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Posted by Donnachadh McCarthy🙏💚

(Sorry a long read but I feel a crucial read for all wanting to take effective action to protect climate and wildlife - Please RT).
..For simply peacefully holding a sign that carried the words of a plaque placed on the Old Bailey's wall stating that juries "have the right to give their verdict according to their convictions."

I was sitting on the ground outside Isleworth Crown Court, during the trial of my friend and climate hero Gail Bradbrook, a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion.

She was being tried for the offence of breaking one pane of glass at the climate trashing UK Department of Transport. (which is expanding airports, cutting motor fuel duty, eliminating up to 80% of bus routes in parts of Uk, increased train fares above inflation for a decade, investing £24b in new roads, slashed tiny cycling budget to almost nothing, abolished all the safer family roads budget...etc).

Gail was found guilty by the jury.


The judge refused to allow her to tell the jury WHY she broke that one pane of glass!!

AND she was blocked from telling the jury that they had the legal right to acquit her, if they judged her action was justifiable in face of the accelerating climate crisis killing millions across the globe, this decade.

Some judges last year started this practice of blocking juries being allowed to be told WHY climate protectors carried out their climate protecting actions.

This was following successful trials where protectors in a number of courts of law successfully persuaded juries that the crimes of the oil corporations were so heinous and such a threat to Britain and planet that it justified their direct actions and the juries AGREED and acquitted them!

And they not only blocked protectors from telling juries why they were acting, they also blocked protectors from telling juries that the law allowed them to convict or acquit according to their conscience.

Indeed, some protectors were outrageously jailed by the judges for even mentioning the climate crisis or the right of juries to acquit, judging them to be "in contempt of court"!

Thus breaking the ancient Magna Carta right that a citizen should only be jailed with the assent of their peers!

Despite the Magna Carta ancient right to jury trial going back to the 13th century, it was tested in 1670, when a judge instructed a jury that they had no right to acquit an accused, but the jury did anyway.

They were jailed for 2 days without food but refused to back down and the case was appealed and the juries right to acquit was upheld by the high court, in a great positive blow for justice in UK.

This victory is commemorated in a plaque on the walls of the Old Bailey. ( Pic in thread)

Then some brave supporters of the climate protectors in court, decided to place posters outside their trials, quoting the plaque, seeking to ensure the juries knew their legal right to acquit.

BUT a judge ordered one of them, a brave older woman called Trudi Warner, to be arrested, for simply holding the placard with this lawful information.

Her case is now outrageously being referred to the High Court by the Tory Attorney General, for supposedly criminally seeking to "influence the jury".


In solidarity with Trudi and the on-trial protectors, an organisation called "Defend our Juries" has been set up and hundreds have now followed Trudi's example and sat outside climate trials with the placards.

Despite having resolved that my days of being arrested were over (9 arrests, 8 charges, 3 trials, 1 conviction for peaceful climate protests), this was a new climate red line for me.

I could not sit by idly and allow my friend Gail face an unfair trial without sitting in silent solidarity outside her trial with the placard, seeking to inform her jurors of the law.

I did this despite knowing I risked arrest, as a small number of the 100s who have done likewise at other protector trials, have been arrested and their cases await the outcome of Trudi's case.

BUT, this is far far bigger than my support for a friend.

This battle to save fair jury trials for climate protectors is one of THE crucial frontlines in the battle to protect the broken climate from complete destruction.

The Tory government is seeking to destroy jury trials for climate protectors, as they understand the extraordinary implications of the jury acquittals!

(But of course, if they destroy it for climate protectors, they destroy it for EVERYBODY!)

They know that when faced with judging oil corporation genocidal criminality in a court of law, versus the "illegal" direct actions of climate protectors to stop them, the fact that juries judge the protectors to be not guilty has huge implications!!

This means that juries judge the oil corporations, oil banks, oil backing billionaire media barons and those in Tory government who support them to be the guilty ones.

It also means to my mind that a mass programme of physical disruption and sabotage that halts the climatically genocidal operations of the fossil fuelled corporations and the oil banks and media barons that criminally back them, will rightfully be upheld as lawful by most juries when presented with the facts!

So if you are looking for where you can effectively support the battle to save humanity and nature from destruction, I suggest you look at how you can support this crucial campaign by Defend Our Juries.

If 1,000s of us do what Trudi, I and hundreds of others have done and tell the Tory Attorney General that we are prepared to pack our jails with peaceful Jury Rights Placard Holders, then we can open wide the amazing breach in the climate mass murderers legal defences to continue their genocide, opened by those climate heroes who have already argued successfully in court that their actions were right and are life saving!

Juries are clearly saying peaceful safe sabotage actions to block climate genocide are moral and legal.

As Jonathan N Fuller graphically told the rally after Gail's unfair trial, imagine if a police officer, racing to stop a knife-carrying rampage outside a school, was involved in a car crash that killed a mother on the way and was not allowed to tell a jury WHY they were speeding?!

We would rightly judge it an outrage.

It would also be an outrage if we allowed the Tory Attorney General & judges block climate protectors from explaining why they acted.

We CAN win this crucial battle with your help!

Love n courage
Donnachadh xx”


🚨Climate change has no borders. is an opportunity to solve global challenges together 🌎

85 climate & migrant justice orgs are calling for UK Party Leaders to ensure communities have the 🌳right to stay🌳 to adapt to climate impacts and the 🕊️right to move🕊️ safely and with dignity when this is not possible.

🌟Sign & share:

🎨Artwork by Vidushi Yadav

Activists urge customers to switch their accounts to pressure Barclays to stop mega-funding fossil fuels projectsStaff a...

Activists urge customers to switch their accounts to pressure Barclays to stop mega-funding fossil fuels projects

Staff at branches across the UK are set to encounter a sticky situation this morning (27th November) after climate activists from Extinction Rebellion, sister organisation Money Rebellion and allied groups glued the doors shut at almost 50 branches.

At dead of night and armed only with tubes of superglue, activists held the number one funder of fossil fuels in Europe to account for its continued climate-wrecking criminal damage which endangers the future of all life on the planet.

Since the Paris Agreement Barclays has supported fossil fuels with $190.58 billion of investments. are incompatible with the goal of keeping temperatures below 1.5C.

Around fifty branches in city centres across the UK, including Kilmarnock Road in Glasgow, Albion Street in Leeds, the High Street in Lincoln and London’s Tottenham Court Road, were super glued shut overnight to protest Barclays’ continuing investment in oil and gas projects and to alert customers to the banks appalling impact on the climate and to urge them to switch to ethical banks using websites such as

Extinction Rebellion has consistently held Barclays to account, as has which took similar action in 2020. Barclays has not taken heed so we demand that when Barclays updates its annual climate strategy for 2024 it commits to end the funding of fossil fuel projects and companies expanding fossil fuel extraction.

Full article:

Extinction Rebellion's targets the corrupt political economy that blocks action on Join the Rebellion: Join us


BREAKING: Politician awards blockaded ❌

⛔ We have blocked the only road into the Scotland Politican of the Year awards, a melting pot of the countries top polluters and politicians

🤑 , and SSE all sponsor tables at the lobbying event. Drax is the single biggest carbon emitter in the UK, and BP has been awarded licences to drill for gas off the coast of Gaza by Israel

🤜 It's time to get polluters out of politics so join us, head to the link in our bio now


Black Friday is the perverse ritual of a failing civilization. Let’s replace it.

This Black Friday, resist the itch to buy just for the novelty of buying, for the fleeting illusion of control. The urge to buy isn’t actually coming from inside you. It’s code laid down by every ad, email, commercial and celebrity you’ve ever encountered.

It's time to break free. Make Friday the 24th BUY NOTHING DAY and breathe.


Let’s show our love and gratitude to the supporters who are currently on remand or serving a sentence. 📩❣️ SEND THEM SOME LOVE Please write! All of your correspondence makes a huge difference 🙏☺️ See further on below for contact information. TIPS: 👉 For letters/postcards/cards ple...


The UK's premier advertising awards, the Campaign BIG Awards, took place at the Londoner Hotel on Leicester Square last night 16th Nov and there was an alternative prize ceremony outside the event to highlight the green washing {anti climate propaganda} that some of the firms are heavily involved in.

At the entrance to the hotel another award ceremony also took place for attendees of the Campaign Big awards. These were The Charred Earth Awards , and they called out the cynical approach of those running agencies greenwashing the worst companies in the world as well as educating agency employees about who their company works for.

Greenwashers-in-Chief, Money Rebellion and Rebels from XR London took the lead on this and the message appears to be getting across.

Last years attendees entering the Hotel were at times dismissive of the protestors but this year many of them were receptive and supportive to the message and some agreed that the recipients of the charred earth awards were worthy winners being expert liars for their climate damaging clients. A dialogue has begun that should benefit the cause of telling the truth about the climate.



🏆 Yesterday evening Rebels from XR London and from the Greenwashers-in-Chief group had their own Charred Earth Awards ceremony outside the Londoner Hotel, where
the UK's premier advertising awards, the Campaign BIG Awards, was taking place.

Demonstrators were calling out the cynical approach of those running agencies greenwashing the worst companies in the world, and educating their employees about who their company works for.



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