New Mexico Department of Veterans' Services

New Mexico Department of Veterans' Services NMDVS is a state agency responsible for the advocacy, assistance and outreach for veterans in need of healthcare The New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services New Mexico has a long and proud military legacy dating back before it became the nation’s 47th state on January 6, 1912.

From its early “citizen soldiers” who trekked up the El Camino Real, through the formation of the “New Mexico Territory”...through the Battle of Glorieta during the Civil War...playing a major role in Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders... on through World War I…World War II’s Navajo Code Talkers and the brave men of the 200th and 515th Coastal Artillery Unit who endured the infamous Bataan Death March…through the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and the current Middle East crisis--New Mexicans have always served with honor and distinction at one of the highest rates of service of any state in our nation. In 2003, after finally recognizing this long history of service by its citizens, the New Mexico State Legislature passed the Veterans Service Department Act to elevate the venerable New Mexico Veterans Commission to a cabinet-level agency—the New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services—providing our state’s veterans a cabinet-level voice within the executive branch of state government. The agency is led by the Cabinet Secretary, who is appointed by and reports directly to the Governor.

Mission: Our Vision To be the premier veterans’ service provider and advocate in the nation. Our Mission To assist veterans, their widows, and their children in establishing the privileges which they are legally entitled. Our Legacy The New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services (NMDVS) was established in 2003 to provide veterans with a cabinet-level agency to address their needs. It is because of the hard work by the NMDVS staff that New Mexico consistently ranks near the top of the list for successfully-filed VA benefits claims by states on behalf of veterans

Operating as usual

Kirtland AFB asking public’s input for restoration project
Kirtland AFB asking public’s input for restoration project

Kirtland AFB asking public’s input for restoration project

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Kirtland Air Force Base is asking the public’s assistance in creating a restoration advisory board (RAB). Officials say the board is intended to foster public…

Cannon AFB First Sergeants

Cannon AFB First Sergeants

Congrats to our August Diamond Sharp winner, SrA Cody Villwok from MXG Staff! 💎💎💎💎

Cannon Air Force Base

Cannon Air Force Base

Various personnel from across Cannon Air Force Base participated in ATSO Rodeo last week. Learning the Ability To Survive and Operate in austere conditions, the Airmen were put through a guantlet of scenarios designed to test their abilities and knowledge.

New Mexico National Guard

New Mexico National Guard

Espinoza crosses career finish line

By Douglas Mallary, NMNG Public Affairs

SANTA FE, N.M. – Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jesse Espinoza, a perennial marathon runner, has crossed his career finish line after 36 years.

Espinoza has begun terminal leave in anticipation of his retirement effective date of Jan. 31, 2021.

Espinoza enlisted in the New Mexico Army National Guard on May 24, 1984. He joined as an M-42 Duster crewmember assigned to Bravo Battery, 3rd Battalion, 200th Air Defense Artillery, in Belen, N.M.

“My older brother was already in the Guard. I knew I wasn’t going to college. This was a way to serve my country,” Espinoza said. “Once I joined, the opportunities opened up.”

Entering the Active Guard Reserve program in 1985, Espinoza became a Personnel Administration Center clerk assigned to 3rd Battalion’s Headquarters and Headquarters Battery.

After working his way up to the rank of Sergeant First Class and graduating from Air Assault School, Espinoza decided to take a break from the Guard’s full-time force. While still serving as a traditional Guard member, he spent 10 years working as a Quality Assurance Manager at an environmental consulting firm.

Having become a warrant officer, Espinoza returned to the Guard fulltime for mobilization in January 2003. He went on orders to work as a liaison for NMARNG units supplementing security at New Mexico’s Air Force bases and later White Sands Missile Range.

After the mobilization orders ended and Espinoza finished his transition leave, he rejoined the AGR program as the Property Book Officer for 3rd Battalion.

Espinoza became the officer-in-charge of the Medical Detachment in 1999 and helped implement a new way of doing business.

“They hadn’t been spending their money. We started executing the budget and got brand-new equipment,” he said. “Then we started traveling and visiting units. We would fly to places like Raton to administer vaccinations to Soldiers.”

The Medical Detachment subsequently won the Piñon Level New Mexico Quality Award.

“I believe that we were the only Guard unit to ever win that particular award,” Espinoza said.

Espinoza remained with the Medical Detachment until 2007. He then volunteered for a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan as part of a 16-member Embedded Training Team.

Aside from a stint as the AGR Manager in the Human Resources Office, Espinoza spent the remainder of his career in the Directorate of Personnel or G-1, retiring as the Deputy Military Personnel Officer.

Espinoza became a marathon runner in 1992 “only because of the Guard,” he said. “I saw something that said the Guard was looking for marathon runners.”

On his own, Espinoza completed the now-defunct Tempe Marathon in Arizona to qualify for the 1992 New Mexico National Guard team.

Representing the NMNG every year, Espinoza would represent the entire National Guard when he was selected for the All-Guard Marathon Team in various years. He also won in the master’s division twice.

Espinoza has finished 27 marathons. That’s 707.4 race miles. Espinoza estimates that he has logged in 50,000 training miles over his running career. His smartwatch shows that he logs an average of 3,000 training miles each year.

Unfortunately, a back injury and knee problems have ended Espinoza’s career as a marathon runner.

Espinoza assumed the role of coordinator for the NMNG marathon team with the added responsibility for recruiting and mentoring new team members.

“You have to encourage and educate younger runners,” Espinoza said. “They’ve got the talent, but not all the knowledge. You can hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

With his military and marathon careers behind him, Espinoza has no shortage of activities to keep him busy in retirement.

First comes spending more time with his wife Dolores and daughters Arlene, Christine and Lori and four grandchildren.
Then comes home improvements.

“I’m taking it day by day,” Espinoza said. “I’m enjoying doing stuff around the house, going to see my mom and dad and doing stuff around their house, then going to see my in-laws and doing stuff there.

Espinoza said that people are what he’ll miss most about the Guard.

“You meet so many people in your career,” Espinoza said. “The current team in G-1 is the best team that I’ve ever worked with.”

He also feels a deep sense of satisfaction for the work he has done in uniform.

“Taking care of Soldiers—that was the number one thing. That was fulfillment for me—helping Soldiers, whether directly or indirectly through the people I supervised,” Espinoza said.

Summing up 36 years of service, Espinoza said, "The Guard has been a great adventure for me and my family, and I have no regrets about joining the Guard.”

(Courtesy photo by Spc. Bekki Cecil, Digital Production System Technician, Administrative Services Branch)

Kirtland Air Force Base

Kirtland Air Force Base

❗️❗️KAFB exercise Oct. 19-23 ❗️❗️

The 377th Air Base Wing will take part in an exercise the week of Oct. 19-23 on Kirtland Air Force Base.

Installation security personnel will be exercising different capabilities throughout the week. Simulated gunfire and explosions may be heard, while installation access will be interrupted at various gates for short periods of time. There will be unfamiliar traffic patterns, restriction of access to parking lots and increased force protection measures throughout the exercise.

Team Kirtland personnel and visitors are asked to please be patient during this important training exercise for the installation.

Kirtland National Disability Awareness Month PSA
Kirtland National Disability Awareness Month PSA

Kirtland National Disability Awareness Month PSA

Kirtland recognizes National Disability Awareness Month and is supported by 377 ABW leadership and the Wounded Warrior Program Interviews are with the Installation Vice Commander, Colonel Ryan Nye and Wounded Warrior Ambassador, MSgt Patrick Mackie.

USA Military Families

USA Military Families

Never Forget - - -
“Suicide Bomber Killed 241 American Troops”
On October 23, 1983 a suicide bomber steered
a truck loaded with the equivalent of 6 tons of
TNT down the airport road in Beirut, Lebanon.

It crashed through the security perimeter of
the United States Marine Corps Barracks.

Plowing into the four-story barracks
where more than 300 U.S. troops from a
U.N. peacekeeping mission slept and it
detonated what the FBI called the largest
non-nuclear bomb in history.

Sadly, this was the largest single-day loss
of life for Marines since the World War II
Battle of Iwo Jima which ended with 4,554 KIA.

The explosion and fireball pulverized the
concrete fortress, killing 241 U.S. service
… 220 Marines
… 18 Navy
… 3 Army

A second blast minutes later at the compound
of the French peacekeeping force killed 58
more Western troops.

Three months later, President Ronald Reagan
pulled the Americans out of Beirut.

October 23, 2008 is also known as
“The Day the War on Terror Started”.

These men will NOT be forgotten.

Abbott, Terry W. USMC
Alexander, Clemon S USMC
Allman, John R. USMC
Arnold, Moses J. Jr. USMC
Bailey, Charles K. USMC
Baker, Nicholas USMC
Banks, Johansen USMC
Barrett, Richard E. USMC
Bates, Ronny K. US Navy
Battle, David L. USMC
Baynard, James R USMC
Beamon, Jesse W US Navy
Belmer, Alvin. USMC
Bland, Stephen USMC
Blankenship, Richard L.USMC
Blocker, John W. USMC
Boccia, Joseph J. Jr. USMC
Bohannon, Leon Jr. USMC
Bohnet, John R. Jr USMC
Bonk, John J. Jr USMC
Boulos, Jeffrey L. USMC
Bousum, David R. USMC
Boyett, John N. USMC
Brown, Anthony . USMC
Brown, David W. USMC
Buchanan, Bobby S. Jr.USMC
Buckmaster, John B. USMC
Burley, William F. USMC
Cain, Jimmy R. US Navy
Callahan, Paul L. USMC
Camara, Mecot E. USMC
Campus, Bradley J. USMC
Ceasar, Johnnie D. USMC
Cole, Marc L. USMC
Coleman, Marcus A. US Army
Comas, Juan M. USMC
Conley, Robert A USMC
Cook, Charles D. USMC
Cooper, Curtis J. USMC
Copeland, Johnny L. USMC
Corcoran, Bert D. USMC
Cosner, David L. USMC
Coulman, Kevin P. USMC
Croft, Brett A. USMC
Crudale, Rick R. USMC
Custard, Kevin P. USMC
Cyzick, Russell E USMC
Davis, Andrew L. USMC
Decker, Sidney James USMC
Devlin, Michael J. USMC
Dibenedetto, Thomas A.USMC
Dorsey, Nathaniel G. USMC
Douglass, Frederick B. USMC
Dunnigan, Timothy J USMC
Earle, Bryan L US Navy
Edwards, Roy L. USMC
Elliot, William D. Jr. US Navy
Ellison, Jesse USMC
Estes, Danny R. USMC
Estler, Sean F. USMC
Faulk, James E. US Navy
Fluegel, Richard A. . USMC
Forrester, Steven M. USMC
Foster, William B. Jr. US Navy
Fulcher, Michael D . USMC
Fuller, Benjamin E USMC
Fulton, Michael S. . USMC
Gaines, William Jr. USMC
Gallagher, Sean R. USMC
Gander, David B. USMC
Gangur, George M. USMC
Gann, Leland E. . USMC
Garcia, Randall J. USMC
Garcia, Ronald J. USMC
Gay, David D. USMC
Ghumm, Harold D. USMC
Gibbs, Warner Jr. USMC
Giblin, Timothy R. USMC
Gorchinski, Michael W US Navy
Gordon, Richard J. USMC
Gratton, Harold F. USMC
Greaser, Robert B. USMC
Green, Davin M. USMC
Hairston, Thomas A. USMC
Haltiwanger, Freddie Jr. USMC
Hamilton, Virgil D. USMC
Hanton, Gilbert USMC
Hart, William USMC
Haskell, Michael S. USMC
Hastings, Michael A. USMC
Hein, Paul A. USMC
Held, Douglas E. USMC
Helms, Mark A USMC
Henderson, Ferrandy D.USMC
Hernandez, Matilde Jr. USMC
Hester, Stanley G. USMC
Hildreth, Donald W. USMC
Holberton, Richard H. USMC
Holland, Robert S. US Navy
Hollingshead, Bruce A.USMC
Holmes, Melvin D. USMC
Howard, Bruce L. USMC
Hudson, John R US Navy
Hudson, Terry L. USMC
Hue, Lyndon J. USMC
Hukill, Maurice E. USMC
Iacovino, Edward S. Jr.USMC
Ingalls, John J. USMC
Innocenzi, Paul G. III USMC
Jackowski, James J. USMC
James, Jeffrey W. USMC
Jenkins, Nathaniel W. USMC
Johnson, Michael H. US Navy
Johnston, Edward A. USMC
Jones, Steven USMC
Julian, Thomas A. USMC
Kees, Marion E US Navy
Keown, Thomas C. USMC
Kimm, Edward E. USMC
Kingsley, Walter V. USMC
Kluck, Daniel S. US Army
Knipple, James C. USMC
Kreischer, Freas H. III USMC
Laise, Keith J USMC
Lamb, Thomas G. USMC
Langon, James J. IV USMC
Lariviere, Michael S. USMC
Lariviere, Steven B. USMC
Lemnah, Richard L. USMC
Lewis, David A. USMC
Lewis, Val S. USMC
Livingston, Joseph R. USMC
Lyon, Paul D. Jr. USMC
Macroglou, John W. USMC
Maitland, Samuel USMC
Martin, Charlie R. USMC
Martin, Jack L. USMC
Massa, David S. USMC
Massman, Michael R. USMC
Mattacchione, Joseph J.USMC
McCall, John USMC
McDonough, James E USMC
McMahon, Timothy R. USMC
McNeely, Timothy D. USMC
McVicker, George N. II US Navy
Melendez, Louis USMC
Menkins, Richard H. II USMC
Mercer, Michael D. USMC
Meurer, Ronald W. USMC
Milano, Joseph P US Navy
Moore, Joseph P. USMC
Morrow, Richard A. USMC
Muffler, John F USMC
Munoz, Alex USMC
Myers, Harry D USMC
Nairn, David J. USMC
Nava, Luis A. USMC
Olson, John A. USMC
Olson, Robert P. USMC
Ortiz, Richard C. USMC
Owen, Jeffrey B. USMC
Owens, Joseph A. USMC
Page, Connie Ray USMC
Parker, Ulysses USMC
Payne, Mark W USMC
Pearson, John L USMC
Perron, Thomas S. USMC
Phillips, John A. Jr. USMC
Piercy, George W US Navy
Plymel, Clyde W. USMC
Pollard, William H USMC
Pomalestorres, Rafael I.USMC
Prevatt, Victor M. USMC
Price, James C. USMC
Prindeville, Patrick K. USMC
Pulliam, Eric A. USMC
Quirante, Diomedes J. US Navy
Randolph, David M. USMC
Ray, Charles R. USMC
Relvas, Rui A. USMC
Rich, Terrence L USMC
Richardson, Warren USMC
Rodriguez, Juan C. USMC
Rotondo, Louis J. USMC
San Pedro, Guillermo Jr. USMC
Sauls, Michael C. USMC
Schnorf, Charles J. USMC
Schultz, Scott L. USMC
Scialabba, Peter J. USMC
Scott, Gary R. USMC
Shallo, Ronald L. USMC
Shipp, Thomas A. USMC
Shropshire, Jerryl D. USMC
Silvia, James F. USMC
Sliwinski, Stanley J. USMC
Smith, Kirk H. USMC
Smith, Thomas G. USMC
Smith, Vincent L. USMC
Soares, Edward . USMC
Sommerhof, William S.USMC
Spaulding, Michael C. USMC
Spearing, John W. USMC
Spencer, Stephen E USMC
Stelpflug, Bill J. USMC
Stephens, Horace R. USMC
Stockton, Craig S. USMC
Stokes, Jeffrey G. USMC
Stowe, Thomas D. USMC
Sturghill, Eric D. USMC
Sundar, Devon L. USMC
Surch, James F. Jr. US Navy
Thompson, Dennis A. USMC
Thorstad, Thomas P USMC
Tingley, Stephen D. USMC
Tishmack, John J. USMC
Townsend, Henry Jr. USMC
Trahan, Lex D. USMC
Vallone, Donald H. Jr. USMC
Walker, Eric R. USMC
Walker, Leonard W. USMC
Washington, Eric G USMC
Weekes, Obrian USMC
Wells, Tandy W USMC
Wentworth, Steven B. USMC
Wesley, Allen D. USMC
West, Lloyd D. USMC
Weyl, John R. USMC
Wherland, Burton D. Jr.USMC
Wigglesworth, Dwayne W.USMC
Williams, Rodney J. USMC
Williams, Scipio Jr. USMC
Williamson, Johnny A. USMC
Wint, Walter E. Jr. USMC
Winter, William E. USMC
Wolfe, John E USMC
Woollett, Donald E USMC
Worley, David E US Navy
Wyche, Craig L. USMC
Yarber, James G US Army
Young, Jeffrey D. USMC
Zimmerman, William A.USMC

NM Veterans Integration Centers

NM Veterans Integration Centers

Operation Onward Support is hard at work! Team 2 spoke to few homeless and even handed out a few essential items. #albuquerque #nonprofit #newmexico

New Mexico Air National Guard Recruiting & Retention

New Mexico Air National Guard Recruiting & Retention

This months TACO Spotlight is with MSgt Tanner, 150th MSG/LRS First Sergeant.

Read about how the NMANG supported MSgt Tanner in achieving both his civilian and military goals.

We appreciate MSgt Tanner’s commitment to the community, Nation, and Airmen of the New Mexico Air National Guard. Thank you MSgt Tanner!

SFCC VRC Santa Fe Community College Veterans Resource Center

SFCC VRC Santa Fe Community College Veterans Resource Center

It's R.E.D. Friday! Support those who are deployed.

USDA grants $1.6M for agricultural training in New Mexico
USDA grants $1.6M for agricultural training in New Mexico

USDA grants $1.6M for agricultural training in New Mexico

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – $1.6 million will fund agricultural training for some New Mexico residents. The USDA has granted the money to three organizations that will help veterans, farmers, and ran…

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

Earlier today, the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard, U.S. Navy Ceremonial Band, and the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) Caisson Platoon conducted modified military funeral honors with funeral escort for U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. David Hill in Section 75 of Arlington National Cemetery.

Hill received his Navy commission in 2005 after graduating from the University of Virginia. He arrived for his most recent tour in June 2018 where he worked as a pathology resident at the Naval Media Center San Diego.


The Greatest Generations Foundation

The Greatest Generations Foundation

(OCT 22, 2020) – AMERICA REMEMBERS It is with great sadness; we learn the news that World War II SUPERHERO, Mr. Jim Feezel, who drove a tank through the gate of Dachau Concentration camp, has died. He was 95.

In a video interview project by Gary Cosby Jr. with The Decatur Daily in 2015, on the 70th anniversary of World War II, Feezel recalled the moment his commanding officer told him to break through a gate at a Nazi camp.

The Dachau camp system grew to include nearly 100 sub-camps located throughout southern Germany and Austria. U.S. forces liberated the main camp on April 29, 1945. It is not clear which gate Feezel may have driven through. Still, the 12th Armored Division is recognized as a liberating unit of the Kaufering concentration camps near the Landsberg Prison, sub-camps of the Dachau concentration camp, on April 27, 1945. Kaufering was the largest Dachau sub-camp and the one with the worst conditions.

"We were facing the front gate at Dachau prison," Feezel said. "He said, 'Jim, put the tank through that gate.' So, I have the dubious honor of doing that. And, immediately glancing over at the bodies stacked like cordwood, this young 19-year-old just about lost it."

Feezel, a technical sergeant for the 23rd tank battalion of the 12th Armored Division, drove a Sherman tank.

An emaciated inmate approached his tank after he drove into the camp, he said. "Looked like a skeleton was walking towards me," Feezel said. "He was finally too exhausted, and he just sat down."

Feezel emphasized that he was one of many soldiers who played a role in the defeat of Nazi Germany.

"I often reckon with the very fact that I was such a small pebble in a large stream of thousands and thousands of men who went to fight this war," he said.

Dachau survivor Bob Sawada was born in Poland and witnessed his parents' death, killed by Nazi soldiers. He was sent to a series of work camps and eventually to Dachau, the oldest and longest-running Nazi concentration camp.

"I think God sent you," Sawada said to Feezel in the televised reunion. "God sent you."

Feezel wondered if Sawada may have been the man who staggered towards his tank. "You know, I thought about the possibility that he could have been that man that tried to walk to my tank and didn't have enough energy to get there," Feezel said.

There were 30,000 prisoners freed from the main camp, from among the more than 200,000 sent to Dachau during Hitler's reign of terror, tens of thousands of whom died at Dachau.

Six million Jews and millions of other political prisoners were killed in the Nazi concentration camps that were founded after Dachau.

"Thank God, I'm here talking to my liberator," Sawada said in his meeting with Feezel.

"Well, I am proud of that fact, you know," Feezel said. "Proud that I lived through it also to be able to come home and tell a few people what little bit we did." Photo by Jeff Rease.

"Every Day is Memorial Day"
The Greatest GENERATIONS Foundation


5201 Eagle Rock Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM

ABQ RIDE Providing Free Transportation to Veterans with V.A. Hospital Cards Service to Cardholders Began April 21, 2014 4/18/14 Mayor Richard J. Berry has announced a new program to benefit veterans with specific medical credentials. Veterans who are enrolled in the Veterans Administration (V.A.) Health Care system and have their Veterans Identification Card will now be able to ride, free of charge, on ABQ RIDE starting April 21, 2014. Any veteran with a Department of Veterans Affairs identification card or newly issued U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs identification card is eligible for free rides. This also applies to any veterans living in or out of New Mexico, as long as they display a Veterans Identification Card when boarding a bus. “At the city of Albuquerque, it is our honor to be able to provide this free service to veterans who are part of the VA health care system,” stated Mayor Berry. “Considering the tremendous sacrifices they have made in service to our country, it is a small gesture but one that we hope will be beneficial to them in receiving the medical care that they require.” “VA Healthcare participants will also have more freedom of transportation by this program to the many other services and opportunities within Albuquerque,” said Roger Newall, the Veterans Affairs Liaison for Mayor Berry. “And perhaps this program will encourage more veterans to enroll in the Veterans Administration Healthcare System to receive the many benefits and services offered.” Planning for this program began earlier this year between ABQ RIDE and the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services, as a way to get veterans in the area better access to health care. Veterans with the Identification Card who qualify for paratransit service will also be able to receive free rides on Sun Van. Veterans who are not enrolled within the VA Hospital Healthcare System are not eligible for this benefit. With this program, Albuquerque joins a list of cities such as Chicago, Duluth, Rochester, San Francisco, Oakland and Gainesville, FL which offer free rides to veterans on both fixed route and paratransit buses. “We are proud to provide this benefit to a most worthy group of citizens,” said Bruce Rizzieri, Director of ABQ RIDE. “Now, almost all veterans within New Mexico using the V.A.’s Hospital Services can use affordable, public transportation to get to and from their appointments.”

General information

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00




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I was denied service at Garcia's Kitchen (Juan Tabo and Comanche) because I had my dog with me. I told the manager that I am a 100% disabled veteran and that my dog (a small 3-4 pound chihuahua) is a service dog. But the manager chased me off the premises. And this was in their outdoor setting (due to the COVID pandemic) when all inside dining was closed off.
Twice in my life I was practically knocked off my feet with pride! At both my parents funerals, as I was handed a folded American flag for appreciation of a great nation for their service! The sound of taps being played on a bugle bringing tears to my eyes! It meant so much to me and knowing I “earned” the same privilege made me stand that much taller. As I look back now the time on foreign soil wearing my uniform meant absolutely nothing! All I had to do was find some pregnant woman, beat her and hold a gun to her head while threatening to kill her and her unborn child! Sure would’ve been a lot easier doin it the “Pelosi” way!!! Any other veterans, or survivors of veterans out there share this gut wrenching feeling?
Help us do what's right and Honor our fallen brother!! Call and email the governor until she has no other option.
Attention Veterans and Service members Head over to The Fallen Outdoors west coast page. We are giving away a guided antelope (buck) hunt to a New Mexico Veteran or service member. Find my post and follow the instructions.
Hello, My name is Justin Youngman the Founder/Executive Director for Changed by Nature Outdoors. Changed by Nature is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides free outdoor opportunities to military, veterans, law enforcement, first responders, disabled and our youth generation. We take our members outdoors and try to give them the opportunity to do a wide variety of activities such as gold panning, hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, boating, 4x4 off roading and much more.. if its outdoor related we try to incorporate it into our events for these individuals. We have some really cool events coming up and we are reaching out in the hopes that you would like to join us as we try to get as many organizations, businesses, companies and people together so we could help stop the 22 veterans a day that end their life, by giving them a glimmer of hope in their despair, getting them outdoors and enjoying life in the great outdoors. With the help of all our sponsors, donors, volunteers and recipients we have been able to save 7 veterans and 2 gold star moms from hurting themselves. Mission and Values: We here at Changed by Nature Outdoors take pride in providing military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Youth and People with disabilities and opportunity to experience Mother Nature and the Great Outdoors. We provide a fun and unforgettable outdoor experience to everyone we can. We want to provide everyone the opportunity to see how much Mother Nature can help our minds and souls by passing on valuable lessons and skills that have been passed on from generation to generation. What we need: • Sponsors • Donors • Volunteers • Guided Hunts/Trips donated. • Donated Land Leases • Landowners • Hunting Properties • Gold Panning Claims • Boats • Off Road Vehicles • Camouflage • Hunting Items • Bows/Rifles • Side By Side • Anything else outdoors related We would like to say Thank You to the Men and Women who put their lives on the line everyday past and present and the ones who have gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and rights. We really appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and we hope that we can work together soon. Thank You for your Time, Justin Youngman Executive Director/Founder Changed by Nature Outdoors 501(c)3 [email protected] (928) 550-1111
The debut of the Navajo Code Talker exhibit here in Gallup NM!!
Navajo Code Talker Exhibit coming to the Gallup Cultural Center!
CLAIM TIPS A lot of claims get denied even thou you have the disability. What is most important is what you WRITE. The disability could exist, but if your doctor is not writing the correct verbiage, to match your medical documentation, your claim could be denied. It is important that every veteran request a copy of their C-File. Every veteran needs to review CFR 38, Part 4, Sub part B, this regulation explains how VA rates each disability in accordance to severity. It is not advisable to submit your claim until you have read up on how VA rates each of your disabilities. This will give you a better understanding of the medical information needed in order to receive a rating. If you believe you deserve 50 percent for a certain disability, you must ensure all of your documentation meets the requirement for 50 percent according to CFR 38, Part 4, Sub part B. There is a lot of necessary leg work each veteran must do. To simply give your record to a VSO, and have them figure out what is in your record is not the approach that should be taken. Each veteran needs to go through each page in their record with a fine tooth comb, Identify all disabilities that started or were aggravated by military service. Then sort out every page that relates to a disability and put them all together. It is easier to organize your information, so it won't be like looking for a needle in a haystack. On a separate piece of paper, organize each disability in a chronological order, and put each reference to that disability down. You must put date, diagnosis, location, and doctor. This will help paint a clear picture for the rater. They will be able to see when the problem began, and that it started and was aggravated by military service. This will also show that the condition still exist and it is chronic. Put the information together so VA can find it easy. This is the way that I organize my clients claims, which results in positive outcomes. If you have secondary conditions make sure you have a nexus letter from your doctor connecting the secondary condition, to the condition that started while you were in the military. Make sure you get Buddy Statements they will help your case. You can also research VBA decisions related to your disability to understand how other veterans are getting positive decisions. Also have your doctor to fill out DBQ forms, sometimes they may not. It may be worth it to get a 2nd opinion and pay for the DBQ to be filled out. Each veteran is their best advocate, so you have to put in some work! If you follow this advice, it will save you from your claim being held up in the appeals process for years. EACH ONE TEACH ONE!
New Mexico Department of Veterans' Services, please pm me.
Got a veteran that needs legal/help advice for free.