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“Leaving a legacy for your children is immeasurable in currency” PDH

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#WeAreDC, a city of over 712,000 tax payers without representation in Congress.

Living in our nation’s capital,
protecting it,
and risking our lives in wars,
without a say in Congress.

#DCStatehood now.

Vice President Kamala Harris

Commander Glover

I spoke with NASA Astronaut and US Navy Commander Victor J. Glover aboard the International Space Station. Victor is making history as the first African American on a long-duration space mission. He's a reminder of what's possible when we dream big and think big.

Randall Woodfin

Birmingham promise....

Students, parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents, friends – please help us spread the word.

March 1 is the deadline to apply for the Birmingham Promise. Get the money you need to start your college career. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to shape your future. Apply today at birminghampromise.org.

It’s the Pamela for me. #glowup
US Park Police Names Pamela Smith Its 1st Black Female Chief

It’s the Pamela for me. #glowup

The U.S. Park Police on Thursday named Pamela Smith as its new chief, making her the first Black woman to lead the 230-year-old law enforcement agency. Smith, a 23-year veteran of the force, announced she would begin her term by establishing body-worn cameras for all Park Police officers. “This is...

American Kidney Fund

American Kidney Fund

We can't always predict when something will derail our kidney treatment plans. Here is a handy guide to help when you need to react quickly during an emergency.

DMV school and government closures due to weather.
NBC4 Washington

DMV school and government closures due to weather.

Washington DC News, Maryland News, Virginia News, Local News, Weather, Traffic, Entertainment, Breaking News

e2 Business Solutions

e2 Business Solutions

Free admission to our Tax Property Class on 2/28/21
#GenerationalWealth #taxlienpropertyspecialist #WokeAndWealthy #e2LifeStyle

Funding for the Emergency Rental Assistance program was approved by the City Council during Tuesday’s regularly schedule...
Federal COVID-19 Rent and Utilities Assistance Set for Birmingham Residents - BirminghamWatch

Funding for the Emergency Rental Assistance program was approved by the City Council during Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting. It was initially announced last month by Mayor Randall Woodfin, who said his administration had made the funding a “priority.”

The City of Birmingham has received nearly $6.3 million in federal funding to assist residents who are unable to pay rent and utilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding comes as part of a $25 billion program from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, which began allocating money to states

Intruders get what they deserve during this robbery! #Goldsboro
12-Year-Old Shoots Home Invader Who Shot His Grandmother

Intruders get what they deserve during this robbery! #Goldsboro

Investigators say a 12-year-old boy shot and killed one of two men who forced their way into the apartment of his 73-year-old grandmother, demanding money and shooting her in the leg

City of Birmingham Government

City of Birmingham Government


City offices will close at 3 p.m. today instead of 4 p.m.

A warming station at Boutwell Auditorium will open at 5 p.m. today, Feb. 15. Crews will start accepting individually-wrapped snacks like chips, muffins and protein bars, today at 10 a.m. The warming station will also be open tomorrow, Feb. 16.

Good and faithful servant🕊🙏🏽

Good and faithful servant🕊🙏🏽

Our Husband, Father and your Apostle has gone to be with the Lord this evening. We accept his decision to go as he got a glimpse of glory a couple of weeks ago. But we are sad. Please allow us some time to process all of this. He fought the good fight of faith and laid hold of eternal life.

The Price Family

Atlanta Black Star

Inspirational accomplishment!

The tear-jerking viral moment that television personality April Daniels, Widow of Late Grammy-Winning Producer LaShawn Daniels, witnesses the start of her eldest son’s blossoming law career has captured hearts across the world.

The Official Bishop Jacqueline McCullough

Who raised you?

I wasn’t raised in this “see me, hear me” atmosphere. I’m glad for my upbringing. I’m glad that they took the taste out of my mouth for the desire to be great. I’m so glad they went down my throat, and put their whole hand and pulled that stuff out, and taught me what was essential. Jesus sat by the well waiting. Whose well are you sitting by for that one person? Or are you waiting to be discovered so they can put you in front of 5,000? Just to have that one-on-one interaction, and watch them blossom, and the chains fall off, and their minds change. And then they go get their cousin and then their grandmother. That’s how revivals started. I’m not against crowds, but we have given up what really matters. – Bishop Jackie McCullough #AGenerationofWorshippers #ChristintheCrisis #DoTheLovely #StayConnected

“I didn’t even realize I had it,” she told French newspaper Var-Matin. #117 Thursday~ Revelation and celebration of Life...
World's Second-Oldest Person Survives COVID-19 at Age 116

“I didn’t even realize I had it,” she told French newspaper Var-Matin. #117 Thursday~ Revelation and celebration of Life! Gods Grace✝️

A 116-year-old French nun who is believed to be the world’s second-oldest person has survived COVID-19

HerStory #BHM2021

HerStory #BHM2021

When the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion arrived in Birmingham, England during World War II they were met with a mail backlog dating as far back as two years. Nevertheless, the 855 Black women, both enlisted and officers, of the 6888th worked in three-shifts around the clock to finish the six-month task in half the time. They would then be deployed to Rouen and Paris, France to address similar backlogs.

An all-Black, all female battalion, the 6888th was the only African-American unit in the Women’s Army Corps to deploy overseas during the War. Those who have served understand how precious letters to and from home are. Connecting servicemembers with their loved ones and reminding them who they are fighting for. The efforts of these women are significant to World War II history, to African-American history and to this nation’s story.

During #BlackHistoryMonth Congresswoman Gwen S. Moore and I reintroduced our resolution honoring the service of the 6888th.

Learn more: https://anthonybrown.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=1209



Peaceful journey to Queen Mary Wilson. 🙏🏽 We hope that @MWilsonSupreme is dancing down another Soul Train line with Don Cornelius and cutting up with fellow Supremes co-founder Florence Ballard in heaven right now. 💃🏽 Thank you for the music and the memories. 🎶

#MaryWilson #RIPMaryWilson #DonCornelius #SoulTrain #SoulTrainLine

Reign Supreme...rih 🕊Mary Wilson#motown

Reign Supreme...rih 🕊Mary Wilson#motown

#Justice for Major Turner BHAMurdered🩸1TEARDROP4LOVE💔

#Justice for Major Turner BHAMurdered🩸1TEARDROP4LOVE💔

LemonTo grow a lemon tree at home, you will need an organic lemon with non-germinating seeds, nutrient-rich potting soil...
20 Vegetables You Can Re-Grow From Scraps

To grow a lemon tree at home, you will need an organic lemon with non-germinating seeds, nutrient-rich potting soil, a planting pot that’s 6″ wide and 6″ deep, a seedling pot that’s 24″ wide and 12″ deep, and a sunny growing location (possibly with a grow lamp).
I have five so far🍋

Sure, you’ve heard that buying organic food over the genetically modified or pesticide exposed versions is ideal for your health, but it can get costly. Due to the limited supply of organic foods as well as the additional labor and maintenance required to produce them, you may be paying 20-100% mo...



18-year-old Jerron has been caring for his mother, who has cerebral palsy, since he was 14. Some strangers were so impressed by the teen, they decided to help him achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.

The Official Bishop Jacqueline McCullough

What she said 🙌🏾All praise to the “MostHigh”

Scripture tells us that in our patience we possess our souls. Our capacity to wait, to endure, to stand and withstand, to persevere makes us unconquerable. Because there is now a generation that doesn't want to wait, doesn't have to wait. A generation that is easily bored. But there comes a time when each of us must be willing to stand firm and endure affliction as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. And while you wait, worship! And while you wait, give Him the praise! It is in those times that you overcome and gain the victory. - Bishop Jackie McCullough #AGenerationOfWorshippers #ChristintheCrisis #DoTheLovely #StayConnected

Whatever you do, don’t allow worry to make you stop living!

Whatever you do, don’t allow worry to make you stop living!


Actively Anti-Racist......
The Talk - Elaine Welteroth Reacts to Morgan Wallen's Racial Slur

Actively Anti-Racist......

"The Talk" host Elaine Welteroth sounds off on country star Morgan Wallen using the n-word on video and reacts to fellow country singer Maren Morris saying his actions were "representative of our town." Welteroth expands, "This is reflective of her industry. This is common. So, we have to deal with....


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