Office of the Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister The Office of the Prime Minister is the central executive agency in the Government of the Kingdom Thailand. It is classified as a cabinet department and is led by its own minister.

Its main responsibility is to assist the Prime Minister of Thailand in the role of head of government and chair of the cabinet of Thailand.FunctionAs the central executive agency, the Office of the Prime Minister is in charge of the coordination and management of the entire executive branch of the government of Thailand. Most importantly it assists prime ministers in the execution of their duties and helps them manage and formulate policies. It also acts as the cabinet office, recording and assisting the cabinet as a central functioning organ of the government. The prime minister must appoint a minister in charge, who is also a member of the cabinet, to oversee its operations. It also houses the offices of the various deputy prime ministers of Thailand. The office is housed in the Government House Complex, in Dusit, Bangkok.In late-2016, the OPM acquired an additional function: as a "holding pen" for government officials accused of corruption. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha invoked his special powers under Section 44 of the interim charter to create 50 posts at the OPM for civil servants being investigated for alleged wrongdoing. Transferred officials will continue to receive their salaries.





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