Lentokenttä Lentokenttä is a district of Vantaa, Finland, located in the middle of the city. The district is part of the Aviapolis major region and has been named after the Helsinki Airport situated there.The district of Lentokenttä is the largest single job concentration of Vantaa.

In 2001, the district provided jobs for over 11 thousand people, of which almost 9 thousand worked in customer service. As the airport area has grown, the number of jobs has increased dramatically.Nowadays only twelve people live permanently in the district of Lentokenttä, giving it a population density of. In 1980, there were still over 200 people living in the district.With regard to services, Lentokenttä is fairly self-sufficient, with cafés, restaurants, shops, banks, and a bus traffic terminal. The district is secured by its own fire station, deep water supply, water tower, and electrical plant. Near the airport, accommodation is available in hotels, and premises for negotiations or conferences are also available. Because of the nature of activity in an international airport, some of the services are only available to passengers having gone through security control.There are offices of many air traffic carriers, cargo stations, and aircraft hangars in the district.

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