Bass River MTB Trails

Bass River MTB Trails Bass River Recreation Area is a 1,665-acre recreation area, located in Allendale Charter Township.


Reminder to everyone looking to ride Bass River. Please be respectful of hunters in the park and remember to wear orange and other bright colors.


Hey everyone keep in mind that Wednesday Nov. 15th is the opener of deer firearm season. Even thought the trail is not closed, please be smart about riding out there. Best is to strap on some lights and ride at night.


Trail is in great shape super fast. Please be sure that if you see any people riding horses on the bike trails to please politely remind them that we have separate trails for safety reasons for both activities.


Hey Bass River riders we are trying to encourage people to park in the parking lot instead of the side of the road for a number of reasons. The road just got repaired and when people park on the shoulder they tend to turn around in the road which contributes to the huge pot holes such as the one that's always in front of the trail entrance. Also it is in the best interest of your car to use the parking lot a lot of dust and rocks get tossed around on that road. We will work on getting the parking lot connector to the trail cleared and ridable.

P.S anyone looking to get involved with the improvements and trail expansions reach out to me.


I cleared the large tree that was down there is still a small one that can easily be ridden over I didn't have time to cut this morning. But the trail is clear of anything you need to get off your bike for.


One large tree down and one small that can be ridden over. Will clear them tomorrow morning.


Okay now the trails are clear a lot of big rotted trees have been wanting to come down lately. It's made for a bit of clean up lately however, it's better to have those dead trees on the ground. Trail is in good shape.


Trails are all clear now there was big mess in the first section that is now open and a couple large sketchy over hangs that came down with way to light of a push. Otherwise this rain should be good for the trail and remember if there are puddles ride through them not around them.


Who wants to see Bass River as a bidirectional trail?


The trail is in awesome shape that rain really helped. Get out and ride.


The down tree in the last section has been cut and the trail is In good shape with the exception of some sandy spots from the recent rain. The number of fallen trees is a little unfortunate however, a lot of the wood cut is good for refurbishing the broken down features and building new ones. If anyone is interested in helping put together a trail day to help do some maintenance as well as brainstorm ideas for expansion and improvement projects contact me (Matt Jacobson)


It was a tough decision but I have decided to step down as trail coordinator of Bass River. Last night I handed over the role to Matt Jacobson. I have no doubt that he will take Bass to a new level.


We have a favor. Can everyone please share this page to help us spread the word about Bass River. Lots of cool things to come in 2016.


Lots of love for Bass River this winter. The word on the street is that it us an epic ride this time of year. Get out there and enjoy it.


The trail is groomed and ready. There is a group doing a night ride tonight around 715 pm if you are interested.


The trail was fast today. Only problem is the horses can't seem to stay off the MTB trails.


I spent the morning clearing all the downed trees at Bass River this morning.


Trails is in great shape. A few trees down but trimming has been in the works so the trail is not choked out. Get out there and ride.


Hey MTB crew. Are there any sections of Bass River that have names?


Hey we are looking at a trail work day on May 9th. Can you make it?


Hey we are putting together an order this week for signage. What signs would you like to see out at Bass River?


Anyone riding tonight?


Recon and trimming tomorrow at 10 am.


Does anyone have the horse trails saved as a gpx file they can send me?


Heading out this afternoon with the saw if anyone wants to come help.


Anyone up for a night ride tomorrow night? 7pm in the parking lot?


Bass River Rd
Allendale, MI


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