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International AYY Information on English-speaking events and activities for all Aalto students. Aalto University Student Union, or AYY in short, is the community of Aalto University students. For more information, please visit our website at:

This page will gather the international associations that function under or in collaboration with Aalto University Student Union. This way it is easier for a student to find out what kind of international associations there are and what kind of things they do. Also through this page you can find information about the upcoming events etc. International Section of AYY (KV-jaosto): The International Section of the Aalto University Student Union organizes events to all the international and international-minded students at Aalto University. They gather students to fun events from all the schools of Aalto University. [email protected] International Degree Students Committee (IDSC): International Degree Students Committee (IDSC) concentrates on helping the international degree students of Aalto University, as one could guess. The IDSC helps international students’ advocacy work by functioning as a link between AYY leadership and the international student community. A typical form of IDSC action is representing international students in the preparation phase of AYY’s policy decisions. IDSC also organises excursions to companies for international students. KY International Subcommittee (KY-Sub): KY International Subcommittee is an organization dedicated to arrange parties, trips and cottage weekends as well as other events. The events are aimed for exchange students, but Finnish and international degree students are warmly welcome to join! If you want to join the fun, send an e-mail to sub(at) ! Join today! Let’s make every year the best exchange year for everybody, also for the Finnish students!! iCo – The international Committee: The new international committee of KY (iCo) connects Finnish and international degree students together. ICo will concentrate to the interest of international degree students and English communication. The committee is open for all Finnish and international degree students and the committee will work in English.!/pages/KYs-iCo/166719813375826?sk=wall ESN-Aalto: ESN-Aalto is part of European wide Erasmus Student Network. We organize events for international and international minded students in order to introduce the foreign students to Finnish culture and student life. ESN-Aalto informs foreign students (in English) about activities taking place within the student union and other organizations at Aalto University, and at the same time, we explain the many aspects of teekkari (= student of technology) culture. ESN-Aalto also organizes many events during the year: sauna evenings, sitsit parties, Finnish movie nights, excursions to cultural places like museums, or successful Finnish companies, etc... Finns are also more than welcome to these events - ESN-Aalto is an easy way to create international relationships without leaving Finland! Contact information: Email : [email protected] Chairman : [email protected] CSSA-Espoo: CSSA-Espoo serves mainly students of Aalto University and also other ethnic Chinese in the Helsinki Region. CSSA-Espoo welcomes other groups who are interested in Chinese language and culture to join our activities. CSSA-Espoo is meant for supporting, maintaining and developing cultural and sports activities for Chinese students, as well as building cooperation with other Chinese association in Finland, in order to increase cultural interaction between Finland and China. CSSA-Espoo was developed on the basis of CSSA-HUT, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at TKK, and officially registered as CSSA-Espoo ry in 2008 corresponding to the merge of universities. Our traceable history dates back to the 1980s. BEST: Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is a non-profit and non-political organization for students, by students. BEST was founded in 1989 to provide communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students of technology all over Europe. Local BEST Group (LBG) Helsinki was one of the first 18 BEST groups. Since then BEST has grown rapidly and today there are LBGs in 83 universities in 30 European countries. BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments. BEST creates opportunities for personal development of students and supports them in reaching their full potential.!/BESTHelsinki?sk=info International Student Association of Aalto University (ISA): ISA integrates international students within Aalto University and Finnish society. ISA has been created to represent foreign students studying in Aalto. ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management): ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) is the European wide organization for IEM students, that consists of 65 universities in 24 different countries across the Europe. ESTIEM coordinates a range of academic and non-academic activities, including the Vision seminar-series and the TIMES case competition. Other ESTIEM activities include the biannual Council Meeting, the hilarious Activity Weeks and the Finnish “Normiviikko” (arranged during the Wappu-week).!/pages/Prodeko-International/387364268451?sk=info In addition to these associations, of course KY (association of economics students in Helsinki) and TOKYO ry (the voice and community of students who study in the School of Art and Design) do important things around internationalization.


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