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“The Star-Telegram Voter Guide is designed for readers to hear directly from candidates on their qualifications and posi...
Our Editorial Board pulls back Arlington mayor, council recommendations. Here’s why

“The Star-Telegram Voter Guide is designed for readers to hear directly from candidates on their qualifications and positions on the issues. We don’t place many requirements or restrictions on responses, other than an obvious one: Tell the truth.

Arlington mayoral candidate Jim Ross and District 3 City Council hopeful Nikkie Hunter fell short of that simple directive, writing that they had never been involved in bankruptcy cases, when both in fact have. As a result, we can no longer recommend Ross and Hunter to Arlington voters.

The bankruptcies alone are not necessarily disqualifying for public office. Ross told the Star-Telegram that in 1999, when he filed for relief, he and his then-wife were struggling financially while he was in law school. Hunter explained that she had lost a job and was caring for her dying grandmother when she filed in 2017.”

Mayoral candidate Jim Ross and City Council candidate Nikki Hunter failed to disclose important information on our Voter Guide.

Diana For Arlington
Diana For Arlington

Diana For Arlington

An Equitable community is a thriving community.Early Voting: April 19-27 | Election Day: May 1Diana Saleh is ready to represent District 3 in Arlington with all the energy, passion, and integrity it deserves. Join our people-powered campaign today below by donating or volunteering! Donate Volunteer....



After receiving a tip from one of our followers, we learned that the council candidate in SE Arlington District 3 filed for BANKRUPTCY in 2017. We had not been aware of this as this candidate does not use her legal, given name of Temicca R. Hunter, but is running under the name of Nikkie Hunter. In a recent Star-Telegram interview when asked if she had ever filed for bankruptcy, this candidate said 'NO.'

We believe that it is important for voters to be informed if a council candidate has filed for bankruptcy as the members of the council are entrusted handling public funds.

This candidate was also a part of the the council selected committee to attempt to change the already voter approved Term Limits.

Here is a photo of her and mayor of Arlington. Temicca is seen on the right.

The good ol' boy network supports this Republican candidate, as is evident here:

Campaign contributions:

$3,000 - Arl. Police Association
$1,000 - Mojy Haddad (CHS Architects)
$1,000 - Adlai Pennington (President, MKP Development LLP
$1,000 - Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Simpson LLP (muni contracts w/the City)
$1,000 - Attorney firm Curnutt & Hafer LLP
$500 - David Sargent (CEO, Sargent Investments)
$500 - Glenn Lewis, Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP (see above)
$500 - Ronald Sturgeon (Ron Sturgeon Real Estate)
$400 - Alan Petsche, Fort Worth (Alan & Bonnie Petsche Holding Co., LLC)
$250 - Toby Goodman (attorney, Goodman & Clark)
$250 - Kelly Curnutt, Doug Hafer (attorneys, Curnutt & Hafer LLP)
$200 - Ignacio Nunez, Arlington City Council member
$150 - Jim Maibach (Chairman, Peyco Investments)

Under comments, you will find a link to campaign finance reports.

Photos from Arlington Police Department's post

Photos from Arlington Police Department's post

Photos from Arlington Police Department's post

Photos from Arlington Police Department's post

Photos from Arlington Police Department's post

Photos from Arlington Police Department's post

Arlington Spectator

Arlington Spectator

Tuesday's consent agenda item 8.29 buys the land (maybe 69 acres) at 3601 Allen Avenue for $1,780,370, plus closing costs [TAD carries the two parcels of land on the books at $1.38 million total]. Then [the usable] 45 acres of this property is part of a corporate welfare deal at the end of the evening's agenda where the city will pay these people some more money to develop it. So I guess [vs. knowing facts] we are grossly overpaying for the 24 acres of unusable flood plain land at a price that exceeds what all the land is worth.

The final resolution is for a 380 Agreement with the people the city just bought the land from [see consent agenda item 8.29] to provide another possible $1,319,399.

[So what I think this boils down to is a sweetheart deal on buying worthless land ($1.78 million) + 380 Agreement corporate welfare deal ($1.32 million) = $3.1 million to develop an industrial park on 45 acres near I-20 and Hwy-360, on what they confirmed last week is high in demand “green fields” property. It sure looks like somebody knows somebody.]

Arlington SWAT Arrests Teen Implicated in Robberies, Stabbings, Hit-and-Run, Police Say


An 18-year-old taken into custody Friday is the “main suspect” in a series of robberies and stabbings that took place in southeast Arlington this week, police say. Arlington police Lt. Christopher Cook said Friday afternoon that 18-year-old Osagie Ayanru was identified as a suspect in the aggrav...

Arlington has some of the worst drivers...

Arlington has some of the worst drivers...

Yes this actually just happened. An impaired driver lost control in the 3500 block of S. Center Street and crashed through a backyard and into a swimming pool. No one was injured! Suspect arrested for DWI. #DontDrinkAndDrive This is the second thing we’ve posted today about impaired drivers.

Arlington Texas Crime

Arlington Texas Crime

ACCIDENT MAJOR - 23:39 - 6800 W I20 HWY

The photo, sent by one of our followers, shows the accident at Collins/Pioneer.

Arlington Texas Crime

Arlington Texas Crime

No APD report as of 9/10/2020.


Case no. L20219P0604, Incident no. 2020-02190604

61,701 Arlington citizens already voted FOR term limits. This “stacked” committee seeks to undermine the will of the vot...
Term Limits Advisory Committee to Hold First Public Meeting July 16, 2020

61,701 Arlington citizens already voted FOR term limits. This “stacked” committee seeks to undermine the will of the voters by weakening what’s currently in place in order for the mayor and council members who are about to term out to continue to remain in power.

The Arlington City Council appointed members to the advisory committee during the July 7, 2020, meeting. The intent of creating the Term Limits Advisory Committee is to review the current provisions in the City’s Charter pertaining to term lengths and term limits and work to formulate recommendati...

Updated city website of COVID19 cases with heat map by zip code. Check it out. https://www.arlingtontx.gov/coronavirus

Updated city website of COVID19 cases with heat map by zip code. Check it out. https://www.arlingtontx.gov/coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a health alert regarding an outbreak of a novel (new) Coronavirus in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, which began in December 2019. The CDC confirmed the first case in the United States on January 21, 2020. The respiratory disease has...

Arlington Police Department

Arlington Police Department


The Arlington Police Department monitored a planned demonstration on the Center Street bridge over I.H. 20 around 4 p.m. on Monday, June 1, 2020. This protest was generally peaceful as officers worked to ensure the safety of all protestors as they walked around the Arlington Highlands and south retail corridor area. A few hours later, some people from this initial group relocated to Arlington City Hall to engage in a second demonstration. Initially, there appeared to be several agitators in this second group that arrived and were verbally abusive towards officers and threw objects at patrol cars and officers. Officers attempted to deescalate the situation and ensure everyone’s safety by blocking vehicular traffic at intersections so that protestors could walk around the area.

At one point, an officer blocking traffic near Cooper and Division was approached aggressively by several members from the group who threw objects at the vehicle damaging the windshield and spray painting graffiti on the car. The officer was able to reverse back and get out of the unwarranted and hostile situation unharmed. As the night went on, several members from this group walked to PD Headquarters located at 620 W. Division and burned several American flags and damaged four windows at the front of the station. There was also graffiti damage to a star statue on the front lawn of the station.

The group then marched towards the Walmart located at 915 W. Randol Mill Road which was closed. Several people began to break into the Walmart on the south side of the building and make entry. Officers swarmed the location and made four arrests. The department’s Special Response Team responded to the location to maintain order. Some suspects were able to flee the scene. Detectives will utilize surveillance video to identify those who were able to get away. The four arrested persons are:
Keniya Garrett of Arlington charged with Burglary of Building, Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, fail to ID fugitive, and also had 9 warrants confirmed.
Danecia Harris of Fort Worth charged with Burglary of Building, and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
D’Anthony Reed of Grand Prairie charged with Burglary of Building, and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
Breopthilus Williams of Fort Worth charged with Burglary of Building, and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

Immediately following the burglary of the retail store, a large group began to form and park in the roadway on Randol Mill in front of Walmart after receiving several lawful orders to disperse. The group eventually left the roadway and were believed to be heading to the Parks Mall area to commit criminal offenses based upon social media feeds and conversations overhead by field officers. The department was able to surge several law enforcement units to the area and prevent the Parks Mall and Highlands shopping center from being burglarized. Throughout the next hour or so, some individuals from this group began to commit various criminal offenses. One offense included burglary of the Arlington Jewelry Exchange located at 4621 S. Cooper Street. The Jared’s Jewelry store located at 3951 S. Cooper St. had an attempted burglary after suspects broke the front door glass.

There were additional reports of a burglary at the Walmart Located at 4801 S. Cooper St. after employees reported 7 people breaking into the store that was closed at the time. The suspects were attempting to steal clothing and televisions. No arrests were made in that incident and it remains under investigation. There were various criminal mischief reports of windows being damaged at an unoccupied store front in the Arlington Highlands. The Which Wich sandwich shop was also damaged at 3900 Chaney Drive in the Arlington Highlands after suspect threw patio chairs through the doors and windows. The First Cash Pawn located at 2916 S. Cooper St. was also broken into by multiple suspects who took various items and electronics. Officers were able to make an arrest on this offense:
Cayson Truly of Duncanville charged with Burglary of a building, Evading Arrest, Fail to ID fugitive, and a felony warrant from Dallas county.

Officers also made an arrest related to last night’s incidents.
Jason Simpson of Arlington was taken into custody on two outstanding misdemeanor warrants after leaving the area of the First Cash Pawn Shop burglary.

It should be noted that as many as 75 cars were reported by officers to be a part of the earlier demonstration that drove recklessly throughout the city and evaded officers on multiple occasions. Detectives are working to identify the suspects who evaded officers that are tied directly to criminal offenses. It is a state jail felony to evade a police officer who is attempting to stop and detain an individual for a criminal offense.

“What we saw last night which started as a peaceful assembly quickly turned violent after some people started defacing law enforcement property, damaging private businesses and burglarizing retail stores,” said Interim Police Chief Jaime Ayala. “We will continue to support peaceful protests and people exercising their First Amendment rights. We will not tolerate those individuals who plan to come to Arlington and detract from the overall message of criminal justice reform by engaging in criminal actions targeting our residents, officers and businesses.”

A tip line has been set up to report criminal activity. Anyone with information related to last night’s criminal offenses are asked to contact Arlington PD at 817-575-8823. Tipsters can also remain anonymous by contacting Tarrant County Crime Stoppers at 817-469-TIPS.


There was a robbery at the CVS at Southeast Green Oaks and New York on Friday.

There was a robbery at the CVS at Southeast Green Oaks and New York on Friday.

Can you help us identify this suspect? We believe this same suspect has entered CVS locations in Mansfield, Fort Worth, and Arlington and robbed them at gunpoint. In one offense he assaulted a citizen who was withdrawing money from an ATM at the CVS and took money from him as well.

He is described as a heavy set black male, approximately 6'01 tall.

We need to find him and get him off the streets!

This beautiful cat is Montie.  His owner has reported him missing from his home on Weyborn Drive. If you see him, please...

This beautiful cat is Montie. His owner has reported him missing from his home on Weyborn Drive. If you see him, please let us know. Thank you!


There was an armed robbery today at the Dollar General on New York Ave near Green Oaks Blvd.

⚠️ As if the traffic along Matlock isn’t horrific enough...
City of Arlington, TX - City Hall

⚠️ As if the traffic along Matlock isn’t horrific enough...

On Monday, Jan. 6, work to replace failed concrete panels on Matlock Road between I-20 and Sublett Road will begin. Drivers should expect various lane closures over the next four months as large concrete panels are removed and replaced ➡️ http://ow.ly/ieed50xLK9f

Arlington Police Department

Arlington Police Department

Full rainbow looking east and gorgeous sunset looking west.

Arlington Texas Crime

Arlington Texas Crime

From one of our followers at 3:16 AM on 11/29/19:

'Just heard 12-14 shots fired in the vicinity of Prescott/E. Sublett.'


Norred Law, PLLC

Norred Law, PLLC

TERM LIMITS WIN AGAIN! - the Second Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment of the trial court - Arlington's term limits remain intact! Happy Thanksgiving to Arlington!

The details: Judge Walker ruled against the plaintiffs who sought to overturn Arlington's term limits, who argued that the language of the term limit charter amendment would remove Capehart and Shepard, because they had served more than 12 years, and the term limits would kick them out a year early. But as any sane person could observe, the City of Arlington did not seek or accept any applications to file for those two seats, and those two individual are in office today.

In finding for the City of Arlington, Judge Walker granted a plea to jurisdiction, and summary judgment in the alternative. The Court of Appeals stated that the summary judgment was inappropriate, but otherwise agreed with Judge Walker.

This suit was never about 'saving' Capehart or Shepard, but always about getting rid of term limits generally so a set of new term limits that were more relaxed could be established and allow the current crop to start counting the years from their current position, making the terms longer, possibly unlimited for the mayor.

While people can and will argue whether a lawsuit is frivolous, this suit was obviously so. No one can state with a straight face that Capehart and Shepard were about to lose their seats. Further, no adult voter would argue that an election should be overturned based on exaggerations or even lies stated by one side or the other while electioneering. Good grief! If we could prove someone lied during an election and then overturn it on that basis, we'd never have a completed election this side of eternity.

I'd like to hope that the plaintiffs and the attorneys doing this work have been sufficiently embarrassed and this suit ends now. BUT, the plaintiffs can attempt to appeal to the Texas Supreme Court. The Supreme Court would not have to accept that appeal, but simply deny the effort, and that's what I'd expect, but one never knows. In any case, we can be thankful for Tarrant County's judges!


Arlington, TX


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