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NPAS Redhill Official page for NPAS Redhill, which is one of the 14 National Police Air Service bases. Call 999 in an emergency / 101 for non-emergency. Do not report crime here.

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Been operating over #knaphill #woking assisting Surrey Police search for a missing woman. If seen, please contact Surrey...
Appeal for help in finding missing woman Karen Abell

Been operating over #knaphill #woking assisting Surrey Police search for a missing woman. If seen, please contact Surrey police on 101. Details in the attached link ^JM

​We are appealing for help in finding an extremely vulnerable woman who went missing from Woking earlier today (4 June).

Whilst we have still been business as usual, if you’ve seen us in the Surrey or Sussex area over the last couple of days...
Surrey Police

Whilst we have still been business as usual, if you’ve seen us in the Surrey or Sussex area over the last couple of days, then it may well have been to do with the Hells Angels Euro Run 2019.

Read all about it..... 📖👀⬇️

Yesterday we told you about the 10 arrests made in connection with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Euro Run 2019.

This figure has now gone up to 34, with 12 people being charged, and 7 having already been sentenced at court today (May 31) for a variety of drugs and possession of offensive weapon offences. #ZeroTolerance

You can read more about our busy week and the weekend ahead on our website:


Redhill Aerodrome





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Happy new year 2020,,,hope u all received xmas card ok,,,take care,,best wishes,, ali,,,,x🎉
Nail on the head
Just a quick safety note idiots with red and green lazers are around in dorking tonite. flysafe i hate lazers Ive seen 3 already. One on the walk home from the shops just now. Im flying tonight as well filming fireworks via drone @60m max in meadowbank just for info with nav lights my coms on 400mhz
Thought id come for a catch up i havnt been on page for a few days. Needed cheering up a few start up vids usually help :):) Lets see if you guys can get my new flysite. I moved from A field to to my new b site after i saw you guys stop & then flyover me @ coldharbour clearly im under a flight corridor there so i moved
I just had to do this lol
Saw you guys above coldharber today i was the waving guy in the muddy field with a drone beneth you i heard you coming i was already landed.Glad you saw me and stopped tho.. I left a lil note on my field you should be able to read with ur cams from any height lol
Please do one like this. For me this makes a really good alarm tone
Hi,,hope u all r doing ok,,,this profile pic is now up to date,,,had hair changed on 6th aug,,now browns and lot shorter,,,it natually is dark brown,,,but this is lighter browns and in a bob style,,,was just below shoulders and coloured blondes with bit of brown in,,,new glasses too,,,just finished ur xmas card,,took about 2 tom3 weeks to do,, still not saying what it is off,,,lol...since started another xmas card for someone else,,,i also have pen pals but some r on here,,,fb now,,keep up good work,,,take care,,,ali...x🐾🍪🍩🍰☕☕🍫🙂🚓🚁
Good evening guy's. Hope you found who you were looking for last night over Epsom and with your search light ?? 😉😉😉
Hi,,hope u all r doing ok,,so sorry to hear about the young police officer being badly hurt while about to check a van etc,,,terrible,,,,do hope he will make a good and speedy recovery ,,in leyton,,london....i thought i would make u all a xmas card,,,all take time to do,,,i started my cards from end of last dec,,,i have a lot to make,,counted x stitch,,,i started ur card last week,,no where near finished it tho,,, i'm saying what it is of,,,i looked up counted x stitch charts on google on my tablet,,,sorry not able to do any more helicopters,,,they r so hard,,,,oh this profile pic of me was when i was about 41 or 42....was 52 in april...,,hope u all have a nice afternoon,,,take care,,,,ali..🚓🚔🚁🌞👮‍♂️👮‍♀️
Saw you guys yesturday over dorking on ride london detail. Heard you guys coming on coms so landed quickdown & sharpish. i was behind the old fire station. What was that as355 that was stalking you had a wescam on the nose two tone paint color. You must have spotted him as you nose downed and shot off up the hi st
Hi,,,did u just fly over gt wenham a few minutes ago?,,i thought i saw u/police helicopter fly over,,