Cub Scout Pack 213, Vestavia, Al

Cub Scout Pack 213, Vestavia, Al Cub Scout Pack 213


Popcorn orders are due at the next cub scout meeting (Monday, Oct 16th)


Come support our Cahaba Heights Cub Scouts at Belk Summit tomorrow, Saturday from 9-2 and get some yummy popcorn !!!

ABC Pinewood Derby Car Supplies

ABC Pinewood Derby Car Supplies

ABC Pinewood Derby Car Tip!

Taper the bottom of your car up slightly at the front to prevent the chance that it will rub against the track when the car reaches the bottom of the track slope.

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Vulcan District, Greater Alabama Council, BSA
Vulcan District, Greater Alabama Council, BSA

Vulcan District, Greater Alabama Council, BSA

Advance-O-Rama 2017 was another big success. Not only did we have many courses taught during two sessions at Canturbury United Methodist Church, but we had courses off-site that included Architecture, Dentistry, Fire Safety, Swimming and Sculpture. We also taught Aviation and Weather at the Southern Museum of flight that included a tour of the Air National Guard hanger a tanker. An experience our scouts are not soon to forget. Thanks to everyone involved in presenting these courses! We couldn’t present Scouting without you.

How to Read a Topo Map

How to read a topographical map:

How to use a compass, with a twist - "declination" :

How to use a GPS device:

Topographic maps are a little different from your average map. Once you get the hang of reading them, they help you visualize three-dimensional terrain from ...


Welcome the 2017-2018 Scouting season! Sign up is 6:30 p.m. on August 31st at Cahaba Heights United Methodist Church. We're really excited about the new year and have many special activities planned!


Thanks everyone who helped make the trip to Battleship Park possible and enjoyable!

Dreams on Wings for seriously ill children flying again soon
Dreams on Wings for seriously ill children flying again soon

Dreams on Wings for seriously ill children flying again soon

Dreams on Wings will take off again soon from the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. The event gives terminally ill children a chance to take a ride in an airplane or helicopter around…



Out on the trail - run into a snake here is what you need to know. Be careful! Have you ever ran into a snake on the trail? Comment below: I know I freaked out with the garden snake in my yard.

Ruffner Mountain

Ruffner Mountain

Irondale-Ruffner Rd Trailhead UPDATE: By order of preliminary injunction, the gate at the trailhead will remain open to allow for full access to the Preserve by the public until further order of the Court. The Court recognized that this trailhead has long served as one of the primary access points to the Mountain, including the point of entry for local emergency and fire departments.

The Court’s preliminary injunction also prohibits all cutting and removing of trees and other flora on the property; the disturbing of wildlife, trails, and waterways found on the property; and any other action that would harm the property or change its character.

The Court reached its decision after a two-day hearing where counsel for both sides took the testimony of four witnesses and entered more than a dozen exhibits. The Court determined that Ruffner has a reasonable legal claim to ownership of, or an easement over, the disputed property under Alabama law due its use by the public as a trailhead for more than 20 years.

The trailhead also lies on the former Birmingham Mineral Rail Line, the ownership of which is in dispute. Evidence of the historical significance of the Mineral Rail Line was submitted to the Court, as were deeds and related documents establishing that as early as the late 1800's the mineral rail line passed through the property, as well as the cities of Birmingham and Irondale, and Jefferson County.

We would like to thank everyone who has followed this case from the beginning and supported Ruffner along the way. We truly could not do this without you!

We will update you in the coming weeks with any new developments.

Ruffner Mountain

Ruffner Mountain

Greetings from Ruffner Mountain!

As many of you have probably noticed, aside from the situation surrounding the Irondale-Ruffner Rd trailhead, much has been happening at other sites on the mountain lately. For the past few months work has been progressing at the #2 and #3 mines, and, as a result, heavy equipment is currently being used to facilitate the work of protecting bat populations on the mountain and making these historically valuable mining sites safer and more accessible for visitors and to improve our future trail system.

The Alabama Mine Land Restoration Office work in progress on Ruffner Mountain is the result of preparations begun as early as August of 2014. This project, a collaboration between Ruffner Mountain, the Alabama Mine Land Reclamation Office, and the Alabama Bat Working Group, was approved by special permission of Gov. Robert Bentley. The following agencies have been notified of the project status, as well as location and description of the reclamation activities and any significant impacts anticipated to occur. All have granted approval: Alabama Historical Commission, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USDI Fish and Wildlife Service, Alabama Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Alabama Dept. of Environmental Mgmt., and Regional Planning Councils. News of this operation was reported in The Birmingham News in November. Public response was minimal.

Ruffner has a complex and storied mining history that began in the 1880’s and concluded (for the most part) in the 1950’s. The many disused ore mines and mining artifacts on the mountain are a testament to this industrial past. This mining history is a deep one, but even deeper (much deeper) is the natural history of the mountain, and includes all of the species of plants and animals, like the tri-colored bat, that call the mountain home.

Today, coal mine operators are legally required to reclaim their mining sites once mining has been completed, including mitigating for any potential future safety hazards to the public. Prior to the Federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, however, (the year the Ruffner Mountain Nature Coalition was formed) many mining sites were simply abandoned after their use had been exhausted. This was indeed the case at Ruffner, when countless iron ore mines were left to slowly erode and break down, or, a positive in this situation, become thriving, hidden habitats for a whole host of plants, animals, and moss and lichen varieties.

Most of the mines on Ruffner Mountain could use a little care and attention due to their derelict condition. This work, including the installation of bat gates, makes them safer for explorers of the mountain, and more hospitable for wildlife, bats especially. Since 2006 a fungal blight in the form of white-nose syndrome has devastated bat populations across the Eastern United States. It is estimated that by 2012, 5.7 million bats had been wiped out due to the fungus that colonizes the skin of these creatures needed to maintain biodiversity and balance in our ecosystems.

In direct response to this growing problem, and to the danger posed by disused mine sites on Ruffner in general, the Alabama’s Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Office began work in November 2016. By installing bat gates at these two sites, they will create sustainable habitats for the tri-colored bat and other species, preventing the transmission of white-nose syndrome between bats, and between humans and bat habitats. Additionally, bat hibernacula (where bats hibernate during the winter) may be disturbed if not sufficiently enclosed, which in some cases can be fatal.

The preservation of these historic mining sites themselves is equally important as a motivating factor in this work. As AMLRO have reported: “The expedited response is required due to the high potential for harm to hikers and Nature Preserve personnel.” Upon completion, the disturbed portions of the mountain will be revegetated with seasonal grass mixtures and subsequently replanted with appropriate trees. Ruffner and the AMLRO are saving these bats and the microhabitats which surround them by restoring and rehabilitating derelict mining structures.

By protecting our mining history, we protect our natural history, and the entire Ruffner ecosystem. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. Please stay tuned for additional updates.


Congratulations Arrow of Light Scouts crossing over the Boy Scouts! Great job!



All Districts are strongly encouraged to follow these rules to ensure proper qualification for the Council Derby. The purpose of the Derby is to provide a positive experience for the cub, the parents, the Pack and the Chartered Organization with the emphasis on THE CUB.

1. You must use official BSA Pinewood Derby bodies, wheels and axles. Use of pre-cut bodies is prohibited. BSA Grand Prix Pinewood Derby wheels and axles that have been altered and resold by third parties are prohibited. Car must be built within the current Cub year.

2. Weight: 5.00 ounces or less. The Official Scale is FINAL.

3. Length: 7 inches maximum. Typically 2.75 “minimum. Cars should clear the track center guide, typically 3/8 “.

4. Height 4” maximum. Car wheels must be at least 1 5/8” apart to straddle the center guide.

5. Gravity powered only. No power assisted devices such as rubber bands or magnets.

6. No additional items may be added to the wheels or axles such as washers, springs, bearings, bushings, o-rings, etc.
You cannot modify the size, shape, dimensions, angle, canter wheels or weight of the wheels in any way. This includes sanding of the tread. There is one exception to this rule - you may lightly sand the hub (the part of the wheel that touches the car body). After the Council race, judges will remove at least one wheel and axle for inspection and weighing (of the wheel). The wheel must weigh at least 2.50 (not 2.5) grams to be legal (note: this number was calculated by weighing a number of wheels right out of the kits. If further testing indicates, this weight may be changed).

7. Axles may be filed, polished, grooved – as long as BSA axles from the official car kit are used and the work is done by the scout and/or his parent/guardian. You cannot bend axles.

8. Dry lubricants, such as graphite or Cub Scout Teflon Powder, may be used to lubricate the wheels. Any lubricant must be dry at the time of inspection.

9. No part of the car body, wheels or attachments may protrude in front of the starting peg.

10. It is not required that all four wheels make contact with the track at the same time.

11. No moving or loose parts may be incorporated into the construction of the car. The car design may be enhanced by the addition of other stable materials such as plastic or metal. Any additions must be firmly attached and meet Car Size Requirements.

12. Wheel base may be changed so long as the wheels do not exceed the specified length of the car.

13. At the Council Derby, the cub must be present to enter his car into competition. He does not have to be there for the actual race.

14. Any car not meeting the stated rules when inspected at the Council Derby has the opportunity to change the car to meet the specifications.

15. New for 2017: There will not be an Outlaw Division at the Council Pinewood Derby.

16. Decisions of the Judges and Derby Committee are FINAL.

17. Sportsmanship, fair play, ability to race within the stated rules and Scouting spirit are the tone of the day.

All winning cars at the Council Derby will be subject to a post-race inspection, with the removal and review of the wheels and axles.


Meetings scheduled for: 1/30, 2/6, 213

No Meeting on Feb. 20th

Pinewood Derby on Saturday Feb. 25th

Blue and Gold Party on Feb. 27th(rescheduled due to Boy Scout activity on Feb. 13th)

Crossover Ceremony with Boy Scouts on Mar. 6th at 7:00pm, come support our AOL boys make the move over to the Boy Scout Troop


No meeting January 9th, 2017

Ruffner Mountain
Ruffner Mountain

Ruffner Mountain

Thanks to Bham Now - the new Birmingham for the excellent article on Ruffner Mountain and our 40th year as Birmingham's urban nature preserve!


Happy holidays!

We always try to provide the best program with the resources we have..
How Cub Scouting Will Offer More Flexibility for Den Leaders - Scouting Wire

We always try to provide the best program with the resources we have..

Busy parents, den leaders and Cubmasters are in for a treat this holiday season that will provide greater flexibility and control over the Cub Scouting program. Effective today, some adventure requirements that were previously mandatory will become optional. In response to the feedback we’ve heard f...


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