GHRIS - MSPS  HRM Online The Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS) is a web based HRM system used in the Government of Kenya Civil Service. (

The Government embarked on development of this Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS) Portal whose aim is to address all its Human Resource (HR) needs. The System is designed in-house by Government Information Communication Technology (ICT) Officers in collaboration with Human Resource Management (HRM) Officers.


GHRIS will be under maintenance today 30-05-2013 from 2.00 PM and may be inaccessible occasionally.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused!!!!

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


We have been informed from the Treasury that the systems are back up. Please confirm.


We have been informed that the GHRIS is inaccessible from outside the GoK GCCN network. The problem has been traced to an issue on the ORANGE network connecting the GCCN to the internet. We note that officers served by the GCCN directly are accessing the system.
We have informed the concerned officers at the Treasury and are waiting for the resolution of the same. Currently we have not been given a Time Frame; we will keep updating you on the developments.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


Monday 4th March, 2013 is here with us, let us go out and vote wisely and peacefully.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


When you buy your next phone, please invest in a smart phone. eGovernment is rolling full stream!!


The more reason why we all need to go for computer classes ... ....
The Ministry of Education is consolidating all education related data into an online system.
We welcome the Teachers and all Educationists into the digital arena. Karibuni Sana!!

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]

New EMIS (NIEIMS) Several institutions including Ministry of Education; Teachers Service Commission; Kenya National Examinations Council; Ministry of Planning, National Development and Vision 2030; Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology; E-Government, and the Kenya National Bureau of S...


Confirm your credit worthyness in preparation for the online Deduction Control System. The figures are obtained from your latest payslip and take care of the One Third Rule.
For now, we are just looking at the figures, soon you will be informed on how to do the actual process.
My Records > Third Party Facility > Application.

Discuss you findings ...

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


"... what we civil servants worried of is the conmen of cyber cafes are interfering with the ghris site please do something coz we cant access our payslips without visiting their cafes for the same! we are even exposing our confidential information to the public!.." by maseno george lands kisii

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


Hanifa Abaye posted to GHRIS - MSPS HRM Online
November 16
Whoever responds to your help emails deserves a RAISE. CRAZY POLITE, certainly not what I'm used to from GOK. Funny how a three sentence email made my day. Dude/dudette whoever you are, you've inspired me to treat folks like humans today.
We thank our HELP DESK TEAM for a good job they are doing. Keep it going guys, the task may be HUGE but the grace is sufficient.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


UPTIME on the GCCN has been noted this morning (2012/11/16). Please assess and confirm availability of in your systems to enable us pass around the good message.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


As you all might have noticed, MOST GoK sites including GHRIS have been down the entire day Thursday (2012/11/15); we are still awaiting word from the Technical arm responsible for the Government Common Communication Network (GCCN), we will revert back with more information once we receive it.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


You can now Upload your Certificates, ready for validation.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


The guys at Mozilla have done an upgrade to the browser to Firefox 16.0.2; this upgrade sorted out the issue with GHRIS. Please, Upgrade your Mozilla Firefox with this upgrade and continue enjoying GHRIS.
GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


We have been notified of a slow down in the functioning of the GHRIS on Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1; as we try to find out where the conflict is emanating from, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


Joyce Lukamba Wambaya: Banks should stop asking for original payslips,with GHRIS we have permanent originals originating from the GHRIS website period!

Need we say anything; she is right. The 3rd Parties Module will reduce that confusion.!!
GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]

GHRIS Photos 2012

GHRIS Photos 2012


In case you require training, or you want a working Sessions with us, please schedule some sessions with the GHRIS Training Team @ KICC Room 2707.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


Ministry/Departments HRM UNITS:
In case you require training, or you want a working Sessions with us, please schedule some sessions with the GHRIS Training Team @ KICC Room 2707.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


As we are solving the ERROR 504; we are coming down to an issue of Service Providers and Location.
To assist in this survey:
In case you are encountering the ERROR 504, please tell us;
i) How you are accessing the internet - Cyber, Modem, office.
ii) If Modem - tell us the Service provider ; If Cyber - ask about the service provider
iii) The exact Location where you are getting this error from.

This is an ERROR 504 survey ONLY; do not comment about any other issue on this post.


Location: KICC 27th Floor, Room 2707.
Working hours: Normal Civil Service Working Hours.


We take this opportunity to Welcome the officers who will be taking over GHRIS customer services and Training from the GHRIS Development Team.
Please accord them all the support as you have done to us.


GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


We have confirmed the uploading of your payslips on GHRIS.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


Esther Okoti Asitiba
Bravo! I didnt imagine i was in ghris. The new menu is faster, no confusion I hope you wont receive much complaints as it was earlier. within two minutes I had printed my slip. pass my flower to the person who came up with that idea of changing the menu. He/she deserves it. Thats is what we call innovation the greatest tool in any work.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


Check out for the NEW GHRIS menu style arrangements! What are your comments.
GHRIS Development Team - [email protected].


GHRIS Manuals are NOW available;
HELP>>User Manuals>>> Select the manual you want.

Note: the manuals are in PDF format and are downloadable.
We hope this will assist in greater adoption of the system.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


from the GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]

We are in the process of configuring a SSL certificate for the site, as requested by users as a safety measure, this will enable you to log in via https:
You will therefore experience DOWNTIME as from [email protected]. We hope the system will be UP by [email protected].

We are SORRY for the inconveniences this will cause. For a safer online presence, please bear with us.


In case an employees Gender, Marital Status, salutation, ID, PIN or Names are wrong, use this process to edit them.
HR Services>>Staff Complement>>Edit Staff Profile>>Use PNum or surname to get the officers record>>>Update Staff Profile>>Make the NECESSARY Documented changes>>SAVE.
We hope this process will allow you to EDIT all the affected records.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


George Mexes @20120828 : 1116hrs
you update our payslips really late, we would wish 2 b able to have them as early as 20th so that we may plan for the salary of that month. and we also would wish that the system updates our profiles not only frm march this year but even our previous year in order for us to b able to access payslips frm those years. thanx in advance.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


66% of the entire Civil Service and Disciplined Services have successfully updated their profile. We are moving towards the 70% mark.
Keep the fire burning.
PAS and Leave experiences?


Kenya Prisons, we have been informed of the problem with your payslips. Though we want to note that the Department HRM is rather slow in doing its work, we are trying to assist them sort out the issue. We hope all will be resolved by EOB on Monday, August 13, 2012.
Keep pressing them to hurry up next month.

GHRIS Development Team - [email protected]


Harambee House, Harambee Avenue

General information

The System is expected to interface with other existing and future systems like IFMIS, G-Pay, IRMIS and IPPD. Users of GHRIS are Government MDAs, Employees, and the Public who will benefit from a centralized readily accessible, efficient and transparent system. (




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Safari has flagged GHRIS on Data leak admin kindly enhance & Update the SSL certificate & check the security
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