Thematic University Business Forum, Helsinki

Thematic University Business Forum, Helsinki Thematic University Business forum will be held in Helsinki 2-3 June 2016. This is a conference held by European Commission & organised by Haaga-Helia UAS.

Welcome to Breaking boundaries for future careers! The entire world of work is changing as technologies transform businesses, organizations, and even entire industries. In the years to come, we will witness disruptive moves as new ways of doing and thinking gain ground. And with disruption, we are likely to experience something new, something different. The pace of change is rapid and the key to future success lies in collaboration, networking and constant renewal which demand a new kind of resilience both from organizations and individuals. Students need to gain skills with which they can successfully navigate in the changing landscape. This Thematic University-Business Forum brings together speakers from universities, companies and regions/cities who present innovative ways in which they collaborate and promote entrepreneurship and new ways of operating in the transforming world. While involved in these activities, students learn valuable, timeless and robust skills that help them thrive in their future endeavors. Jointly, all these players form an ecosystem that offers a fertile ground for budding entrepreneurs. The journey to future careers starts here:

Learn to create aims to shed light on innovation pedagogy: what are the ways and methods by which students are exposed to creatively stimulating learning opportunities? How to approach challenges so that possible multidisciplinary and/or multicultural participants’ diverse backgrounds are best put to use? Connect the dots brings to the stage new ways of learning and the many ways in which students learn from companies and in companies: how can we integrate companies and other organizations in the day-to-day learning activities of students – and vice versa? How do we designing curricula that flexibly takes new ways of learning in its stride and accommodates them? Build roots focuses on ecosystems - the important, yet often overlooked role of ecosystems that create a fertile ground for new innovations, business creation and growth. The ecosystem is made up of players that take many shapes and forms: well-established or transient, large or small, but always vibrant and buzzing with energy. What are the necessary ingredients for a flourishing ecosystem? How do you attract the right players? Spread your wings demonstrates the many faces of entrepreneurship; both as a way of learning, a goal, and a mindset. Here we showcase stories of ideas that grew into businesses (or are just hatching), and ideas that have gathered speed in the process, and are now conquering the world. Visionary and aspiring students and entrepreneurs come together here to share their stories. What does it take to become an entrepreneur? Is entrepreneurship a state of mind? Is this just learning or more of a passion?

Pictures of the Forum can now be found from here, as well as from Picasa (see link).Please feel free to like and share p...
Thematic University-Business Forum, Helsinki 2016

Pictures of the Forum can now be found from here, as well as from Picasa (see link).

Please feel free to like and share pictures!

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Photos by Laura Hämäläinen, Jun 1, 2016

Amazing things from Finland – what's YOUR country best at?

Thank you all for a wonderful event! Hope you all enjoyed Finland, too! ;)

As requested by many, this is for our international friends: If your country is doing like sh*t (sorry), why not think about what good you have done to keep ...


Mr Markku Markkula, the President of the European Committee of the Regions had some good points on how to accelerate the digital turn and how to see digitalization.

What are your thoughts after his presentation?

You can find his presentation from our website after the Forum.


The weather at the beginning of June is typically quite mild, with an average of 15°C. Nights can still be a bit chilly, so remember to bring a jacket if you’re out and about!


Are you making the most out of the opportunities provided by internationalisation? Are you interested, but unsure where to start or how to get the best results? Then Friday’s panel on “International Talent – Business Potential” is for you!

Join Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson, Petri Tuomela, Anni Kallio, Kassandra Petersen, and Denis Crowley for a European perspective on how to make internationalization work for you!


No matter how good your business idea is, the wrong conditions in your environment can ruin everything. Find out how to optimize your own environment in Thursday’s panel discussion with Dr Krista Keränen, Ebrahim Mohamed, Dr Adolfo Morais, and Kaija Pehu-Lehtonen!

Did you know that the City of Helsinki offers free Wi-Fi for visitors? Check out the available Wi-Fi hotspots from the l...
Free WiFi in Helsinki

Did you know that the City of Helsinki offers free Wi-Fi for visitors? Check out the available Wi-Fi hotspots from the link!

The city of Helsinki offers a free WLAN-service for residents and travelers alike. No passwords or registration required. Just look for "Helsinki City Open WLAN" from the available networks. The following map shows the outdoor hotspots around Helsinki.

Journey Planner

DINNER NEWS: All the reserved places for the official Forum dinner have been Fulfilled! The fastest 200 attendees will receive an invitation on their arrival.

Interesting information for the attendees:

Are you attending the dinner at Restaurant Saari on Thursday evening? Experience Helsinki’s incredible public transport! At the main railway station, jump on either tram number 3 or bus number 24 heading towards Eira. From there it is only a 500m walk to the boat which will take you to the restaurant.

For more details, check out Helsinki’s public transport guide at (also available in Swedish and Russian).

HSL Journey Planner

Markku Markkula – Thematic University Business Forum

Markku Markkula is known for his long career in politics, but did you know that he has also been active behind-the-scenes in higher education? Come and hear him talk about how our learning is changing in this digital age!

Markku Markkula President, European Committee of the Regions Markku Markkula is the President of the European Committee of the Regions. A long-standing politician, Mr. Markkula has been member of the Espoo City Council since 1980 and is a former member of the Finnish Parliament. Mr. Markkula works a...

Accommodation – Thematic University Business Forum

ACCOMMODATION NEWS: The preliminary reservations of the allotment hotels have been released. This means that the special rates for the Forum guests are not valid anymore, but it is still worth calling and asking if they have rooms available!

Accommodation Please note that participants are responsible for their own accommodation arrangements Holiday Inn Hotel Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre A stylish congress hotel located right next to the event venue Website: Click hereAddress: Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki Tel.+358 (0) 200 48...


The available places at Wednesday evening’s reception at Bock House have been fulfilled! The first 80 attendees, will later be informed about the details.

Bock House (known as “Vanha Raatihuone” in Finnish) is the oldest building in Helsinki’s iconic Senate Square, dating back to 1763. Originally a merchant’s trading and living quarters, it has served as an official residence for various governors and officers and then as the official town hall. Renovations in the 1980s brought it back to its former glory, and it is now used for meetings and receptions. We look forward to seeing you there!


We are proud to offer, as a complement to the UBForum, a workshop featuring the HEInnovate self-assessment tool. Find out why it has been adopted by over 600 higher educational institutions around the world, and how it can benefit your organisation!


Petri Rajaniemi is a writer, keynote speaker, and founding partner of Futureworks Oy. Come and see how Petri’s insights can help you as he discusses the human economy on Thursday 2 June!


Take flight with SPREAD YOUR WINGS! Are entrepreneurial types born that way, or can they be created? What is the university’s role in all this?

Register – Thematic University Business Forum

Participants from 32 different countries have already signed up. (The EU only has 28 member countries...:) Wonderful! There's still time to join this free event; click the link to register.


As the Director of Economic Development of the City of Helsinki, Marja-Leena Rinkineva is perfectly placed to share with us how our host city nurtures the budding innovation scene. Come and hear Marja-Leena and other interesting speakers. Learn more about Marja-Leena


What is an “Innovative Ecosystem”? Find out in the session, BUILD ROOTS, and discover where you fit in!

Evon Söderlund - Speech - PwC´s MVE 2014 Awards

What an exciting speaker lineup we have at the event! Among them, PwC's Most Valuable Entrepreneur (2014) of the year - Evon Söderlund. Here's Evon's speech after the award announcement - very touching, very human, and courageous.

Yrittäjän päivänä julkaistuun Taivas+Helvetti Vol. 2 -kirjaan seulottiin yrittäjätarinoita ympäri suomea. Yleisöä pyydettiin ilmiantamaan poikkeuksellisia yr...

Programme – Thematic University Business Forum

Innovation needs all kinds of people: creators, users, and facilitators. How do you fit in? Check out the programme in Helsinki for some interesting examples.

Programme Please note that the programme is under construction, thereby subject to change. Wednesday, 1 June 19.00 – 20.00 Reception by the City of Helsinki Bock House – The Old Town Hall (Vanha Raatihuone) Aleksanterinkatu 20, Helsinki The reception is limited to 80 participants. Thursday, 2 June 8…


Vienna set the table by introducing a resilient innovation ecosystem. Helsinki lays the places for people who will populate this setting. Have you registered yet?


Breakout sessions: Choose the two most inspiring streams for you! By now, over twenty inspirational speakers will be joining us with great examples of fruitful co-operation between universities and businesses.

The EU Thematic University Business Forum 2-3 June, 2016 in Helsinki, Finland: Breaking boundaries for future careersWe ...
Thematic University Business Forum

The EU Thematic University Business Forum 2-3 June, 2016 in Helsinki, Finland: Breaking boundaries for future careers

We invite you to join the two-day forum which offers excellent opportunities for a dialogue between universities, businesses and public sector. The speakers of the forum present innovative and inspiring cases in which they collaborate and promote entrepreneurship and new ways of operating in the transforming world.

Please visit the Thematic University Business Forum website for further details and registration!

The Forum is a joint effort of the European Commission, the Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene, Universities Finland UNIFI, The City of Helsinki, Enterprise Europe Network and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Registration is now open!We are happy to announce that the programme has been published. Please take a closer look at ou...
Thematic University Business Forum

Registration is now open!

We are happy to announce that the programme has been published. Please take a closer look at our webpages to learn more about the conference.


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