Denise Corbo, Loudoun School Board Member, At-Large

Denise Corbo,  Loudoun School Board Member, At-Large Loudoun County School Board Member, At-Large.

Connectivity is a top priority as it is highly likely most, if not all, students and staff will particulate in DL at som...

Connectivity is a top priority as it is highly likely most, if not all, students and staff will particulate in DL at some point. Many divisions are using buses for WiFi connectivity in remote areas. We need to consider creative aways to solve the problem and the costs involved. Looking forward to hearing Ian Serotkin, Loudoun County School Board Member, Blue Ridge District’s ideas at the SB board meeting on Tuesday evening.

A Tale of Two Blue Ridges

I've spent a lot of time in the past few days looking over the numbers from the return to school surveys.

This is a map of the Blue Ridge district. It is quite large, roughly a third of Loudoun County by geographic area. Each box in the chart is a school in Blue Ridge, and the number shown is the percentage of families that selected hybrid.

I colored the schools that picked majority hybrid as green, and the ones that didn't as blue. As you can see, every single school west of Route 15 had more than 50% of students pick hybrid. And every single school east of Route 15 had less than 50% of students pick hybrid. (Students who didn't make a selection are lumped into hybrid.)

I often feel as if I represent two entirely different districts at the same time, but it's not usually thrown into such stark contrast.

My biggest takeaway from listening to constituents on their choices, particularly in the west, is that access to internet/broadband was a huge factor in making their selections.

I'll have more to say on this in the coming days.

Note to Self: Congressman John Lewis

Thank you to Congressman John Lewis for your work, your message, and your story. Thank you for reminding us to never give up. When we see things that are not right and not fair, it is our moral obligation to do something. What a story!

Georgia Congressman John Lewis was born and raised on a cotton farm outside Troy, Alabama. He later became one of the most prominent leaders of the civil rig...


What happens when you bring truth, honesty and transparency to the forefront? Those who are accountable begin to feel uncomfortable... You may have noticed, against my will, I have removed several posts I’ve made over the last few days. The truth in my posts have brought action and active changes that will ultimately help us protect children and staff members as we begin to open schools to our most vulnerable students and look to a full opening in the future.

The chain of events that lead to my decision to remove some posts could have been fought. However, it’s not worth wasting time over the legalities of social medial posts when the goal is action. I will continue to provide transparency as it has proven power over getting things right.

I thank everyone for posting, sending emails and holding the admin and school board members accountable. We need your voice, we cannot represent and advocate for what we don’t know.

No one signed up for a pandemic and regardless of how hard it may be to figure things out, I believe it’s imperative that the health and safety for all come first and we owe it to every citizen in this county to get it right the first time.


This was shared by a LCPS Middle School Principal:

“During times of conflict, I have chosen to focus on teachable moments and life lessons. It is no secret that there is significant conflict right now due to the various return to school plans in the Fall of 2020. During this chaotic time, I have been reminded that decisions must be made as close to the source as possible.

While I recognize the importance of gaining feedback from community stakeholders, the reality is school-based staff (e.g. teachers, secretaries, counselors, principals, etc.) should be making the calls when it comes to what is actually possible in schools. With all due respect, the majority of parents and politicians have no idea what it’s like to serve thousands of students in a building.

Unfortunately, our feedback was not heard, and we are now in a situation that is not good for anyone. Imagine, if two months ago we would have committed to 100% distance learning during the first semester? Administrators could have completed the schedule and focused on staff development, counselors could have established plans for social-emotional learning, and teachers could have actually spent their time on planning for instruction. Instead, over the last two months, we have focused on issues such as cleaning, transportation, furniture arrangement, etc.

In addition to serving as a school principal, I am a parent of three students (rising elementary, middle, and high school). I get it that there are challenges with distance learning and childcare but advocating for options is not the answer. Options are great when you have unlimited resources, but unfortunately even schools in the richest county in the United States do not have adequate funding and staffing (On a side note, the student load for elementary teachers in LCPS is 22.0; the student load for high school teachers in LCPS is 118.5; and the student load for middle school teachers in LCPS is 142.8. Revising our middle school staffing model MUST be a top priority!). For parents who are thrilled to have options, consider that our school has 49 single courses that are taught by a single, specialized teacher who cannot teach in both a hybrid and a distance learning model at the same time. As an example, if our robotics, orchestra, or German teacher is teaching students in the hybrid model, who is teaching students in the distance learning model? Parents, the reality is this “hybrid model” you advocated for is now creating a system where students will not have access to many classes and students will more than likely have to switch to new teachers throughout the school year.

In the Spring of 2020, I watched our amazing teachers create authentic learning experiences for students in a distance learning model. I am still 100% confident that revising a distance learning model to add accountability (e.g. attendance, grades, daily schedule) would have given students the best opportunity to learn during this upcoming school year. Trust your teachers! Listen to school-based administrators! And remember that it’s never too late to pivot and do what is best for students and school-based staff members.”


Each family and staff member will need to make a decision based on the information we have on hand, knowing that the details with each plan will change as it evolves.

Every child and family has different needs and concerns as do educators and staff. As you make your choice, I hope health and safety is at the forefront of your decision.

If you have specific unanswered questions direct them to the superintendent and his staff, principals, etc. and CC the board.

Call 571-252-6499 for assistance.


The community is pouring into the Loudoun County Administration Office today demonstrating their concern for the health and safety of all employees and students.


TEACHER Town Hall Notes:
✅ State expects schools will be in phase 3 when opening in the fall.
✅ Monday work from home will be optional for hybrid teachers and assistance, there may be TBD exceptions.
✅ Masks will be required by all over the age of 2 and will be enforced similar to enforcing the dress code.
✅ There is no guarantee for teachers to teach DL even if they have a documented medical condition.
✅ Parent’s selection of DL or hybrid will drive teacher placement needs.
✅ Hybrid staff will continue to teach remotely when quarantined/ – subs will manage classrooms and teachers will stream into the classrooms or provide online if the class is quarantined.
✅ Department of Instruction is developing curriculum and creating plans for assessments, readiness, etc., - TBD
✅ Quarantine happens when teachers and/or students spends 15 min or is in close contact (6ft or less) with anyone who has tested positive.
✅ As of now, there is no talk or expectation of any employee furloughs.
✅ There will be no change to the new grading policy that is going into effect at the beginning of the school year.
✅ The IEP Team will determine if home visits and home support is offered to students in addition to the amount of service time extending beyond the standard schedule.
✅ The Loudoun County Government Office and LCPS is jointly seeing child care options for employees – TBD
✅ If an employee is required to self-isolate and/or quarantine, they may have to use their own sick leave, Workers Comp, and/or the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act).
✅ Classrooms will not be cleaned after each class in the middle and high school.
✅ Buses will be cleaned twice a day, not in-between runs.
✅ Assignments will be determined at the beginning of August – TBD
✅ DL classes will not exceed the standards of quality.


Town Hall Video and Recap:

Thank you Jeff Morse, Dulles District Representative, Loudoun County School Board for providing Notes from the Superintendent’s PARENT Town Hall.

• AP & DE will be in both hybrid and distance learning models. Some unique electives may be challenging to schedule.
• Working with NOVA to ensure content is available in both models.
• Courses at Monroe are the exception: only in hybrid model
• Spike in COVID will result in a return to phase I or II, which will return most (or all) back to distance learning (SPED and EL may be excepted).
• What if a teacher tests positive? With symptoms, each school will have a care room that keeps them separate. Face covering provided if needed; parent called immediately; work with health department, identify if there have been any close contacts, those contacts must self quarantine and be moved to distance learning.
• Air filtration; limiting occupancy allows us to exceed the amount of fresh air per occupant. Where possible, we will increase flow; also assessing filtration to improve
• Athletics: VHSL provides guidance; they are meeting next week for additional planning; no answers yet.
• Can hybrid be increased due to improved COVID rates? We will deviate from 6 ft guidance, but not increasing densities
• To prevent sick kids from going to school, family questionnaire, mitigation strategies also help, LCPS asks screening questions when kids arrive; random no touch thermometer;
• Plexiglass in the front office
• Curriculum for distance learning will be the same; DoI developing curriculum guidance; focus on learning loss prevention and cross curriculum connections. Schoology will help; teachers getting extensive professional development on curriculum regardless of remote or hybrid
• Survey on child care sent to all county and LCPS employees. Working with the county on spaces available
• Children will be required to wear masks unless medical condition when 6 feet cannot be maintained. Outside recess provides physical distancing; but face coverings mandatory in the hallway
• Remote children can return after the first semester if it is safe to do so.
• AoL – cosmetology schedule will be hybrid taught; may affect home school course offerings… may be remote on their other day
• Phase guidance from Virginia department of Education does not provide details regarding “beyond phase III”….expect future iterations will drive the schools’ schedules.
• Food allergies handled, possibly outside of classroom or in cafeteria.
• DoE is determining how to account for illness for attendance purposes…may require them to transition to remote (including students who are required to self isolate).
• IEP students can use either model; IEP team will determine accommodations and supports needed.
• Synchronous learning via Google meets
• Injured child will be treated within Osha practices and attend to first aid. Must be aware of airborne pathogens as well.
• Synchronized hybrid students cannot take advantage of the remote synchronous class – different teachers assigned.
• No new guidance on SOLs….VDOE still planning on administering spring SOLs next year… required by Federal Government. May seek waivers
• Schools will be sanitized 3 times more frequently, high touch areas are the focus. Pulling custodians all inside the school to help.
• Many more double bus runs to allow thinner crowds on busses.
• Default for families that don’t choose is hybrid. LCPS will be aggressively reaching out.
• Remote learning SPED child who needs related services (best suited for in person) may be provided additional support in person.
• Distance learners have their own synchronous instruction with their distance learning teacher, not a hybrid teacher who has a live class. Synchronous remote delivery with in person at the same time by the same teacher is very difficult.
• Distance learning teachers will be from the student’s home school, whenever possible. Can’t declare 100% til we know the numbers
• Vaccine will change the states guidance, will then affect how we are operating.
• Hybrid teachers teach ½ class on one day of the week, and the other ½ the following day
• Senior distance learners will keep their guidance counselors to help them, as will hybrid students
• School times will be flexible based on staggered arrival times (one bus/double runs), but will try to mirror regular hours of each school.
• All students will be issued chromebooks. New students and K-2 will be issued their chromebooks during the first week of school (both remote and hybrid students).
• Electives – not clear on every course offerings…may be cases where it is not possible. No broad categories of electives to be left off…
• Athletic eligibility for both remote and hybrid? No word from VHSL. We will update the public as soon as we hear. All LCPS students should be eligible for sports/etc.
• Distance learning will mirror a school day, with specific time schedule; very different from last spring’s nightmare…
• Distance learning for home school +_ hybrid for AoL is ok…
• YMCA and CASA should still be available.
• Lunch in the classroom, depends on level – looking at delivery models for each situation…still TBD

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Thank you Atoosa Reaser, Vice Chair, Loudoun County School Board for providing these updates:



✳️ Academies. You can choose your base school to be hybrid or DL, separate from your day at the Academies (which needs to be hybrid, in some instances, due to special equipment needed for courses).

✳️ AP/DE available under both models, and depending on availability of qualified teachers.

✳️ Assignment of Days. Elementary school students in the same family will automatically be assigned the same day.

✳️ Secondary students may request a change (this can impact course selection).

✳️ Attendance. Continues to be compulsory. Kids with symptoms have an excused absence for being sick, as always.

✳️ Buses. Will not have more than one per row, outside of family members. Kids exhibiting symptoms will have to be picked up.

✳️ Child care. Both the School Boards and the Board of Supervisors have supported exploration of child care support options for both staff and parents. A needs survey and results will be analyzed next week.

✳️ Cleaning. High touch services that would normally get clean once a day when I get clean three times a day. Cleaning products are from a list approved for efficacy and safety.

✳️ COVID-19 cases. Close contacts will be contacted, which is defined by how long and how close a person was to someone who test positive. The Loudoun County Health Department will determine who must quarantine or isolate, not the school division.

✳️ Curriculum. It is the same for both DL and hybrid models and will touch on material from last year.

✳️ Extracurriculars. Available under both DL and hybrid models.

✳️ Face Shields. Can be used in addition to or instead of masks, which are used when six feet of distance not possible.

✳️ Schools will have masks for those who forget. Exceptions made for medical need.

✳️ Lunch. You can bring your own or get it at school, but details are still being developed.

✳️ New guidance. The additional guidance that three feet of physical distance WHILE MASKED is acceptable will make the hybrid plan more tenable as there will already be times when six feet of physical distance will not be kept. In other words, this will ease the implementation of the existing plan.

✳️ "Return to School" will be updated with new FAQs

(Preguntas Frequentes sobre el Regreso a la Escuela:

✳️ Special Ed. IEPs and 504s will be supported under both options, and are dependent on the individual student's need.

✳️ Specials. They will exist but details are still being developed.

✳️ Switch. January 15 is when students may change from hybrid to DL or visa versa (unless the COVID crisis warrants an earlier change).


Education Court
Ashburn, VA


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Meet Denise

Denise Corbo was elected on November 5, 2019 to serve as the Loudoun County School Board At-Large member. She is an award-winning educator and nonprofit leader who focuses on children’s literacy. A gifted and talented resource teacher for Loudoun County Public Schools, she began her career teaching high school vocational education. After receiving a master’s degree in elementary education from Marymount University, she taught kindergarten and first grade and has served as a technology resource teacher. Corbo earned a provisional Elementary Administration and Gifted and Talented endorsements through the University of Virginia, in additional to the National Board Teacher Certification.

In addition to teaching gifted and talented students, Corbo currently serves as president and founder of StoryBook Treasures, a nonprofit reaching more than 6,000 students across five states, with the mission of putting books into the hearts, hands and homes of children.

During her 33 years in education, Corbo has worked with students of every age and income level. She observed that the one common factor for success in all students is achieving literacy. Thus, she devotes her life to sharing her passion, helping schools focus on the power of early literacy intervention and creating a positive culture of readers. Her mission is to show teachers how to be the inspiration to create readers who fall in love with books.

Recently named the Loudoun County Washington Post Teacher of the Year, Corbo has been featured on ABC’s WJLA News7 and local newspapers, and in 2018 she received a Virginia House Resolution highlighting her contributions to education.

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If LCPS makes the unfortunate choice to go to 100% distance-learning, please exempt the kids at MATA. Those vocational curriculum require hands-on classes. Many of those students are not college bound and their parents will not be able to afford vocational training when your children graduate. It’s imperative for their future that the vocational classes continue in at least a hybrid if not completely in person program one or two days a week. Thank you.
‬. The Talking Point should be, Who Is Hurt Most if Schools Stay Closed? The Single Black Women who Can’t Work to get money $$ for Food & Shelter for her kids, cause Schools are Closed ! If Kids are in School, Mothers can go to work, and get $$. Kids COVID Death Rate near 0 % ! The COVID Death Mortality Rate is less than the FLU !! 😳🤔🤔 ( Science Says ) FLU is more Dangerous to Kids than COVID ! BUT we don’t Close Schools and the Economy because of the FLU !!😳🤔🤔 AND,... There are successful Treatments of COVID Best Done Before Use of a Ventilator. ! Big Pharm supports the expensive Remdesivir which May help some people. Also, there’s a Plasma Anti-Body Treatment ! Zinc Plus Low Dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. > Many Successful Case studies Worldwide !! Also, a cheap steroid drug showing promising results in a Covid-19 study. ( dexamethasone ) Dr. Marc Siegel ALSO, Far-UVC is one of the very few approaches that have the potential to prevent the spread of viruses & Bacteria before they enter the body.” Grocery Store Storage Rooms and Hospital Surgery Rooms use nighttime UVC cleaners also. Why not Schools, Restaurants, Theaters, Gyms, Churches, etc An extra Layer of Protection ! Scientific Studies Say : FLU is more Dangerous to Kids than COVID ! Read about School successes in Europe ! Back to Work. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Back to School 😇😇😇😇 Lockdowns Don’t work. Interview> Tipping Point -Liz Wheeler Impact of Lockdowns on Human Life. Facts Mortality rate is Now 0.26 %, not 3% or 4% ! Same as Flu ! Lockdowns don’t work. Order new book, July 2020. > “Unreported Truths about COVID19 and Lockdowns” - Alex Berenson * ‬ Dang the NWO, Globalists, MSM, Socialists, WHO, China, Soros, Gates, Fauci, Deep State, Marxist, & Communists ‬😡.
I have admired you for what you have done to promote student and staff safety. I am glad you are on the board. But how is it that you, as a board, during phase 3 are still meeting virtually, but teachers and staff are being sent back? I just don’t get it. And it seems inconsistent with the support you have so strongly expressed. Please help me understand this. Why are you all not meeting, masked and socially distant like we’re expected? 😢
Could you please let us know when the board and superintendent decide for sure on which plan we are starting the school with? Parents need to make a decision like right now. We can’t be given two models now and plan around that accordingly and suddenly by September everything changes to DL. I beg you please make ONE decision and let working families know asap, so we can start MAKING PLANS now. Please, don’t let another crisis to happen when families were left with the school closure decision in the middle of the March night. Thank you!!
Dumb question but why with the school board members relinquish all control over each plan to the superintendent? Weren't they voted in to represent their respective districts?
Denise Kofoid Corbo, Friends from Maine are sharing this article. The original source is a Fairfax County Public Schools parent.
Denise where you do stand in regards to Beth Bart's post about a proposed motion to have school be DL in the fall?
Thank you for your efforts so far listening to your constituents. I know Beth Barts has discussed a motion to come asking for only 100% DL. I ask you as a board member if our choices will not be honored at this time that the board would at least build separate schedules for those who choose 100% DL and those who chose Hybrid. Please allow the families who chose hybrid to return to campuses as soon as possible. Do not tie them to families who prefer 100% distance. This is not fair. Mental health is no joke. Mental, verbal, sexual abuse is no joke. Kids of all ages home alone is no joke. Teenage drug use/sexual encounters when left unsupervised is no joke. Lack of assistance keeping kids on track with IEP’s/504’s is no joke. I understand completely the need to be health conscious we do our part 100%, but as a mom who also holds a teaching degree this distance from school is no joke.
like many I'm confused about 2 LCPS options? Have they considered just live streaming class with some attending class and some at a distance and recording. Am I correct? if you select in-person option and need to quarantine there currently no plans to immediately assign you to the distance learning module?
What is your understanding of the purpose of consent agendas? How does the school board utilize consent agendas? Who determines what items are placed on the consent agenda?
Hello Denise! We met via Zoom on the Dulles Dems call. I am the Sped teacher at Indy. I have a CAST student who wanted me to pass her statement. She was needing help completing her choice and reached out to me. "I feel that cast and special needs need to be in school every day. No matter what." She awaits a reply when you get a chance. Thank you.
Denise Kofoid Corbo why was DL synchronous time reduced to 41min/class? And why is it deemed acceptable to reduce instructional time from 90 min (pre covid) at all? Do we not have the same hours in a day? 60 min for a hs class was palatable, although I question it. Why is it ok to cut our children’s instructional time in half?? If the answer will be something like time spent sitting at a computer, why doesn’t the model include a full class period with 2 “intermissions”? Is the school board looking at models that have worked elsewhere for guidance or simply reinventing the wheel?