Thai Ministry of Education

Thai Ministry of Education The Ministry of Education is a Thai governmental body responsible for the oversight of education in Thailand. It was established by King Rama V (Chulalongkorn) in 1892 as the Ministry of Education (กระทรวงธรรมการ Krasuang Thammakan) which controlled religion, education, healthcare, and museums.

In 1941, the ministry changed its Thai name to the present one.Its headquarters have been located at the Chan Kasem Palace since 1937.Vision"Quality student-centred education is provided for everyone with distribution of equitable education opportunities, in cities, rural and outreached areas. Education leads to people's vigour building. Vigorous and knowledgeable people are powerful capital to fight poverty."DepartmentsAdministrationOffice of the MinisterOffice of the Permanent SecretaryFunctional departmentsOffice of the Education CouncilOffice of the Basic Education CommissionOffice of the Vocational Education CommissionOffice of the Higher Education CommissionOffice of the Private Education CommissionPublic organizationsPublic Organization in Public Organization Act. B.E. 2442 Mahidol Wittayanusorn SchoolInternational Institute for Trade and DevelopmentNational Institute Educational Testing Service Public Organization in Specifically Act. Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and TechnologyThe Teachers' CouncilOffice of the Welfare Promotion Commission for Teachers and Education Personnel (Suksapan Store)






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