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Lake at Victoria Falls HOA The Lake at Victoria Falls is a beautiful lake community of 32 luxury homes located in Acworth, Georgia. It is located in Cobb county in a great school district:
Ford Elementary
Durham Middle School
Harrison High School


Just a reminder the Annual Meeting is tonight via zoom at 8pm. The link was sent to your email account by Silverleaf Management. See you soon!

Hello Lake at Victoria Falls Homeowners,Just a quick reminder, we are still in need of some volunteers for the Board of ...
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Hello Lake at Victoria Falls Homeowners,
Just a quick reminder, we are still in need of some volunteers for the Board of Directors for your Homeowners Association. Please if you would be interested, send me an email at [email protected] before 05/21/2021.
Tori Minish on behalf of The Lake at Victoria Falls Homeowners Association, Inc.
(770) 554-3984 |

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** Call for Nominations / Volunteers to the Board **

Dear homeowner,
The annual meeting of the Lake at Victoria Falls Homeowners Association will be held on Thursday, June 3 at 8 PM using the zoom online meeting platform. The meeting notice with ballots will be mailed mid-May to the community with details on how to access the online meeting.
The Board election will be held via mail-in ballot. This post is a call for volunteers. There are two openings on the board. If you wish to submit yourself to be placed on the ballot, please send your name, address and short biography to [email protected] or via fax at 770-554-3985. Nominees must be in good standing to be eligible to serve on the Board. Nominations will need to be received no later than May 13, 2021.
Should you have any questions or need assistance in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me at 770-554-3984 extension 1130 or by email at [email protected]
Tori Minish
Community Manager, agent for:
The Lake at Victoria Falls Homeowners Association, Inc.
1225 Waterfall Ln NW, Acworth, GA 30101 | MLS #6877944 | Zillow

*** SOLD ***

House on two lakelots (~1.45 acres) for sale with backyard oasis!

Come live in our peaceful community!

For sale: $1,675,000. Welcome home to this exquisite six-bedroom six-bath stunner with a three car garage. Designed by Mike Simmons, it is perfectly located on a lake lot near Brookstone Country Club. You are going to love every corner of this tree lined backyard space no matter how you like to unwi...

Come live in our beautiful neighborhood!This home is for sale in Phase 1.
1250 Waterfall Ln NW, Acworth, GA 30101 | MLS #6867712 | Zillow

Come live in our beautiful neighborhood!
This home is for sale in Phase 1.

For sale: $985,000. Welcome home to the ultimate balance of privacy and style! This tranquil six bedroom four and a half bath head turner, custom designed by Mike Simmons, is set on the end of a beautifully manicured cul-de-sac minutes from Brookstone Country Club. Imagine starting your day in the b...


We have a few homes on our neighborhood that will be looking for new families to make memories of a lifetime in the Lake at Victoria Falls.
If you know of anyone wanting to join our beautiful and peaceful community in a great school district, they have some great options to choose from.
Phase 1:
1-1250 Waterfall Ln has 6 beds (Master on main floor), 5 baths. 4,002 sq ft + 2,600 unfinished basement ready to make it your own. Backs onto wooded forest. Asking $985,000

2-1225 Waterfall Ln is on 2 lots (~almost 1.5 acres) on the lake, 6 beds, 6.5 baths( Master on main) with a backyard oasis of over $250k and fully finished basement. Renovated main floor in 2020 and 4 new HVACs in 2021.
Asking price will be $1,675,000

Phase 2:
Pending offer - 1320 Victoria Falls Dr is 3,468 home backing onto the lake, 5 beds (master on main), 4 baths, 3 car-garage, no basement


Congrats to the Saba Family on the sale of their home in Phase 1 of the community. We will miss you and wish you all the best with your move!


Great Monday Neighbors!
A few spring cleaning reminders as you get ready to get ride of pollen and spruce up your yards:
1-You are responsible to maintain the community sidewalk on your property which means you must keep it free of branches and debris. If you have a walkway to common areas on your property, it must also be trimmed and maintained.
2-Don’t forget to spruce up your mulch or pinestraw to keep your yards looking fresh and maintained
3-Planning a new deck, a new house color or a new pool? Don’t forget to reach out for to the HOA for ArC approval

If you are new to the neighborhood, sent us a DM and we will add you to the community GroupMe chat.

Stay healthy, be safe and enjoy Spring! 🌼


A visitor enjoying the neighborhood today! Oh deer! 😊🦌


Check your mailbox for a quick HOA update and directory form.
We are hosting a Zoom Meet & Greet HOA meeting on Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30pm.
We don’t have everyone’s email so if you have not been receiving our emails. DM is your email address.
Thanks! Stay healthy!


Great day LVF!
Many are doing Spring cleaning and sprucing up around their properties during this down time, a few have asked about references and contacts for some projects. Posting it out here so we can share reliable references. Please feel free to share your contacts. You can also do it on our group me chat (will send a note there as well).

- gutter cleaning

- window washing

- pressure washing driveway

- pavers refreshing (pressure washing and adding sand)

-pine straw / mulch


We have seen some folks swimming in the lake.
A few years ago the lake had bacteria in it and a dog died after swimming in the lake. The water has not been tested since. We would advise against swimming in the lake at this time. If you and your guests chose to do so, it will be are your own risks.
The HOA team


To all neighbors-
As the beautiful weather is among us, we would like to remind you our beautiful lake is for NON motorized watercraft only and is restricted to residents.
Fishing is also for residents only and « catch and release ».
Thank you! Stay safe and healthy!

Neighbors-Drive carefully!  This is Fords Rd in between Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Neighbors-Drive carefully! This is Fords Rd in between Phase 1 and Phase 2.


Great Saturday!
A few updates for you...

We would like to thank those who have reached us to form the architectural committee. We are in the midst of finalizing more members and will reach out on next steps.

Second rather than forming a « WhatsApp » group, we have formed a group on « GroupMe ». An invitation has been sent to join the group. If you have not received you invitation, please be so kind to DM is your name, email, mobile and address so we can get connected.

We are thinking of a few events for the neighborhood so if you have ideas and recommendations, feel free to send our way.

Have a great weekend!


Dear Neighbors,
Happy New Year and best wishes for 2020!

A few updates for you:
*We would like to thank Ray (Phase 1) and Cyndi (Phase 2) for their time and for volunteering to spruce up the entrances (paint posts, refresh signs, etc). Getting involved in your community is an important part of being a great neighbor and help maintain property value!
*We are also pleased to announce that we have volunteers to lead our HOA committee:
Ray Castonguay, President
Chase Youngblood, Vice President
Cyndi Frank, Secretary
*We are looking for volunteers for our architectural committee. DM us if interested.
* We are forming a WhatsApp group to keep the community informed, look for an invitation from Lyne Castonguay on WhatsApp
*We are planning an HOA meeting and will inform you of date and time shortly


Happy 4th of July!


Message from the Board of Directors of Lake at Victoria Falls HOA

Dear Neighbors:

I hope this messages finds you all doing well and enjoying (as best you can) this rainy — but cozy — weekend in Acworth. On behalf of myself, Samer Saba and Corey Fields, I wanted to send you all greetings from the Executive Board of the Lake at Victoria Falls Homeowners’ Association.

I took over as HOA President last month from Craig Ford who diligently and gracefully served as our Interim President for the last several months. I want to publicly acknowledge and thank Craig for his service to our community and to our HOA. His time, efforts and energy spent on all our behaves is much appreciated. With Samer now serving as Vice-President and Corey as Secretary/Treasurer, we want you all to know that we are open and available to hear your concerns and to accept your input on what will make our shared living experience the most enjoyable. We are likewise mindful that for residents of LVF, your home represents a significant investment of hard-earned resources; an emotional commitment to family and to a community that you care so much about. I share that same heart and soul investment. As a Board, we are singularly focused on protecting your individual safety, your value and our shared community experience.

On the subject of “value,” I would be remiss if I did not say a word or two about our HOA Covenants. We all received a copy of the Covenants when we closed on our respective homes. The Covenants, in addition to communicating to each homeowner their rights, also describes our responsibilities as HOA members and prohibits/restricts certain activities. The Covenants are a legal contract between the HOA and each LVF property owner. They are fully enforceable under Georgia law. The Board (and your neighbors) expects every household to comply with the requirements of the Covenants consistently and in good faith. The Board has no plans to amend or change the Covenants from their current form. If you do not have a copy of the Covenants please let me know and a copy will be provided to you immediately.

The Covenants allow for an Architectural Control Committee (ACC), which reviews, amends as necessary, and approves any and all structural changes, real property improvements and aesthetic modifications BEFORE work begins. Please keep in mind that a homeowner will bear the financial cost of tear-down, rebuild and restoration of any modification or addition that has not been given prior approval by the ACC and the Board. Proposals for property modifications should be submitted directly to Travis Ebbert of Silverleaf Management, who is copied on this message. Travis will then have proposals submitted to members of the ACC. Once approved by the ACC, proposals for modification will be submitted to the Board for final approval or disapproval.

There are many provisions in the Covenants and I do not intend to speak to them all in this single communication. Homeowners are expected to familiarize yourself completely with the Covenants. The Covenants are clear in its prohibition on overnight vehicles being parked on the street; the number of vehicles that can be parked in driveways and for how long; limits on recreational and other non-passenger vehicles being parked in driveways; and the condition of those vehicles parked in driveways and in front of homes. Parking on lawns is not allowed under any circumstances. I am aware that there has been some discussion of basketball goals and other recreational/play equipment on properties. Permanent basketball goals are not allowed on any property if it can be seen from the street. Temporary basketball goals are allowed as long as they have a clear backboard. They must be put away when they are not in use — EVERY time they are not in use. For some, that means daily. No basketball goals, backboards or rims should be attached to any structure on the land, whether or not it can be seen from the street. Play sets, swing sets and other such equipment may be place on the land only if it cannot be seen from the street. Again, I do not intend to cover every scenario here, just the ones that come up most often.

Finally, Silverleaf Management will be increasing the frequency of its inspections of the neighborhood. We pay Silverleaf to help us manage our community and to do the things that, quite frankly, none of us has the time to do. Silverleaf will be instructed on when to issue an appropriate Notice of Violation. Any violation not remediated in the allotted time will be escalated and could result in a lien being filed against a property with the County. The Board reserves the right to skip the Notice step for any repeat violation or repeat offender.

Finally, I believe our community works best — and is safer — when we respect one another and talk to one another. As the saying goes, “If you see something, say something.” That is not intended to convey license to be a nosy neighbor. But, we do need to take care of one another. We need to look out for each other. Community policing and community safety starts with its residents. If you see something or someone strange and feel that you can SAFELY address the situation directly, please do. We all benefit when we work together for our collective and common good.

On behalf of Samer and Corey, I thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood.

Eric L. Barnum
President, Lake at Victoria Falls
Homeowners Association


Hello Neighbors,

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Weekend.

I’d like to address a recent covenant violation that has been occurring…

…There is no parking on the street: Article 7.4: “No on-street parking, other than in connection with special events as approved by the Board of
Directors, shall be permitted within the Community.”

This has been a problem of late. I don’t get to Waterfall Lane very often, but the past couple of times I have been over, usually very early, I have seen cars parked on the street.

Please help me keep this neighborhood great; respect each other and our covenants.

Thank you,

Jeff (HOA President)


Subject: Lake Access Reminder from the HOA Pres.

Hello neighbors.

I would like to remind everyone that there is not an easement around the lake for community access. It is a misconception that the lake is for community enjoyment and that anyone who lives here can fish and transit its banks. That is not, however, the case. The design of the subdivision does not include an easement around the lake. There are paths on either side of the lake that allow access to the dam and gazebo for community members who want to enjoy the lake, but that does not give permission to transit around the rest of the lake. There are liability and privacy considerations that must be respected.

With the warmer weather, there has been too much activity on the lake from people that do not live in the neighborhood. Again, for liability and privacy reasons, please help me enforce the no trespassing by non-residents, even in and around the dam.. I have had issues asking people to leave and have had to call law enforcement so please use caution. While we must enforce for our security, I recommend calling the Cobb Police and allow them to handle the trespassing situation.

Thank you and good evening.

J. Eckman


Reminder that all cars should be parked in the driveways after 11pm at night and should not be left on the street. This is to ensure that emergency response vehicles can circulate freely in case of an emergency.
Thank you to all residents for your collaboration!

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


Just a quick reminder regarding trees in our yards ....
Please trim low hanging tree limbs that intrude over the sidewalks making it difficult to maneuver under, both walking or riding bikes. The suggested lowest height would be 7feet from ground over sidewalk.
Thanks all and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Your Lake at Victoria Falls HOA Board members


Thank you to everyone who helped out yesterday at our community day! We appreciate all you do to keep our community beautiful!


We need volunteers to come ready for work Saturday, May 14th, 8:30am and meet at the Pergola... please bring any stain, brushes and be ready to get dirty.
Thank you all for keeping our community a place you want to live and invite your friends!
Your HOA Board


Good evening all,
We are reminding you all that we need volunteers for both upcoming Saturday work and for the HOA Board. Many opportunities to keep your neighborhood beautiful and a great place to live!

1/ Saturday, May 7, time TBD to work on the monuments at both entrances .. we have the stain but need the muscle so we appreciate all of you that can come out to help!

2/ All three position are available on the HOA Board and we need three homeowners to volunteer for these positions ... the current
Board members will be here to support the new Board any way necessary. Please volunteer for one of these positions today!
A special meeting will be held to establish these new HOA Board members will be announced soon.

Ray, Chis and Cyndi


Acworth, GA


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Comments Good Morning Neighbors! The Daniel's home is going live on Monday! I wanted to share our sneak peek video. If any of you know of friends or family that might be interested in their beautiful property, please have them give me a call! 770-630-5559
Good Morning neighbors! The Daniel's house goes live on Monday. I thought I would share our sneak peek video since it shows so much of our beautiful lake. If you know any friends or family that might be interested, please tell them to give me a call! 770-630-5559. Have a great weekend!
Hello Neighbors! We are celebrating our Son Shepherd’s 7th Birthday today at the house from 5:00 until 7:30. 🎈There will be cars parked on the street. Thank you in advance for your patience. Have a great day!
Good Morning Neighbors! Our youngest son Shepherd, has a birthday coming up and we are celebrating today with a birthday party🎉 The party is from 4-6 so I wanted to give everyone a heads up that there will be a lot of cars parked on the street at that time! Have a great day! Warmest Regards, The Marshes
The color is so beautiful on the lake right now!🍁🍃🍂