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Operating as usual


I've had a lot of people reaching out to me to find out when we were reopening. I have made the decision to close the business and retire. After closing for the pandemic I realized how much I enjoyed the extra time to spend with family and doing the things I love that I never really had the time for. We had a really great run for 11 plus years doing over 59 million cans and establishing ourselves as the top center in Auburn. I was truly blessed with some amazing customers and my time serving you all was an honor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an incredible ride. I would also like to thank Sandy, The Can Princess, for always be there to help keep the place running smoothly and Tim whose loyalty and hard work was appreciated. And a special thank you to my wife Patty, The Can Queen, for her tremendous support. I wish you all the very best. Thank you.


I have received some questions from customers on what to do with their returnables while I am shutdown. While I am not one to recommend my competitors, I also realize people need every dollar they can get during these tough times. My recommendation is the Frosted Nickel on Clark St. I've had the opportunity to confer with the owner recently and after talking with him I am convinced they are the best ones in Auburn to bring your returnables to. We have been vicious competitors for years but I was impressed that Sam Frost respected me enough to come talk to me face to face. They certainly get my endorsement while I am shutdown.


I truly hope that each and every one of you is safe and healthy. My family and myself are doing fantastic. Shutting down was a tough decision but it was absolutely the right thing to do. I wish you all the very best and regardless of what happens to my business going forward I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and be safe my friends.


The Can Kings will not be open until further notice due to impact from the Covid19 virus. We appreciate the support all of our customers have given to us. Be safe and healthy and together we'll get thorough these tough times. I will keep you posted if and when our status changes.


As we continue with our one customer in the lobby policy, the elderly and disabled will be granted immediate access and go the the head of the line. Thank you for your understanding.


Well its certainly been slow at The Can Kings but I understand and don't blame everybody from utilizing caution. Unfortunately we are now a 1 man operation since I was forced to lay off my staff, I hope to have them back soon. I would not even be there if it wasn't for Tomra's unwillingness to work with me on deferring the lease on my machines. Looking forward to better times once this crisis passes. Can't wait to get my employees back, I'm lonely over there. Be safe everyone, better times are coming.


If in my judgement somebody appears ill they will be asked to leave. I'm no doctor but I absolutely have a responsibility to all my customers and myself, These are difficult times and I strongly feel our health is more important than money. I still believe that closing was the best course of action but unfortunately TOMRA refuses to defer the lease on my equipment and with my wife laid off and me being ineligible for unemployment I simply have no other options. Thank you for your understanding.


For the safety of our customers only one customer at a time we be allowed in the lobby, the only exception being somebody dropping off a precounted load. I\m asking our customers to please wait on the porch or in your vehicle. We also have a hand sanitizer dispenser for your use. Thank you for your understanding in these trying times.


Great news!!! Non essential businesses may stay open as long as they only have 1 employee on the premises. Henceforth, I will be reopening tomorrow at 9 am. We will have further safety measures in place for our customers which will be posted in the morning. Boy, that was a short retirement. See you all in the morning and be safe.😉😉😉😉


As we get ready to shut our doors for awhile, I would like to really thank Tim and Sandy for all they've done for me and the business. Even knowing they were laid off as of Monday, they came in here and brought the heat this weekend. We really had a relaxed fun time and got a whole lot of work done to boot. Sandy has been here a while and Tim is one of the hardest working most loyal employees I have ever had. Thanks guys for all you have done, I will miss working with you. 😔😔😔😔


I have a handful of long time customers who always bring in large loads who I always give 6 cents per returnable, kind of as a reward for being such loyal customers. One of those gentleman came in today with a load of 1500. When I went to pay him he refused to take 6 cents saying just pay me the 5. He went on to say times are tough and he was always impressed with how fair and nice I've been to him. As I head into the final 5 hours before we shut our doors, I reflect back on people like this will be the absolute thing I'll miss the most.


I have reached out to our contacts for all the fundraisers to please stop by today and pick up their check. If for some reason you didn't hear from me please stop by so I can square up with you. Thank you.


For the safety of the public the New York Attorney Generals office has asked people to report businesses that you feel are violating the order to shut down. To report possible violators you can call 212-416-8700 or go online to [email protected]. I am not happy I have to shutdown but I also understand the reason for it, it's for our safety which is the most important thing in these trying times.


I've had many customers ask me today if we would be reopening when the crisis is over. I can not predict the future but as with all of my decisions it will always be what is in the best interest of my family. But regardless of what happens I will always cherish the many relationships I have formed since starting this venture. I will also always be proud of what we built from nothing. I remember our first year we didn't have a clue as there were times we were like a deer in headlights. We continued to grow and exploded in year 3 and never looked back. Thank you to all our cherished customers for a wonderful ride. 🤗🤗🤗🤗


I am reaching out to all our fundraising accounts because I want to settle up now. I don't know what the future holds but the people who collected for their various charities need to get the money that was promised. If you haven't heard from me please feel free to contact me so I can make arrangements to cut you a check. Thank you.


Due to our impeding shutdown, we have decided to open Sunday from 9 -5 so our customers have one last chance to bring their returnables to us. Although the shutdown is certainly disappointing, the health and welfare of our customers and employees is by far the most important thing on our minds right now. Thank you.


It has just been announced by executive order of the Governor that as of Sunday evening all non essential businesses in the state are ordered to close. He has also announced there will be fines for those that don't adhere. The Can Kings will operate during normal hours Saturday and then we will be closed until further notice.


With everything currently going on I have decided to postpone my decision to open Sundays. Thank you for your understanding.


I've had a lot of customers tell me that they didn't know if we'd be open or not. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, The Can Kings plan to remain open until we are directed otherwise. We have taken some steps such as periodically disinfecting the door handle as well as the floor and counting table. Furthermore we have a hand sanitizing dispenser in our lobby. Thank you.


I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to an amazing lady, my wife Patricia (The Can Queen). Tonight we will be celebrating with dinner at Joeys.


The Can Kings is proud to announce that we have been asked to be a part of the Wounded Warrior Project event at The Fingerlakes Mall on June 6th. They have a whole slew of activities going on as well as a Can/Bottle Drive. I met with Jake today and I look forward to working with him and his team. I would like to thank them for including us in this worthwhile endeavor.


Customer asked me today if we installed a new floor. We are getting numerous compliments on how our lobby looks and smells. That put a smile on Tim's face because him along with Sandy busted their tails Sunday and its rewarding when its noticed. Everything we do is always with our customers in mind. Thanks as always for allowing us to serve you.


One of the biggest challenges in this business has been finding a way to control the odor in the lobby. I have tried every fragrance and device known to man. I think I may have finally solved the problem (and masking the odors was never a great solution). I have a new system in place and thus far I have heard some encouraging feedback. Like anything only time will tell if I have found the correct answer. Our goal is make sure this is a pleasant environment for all our valued customers.


Outstanding job by The Can Princess and Tim today!!!!!!! They busted their butts and the facility looks fantastic. I can't wait to open the doors tomorrow to see the reaction from our customers because they are why we do what we do. Reminder, we will be opening on Sundays starting on April 5th.


As we're working on the lobby gentlemen comes to the door and says he has 2000 returnables all counted and separated. Well closed or not I'm not turning that down. Can't wait till the crew gets the doors open on Sundays again.


We are sorry for the customers that have shown up today. The lobby is just too torn up right now to attempt to help anybody. Soon we will be open Sundays!!!!!!! 😉😉😉😉


Good old fashioned GI party underway here at Can Central. We are giving new meaning to spring cleaning. Customers are gonna notice a big difference.


Sure sign that Spring is a coming, some of my customers who don't come in all winter are starting to make their appearance. 😎😎😎😎


Effective April 5th The Can Kings will be opening on Sundays. The tremendous job that Sandy and Tim did during my vacation has given me extreme confidence that I no longer need to be around 7 days a week for this place to run smoothly. Hence, Sandy and Tim will be handling Sunday's going forward. I can't rave enough about their performance for the two weeks I was gone. Next Sunday we are all coming in for a good old fashioned GI party and the lobby is going to get a makeover. I am excited about some of the changes and I'm confident our customers will appreciate what they see when they come in on March 9th. Thank you to all our customers for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.🤗🤗🤗🤗


I am officially off vacation!!!! What an absolutely fantastic time we had. Great job to Sandy and Tim for holding down the fort while I was away. It's a good feeling to know you can take some time off and not have to worry about the business. However, they've been quite busy so I'm coming back to a whole lot of work to be done which is a good problem to have.🤗🤗🤗🤗


Tomorrow I will be vacation for the next 12 days as The Can Queen and myself head to NYC to catch our boat. 😎😎😎 It will be business as usual with Tim and Sandy providing the superb customer service and accurate counts you have come to expect. If they can't resolve an issue or you need to speak with me I will be back to work on the 26th. See you all when I return.


Homemade pizza and wings, beer and the Super Bowl. Life is good!!!


I have gotten some inquires today about whether we would be open during my vacation. For those of you who missed my earlier post the answer is yes, The Can Kings will be business as usual. I have full confidence that Tim and The Can Princess will keep the ship moving forward. I'd like to say I'll be thinking of this place while The Can Queen and myself are on the boat but I\d be lying. 😆😆😆😆😆


So, this morning I got here as usual at 5 am and started my day. I opened up at what I thought was 10 minutes to 9. At 10 after I was fuming cause Tim was not here yet (he's never late). Come to find out it's only 8:15. What a start to the day, I guess my mind is on the cruise in three weeks. Anyway, if any early birds are reading this we're open. 😆😆😆😆


Great news for our customers. Next month when The Can Queen and myself leave for our cruise we will be staying open. Last year when I went on vacation we shut down for a couple of weeks, but with the arrival of Tim and the always reliable Can Princess the facility is in good hands.


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