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Accountants week 2021- Return forms to: by Thursday 18th November, 2021

Accountants week 2021- Return forms to: [email protected] by Thursday 18th November, 2021

Are you ready to UNLEASH the POWER of Publicity in Your Business?Join us this morning as Carla Williams Johnson of Carli...
Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Global Entrepreneurship Week - Unleashing the Power of Publicity in Your Business. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Are you ready to UNLEASH the POWER of Publicity in Your Business?

Join us this morning as Carla Williams Johnson of Carli Communications out of Trinidad and Tobago shares about finding and winning publicity for your business.

She will also provide tips on how to use the press received to build credibility, authority and income.

You also get the opportunity to engage Carla following her presentation!

Don't Miss Out! 10:00AM via Zoom

Register here:

30min presentation on how to find and win publicity for your business. Plus, tips on how to use the press received to build credibility, authority and income.

For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of most sectors, survival of business models as we know them today is at stake, ...

For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of most sectors, survival of business models as we know them today is at stake, as direct and indirect impacts of climate change will gradually materialize. Surge of insurance premiums for all, droughts, loss of coral reefs and biodiversity… are only some of the visible parts of the climate change iceberg in the Caribbean.

In this regard, the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce and PIRAC have the pleasure to invite you to join other business proprietors to an interactive webinar on Disaster Risk Diagnosis on Wednesday 10th November 2021.

Some of the areas for consideration and discussion include:

What practical preventive practices can be implemented to mitigate the likely impacts of climate change on your business?

Can each individual business make a difference in mitigating impacts of climate change for an entire country?

Is adapting to climate change affordable for a micro or a small business in the Caribbean?

How can a more inclusive value chain approach be deployed to adapt quicker and make your business and our economies more resilient ?

To register for this session, kindly use the link below.

Be sure to register for the Entrepreneurs' Speed Consulting Forum on Monday 8th November 2021 as part of the observance ...
Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021 - Speed Consulting Forum. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Be sure to register for the Entrepreneurs' Speed Consulting Forum on Monday 8th November 2021 as part of the observance of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021!

Use the link below to register in advance for this virtual session!

This is your opportunity to gain insightful tips and gain some free consulting from qualified Business Professionals!

You could be the winner- Best Creole Commercial House 2021!

You could be the winner- Best Creole Commercial House 2021!



The September 2021 St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture “Workplace Vaccination Survey” was conducted among a wide cross section of private firms in St. Lucia. A total of 117 responses were analyzed. Respondents included both members (66.7%) and future members of the Chamber (33.3%).

Firms classified as large, that is employing more than 50 workers had the largest percentage of respondents (29%), while those generally classified as small i.e. those that employ between one and nine were the second largest group of respondents (23%). Firms that employ between 10 and nineteen workers the third largest group of respondents (22%).

Firms from all major economic sectors responded to the Survey, the Retail & Distribution Sector having the highest number of respondents, (26%) followed by Professional Services (13%), Tourism (12%), Manufacturing (12%) and Financial Services (11%).

65% of Chamber Members who responded to the Survey support a Vaccinated Workplace Policy, with 35% not supporting. The September 2021, Workplace Vaccination Survey also reveals that only 31% of Chamber Members offer incentives to staff to encourage them to take the Vaccine. Like the rest of the country, the rate of vaccination among staff of Chamber Members is low. 38% of Respondents indicated that vaccination rate among their staff is lower than 10%, while 25% report having rates of between 11% and 30%.

74% of respondents report having staff treated for Covid-19, while 96% of responding firms have had to cease operations 1-5 times due to Covid-19. The primary source of information on Covid-19 Vaccination, has been identified as the Ministry of Health (50%) and Doctors (17%).

Overall, the Survey suggests that Chamber Members (65%) are more supportive of a Vaccinated Workplace Policy than non-Chamber Members (26%). Chamber Members (31%) have utilized incentives to encourage staff to be vaccinated while only (15%) of Non- Members have done so. Of note is that only 36% of Chamber Members are considering requiring a proof of vaccination for customers to enter the premises, while an even lower (8%) of non-members are considering this policy.

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture will be seeking to dialogue with all relevant stakeholders on this most sensitive matter as its’ fundamental interest in the Covid-19 Pandemic is the control, minimization and ultimately elimination of the spread of the Covid-19 Virus that has led to a high number of deaths on our island and a larger number of persons with severe cases of this virus.

The Chamber remains convinced that Vaccination is a critical and key component of the strategy to achieve economic and social viability, by securing employment of St. Lucians. The Chamber strongly believes that vaccination provides a heightened level of protection to citizens and all attempts must be made to encourage and have as many citizens vaccinated as possible.

ACCESSS INCENTIVES AND CONCESSIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESSES- July 8th 5:00 PM - 7:30 PMThe Chamber will be hosting an E-Semin...


The Chamber will be hosting an E-Seminar “Available Concessions, Incentives and Support Programs for Businesses”.


Catch us today on the Wave as we discuss our Small Member Support Program!

Catch us today on the Wave as we discuss our Small Member Support Program!

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture - Improve Your Business Operations & Productivity

Chamber Improves Members Business Operations And Productivity Mid – Pandemic!

All organizations are in business to create value for customers, shareholders and stake holders. Whether the organization is for profit or non-profit, at the core of the existence of the business, is the idea or goal of creating value.

The Chamber of Commerce understands that, and in order for its member firms to provide value to customers they must produce quality and valuable products and services. This requires an effective and productive operations system. It is not uncommon for there to be misalignment between the operations system and the output levels that the organization desires. Thus the need for support in up skilling and training of staff to be bring about a better alignment between current levels and quality of operations and desired output levels.

On June 9th and 10th 2021, the Workshop. “Improving Business Operations and Productivity” will be conducted for businesses keen to provide and produce products and services which create value for customers in the most efficient manner. The tools, knowledge and skills to be discussed and shared in this workshop will expose participants to effective techniques for bringing about significant improvement in productivity and operational performance of their business.

The current economic environment of increased competition, tight financial and depressed economic realities, are forcing organizations to find and apply methods to innovate and be more effective. Thus, the tools that will be presented in the workshop will allow businesses to improve their operations and by extension their productivity and profitability.

Participants will learn how to examine their organisation’s processes; analyze areas where weaknesses exist, identify shortcomings and focus on improving them.

The Chamber is confident that participating organizations, will benefit from this system thinking approach to their business and give their firm the global advantage they seek at this time as competition in all its forms is international. The Chamber further wishes to point out that the tools to be presented are equally applicable and relevant across sectors, public or private.

Full details may be retrieved via or call 452 3165 or email [email protected]


Chamber Continues Up-Skilling and Systems Thinking With Members “


Managing their critical human resource in a progressive and constructive way, remains the aim of Chamber Members and so it was no surprise how well attended the powerful and excellently prepared and delivered E-Training “The St. Lucia Labour Code Post Covid-19 Realities” turned out to be. Over 40 firms spent a half day fully engaged in this interactive E-Training hosted by the Chamber and facilitated by Cheryl Goddard Dorville.
The E-Training session took place on March 10th 2021 using the Chamber’s virtual platform and is part of the Chamber’s Business Development and Education Program that has been informed by the various training needs assessments conducted by the Chamber from time to time. The Chamber has partnered with the firm Goddard-Dorville Legal for the last 3 years to bring specialized knowledge and understanding of the St. Lucia Labour Act to the its members.

Ensuring that members adapt and remain efficient through strategic employee engagement and management remains an objective of the Chamber Business Development and Education agenda. Therefore the Chamber continues to help members manage emerging employment issues that the COVID-19 Pandemic has brought to the fore. Questions related to Employer obligations and implications for adjustments to existing contractual arrangements were discussed and approaches offered that were within the legal ambit of firms and respects the rights of workers. Managing remote work, work from home, dealing with COVID-19 Vaccinations and ensuring that productivity remains high, staff remain focused and motivated while balancing home and work issues that have emerged, were all discussed and approaches proffered.

These were some of the many areas discussed and clarity provided in relation to areas where the Labour Act was silent. Participants praised the Facilitator as being extremely clear, articulate knowledgeable enlightening and timely.


Chamber Provides Members With Tools To Create Additional Value

Understanding and appreciating the extreme pressure and environment under which many of its members are operating, the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce has ensured that its Business Development and Education agenda continues to provide members with the inside edge through relevant training in areas of greatest need. Thus “Improving Business Costs through Lean Enterprise and Innovation” was the program delivered March 31st and April 1st to sixteen members in a deeply interactive, eye opening and practical workshop.
Facilitated by Dr. Harvi Millar, St. Lucian-born President of Management Technologies, now Professor at St. Mary’s University in Canada, participants were provided with workable solution to issues identified by participants. Suggesting more innovative approaches that helped identify the ‘hidden’ waste negatively impacting operating costs. Participants learned ways to identify and strengthen innovative muscles, and creatively apply their new skills to real issues faced by their respective organizations, reinforcing the relevance and applicability of the Lean Management and cost cutting tools that were shared during the session.

Based on the need of organizations looking for opportunities to reduce operating costs, particularly when markets are not depressed, and the requirement to maintain profitability remains, it is clear that the intuitive actions and traditional quick fixes of laying off employees is not always the solution. Thus, the Lean Management approach to improving costs was designed to help Chamber members at this difficult time.

Attendees have applauded the timely an opportune workshop as it has equipped them with tools they can put into immediate effect. Participant pointed out the approach will enable them to carefully identify waste activities and approach within their individual establishments. Overall, participants indicated their increased confidence in “Minimizing Waste” within their workplace and “reducing the bleed” through comprehension application of Lean Management Techniques for reducing operating costs.

The Chamber remains convinced that helping business plan for the long-term impacts of COVID-19 through strengthening the capacity of corporate leaders through exposure to Lean Management approaches will help as enlightened firms place their teams at the center of their efforts. The Chamber will continue to provide critical business development and education initiatives to its member during the next quarter. More information on Chamber support programs and its smaller members support initiatives may be obtained by contacting the Secretariat at 758 452 3165 or email [email protected].
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On Thursday, February 17, donated a stove valued at $3, 999 to the Richfond Combined School and a freezer valued at $3, 463 to the Aux Lyon Combined School.

The donated items were requested through the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture in support of the Ministry of Education School Feeding Programme for schools where operations were negatively impacted by school closures in keeping with COVID-19 protocols.

The donations continue a longstanding relationship LUCELEC has with the School Feeding Programme. In 2015, the company donated $77, 000 to the Vieux-Fort Primary School for its school feeding programme. The funds went towards a greenhouse, irrigation system, rain water harvesting equipment and guttering. In addition, the ceiling, cupboards, sinks, doors and windows of the existing kitchen were replaced and the layout improved to facilitate food preparation, cooking and feeding students. The school was also provided with new appliances including two stoves, one refrigerator and a chest freezer.

PICTURED BELOW: The Company was represented at the handover ceremony by its Corporate Communications Officer Carmy Joseph.
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Take part in the Best Creole Commercial House 2021 competition and win 🥳

There are 4 categories:
1. Best Creole Decorated Business
2. Best Creole Dressed Staff
3. Best Creole Joke
4. Best Creole Mask

How to Participate:
Every Friday in October, enter photos & videos of your workplace and staff in any of the above categories on Social Media.

Tag the following Events Saint Lucia Folk Research Centre & St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture to win Best Creole Commercial House 2021.

There will be winners for each category based on the number of engagements and overall Best Creole Commercial House 2021.

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Export Saint Lucia & Helen's Daughters sign MOU. The MOU is geared towards the showcasing and promotion of the women-based organization's agricultural produce to domestic, regional, and international buyers.

HTS St. Lucia (OFFICIAL) Helen's Daughters
Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Phys Plan. Natural Resources & Co-op St Lucia Development Bank Office of the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Government of Saint Lucia Ezechiel Joseph St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture
The Chambers of Commerce in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, in collaboration with the ECPCGC invites you to register for “The Virtual Launch of ECPCGC’s New Products” which will be held on Thursday May 27th, 2021, from 2.30-3.30 pm.

The session will provide members of the private sector with an understanding of the new guarantee products and the eligibility requirements for each one. There will also be a panel of bankers who would discuss “Best Practices for Successful Loan Applications”. Register here:
National Bank of Dominica Ltd Dominica Association of Industry & Commerce Bank of Saint LuciaSaint Lucia Development Bank St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited ACB Caribbean Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited Grenada Development Bank 1st National Bank St Lucia Limited St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture Grenada Chamber St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture Antigua & Barbuda Chamber of Commerce Limited

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture and the St. Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT) has collaborated with the Rotary Club of Saint Lucia to host the first-ever Virtual Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit.

This free event will assemble some of St. Lucia’s leading, and most forward-thinking young entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as a few international speakers. It will seek to challenge and inspire entrepreneurs’ creative talents amid the many social and economic difficulties the COVID-19 pandemic has presented.

The summit is scheduled for Saturday 27th March 2021 from 9:00AM to 2:30PM.

Register here:
Help Higman to Survive Prostate Cancer

I am Higman Peters living in St Lucia. I have prostate cancer. Many people don't understand how painful cancer is, but at times in my crisis, I can't lie down, sit, stand because of chronic pain. I am also hypertensive and diabetic.

So with the pain my pressure would rise causing me to be hospitalized most of the time. It's a hard life living with cancer. When we as cancer patient asked for financial assistance it's because we need the support. My family don't have the resources to meet my needs medically.

I was the main breadwinner for the family and due to my illness, it a hard life for my family to meet my medical expenses and taking care of the home in a Covid environment.

So I am appealing for your support to donate to my GoFundMe campaign organise to help with my medical expenses. You can donate by clicking the link provided.

I welcome your generous contribution in support of my fundraiser. I believe I can beat this cancer with your generosity and support. Please, I am appealing for
your help to survive my current condition. I believe we can do this together. May God truly bless your generosity. Thank you!

As part of the 42nd Independence celebrations, the Ministry of Commerce,

International Trade, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs is hosting a video competition from February 22nd, 2021 to May 05th, 2021.

The Public is invited to submit a creative video clip.

Upload a 42-second video from 22.02.21 to 12.04.21

List ONLY local products (Goods or Services)

One (1) product per Company

No obscene language

Must Place Love Saint Lucia Logo in video

Upload to Facebook and use the hashtag

Video may be used in further promotional activities for the Love Saint LuciaCampaign.

The video should not defame or cause injury to the Companies featured.

List as many Saint Lucian products as possible in 42 seconds; Be Creative!


1st place- $3000

2nd place-$1000

3rd place- $500

Video with most likes during this period will WIN the Peoples’ Choice Award-

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 to Friday, April 30th, 2021.

Ministry of Commerce St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture Government of Saint Lucia Small Business Development Centre - SBDC, Saint Lucia

My name is Higman Peters I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in early 2020 which already spreading. I am also suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

Without prompt financial assistance I can lose my battle with prostate cancer. With Covid restrictions in place it is bearing hard on my family with low financial resources.

I am soliciting your support to assiste in meeting my medical expenses, special diet program and cancer therapy treatment to slow the progress of the cancer by donating to my GoFundMe campaign.

I know not everyone can give right now due to Covid, but you can still support this GoFundMe campaign by sharing this post. But if you can donate, I wholeheartedly welcome your kind contribution. Your contribution would make a huge difference in realising my goal. Help me to spend some more time on this planet with my wife of twenty-one years, my children and grandchildren.

Please help keep my hope alive by donating to this fundraiser today. I thank you for your support and may God truly bless you.

Today February 4th is World Cancer Day.
Globally 1 in 5 people will develop cancer in their lifetime.

To those who have fought, are fighting, survived, or lost their battle; may their strength give us determination, may their courage give us persistence, may their bravery give us the steadfast minds to continue searching for a cure.

May their hope, bring hope to us all...
Government of Saint Lucia Office of the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Ministry of Commerce Small Business Development Centre - SBDC, Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Development Bank Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture
Export Saint Lucia wishes to express immense congratulations to on the company's largest export thus far. 61 boxes (6100 packets) of the company's flagship plantain chip product was recently shipped to a buyer in Guadeloupe.
Even more cause for celebration is the first time exports of local fudge company Darrell's Fudgies (65 packets of fudge) and a local Lababad producer (5 boxes) as part of the recent consignment to the same buyer in Guadeloupe.

Abby's Exotic Blends Government of Saint Lucia Ministry of Commerce Choice TV HTS Evening News (St.Lucia) Dbstvstlucia MBC Television Saint Lucia Calabash TV SLYOU Magazine Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture Small Business Development Centre - SBDC, Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Development Bank