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What is called genital herpes
online consultation hepes genital disease is a chronic disease , genital herpes is one of the common sexually transmitted disease , herpes simplex virus ( HSV ) caused by infection , was divided into two types of herpes simplex viruses HSV - 1 and HSV - 2 . In recent years a breakthrough advances clinical medicine , mining 863 grams of the drug therapy with immune Taking a patient's metabolic products , After Artificial attenuated , Made of inactivation or using methods such as genetic engineering for the treatment of autoimmune anti- HIV agents . Using our own ability to produce active virus removal , Achieving clinical recovery purposes . 5263 results of clinical application cases , clear and lasting effects , from 6 months to 3 years , None of the relapses , Physical Pain coupled with the burden of mental , self-esteem tend to make the frustrating , Makes reluctant to deal with the opposite sex , Affect marital emotion , passing of time or even depression , medication genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus ( HSV ) caused by infection , herpes simplex virus was divided into two types that HSV - 1 and HSV - 2 , HSV - 1 via the respiratory tract , infectious close skin and mucous membranes , the main cause of the lips , eyes and skin infections , minority ( about 10 % ) can also cause genital infections . HSV - 2 genital herpes is a major pathogen ( 90 % ) , found in the skin and mucous membrane damage exudate , semen , prostatic fluid secretion , mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse , the main cause of genital herpes . After primary genital herpes subsided , the virus remains through perifel along nerve ganglion , when the immune system is low or some of the driving factors such as fever , infection , menstruation , digestive disorders , trauma and other effects , the body can activate latent virus recurrence . herpes virus mostly found in the human body , so the virus can not survive outside the body , ultraviolet light , Ether and common disinfectants can be disabling .

genital herpes is dangerous
Affect prenatal care and postnatal period , men who suffer from genital herpes , genital herpes virus will be infected with the wife , the pregnant wife suffered from genital herpes affect pregnancy and postnatal care , can lead to infection in utero and neonatal herpes , causing miscarriage , infant death or serious side effects , Approximately half of the patients will die with central nervous system side effects .
Susceptible to AIDS , the AIDS epidemic in the region , also entered the genital herpes HIV and facilities to provide access to the body , so that increases the risk of AIDS .
Psychological barriers , occurrence and recurrence of genital herpes can cause excessive strain on the mind of the patient , his fears appeared psychiatric disorders and cancer , fear of transmission to sexual partners , sexual partners Avoidance life , dared not relate to the opposite sex , causing sexual dysfunction , Influence of family harmony , or even depression .


symptoms of genital herpes
Primary genital herpes have an incubation period of between 3-7 days . The symptoms may be severe but may well not be visible , especially if the wound is in the area of the cervix in women . At first , these symptoms are preceded by burning beberpa hours earlier in an area where there will be cuts . After the injury arises , the patient will experience symptoms such as malaise, fever , headache , fatigue , and muscle aches . Injuries that occur in the form of vesicles or bubbles . Then came the skin looks red and vesicles are clustered with equal size . The fluid-filled vesicles that rupture easily , causing injuries widened . In fact there are times when the surrounding lymph nodes enlarged and painful when touched .
In men, the symptoms will be more visible because the skin grows on the outside of the glans pen*s , pen*s shaft , testicles , or anus . In contrast , in women the symptoms difficult to detect because it is hidden . Genital herpes in women usually attacks the labia majora , labia minora , clitoris , often even the cervix ( cervical ) without clinical symptoms . The symptoms are often accompanied by pain in the urinary tract .

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Timeline Photos

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