Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station

Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station is a Bangkok MRT station on the Blue Line. It is located under Ratchadaphisek Road, near Thailand Cultural Centre and Stock Exchange of Thailand and MRT depot.

It will be transfers to MRT Orange Line in the future. Before construction, the station had been named Thian Ruam Mit.Station detailsThe station uses symbul as color blue. It is underground station, widths 27 meters, lengths 358 meters, depths 20 meters, and uses island platform.There are MetroMall in the station, but not opened yet.Bus connection Bangkok Mass Transit Authority Ratchadaphisek line 73 73A 98 136 137 157 163 172 179 185 206 514 517 528 529Major accident recordOn 17 January 2005, just after 09:15, an empty train returning to the depot collided with a peak-hour train filled with passengers at the Thailand Cultural Centre station. 140 people were hurt, most of whom sustained only minor injuries, and the entire Metro network was shut down for two weeks.After initial investigations, it was found that the empty train had run into problems shortly before the accident, grinding to a halt on a curve leading to the depot. The driver applied its brake and was waiting to be towed to the maintenance centre close to Thailand Cultural Centre station.








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