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Get the full news through press release and in the newspapers how  OF  IN Sangam Vihar, New Delhi- 110080’ ARRESTED by t...

Get the full news through press release and in the newspapers how OF IN Sangam Vihar, New Delhi- 110080’ ARRESTED by the team of Delhi Police South District. Delhi Police
Punjab Kesari, Nav bharat times, Hindustan, Dainik Jagran, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, The Hindu.

 She was wanted in a case and evading her arrest since last 08 months.
 She was declared proclaimed offender
 She was one of the top five dreaded in Delhi.
 She and her sons have been accused of , , , , and other such crimes in a total of 113 cases against her and her family members.
 She had control over bore wells in Sangam Vihar and was running a supply mafia.
 A case of Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act,1999 (MCOCA) has been registered against her son Shamim @ Gunga. Shealongwith other family members will also be booked under this case for amassingwealth from crime proceeds.
 A strong legal check of this family syndicate had led todecrease in crime in Sangam vihar area.

On 17.08.2018 acting on a tip of,the team of PS Sangam Vihar, South District has arrested desperate abscondinggangster namely Basiran @ Mammi w/o Malkhan R/o I-20/1678, Sangam Vihar Delhiage 62 yrs. She was absconding since last eight months to evading her arrest ina murder case vide FIR No. 497/2017 u/s 302/201/120B/34 IPC dated 15.09.2017 PSSangam Vihar Delhi and was declared proclaimed offender by the Hon’ble court.


On 17.08.2018, secret informationwas received at PS Sangam Vihar, that absconding gagster Basiran @ Mammi is goingto meet her family members and to decide further strategy in connection withseizure of her property u/s 83 a murder case. Acting on the aboveinformation a team comprising of SI Jitender Malik, ASI Krishan, HC Surender,HC Ramkesh, HC Vikash and HC Raj kumar under the supervision of Insp. UpenderSingh SHO Sangam Vihar was constituted and on the instance of secret source atabout 12.10 pm police team intercepted a suspect whose name and address wasrevealed as Basiran @ Mammi w/o Malkhan R/o I-1678/20, Sangam Vihar Delhi. Accordinglyshe was arrested in case vide FIR No. 497/2017 u/s 302/201/120B/34 IPC PSSangam Vihar.


In the month of September2017 a partially decomposed dead body was recovered from the Jungle of K block Sangam Vihar. Since the throat ofdeceased was strangulated, hence a murder case vide FIR No. 497/2017 wasregistered and investigation

was taken up. During investigation, in themonth of January 2018 one CCL was apprehended in this case and he disclosedthat he along with his associates namely Aakash @ Akki, Vikash @ Vikki, Neeraj@ Jaggi, Munni Begum and Basiran @ Mammi had murdered above deceasedidentified as Miraz R/o Gangaganj AmethiU.P, step brother of accused Munni Begum. Soon after the arrest of co accusedpersons, Basiran fled away and was evading her arrest. On 25.05.2018 she wasdeclared PO in above case. Thereafter her property (residence) was also attached under theprovisions of 83 Cr.P.C and was sealed since then. Meanwhile accused Basiranalso filed an application for anticipatory bail at Hon’ble Delhi High Court andfor release of property at Saket Court, however delhi police strongly objectedto it giving her previous criminalbackground and both applications were dismissed by hon’ble court.
On sustained interrogation Basiranconfessed that she took contract of killing Miraz in INR 60,000/-. She calledher gang members namely Aakash @ Akki, Vikash @ Vikki, and hatched a conspiracyto murder Miraz. As per plan on 8-9.09.2017 evening Munni Begum took Miraz toBasiran above house and from there her above associates took Miraz to K block Jungle for intoxication.Where he was murdered with strangulated by leather belt, thereafter accusedpersons burned his body so as to disrobe his identity and buried it in Jungle.
• Basiran @ Mammi was born in village Basai Arela Dist. Agra UP and was married to one Malkhan resident of VillageAmberpur Tehsil Rajakhera, Dist. Dholpur Rajasthan about forty five years ago.
• In the early eighties she alongwith her husband came to Delhi and stayed at Navjeevan Camp Jhuggi, GovindpuriDelhi. Thereafter she shifted to Sangam Vihar along with her family in earlynineties.
• She was not having any permanentsource of income, therefore she started to sell illicit liquor. Thereafter shenever look back and went further deeper into the crime world.
• She also motivated her eight sons namely Wakil, Shakil, Shamim @ Gunga,Salman, Faizal @ Khadka, Sunny,Rahul and one minor for crime.
Following chart depicts their criminal involvements:-
S No. Name of accused Total number of criminal cases category
1. Basiran @ Mammi 09 cases Excise Act, Contract killing and murder
2. Shamim @ Gunga 42 cases Robbery, Dacoity, snatching, kidnapping, Arms Act, extortion, attempt to murder and murder
3. Shakil 15 cases Theft, extortion, snatching, excise act.
4. Wakil 13 cases Theft, extortion, snatching, quarrel
5. Rahul khan 03 cases Robbary, kidnapping, murder
6. Faizal @ Khadka 09 cases Arms Act, theft
7. Sunny 09 cases Arms Act, theft
8. Salman 02 cases Theft, excise act
9. CCL -- --

• When she established her dominance in the area, with the help of her criminal’ssons, she captured govt. water bores in locality and started to sell water foreasy money.
• There are total 113 criminal cases registered against her and her familymembers. She was absconding since last eight months and was hiding at Ahmadabad,Allahabad, Mainpuri and Firaozabad cities.


S No. FIR No. PS Sections of law
1. 96/02, Sangam Vihar 61.01.14 Excise Act
2. 359/02, Sangam Vihar 61.01.14 Excise Act
3. 200/03, Sangam Vihar 61.01.14 Excise Act
4. 930/04, Sangam Vihar 61.01.14 Excise Act
5. 99/05, Sangam Vihar 61.01.14 Excise Act
6. 277/06, Sangam Vihar 323/341/506/34 IPC
7. 85/15, Sangam Vihar 323/341/452/34 IPC
8. 393/16, Sangam Vihar 427/323/506/34 IPC & 27 Arms Act
9. 497/17, Sangam Vihar 302/201/120B/34 IPC

Total Cases head wise: PS SANGAM VIHAR
Head 2017 2018 %
Snatching 22 6 -81%
Burglary 15 9 -40%
House Theft 25 9 -64%
Other Theft 10 3 -70%
MO Women 26 12 -54%
Other IPC 101 71 -30%
Total FIR up to date 394 304 -23%
MV Theft 158 92 -42%
Total E- FIR 648 474 -26%

 of  in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi- 110080 ends up behind bars!  team of Delhi Police South District Delhi Police has arres...
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of in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi- 110080 ends up behind bars! team of Delhi Police South District Delhi Police has arrested Basiran one of the top five dreaded criminals in Delhi. Wanted in a murder case & absconding last 08 months. She & her sons are previously involved 113 cases.

“ of in ends up behind bars! has arrested Basiran one of the top five dreaded criminals in . wanted in a murder case & absconding last 08 mnths. She & her sons are previously involved 113 cases”

Be CarefulGang involved in  busted by the team of PS Safdarjung enclave new delhi & Vigilance of Delhi Police South Dist...

Be Careful
Gang involved in busted by the team of PS Safdarjung enclave new delhi & Vigilance of Delhi Police South District. 02 held for extortion by impersonation asBSES officers.Extorted Money recovered.
Delhi Police .
To know more how these gang busted read full press release below and in the newspapers too.
Hindustan, Punjab Kesari
A team of Police Station Safdarjung Enclave & Vigilance of South District hasapprehended two accused namely AshuLal R/o SubhashPark ,Shahdra, Delhi aged 44Years and Nikhil Nagar R/o Madangir, NewDelhi aged 24 Years who used to extort money from the consumer of BSES byimpersonating as BSES Officials.They used to conductextensive survey of potential vulnerable target during day time andthen extortmoney.

On 08.08.2018, Mr. Rajesh Hota lodgeda complaint at police Station in which he alleged that when he was present inhis office at Green Park Main, New Delhi , two persons namely Rahul and Arvind,came to his office and they asked him a copy of electricity bill. There afterthey stated that complainant is misusing the electricity and asked him a penaltyof Rs. 1,80,000/-but they suggested to settle the matter for an amount of Rs.60,000/-. After that complainant paid Rs. 10,000/- at Lajpat Nagar MetroStation to them and both asked complainant to meet again with full payment.Complainant asked them to collect the remaining money from his office inafternoon. On 08.08.2018 they changed the meeting location from his office toSanchar Haat gate, near IIT gate. On discussing the matter with his neighbourscomplainant made a complaint with PS.Safdarjung Enclave. On the basis of thecomplaint a case u/s 419/384 IPC was registered at PS. Safdarjung Enclave and investigationwas taken up.
Toapprehend these suspects a team of Police Station Safdarjung Enclave andVigilance Branch of South District was deputed to work out the casepromptly. Under the supervision of Sh.B.S.Rana,ACP/Safdarjung Enclave, ateam led by Insp. Manoj Kumar Vigilance Branch ofSouth District Insp. Shivraj Singh Bisht, SHO Safdarjung Enclave, comprising ofSI Rajnish, ASI Ramesh Sharma, HC Roshan Singh, HC Paramjeet Singh, Ct.AmitandCt. Lokeshwas constituted. On the instance of complainant, raiding team apprehended the accused persons namely AshuLal@ Arvind and Nikhil Nagarfrom Sanchar Haat, New Delhi and recovered the extortedmoney Rs. 10,000/- fromtheir possession.
Duringinterrogation accused person revealed that previously they were working in BSESas recovery agent for last three year. Thereafter they left their job and with theirthirdassociate Sunny @ Nishant started to visit those premises/houses in whichcommercial activity is going on. Once in the premises they used to ask forbills of electricity from the owner and after going through the bill theythreatened consumers by stating that he has changed electricity use fromdomestic to commercial. After that they initially imposed heavy chargeson user includingpenalties and thereafter to register an FIR against them in case they fail topay the amount. Later they agreed to settle the matter in nearly one third ofthe total amount. They distributed the extorted money equally among themselves.
1.AccusedAshuLal R/o SubhashPark ,Shahdra, Delhi Aged 44 Years originally hails from DisttGreaterNoida, (U.P. He got primary education from his village.After graduation, hestarted working as Sales man in Dilshad garden, Delhi and later worked in BSESas a Recovery agent.
2.AccusedNikhil Nagar R/o Madangir, New Delhi Aged 24 Years was born in Delhi. Presently he is residing atMadanGir, New Delhi.He came in contact with AshuLal and Sunny in office of BSESwhile he was working as recovery agent.

Some people dream of success while others wake up & work. With efforts of PS CRPark Delhi Police South District, first b...
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Some people dream of success while others wake up & work. With efforts of PS CRPark Delhi Police South District, first batch of PMKVY - Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna trainees from under got placed with Taco Bell India even before completion of their assessment. Delhi Police Commissioner of Police, Delhi, proud moments

“Some people dream of success while others wake up & work. With efforts of PS CR park , first batch of PMKVY trainees from under YUVA got placed with TACO Bell even before completion of their assessment. proud moments”

2  and the receiver of stolen jewelry arrested by PS Safdarjung enclave new delhi Delhi Police South District. Stolen Ca...

2 and the receiver of stolen jewelry arrested by PS Safdarjung enclave new delhi Delhi Police South District. Stolen Cash INR 1,13000 and and Equipment's/Tools used for melting gold are recovered. 11 Cases of burglary & theft solved.
Delhi Police. To get more information about the case read the full press release below and in the newspaper too Dainik Jagran.

A team of PoliceStation Safdarjung Enclave of South District has busted a gang of notoriousburglars committing crime in area of South Delhi and arrested two burglars namely Mohd. Imran @ Babloo R/o Abul FazalEnclave , New Delhi and Amir R/o KhaddaColony Jaitpur, New Delhi along with receiver of stolen goods, namelySheikh Minadjuddin S/o Sheikh Sdiquue R/o Jakir Nagar, New Delhi. Total 11cases of burglary has been solved from their arrest.

On 18/07/18 complainantlodged a complaint regarding theft of cash and jewellery from his house at Arjun Nagar, Safdarjung Enclave.A case vide FIR No. 166/18 u/s 380 IPC was registered at Police StationSafdarjung Enclave in this regard and investigation was taken up.
A team led by Insp. ShivrajSingh Bisht, SHO Safdarjung Enclave, consisting of SI Rajnish, ASI Ram Niwas,ASI Sunil Kumar, HC Raj Kumar Gaur, HC Bijender and Ct Nemi Chand wasconstituted under the supervision of Sh. B.S.Rana, ACP/Safdarjung Enclave tonab the burglars.
During the course ofinvestigation team started to collect intelligenceabout the criminals. Modus operandi of accused was analyzed, secret informerswere deployed, CCTV footages were analyzed andintelligence was gathered. With persistent efforts team finally zeroed in oneperson namely Mohd. Imran @ Babloo who has been found to be involved in similarcases in the past, and was also seen in a CCTV footage near the place ofoccurrence.
On 02.08.2018, on a secret information the team laid a trap andsucceeded in apprehending Mohd. Imran @ Babloo R/o Abul Fazal Enclave , NewDelhi along with one Amir R/o Khadda Colony Jaitpur, New Delhifrom the Jamia Nagar area and recovered stolen cash and some jewellery fromtheir possession.
During interrogation Mohd. Imran confessed that he alongwith his associate Amir had committed manyburglaries in south Delhi area. They mostly targeted cash andjewellery. They sold jewellery to ajeweller of Abul Fazal Enclave at low rates. At their instance jeweller Sheikh Minhajuddin was arrested and at hisinstance stolen jewellery has been recovered from his shop.
The accused persons used to receethe potential target specially locked house in the day time and commit thecrime in night. They used to commit night burglaries by breaking doors, windowsand other possible ways to enter the locked houses by using house breaking tools to commit burglary.They used the drainage pipes to climb. Theymostly targeted cash and jewellery. Accused Sheikh Minadjuddin used to melt the stolen jewellery immediatelyon receipt at his home and later used to prepare & sell it by making new jewellery at his shop, situated at BatlaHouse, Jamia Nagar, Delhi. At his instance tools used for melting of jewelleryhave been recovered from his house.
Profile of accused persons:
1. Md. Imran @ Babloo Kashmiri, age 29 years, originally belongs to Distt. Bulandshar, U.P. He born in Jamrudpur, Delhi , he was brought up by his Maternal Uncle. He got primary education from MCD primary school, Chirag Enclave and after 7th standard he left school and shifted to Okhla where he came in contact with burglars and got engaged in committing theft. He is involved in more than 20 cases of theft and burglary.
2. Aamir aged 28 years, was born in Delhi. Presently he is residing at Khadda Colony Jaitpur, New Delhi. . He completed his studies up to class 3rd from MCD primary school from Jaitpur. He came in contact with Imran, who used to commit theft, in Shaeen Bagh and indulged in this crime. He is involved in more than 13 cases of theft and burglary.
3. Sheikh Minadjuddin, aged 38 Years, was born in a village of Distt. Hoogali, West Bengal. He completed his education up to class 3rd class from Kolkata. His father used to work as a carpenter in Kolkata. He came to Delhi about 15 years back and started working as a wage labour in area of Jamia Nagar. After that he came in contact with burglars and criminals and started purchase of stolen jewellery. With in a short span he had purchased a flat in Jamia Nagar and opened a jewellery shop on rent near Batla House near Nafeesh Road in the name of “SAAD JEWELLER”.


1. Stolen Cash INR 1,13000/-.
2. Stolen Jewellery(02 Gold Rings,01 Gold Pendent, 04 Pair Silver Pajeb,01 Pair Tops, 01 Pair Jhumka, 08 Sliver Bangles)
3. Equipments/Tools used for melting gold recovered.

Read the full press release how  PS Mehrauli team Delhi Police South District arrested 04 Persons  for Criminal Breach o...

Read the full press release how PS Mehrauli team Delhi Police South District arrested 04 Persons for Criminal Breach of Trust.For filing a fake e-FIR of M V Theft. Selling it to buyers after preparing forged documents and in the newspaper too.
Dainik Jagran, Hindustan Times and Amar Ujala.
Delhi Police

Brief Facts:
A complaint was received from complainantKaran Singh R/oAaya Nagar, New Delhi in which he alleged that on 25/06/18 hisnephew namely Deepak @ Deepu and his friend Gautam took his car Alto K10bearing Reg. No. DL 3CCL 1182 for repairing work in ‘Competent’ workshop Mehrauli.But they did not return the same and when he asked them for the car, Deepak toldhim that the car has been stolen and hehas lodged an online FIR vide FIR No 025022dt 19/07/18. Accordingly, on thecomplaint of Karan Singh a case was registered vide FIR No.507/18 U/S 406/34IPCin PS Mehrauli.
Investigationand Arrest:
During investigation, CCTV footageof the ‘Competent’ motors was analyzed and it was found that alleged stolenvehicle had been taken out from the workshop within 10 minutes after its entryin workshop which raised suspicion about the conduct of Gautam and Deepak.During investigation, information was developed and the accused persons namelyDeepak @ Deepu and Gautam were arrested.During sustained interrogation, they brokedown and confessed to have sold the car by manipulating the statement and factsto the complainant. They further disclosed that they along with their oneassociate namely Mukesh Patel hadsold the vehicle to one Lalit Kohli r/o Jhajjar, Haryana against considerationof Rs. 70,000/ whereas, the actual market value of the vehicle is aprox. 03lakhs as the same is one and half year old. Mr. Lalithad also given liberty to pay the amount in installments. Hehas already paid Rs. 25000 as first installment. Remaining amount was to bepaid within 03 months. On the instance of accused persons ,Mukesh Patel andLalit kohli were also arrested and alleged car has been recovered from thepossession of Lalit kohli.

Modus Operandi:-
Accused persons allured thevictim to get his vehiclerepaired from authorized service stationand sold the vehicle for money. They got lodged a false e-FIR in Delhi andusedit as a proof to convey to the owner that his car / vehicle has beenstolen.

Profile of Arrested Persons.
1. Deepak @ Deepu R/o Aaya Nagar, Delhi Age 22 years, Married, Studied upto 9th standard, driver by profession.
2. Gautam R/o Aaya Nagar, Delhi , Age 22years, Married, Studied upto 12thstandard, Driver by profession.
3. Mukesh Patel R/o VPO.DhanaThakras,Distt.Sagar, (MP), Age 24 years, Unmarried, Studied upto 10thstandard, Works as A.C. Mechanic.
4. Lalit, Age 23 years, Married, Studiedupto12th standard, he runs aGeneral store in Jhajjhar Haryana.
1. Car Alto K10 bearing No. DL 3CCL 1182
2. ClaimForm of Vehicle/repair order of car.
3. OriginalRC,Insurance of alleged vehicle.

9001 Packets  Made ******es Worth INR 20 Lacs Seized. 03 store owners arrested. Seized ci******es don’t carry statutory ...

9001 Packets Made ******es Worth INR 20 Lacs Seized. 03 store owners arrested. Seized ci******es don’t carry statutory and information mandatory required tobe displayed on packets. Delhi Police South District Delhi Police.
Read the press release below and in the newspapers too.
Amar Ujala, The Times of India, The Statesman Ltd. and Navbharat Times - Hindi News Paper.

Vigilance team of South District conducted raids at 03 Cigarette Stores situated at Gurudwara Road,K.M.Pur, New Delhi and seized total 9001 packets Ci******es of different foreign Brands such as , , , , , , & HEDGES, , , , GARAM and arrested 03 person namely Ashok Kumar Gupta, Vikas Gupta and Purshottam Gupta .

On 26.07.18, acting on an information, a team comprising of SI Jitender,W/SI Meena Yadav, ASI Anil, ASIRamesh, Hc Paramjeet, Hc Roshan, ct. Naveen ,Ct. Anil, Ct. Kamaljeet, W/ct.Meenakshi led by Insp. Manoj kumar Vigilance Branch/South District conducted raids at 03 ci******estores at K.M.Pur,1.Jwala Store, Gurudwara Road, 2.Virender Cigarette Store,Punjabi Bazaar 3. Agra Store, Wazir Nagar,and found total 9001 packets ci******es which don’t carry statutory warning and information mandatory required to be displayed on packets.Subsequently, all Ci******es were sized and a case FIR No. 249/18,dated 26.07.18, u/s 7 & 20 COTPA Act was got registered at PS K.M.Pur in this regard and investigation was taken up. During investigation owner of these stores were arrested.

Profile of Arrested Persons:

(1)Ashok Kumar Gupta r/o Arjun Nagar, K.M.Pur, New Delhi, age 59 years. He is theowner of Jwala Store, Gurudwara Road, K.M.Pur.
(2)Vikas Gupta r/o Rajnagar Part-II, Palam Colony, New Delhi, age 39 years. He is theowner of Virender Cigarette Store Punjabi Bazaar, K.M.Pur.
(3)Purshottam Gupta r/o, K.M.Pur, New Delhi age 42 years. He is the owner of Agra Store, Wazir Nagar, K.M.Pur.

All arrested persons are inthis business from many years. During interrogation they confessed that sellingthese ci******es is more profitable for them rather than other brands.


1. Total 9001 packets ci******es (1265 packets from Jwala Store, 5216 packets from Virender Cigarette Store and 2520 packets from Agra Store)

03 members of a ‘Thak-Thak’ gang involved in stealing valuables from cars after breaking their windows were arrested by ...

03 members of a ‘Thak-Thak’ gang involved in stealing valuables from cars after breaking their windows were arrested by by Spl staff of Delhi Police South District. 02 stolen Motor Cycles and Chilly spray bottle, ‘Gulel’ and Steel balls (used in ‘Gulel’) were recovered. 09 cases of theft were solved. Delhi Police .
Read all the information about this case below as well as in the newspapers.
Dainik Jagran, The Statesman Ltd. Rashtriya Sahara and Punjab Kesari

With thearrest of three persons namely (1) Deepak aged 26 years (2). Ramesh agedabout 25 years and (3) Amit Age about 25 years all residents of Madrasi colony,Madangir, New Delhi Special staff ofSouth District busteda ‘Gulel Gang’ commonly known as ‘Thak-Thak Gang’ involvedin theft from cars and other vehicles through breaking off the glass by meansof ‘Gulel and steel balls’and recovered two stolen motor-cycles, one ‘Gulel’,steel balls and chilly spray bottle from their possession.


On 26/07/18, Special Staffof South District received secret information that members of a notorious‘Thak-Thak’ gang who have stolen motorcycles also, would come near AsianMarket, Near MB road, Saket. On this information a team comprising of SI Rajeev Bamal, HC Satish, Ct Pyar Singh, CtAnoop, Ct Vikas and Ct. Pradeep led by Inspr. Girish Singh, I/C Special Staffunder the supervision of Sh. RajenderPathaniya, ACP/Operations was constituted. Atrap was laid at Asian Market, Near MB road, Saket. The team workedstrategically and professionallyandapprehendedthree accused persons. Themotorcycles Pulsar and Apache used by accused persons were found stolen videFIR no. 20516/18 U/S 379 IPC PS Govindpuri and FIR no. 19066/18 U/S 379 IPC PSMalviya Nagar. The apprehended persons were identified as 1. Deepak 2.Ramesh3.Amit all residents of Madrasi colony, Madangir New Delhi.

Modus Operandi:

During interrogation accusedperson disclosed that they all are residents of Madrasi colony,Madangir. They targeted busy roads around market officesand posh colonies, where high transactions are made and people carried largeamounts of money and other valuable items in their cars.One member of their group would break the glass of thewindow of the car by using ‘Gulel’ and steel balls and another member wouldpickout the bag from the car.They also use chilly spray to distract the driver andtake away the bags having cash and valuables.Sometimes,they would break the windowpanes of parked vehicles and rob valuables.They used stolen motorcycles while committing the crimeto avoid the identification.They had committed thefts at different places in Delhi-NCR area and UPincluding Sangamghat and Varanasi Ganga Ghat.

All the accused persons are resident of Madrasi colony, Madangir, AmbedkarNagar anduneducated. All are habitual offenders and have previous criminalinvolvements.


1. One BajajPulsar motorcycle
2. One TVS Apachemotorcycle
3. 01Chilly spray bottle, 01 ‘Gulel’ and Steel balls

Cases worked out :-

1.FIR no. 20516/18 U/S 379IPC PS Govindpuri
2. FIR no. 19066/18 U/S 379IPC PS Malviya Nagar
3. FIR no. 153/18 U/S 379/511 IPC PS Hauz Khas
4.FIR no. 129/18 U/S 356/379/34IPCPSHauz Khas
5.FIR no. 000477/18 U/S 379IPC PSSafdarjung Enclave
6.FIR no. 110/18 U/S 379 IPCPSSouth Campus
7.FIR no. 03/18 U/S 379 IPCPSSouth Campus
8.FIR no. 167/18 U/S 379 IPCPSSouth Campus
9.FIR no. 000577/18 U/S 379IPC PS South Campus

Read the full Press release about the case and in the newspapers too.Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, Navbharat Times - Hind...

Read the full Press release about the case and in the newspapers too.
Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, Navbharat Times - Hindi News Paper, Indian Express, The Times of India, The Hindu.

146 police personnel and 5 days highly professional operation, criminal Vineet Verma notorious for chain snatching on "white apache bike" arrested by Special Trap team Delhi Police South District
07 gold chain recovered & 23 cases solved
Delhi Police

 Based on incidents analysis since 03.03.2018,trap of 146 police personnel was layed with arms : trap team succeeded on 5thday
 01 Snatcher arrested.
 One firearm with two live cartridges recovered
 White Apache motorcycle used in commission of offence recovered
 07 Snatched Gold Chain recovered
 In a first of its kind “A common team communication network for quicksharing of information was provided” using wireless network and Whatsapp groupsfor sharing live location
In a highly professional operation,a desperate and dangerous Robber/Snatcher namely Vineet Verma, 26 yrs., r/o Vikas Kunj, Loni, Ghaziabad has beenarrested in a trap operation fromteam of PS Mehrauli (South District) policehas worked out 23 cases of Gold chain snatching in the area and has recoveredone firearm with live cartridges, One stolen motorcycle used in crime and 7snatched Gold chains from his possession.


In the view of recent incidents of chainsnatchings reported from some selected Police Stations of South Delhi wasobserved. Thefirst incident of chain snatching was reported on 03.03.18 from near CGHSdispensary,in front of Shivalik Market, Sector 01 PushpVihar PS Saket at 04 PMin which gold chain was snatched from a lady namely Mrs. Shanti Saroj. Whatstruck investigators was that in all instances under observation, a white colorTVS Apache motor cycle, with two helmet wearing suspects were involved. VariousCCTV footages were retrieved, preserved and digitally enhanced and acomparative study established that the profile of the robbers and the motorcycle was closely matching each other in incidents reported from at least 5police stations - Malviya Nagar, Saket, Neb Sarai, Mehrauli and Fatehpur Beri.

Advancing the exercise, the locations, timings,victim profiling, exit/escape methodology was accounted for and the followingconclusions were drawn:

1. The suspects were targeting mostly Malevictims wearing heavy chains. As well as Elderly females at morning hours.
2. The suspects were targeting area of onlyabove 5 police stations on a regular basis.
3. That the suspects were active during morninghours,
4. That contrary to formally observedphenomena, where the snatchers strike along the main/arterial roads whichfacilitates quick exit, in all the above cases, the place of occurrences weredeep inside residential colonies.
5. That in all the incidents under study, thesame white color TVS Apache with different number plates was being used.
6. The helmets being worn by the suspects weredistinctive in their markings/identifiers and
7. The suspects were following identicalroutes while traversing South Delhi areas.

Based on all theseconclusions a trap team consisting of 146 police personnel drawn from of theabove 5 police stations was constituted and briefed at DCP office about the detailed descriptions of thesuspects and the motorcycle.Based on the previous incident analysis timings ofdeployment and specific trap locations were decided and in a first of its kind“Acommon team communication network for quick sharing of information was provided”usingwireless network and Whatsapp groups for sharing live location. All ofthe teams were equipped with arms to retaliate in case of firing. Also, teamswere briefed thoroughly that what they are looking for.

On 11.07.2018,as thesnatchers were on the prowl, one of the deployed team consisting of stafffromPS Mehrauli spotted the suspects on the same bike at 08:00hrs at Y- point, Chhatarpur at that time they were on alookout for a target. Just few minutes before they had committed a snatching atCariappa Marg in the area of PS Neb Sarai where white Apache was used. The Informationof which was already being flashed on the wireless sets. The team started to chase them secretly.Later on,the trapteam encircled the bike, one of its occupants whipped out a pistol and openedfire at ASI Jitender. However, as the shot missed the intended target, one ofthe riders of the bike was tackled and overpowered by ASI Jitender along withCt. Naveen. His accomplice, however, managed to flee, not before firing anothertwo shots at the trap team. The apprehended accused was identified as VineetVerma R/o D- Vikas Kunj,Loni, Ghaziabad, UP and from his possession, oneillicit pistol with two live cartridges along with the chain snatched a fewminutes ago from Sainik farm area was recovered. Further, three emptycartridges were also recovered from the spot. The accused who managed to fleeunder the cover of fire has been identified as desperate robber, who hasrecently come out of jail on parole on the ground of getting his wife medicallytreated.A case vide FIR NO. 429/18 U/s186/353/307/482/34 IPC & 25/27 Arms Act was registered against them at P.SMehrauli and investigation was taken up. A total of 23 cases of chainsnatchings have been worked out so far in the operation with recovery of 07snatched gold chains.


During sustained interrogation,Accused Vineet Verma revealed that he alongwith his associates Amit wouldcommit chain snatching in the area of South, South East, Dwarka and RohiniDistrict.He has been in jail in robbery and snatching cases. He furtherrevealed that his associate Amit is a desperate Chain snatcher and he came outfrom Jail last month on parole for treatment of his wife upto 14.07.2018. theypurchased a stolen bike and started committed chain snatching in the area ofSouth District.He revealed that they spotted there target while wandering inthe area and when the target reached at the approach road from the main roadthey snatched their Gold chain and run away. They always carry loaded weapon toput in fear on their Target if they resist.


Accused Vineet Verma,Age 26yrs, has studied up to 07th standard and His father was a Goldsmithat Harsh Vihar and he started to help his father in his profession. He is marriedand also having Four Siblings. Co-accused Amit is his school mate and they bothstarted snatching in the area. He has 5previous involvements..


SI No. FIR No. Section of Law Police Station
1. 13/10 395/397/412 IPC PS Madhu Vihar
2. 418/15 186/353/411/482/34 IPCIPC& 25/27 ARMS
ACT PS Maurya
3. 60/12 326/34 IPC 25/54/59 ARMS ACT PS Harsh Vihar
4. 159/15 392/34 IPC PS Welcome
5. 188/15 392/397/34 IPC & 25 ARMS ACT PS Welcome


1. 01 firearm with two live cartridgerecovered.
2. 01 White apache motorcycle(stolen) used incommission of offence recovered.
3. 07 Snatched Gold Chain recovered.


Si. No. FIR No. Sections Police Station
1 294/18 356/379/34 IPC PS NEB SARAI
2 72/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MALVIYA NAAGR
3 165/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MALVIYA NAGAR
4 160/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MALVIYA NAGAR
5 304/18 392/34 IPC PS NEB SARAI
6 330/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MEHRAULI
7 338/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MEHRAULI
8 386/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MEHRAULI
9 274/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MEHRAULI
10 304/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MEHRAULI
11 116/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MALVIYA NAGAR
12 191/18 356/379/34 IPC PS MALVIYA NAGAR
13 229/18 392/34 IPC PS SAKET
14 124/18 356/379/34 IPC PS SAKET
15 187/18 356/379/34 IPC PS SAKET
16 194/18 356/379/34 IPC PS SAKET
17 226/18 356/379/34 IPC PS F.P BERI
18 111/18 356/379/34 IPC PS F.P BERI
19 245/18 356/379/34 IPC PS F.P BERI
20 169/18 356/379/34 IPC PS F.P BERI
21 157/18 356/379/34 IPC PS F.P BERI
22 429/18 186/307/353/34 IPC &
23 24073/18 356/379/34 IPC PS GOKUL PURI


Deputy Commissioner Of Police, Hauz Khas South Delhi





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