NOVA Pakistani American Student Association

NOVA Pakistani American Student Association To carry out educational and cultural exchange while promoting the assimilation of Pakistani and American culture is one of our main purposes.

Also, we aim to bring together students with common interest, so they may be involved in both on and off campus activities.


Polished English communication skills are a great way to boost your confidence to succeed in the workplace. With the myEnglish Workplace course, you can learn to communicate with confidence by improving your English speaking and writing skills.

To register visit


Do you feel your English could use improvement? Here’s your chance to improve communication skills from the comfort of your home.

Visit to register today.


Strings and Salt Arts join hands once again to bring you the STRINGS SALTBOX FELLOWSHIP for Pakistan women musicians.

Apply to be selected for a funded position at the SALTBOX Hunza Creative Residency.The selection of the resident will be made based on quality and vision by STRINGS.

Applicants must send a CV, personal statement, portrait and links to their recent works to [email protected]

Deadline for applications June 7 2019.

Are you an emerging Pakistani woman musician - Vocalist, song-writer, instrumentalist, producer, with an existing body of work, looking for a professional break you would be sharing your work with a diverse group of professionals , while also learning about how to position yourself in the industry from multiple perspectives including; visual and poetic inspiration, commercial management, idea creation and change-making through your work.

SALTBOX will also offer opportunities for you to collaborate with musicians at the Leif Larson School and the Bulbulik Music School in Hunza.

CCI Global Impact - Pakistan

CCI Global Impact - Pakistan

Mehnaz and Sherzaman's stories are part of the CCI Global Impact series—a collection of videos that showcase the impact of Community College Initiative (CCI)...


Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program - Application Open

Deadline : July 14, 2016

Eligibility Criteria :

Successful applicants must be committed to serving Pakistan. They must be Pakistani citizens with a minimum of five years of progressively responsible professional/work experience, coupled with a Master's degree and a guarantee of re-employment upon return to Pakistan. Applicants must possess a high level of fluency in spoken and written English. Successful candidates should be poised to assume leadership positions in their field.


World Youth Summit for Peace

World Youth Summit for Peace

Team would like to congratulate Ms Tabassum Adnan for this achievement. Our mission is to promote Peace, Youth Activism and Women Empowerment.
In this regard we are organizing World Youth Summit for Peace 2016. You can also part of this summit by applying on :
contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]
You Can follow us on
Facebook : World Youth Summit for Peace
Instagram : wysp2016
Twitter : WYSP_2016
LinkedIn : IHRC WYSP
Youtube : IHRC WYSP


Are you a secondary school student interested in spending a year studying and living in the United States? Be a student-diplomat for Pakistan! Check out the Kerry-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program, now accepting applications:


DAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries, 2016-2017

Great scholarship opportunity for all those whoever meets the eligibility criteria.


Applications are open for 2016-2017 DAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries ' Students to Pursue Postgraduate Degree at German Institutions of Higher Education.


Hello Friends & followers,

Our team working so hard to organize biggest youth summit ever in Pakistan in August this year. I invite you all to participate in the summit, represent Pakistan to the world particularly the potential our youth leaders have.

For more information just write your email address in the comments and we would email you all the necessary details. Or visit

Follow us : [World Youth Summit for Peace 2016]

Follow us on:

Instagram : wysp2016
Facebook : wysp
Twitter : World Youth Summit

To track updates use

via Zoha Khalid


Today the International Human Rights Commission enters in 25th year of its struggle for Human Rights Protection, Efforts for Peace, Empowerment for Women, Welfare of Children, Youth Development, and Respect for Dignity, Education, Health Services and Justice for all.

Youth Association of Pakistan

Youth Association of Pakistan

To provide a platform for the youth of Pakistan to channelize their energies for development and growth of the country.

World Youth Summit for Peace

World Youth Summit for Peace

The World Youth Summit for Peace 2016 is organized to empower the youth by the WYSPO

Mountain Madness Pakistan

Mountain Madness Pakistan

SEARCH Productions present: KARAKORAM HIGHWAY.
Here is the story of three friends, Thomas de Dorlodot, Horacio Llorens and Hernan Pitocco traveling in the Karakoram mountain range. They flew their paragliders at high altitude and for long distances in their quest for new record flights. Here is the teaser of their incredible story.
Director: Olivier Boonjing, sound: Thibaut Darscotte, Edited by Olivier Boonjing and Adil Nahjari.
World premiere at Coupe Icare 2012.


Exchange Programs - U.S. Department of State

Did you know that if you are an international student, there are opportunities to at accredited U.S. community colleges in the United States through our (CCI) Community College Initiative Program? CCI provides a quality academic program at U.S. community colleges intended to build technical skills, enhance leadership capabilities, and strengthen English language proficiency. The program also provides opportunities for professional internships, service learning, and community engagement activities. Learn more:

In June 2013, Sherzaman Gulzaman, a media and communication major, was selected for the (CCI) Community College Initiative Program. He had an opportunity to go to Northern Virginia Community College. In addition to studying, Sherzaman also did internships at the Embassy of Pakistan, Voice of America and Aga Khan Foundation and volunteered at different events in Washington, DC. He attended seminars on topics such as “Pakistan Economic and Stabilization Prospects,” organized by United States Institute of Peace, and “Reporting in Pakistan: Protecting Journalists in One of the World’s Most Dangerous Countries” organized by New America Foundation, as well as seminars on a variety of other interesting topics.

Outside of going to school, volunteering and working on a variety of different projects, he also found time to explore different places. Take a look.

Thanks for sharing this with us through , Sherzaman.

U.S. Embassy Pakistan


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Global UGRAD Pakistan

The Pak-USAID Merit and Needs based Scholarship Program Phase-II are focused on providing opportunities for access to higher education especially to under privileged candidates who, despite possessing academic merit, are unable to finance their education. The scholarship is not restricted to tuition only, but extends to accommodation and living expenses.

Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network

Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network

Strengthening people-to-people ties between Pakistan and the United States.


USAID Pakistan

Are you a or know a ? Interested in higher education ? Here is some info that might help you fund your higher .

CBS News

CBS News

President Obama: "I have no more campaigns to run." [interrupted by applause, laughter] "...I know 'cause I won both of 'em."


TiE Islamabad Chapter

Are you a StartUp or have an amazing business idea?
Compete and learn from the Business Gurus and win PKR 1,000,000 in a nationwide StartUp competition brought to you by TiE Islamabad!
Submit your business ideas now.
First Prize: PKR 1,000,000
Second Prize: PKR 750,000
Third Prize: PKR 500,000
Deadline: 9th February, 2015
Details and Submission:
Note: Workshops, Mentoring and Judging sessions will be held in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar!
*50% participants will be women led businesses.
Email: [email protected]

Pakistan Youth Change Advocates

Pakistan Youth Change Advocates

Pakistan Youth Change Advocates (PYCA) is a non-profit civil society organization working to promote peace and development through youth participation.


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We stand with the people of Pakistan. - Barack Obama

Entrepreneurship Conference Provides Breeding Ground for New Ideas

Entrepreneurship Conference Provides Breeding Ground for New Ideas

By Hira Nafees Shah International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumna Mehreen Rashid was confused. Having worked for ten years as a broadcast journalist, she had decided to jump into entrepren...


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