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Xcelerate Networks Offering Phone, Internet and TV services. Xcelerate is one of the fastest growing and most advanced Home Technology companies in the U.S.

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As we expand our business across the country serving RV parks, Xcelerate Networks is thrilled to be a part of the ARVC c...

As we expand our business across the country serving RV parks, Xcelerate Networks is thrilled to be a part of the ARVC community. Let us help you provide the best broadband and video to families on the go!

Please join us in welcoming the newest ARVC members for the month of July!

Belvidere East / Exit 170 KOA Journey
Cachuma Lake Recreation Area
Hawk's Rest resort
Heidi's shires
Mylan Park
Northside RV Resort
Pinnacle Designs
Stateside 97 RV Park
The Tides RV Resort
Xcelerate Networks

Thanks for being a part of the ARVC community! If you need anything from ARVC please send us a message, email us ([email protected]) or give us a call at 303-681-0401.
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Xcelerate Networks's cover photo

Xcelerate Networks's cover photo

Xcelerate Networks

Xcelerate Networks

Xcelerate Networks

Xcelerate Networks



This guy keeps Slice’s Internet flowin’!
Thanks Marcus!⚡️⚡️⚡️

From all of us here at Xcelerate Networks we want to thank you for an amazing 2017 and we wish you all a  safe and happy...

From all of us here at Xcelerate Networks we want to thank you for an amazing 2017 and we wish you all a safe and happy new year. Looking forward to serving you in 2018🎉🎊🎉🎊


Check these 5 reasons your Wi-Fi speed stinks and what you can do about it!:

1. First things first! You need to do a speed test. You've got to establish the actual speed you're receiving. To do this simply visit a speed testing site, we like beta.speedtest.net.

2. Your router is old!
Next you need to see if your router is old/out-of-date. The latest Wi-Fi standard is 802.11ac. This standard and the 802.11n are the most desirable for fast connectivity. If your router is either 802.11b or 802.11g standard a new router would definitely boost your Wi-Fi speed and provide a longer range of connectivity. If you've been a loyal customer, most internet providers will send you the newest router for free but others may charge a delivery cost. Here's how to check what Wi-Fi standard you're running on:

1. Click on the Wi-Fi shortcut (usually found on the bottom right of PC screen)
2. Hover your cursor over the broadband service you are using
3. The standard will be listed next to 'Radio Type'

3. Wrong/bad WiFi Channel.
The day your router is set up, it automatically detects the least crowded channel and makes that its default. However, with the arrival of new neighbors or offices nearby, the situation may change quickly. All of a sudden, one channel may be used by a handful of routers while others are deserted. There are some great tools that will help determine whether you should change Wi-Fi channel.

Software like InSSIDer and NirSoft analyses the entire Wi-Fi spectrum and gives you details about your home network as well as channel usage meaning you can change to a less busy channel. Most internet providers will have step-by-step tutorials on how to do this as procedures can differ.

4. Not using a 5GHz network
The 2.4GHz frequency is crowded. Not just with neighbours using the same frequency, but also baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens and more. Modern 802.11n and 802.11ac routers offer "dualband", which means they're sending two network signals; one at 2.4GHz, and one at 5GHz, which is far less crowded and offers more channels.

One drawback is that many device makers only go with the 2.4 GHz receiver. This includes all portable gaming consoles, and also a slew of smartphones. To get a speedy connection activate both networks and connect the mobile devices to the 2.4 GHz network, just enabling the 5GHz network for your laptops and desktops.

5. You need to update your firmware.
An easy, yet often forgotten piece of advice. Make sure that your router's firmware is up-to-date - especially if you've purchased a new one. Expect bandwidth, feature set and resiliency to signals to increase with the first few firmware updates. The latest firmware update can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website and is relatively simple to update as most have a helpful how-to wizard.

Xcelerate Networks's cover photo

Xcelerate Networks's cover photo


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Why isnt your website working?
We just spoke with Maria in customer service who was EXTREMELY rude! She talked over us and was extremely unhelpful. We are new to Gulf Shores, and have never had issues with our internet provider. We informed her that we did not have a connection and needed a tech to come out to help since we work from home and will be working over the weekend. She had the nerve to say "You're really working over the holiday weekend?" Oh my goodness - I cannot believe the amount of rudeness we just experienced. HORRIBLE company - horrible customer service. We are supposed to hear back from Heather Barnett today - so I will update this when I hear from her.
Big thanks to Marcus for coming to our rescue and getting the wifi back on for us! He's the BEST!
This guy keeps Slice’s Internet flowin’! Thanks Marcus!⚡️⚡️⚡️