AFOSR-Flow Interactions and Control

AFOSR-Flow Interactions and Control The Flow Interactions and Control portfolio addresses basic research issues associated with flow control, fluid-structure interactions, vortex and shear layer flows, low-Reynolds number and micro-air vehicle flows.

Research areas of interest include the characterization, prediction, and control of flow instabilities, heat transfer and fluid-structure interactions in both bounded and free-shear flows, including aero-optics, flapping wings, flexible and compliant aerodynamic surfaces, low Reynolds number flows, vortical flows and flows with significant geometric constraints; innovative flow effectors for both passive and active flow control, including fluidic thrust vectoring, internal duct flow tailoring, enhanced jet mixing, gust alleviation, high lift, and drag reduction; innovative techniques for subsonic flow compression without machinery; and novel approaches for extracting flow energy.

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U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)

Photo of the Day: Clouds swirl after a C-130J from Air Station Elizabeth City, NC. passes through. The C-130J is the latest incarnation of this enduring, multi-mission platform. Air Station Elizabeth City has the first operational J models. The Coast Guard has been using a version of the C-130 since the first one was delivered to Air Station Elizabeth City in December 1959. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Dave Silva.

U.S. Pacific Fleet

U.S. Pacific Fleet

RIMPACs some muscle...

06/06/2012 - Find Grant Opportunities - Opportunity Synopsis

The 2012 AFOSR Young Investigator Program announcement has been released.

If you would like to receive notifications of changes to the grant opportunity click send me change notification emails . The only thing you need to provide fo...

Bio-Inspired Flight -- Who Is Air Force Basic Research

A new video from AFOSR briefly describing some of the research currently underway in the Flow Interactions & Control portfolio.

Technological advances are constantly increasing human potential for developing very small things. For the US Air Force this means evolutionary designs in fu...

Video of 747 Lifting Without Engines Is Just Crazy

Not so much lifting as getting rotation from the horizontal stabilizer and elevators.

This is crazy: watch this 747 trying to take off on its own in the middle of a airplane boneyard in the Mojave desert, California. It happened last week, May 23, when a low pressure zone brought 70mph winds to the area. Of course, the 747 didn't have the weight of its four engines or any interior...

AFOSR, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

AFOSR, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

An international team that includes National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA and Team AFRL successfully launched an experimental hypersonic scramjet research flight accelerating from Mach 6.5 to Mach 8. The research program is aimed at exploring technologies needed to achieve practical hypersonic flight. Read more at (courtesy image)

F-18 missile launch with great resolution of the shock diamond pattern in the missile jet exhaust.  Just a fun picture!!...

F-18 missile launch with great resolution of the shock diamond pattern in the missile jet exhaust. Just a fun picture!!!

Congratulations to Drs. Farrukh Alvi (FSU) and Anya Jones (UMD) who will be receiving DURIP awards this year.http://www....
05/08/2012 News Release: $54.7 Million Awarded to Universities for Research Equipment

Congratulations to Drs. Farrukh Alvi (FSU) and Anya Jones (UMD) who will be receiving DURIP awards this year.

The Department of Defense (DoD) today announced plans to award $54.7 million to academic institutions to support the purchase of state-of-the-art research equipment. The 190 awards to 100 academic institutions are being made under the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program ...

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

First-ever demonstration of autonomous bird-like robot perching on a human hand | Engineering at I

This work was funded through Dr. Larkin's program at AFOSR.

By the virtue of their size and speed, birds are uniquely capable of efficient flight while flapping their wings and while gliding. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have duplicated the control functions that allow birds to successfully perform a soft landing—in this case...

A novel, if not anachronistic, twist on improving the efficiency of cargo ships.  Also, a potentially interesting applic...
Cargo Ships Go Retro: Three New Projects To Clean Up Shipping With Sails

A novel, if not anachronistic, twist on improving the efficiency of cargo ships. Also, a potentially interesting application of unsteady, aerodynamics technology.

Tall ships used to ply the oceans of the world, powered only by the wind. Today, ships are equally important in terms of global trade: Despite the invention of airplanes, we still ship an enormous percentage of our goods by cargo ship. Consider this: While planes carried 25 million tons of goods in ...

And now for a slightly different approach to perching.

And now for a slightly different approach to perching.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make Parahawking in the United States possible. Thus far the public interest of whom we have come across during the training process has been almost staggering and a continual inspiration. Posted above we are pleased to show you our first officia...

Shall we start a claim chowder file on this story?What about *sharks* with lasers?!
Navy: We’re 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships

Shall we start a claim chowder file on this story?
What about *sharks* with lasers?!

runMobileCompatibilityScript('myExperience897257814001', 'anId'); brightcove.createExperiences();The dream of...

Here's some cool flow viz for you!!
Wind Map

Here's some cool flow viz for you!!


An article appeared in the 23 March issue of Science on flapping wing flight. The author is Dana Mackenzie. I can no longer access Science articles, but for those of you who can, you might want to take a look at the article.


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For sixty years, AFOSR has forged the foundations of science in every mission critical area for today’s Air Force, from integrated circuits, lasers, and stealth to anti-missile defense systems, aerothermodynamics, and space travel. AFOSR personnel do not dream about what is possible—we accomplish what many believe is impossible. We focus on the science of the future today; enabling a future Air Force that will be far more technologically advanced than any peer.


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