is a searchable, online database of Thai NGOs, government social welfare agencies
(3) is a single purpose tool: it makes visible and accessible the large number of organizations - nongovernmental, governmental, business, religious and community - that serve the Thai public. Before there existed no single source of information about these resources and no possibility of searching the universe of these organizations to find the organization or se

rvice required in a particular place. As a result, our community suffered from the underutilization and underprovision of critical social services, combined with often extreme duplication of service provision in a handful of urban areas and the complete lack of services in many rural areas. A few minutes with permits a visitor to find a specific organization, to search for a type of organization (perhaps a community service group), a service (e.g., adult day care) in a certain place (let's say Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai). Equally quickly, a corporate social responsibility officer at a company can identify underserved areas in which small investments will have a large impact. Or an NGO not interested in re-inventing the wheel can use to locate potential partners in areas of the country with which it is not familiar.


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