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Hello EveryoneMy name is Ali Alizadeh from Afghanistan but I live in Espoo, Finland and my citizenship is in Finland, I ...

Hello Everyone

My name is Ali Alizadeh from Afghanistan but I live in Espoo, Finland and my citizenship is in Finland, I have Cerebral palsy (CP) physically disabled person.
I have an ideas but because of my condition it is difficult for me to take them further and I would need someone to develop them with me.


I am looking for some small grants and funding for my big innovation project ideas for realization, fulfillment and development for the project, but it is difficult to get them.
In the first level of Finnish government, South Korean government, Nordic countries and others countries.

In reality, I don't know why people do not want to help me or take a risk with the business idea.

Honestly, I do not know why the Finnish government relied on me that I am able to be taken forward with this project pretty well implemented and developed into a concrete according to the requirements.

If someone can donate a sum of money as a gift to me, so that I can use it to further my project, I will appreciate it very much. Because I am physically disable no one is willing to help me to make my dreams come true and also my project is the only thing I have to look forward to. I hope that if you offer me such opportunity you will never regret it in your entire life.

Can you believe that from the time we have moved to Finland, personally I have always been facing financial problems and i have not been able to solve it. Since I am handicapped. I am incapable of working and quite disappointing that I couldn't find a good school or a field that I could study. It would be so great if I could achieve my desired goals through education, but it was not possible. Currently, I just receive a pension from the government and manage my life. It is not that much....In fact, I am receiving the normal disability pension. The total amount is around 900-980 Euros and from that 300-380 Euros is for the rental and 100-150 Euros for utilities, each month and 300-340 Euros for food just in the house without going to restaurants. Accordingly, I have always lack money...

The first thing I need is 78 000 Euro own money that I pay for three of these persons: Electronics & Communication engineer, Chief Information Officer and then Programming Engineer or Master in Computer Science, it takes three months that they write a business plan and analysis.

Oh my God, please help me with my financial situation. It seems that if someone comes to help he wants to take all my royalties but I am not willing to give all to them. I want someone who is willing to sacrifice him/herself so that we can develop this project together.

Total estimate for the project is 206.000 euros. Biggest error marginal is on work estimates. I would still predict that whole project can concluded in total of 300.000 euros.

If building prototype and data center or server security certification rooms will sum up to a total of million euros.

This is my account number:
IBAN: FI1880002018326776.
Bank name: Danske Bank.

Thank you for your support and funds, looking forward to hear from you.

And with substance Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation will participate on 30-50 percent share on expenses , if I get funding on other 50-70 percent.

If you have any questions for support or funds and development contact with me, speaking is difficult for me, so rather contact to me by E-mail or text message.

Best Regards: Ali Alizadeh

City: Espoo
Mobile: +358 40 15433005
E-mail: [email protected]

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