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All - Please see the news article below. Today Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland added his support to a statement calling o...
Email Ben | U.S. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland

All - Please see the news article below.

Today Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland added his support to a statement calling on the APNU-AFC to concede the election to the PPP. Such a concession would be based on the acceptance of fraudulent votes. I am quite sure that Senator Cardin would not wish to be seen as supporting electoral fraud.

Kindly take a moment to call his office at (202) 224-4524 and leave a message encouraging him to hold a townhall (on-line meeting) with the many Guyanese Americans in his constituency who wish to hear his reason for signing on to this statement and who would also wish share their views on this matter. If you disagree with his position, please say that in your message as well.

Please pass this request on to as many Guyanese Americans and all Marylanders who would wish to see integrity in our electoral processes. We need as many calls as possible to Senator Cardin to make a difference.

I hope that you will call today and throughout the weekend. Multiple calls are ok. Congress only responds when large numbers of citizens show that they care about an issue.

Leave a message. Leave your name and contact information if you are comfortable with that. Ask to be contacted with a response.

You may also email Senator Cardin at

I have copied below the text of the email I sent, should you wish to use it. So that they can quickly scan and sort the emails, we should all use the same subject line. Mine stated: Senator Are you really supporting electoral fraud in Guyana? For emails, choose Foreign Relations as your topic

Please let me know that you received this urgent request and whether you'll be able to take this action.

A lot is at stake here.

Thank you for your help on this.



Text of my message:

Senator Cardin: Are you really supporting electoral fraud in Guyana?

I am a Guyanese American member of your constituency and am appalled that you have taken a position that interferes in the internal affairs of another nation, and in its electoral process - something we as Americans just experienced in 2016 and of which we disapprove in the strongest terms.

Senator, Guyanese have patiently and, above all, peacefully awaited the results of the March 2 elections. I am proud of their strong sense of doing what is right for the country and for being determined to eliminate fraud from the process. All have displayed the kind of citizenship that one sees in a mature democracy.

However, Sir, you signed on to a statement that read:

“Recent reports suggest questionable maneuvers by interested parties designed to continue forestalling a final declaration of results, which members of the press say indicates a defeat for the incumbent government. President Granger should honor the will of the Guyanese people and concede.

You have been horribly misled. For President Granger to concede, the Guyanese public must accept that the government will be turned over to the party that won fewer valid votes but acquired the most invalid or fraudulent votes. Is this your wish, Sir? That the election should be determined by the most fraudulent votes? The Recount process was intended to provide transparency and to raise the Guyanese democracy above corruption. Are you suggesting that the citizens of Guyana endorse fraud? Should it become a way of life there?

I urge you to quickly convene a meeting of the many Guyanese Americans in your constituency so that we can understand your position on this matter.

Thank you.

Respectfully submitted.

Olive B. Sampson

The Official U.S. Senate website of Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland



Almost one week after fifteen year old Sahamani William's was stabbed to her lower back by another student of Linden Foundation Secondary School, the Director of Public Prosecutions asked that the police do further investigations.

Commander Superintendent Hugh Winter told this media house that the student remains in the ICU of the Linden Hospital Complex. "The girl is still in the ICU and the DPP advised that we do further investigations."

According to the Commander the suspect is released on substantial bail.

Williams was stabbed by the sister of the student with whom she was engaged in a fight. Williams remains in the ICU in a stable condition and is recovering.



Two sisters were this morning arrested by ranks of Linden for the stabbing of their 15 year old colleague on Thursday afternoon.

Region Ten Commander Hugh Winter confirmed that the sisters are in police custody.

In pictures and videos posted on Social Media, two school girls from the Linden Foundation Secondary School were seen fighting while others and even adults stood by. It was while the one girl was atop the other that her sister pulled a black handled knife from her bag and stabbed the student in her lower back.

It was clear in the videos seen by this media outfit that as the girl stood in a daze asking for someone to take her to hospital, the others ran away.

However, she was assisted by a public spirited citizen in a car and taken to the Linden Hospital Complex where she went into surgery to remove the knife.

It is reported that her lungs and other organs are damaged and she remains in the ICU.


Cameron and Mc Neil Track and Field Championships need officials not 'sailors'.

The age old rivalry between Mc Kenzie High School and Multilateral School saw MHS outdoing Multi last Sunday when Cameron and Mc Neil hosted their Track and Field Championship at the Mc Kenzie Sports Club Ground.

While the event was lauded by the Old Students of both schools, parents and teachers, the event was poorly organized.

The officials who allegedly hailed from Georgetown seemed not to listen to the complaints of the athletes and the teachers especially from Mc Kenzie High School.

The officials were more interested in chatting and what was going on around them rather than pay attention to the athletes and the laps they had to run and how many they had to complete.

It was noticable that there were no age categories, the races were for boys and girls. It was clear that the officials were 'sailors' because in the 3000m girls, all the athletes with the exception of the winner the Carifta Gold medalist Sheama Tyrell, were made to run an extra lap because it was clear that they were not looking at the race. The places were all mixed up.

In the 1500m girls again another mix up a child from MHS finished third yet she was not given her bronze medal because the officials did not officiate properly. How can you do this to athletes when they tried their best on the field?

Some students were seen with their books studying in between their races for their Integrated Science CSEC Examination the next day. Kudos to Ms. Melissa Smith of the Mc Kenzie High School.

Both teams were faced with a lot of challenges and the event can be bigger and better if only the management and organization do better. The commentator was so rude when asked certain questions because you didnt know which school the athletes were from unless you know them. She had no list with the names and schools but she could have been more polite, even one of the promoters was very rude.

However, it was a good event with lots of fun.


Osmond Cummings Memorial U-20 Football Tournament… Eagles, Milerock, Botofago and Amelia’s Ward advance to semi finals

The final round of the Osmond Cummings U20 Football Tournament saw two exciting matches being played at the Wisburg Secondary School Ground last Friday and Sunday. The first game on Friday pitted Eagles and Hi Stars in Group A.
The players from both teams seemed determined to win, missing some goals but both teams defence were good as the first half ended Nil-all.
From the sound of the whistle at the beginning of the second half it was evident that each team wanted to be a winner however, Eagles were dominant and at the end of regulation time they won three Nil.
In the second game, also in Group A, Eagles came against Amelia’s Ward. The first half ended with no goals and at the sound of the whistle in the second half both teams were playing and fighting for a goal but at the end of regulation time it was still Nil all.
The tournament continues on Friday at Wisburg ground when the first semi final will be played between Eagles and Botofago and the second semi final will be played on Saturday at the same venue when Milerock will come against Amelia’s Ward. The finals will be played on Sunday August 26th at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground.
Kick off time on Friday and Saturday will be 15:00 hrs. (Jacquey Bourne)
Amelia’s Ward 8 Botofago 9
Eagles 7 Milerock 6
Winners Connection 6 Silver Shattas 3
Top XX 4 Net Rockers 3
Hi Stars 2


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