Satit Kaset Kasetsart University Laboratory School Center for Educational Research and Development, informally known as Satit Kaset, is a well-known laboratory school in Bangkok and Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand operated under the auspices of Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University.

The school is located in Bang Khen Campus.OverviewKasetsart University Laboratory School was established on April 22, 1971 as the field base for the students of the Faculty of Education, under John Dewey's principle "The conception underlying the school is that of a laboratory... It has two main purposes: (1) to exhibit, test, vertify and criticize theoretical statements and principles, (2) to add to the sum of facts and principles in its special line.". The founder and first principal was Prof. Dr Ubol Reangsuwan. The school provides elementary, junior, and high school education. It also has the International Program and the Multi-Lingual Program. The enrollment of students is officially done only in Grade 1, but it is known that there are some minor enrollments in Grade 7 and 10. The students with special needs including autism and hyperactivity, are accepted into the special program.






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