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South African Embassy in Finland and Estonia The South African Embassy in Finland and Estonia is the official page for the South African representation in Finland and Estonia.

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Dear South African/Southern African students studying in Finland.
The Embassy was approached by renowned South African Director/Producer
Albertus Louw who is conducting research in collaboration with the Finnish Embassy in Pretoria. He is looking to engage with South African students who are studying in Finland or working on a research project or involved in a technology/science/innovation project or startup.
Should this apply to you and you wish to share your story with
Albertus Louw, you may contact him by e-mail: [email protected]
of contact the Embassy at [email protected]


Please note that the Embassy's normal telephone number is currently out of order.

For Consular appointments kindly contact: +358 46 8801296 Mondays to Fridays between 09:00 and 15:00
E-mail: [email protected]

For General Enquiries, please contact: +358 400 605890, Mondays to Fridays between 09:00 and 15:00.
E-mail: [email protected]

Due to current COVID 19 Restrictions the Embassy can no longer accept walk-in clients. All visitors are allowed strictly on the basis of an appointment. Please note that the Embassy is currently operating with reduced capacity until 10 January 2020.


To all the South Africans and Friends of South Africa in Finland and Estonia, please receive our best wishes for a prosperous and safe New Year.


South Africa has gradually started opening some International Borders on 1 October 2020. Countries are classified according to High Risk, Medium Risk or Low Risk based on the number of infections compared to South Africa.

Both Finland and Estonian visitors are currently allowed for leisure and business travel, with the normal entry and visa requirements applying.

For more information please visit:


A message from Ambassador Carmen Smidt for Women’s Month.


Celebrate Africa Day with us!


Ambassador Carmen Smidt’s Freedom Day Message from Official Residence in Helsinki, Finland

Dear fellow South Africans, friends of South Africa in Finland and Estonia

On 27 April 2020, today, South Africa is commemorating 26 years since the end of apartheid.

We would normally bring our compatriots, diplomats and friends of South Africa together to celebrate our freedom. However, this year our commemoration will be different. We are swapping the traditional celebration of South African colours, music and dance, with conditions of social distancing, isolation and staying home to be safe.

Let us take a moment of silence today to remember all those across the world, and in South Africa Finland and Estonia that have succumbed to the pandemic. Our thoughts and prayers are with all suffering loss of loved ones and also those struggling in the midst of poverty and isolation.

We also know that the measures introduced here in Finland, Estonia and in South Africa, have caused immense economic hardships for many. We do however realise, as President Ramaphosa had said, whilst these measures are having a devastating effect on the economy, “it is nothing compared to the catastrophic human, social and economic cost, if the coronavirus could spread amongst our people unchecked”.

We therefore implore everyone to continue practicing good hygiene, social distancing and staying at home to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Although most of us are confined to our houses or under conditions of restricted movement, we thought it is an important moment to reflect on what our Freedom means to each and every one of us. On 27 April 1994 in South Africa, South Africans demonstrated to the world their resilience and fortitude to overcome our differences and try to forge a better future together. Today, again we are facing challenges, which will require our collective strength, in order to overcome this.

We are overwhelmed by the incredible acts of humanity demonstrated during these times, not only in South Africa, but all over the world. I would like to echo the words of President Ramaphosa when he said, “even as we find ourselves at a moment of great peril, even as great sacrifices are demanded, even as we dare not allow our vigilance to waver, we look ahead to a better future. I have faith in the strength and resilience of ordinary South Africans, who have proven time and time again – throughout our history – that we can rise to the challenge”.

In these trying times we wish to thank Finland and Estonia for their continued acts of solidarity towards the international community. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Finland and Estonia, once this period is over, to again work in unison, strengthen our bilateral relations, work towards stronger multilateral institutions and to continue seeking solutions to the worlds’ numerous challenges. Africa will continue to need the support of the international community to overcome this crisis, now more than ever.

As individuals I would like to call on you to continue to support our compatriots here in Finland and Estonia that are trying to make a living with their various home businesses. Let us continue to support each other to help each other get back up on our feet again.

If you have the means to, please support the South African Solidarity Fund as well as NGO’s in South Africa helping the most vulnerable people.

To our Finnish and Estonian friends we would like to call on you to continue to support our education system, drink our sustainable and ethically-produced wines, buy South African products and remember to visit some of South Africa’s beautiful attractions, once we are able to travel again.

Reach out to those in your communities that may need your help, your strength or your voice of comfort in these trying times.

But today we also want to celebrate South Africa’s Freedom Day with you.

We would therefore like to challenge you to take a moment to remember what makes South Africa special for you.

Share a picture or message of what you are doing today to celebrate South Africa here in Finland and Estonia. Post your pictures posts under #2020FreedomDay.

Let’s celebrate our Freedom Day together, even if we are apart and at home.

I thank you.


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