and get stuff done.
The Conservative Party cares about only one thing: power. They don’t care about reforming the country for the better. They just want to avoid controversy and stay in control without actually fixing anything for Canadians.
I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of my conception of the PPC.

I want to fill Parliament with strong MPs ready to fight back against unelected, deep-state bureaucrats. MPs who are unafraid of ruffling feathers and disrupting the status quo.

Who are ready to start putting Canada and Canadians FIRST."

Maxime Bernier

"The inmates are running the asylum!"When radical "progressivists" hold the reins of power you can certainly expect exac...

"The inmates are running the asylum!"

When radical "progressivists" hold the reins of power you can certainly expect exactly the opposite of the things they profess to believe in and promote - like justice, equity, and inclusion.

As you can see in the Epoch Times article below, government funding (tax payer money) is favouring certain groups of people over others solely on the criteria of gender, skin colour, sexual preferences (deviances), etc.

"The British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) is offering double the funds to construction companies if they hire apprentices who self-identify as being part of an "equity deserving group." The program is funded by the federal government.
BCCA’s Apprenticeship Service project pays companies $5,000 for every first-year apprentice they register in one of 39 Red Seal trades, according to a BCCA news release. The organization then offers double the funds, or $10,000, for every first-year apprentice registered who "self-identifies" as a woman, indigenous, disabled, or from the LGBT community.

"Continuing to improve diversity within BC’s construction industry remains a critical goal of this project," says the release.

"An additional $5,000 is issued if the apprentice self identifies as part of an equity deserving group, as part of an effort to redress underrepresentation in the trades."

The program is funded by the Government of Canada through the Canadian Apprenticeship Strategy’s Apprenticeship Service initiative.

“Canada needs more skilled trades workers. We need more women, persons with disabilities, Indigenous people, racialized Canadians, and individuals from the 2SLGBTQI+ community to join the skilled trades,” Minister of Employment, Workforce Development, and Official Languages, Randy Boissonnault said in the release.

The BCCA said in a statement that it's acting as the administrator of the government-funded program, which has specific eligibility requirements that the organization needs to adhere to.

"Funding and rules around eligibility were not set by BCCA, but by the Government of Canada’s Apprenticeship Service program. All other organizations who received the same funding abide by the same rules," the BCCA said.

It added that the vast majority of the workforce in the construction industry is "male and mostly white," and that more diversity is needed.

"The goal of BCCA’s Apprenticeship Services initiative is to attract more people to the construction industry, and that includes encouraging employers to diversify their apprenticeship registration," the organization said.

"The construction industry is facing a significant skilled worker shortage. It is about 95% male and mostly white. We need to get enough people skilled up to replace the tens of thousands who are retiring in the next few years in BC. One way to do that is to be more diverse about who we hire and train, and a way get employers on board with that is to provide meaningful financial incentives for doing it."

According to the BCCA, about $6 million in funding has gone to B.C. employers with first-year apprentices in carpentry, construction, electricity, and plumbing.

The Apprenticeship Service project launched in Sept. 2022 and has funded 1,329 apprenticeships to over 700 companies, the BCCA says.
Employers are permitted to register two apprentices a year, for up to $20,000. BCCA says about 51 percent of apprentices have self-identified as part of an aforementioned group, qualifying their employers for double the money. "


We have a big week ahead of us in the fight against gender ideology.

There are two major protests opposing gender ideology in schools.

On Wednesday, September 20 there will be the 1 Million March 4 Children with demonstrations taking place across the country.

Parents will be pulling their kids out of school and assembling at City Halls and Legislature buildings to show that the sexualization of children is unacceptable.

A couple days later on Friday, September 22, my friends Billboard Chris and Josh Alexander will be hosting an Education Over Indoctrination protest in Toronto.

I expect these protests are going to be massive. The biggest we’ve ever seen in opposition to gender ideology.

And the Radical Left has taken notice.

This weekend we learned that the Radical Left is mobilizing across the country in counter protests.

And they have shocking institutional support.

Footage leaked from a “rapid response” meeting held by the Ontario Labour Federation with over 100 representatives of major labour unions across Canada’s largest province. You can watch the footage by clicking here.

The rhetoric they use is disturbing. They proudly refer to each other as “comrades”. They describe parents concerned about what is being taught to their children as fascists.

They believe anyone who doesn’t agree with childhood transition is “fundamentally racist, fundamentally anti-immigrant, and fundamentally q***r and transphobic”. Ironically, the lead organizers of the 1 Million March 4 Children are first and second generation Muslims…

They discussed intimidation tactics to scare reasonable Canadians from participating, or to make sure they regret that they did.

Unions across Canada also made public statements, including the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), and the British Columbia Federation of Labour.

OPSEU described concerned parents as “hate groups”, CUPE Ontario described them as “the ultra-conservative right”.

Let that sink in…

In 2023, believing that children shouldn’t be taught that they are “born in the wrong body” and that the solution is pharmaceuticals and unnecessary surgeries makes you part of a hate group or the “ultra-conservative right”.

These people are unhinged!

They do not believe in parents' rights. They believe the state knows best and should be able to raise your children with their modern, hyper-progressive values, and everyone who disagrees is a bigot or a fascist.

Since when is it the role of unions to intervene with peaceful protests? This has nothing to do with labour rights, or collective bargaining.

They do not stand for workers, they are nothing more than the foot soldiers of the morally depraved elites. Whether they realize it or not.

In fact they are the extremists! They are the ones imposing a harmful and radical ideology on a generation of our children. They are the ones confusing our children and offering permanent life altering pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures as the solution.

It is crucial that as many people attend these protests as possible.

It is not enough to be vocal on social media. We must take to the streets and demonstrate that the silent majority stands against this child abuse.

We will expose these people as the extremists they are.

- Max



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