Abate of Wisconsin Inc

Abate of Wisconsin Inc To give the motorcyclists of Wisconsin a strong, united voice with regard to legislation, safety and education.
ABATE of Wisconsin's goal is to give the motorcyclists of Wisconsin a strong, united voice with regard to their future, their way of life, their safety and their legal rights as motorcyclists and citizens.

Non-profit, membership organization. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in our mission of protecting the rights and safety of motorcyclists. To join us go to http://abatewis.org/page.php?section=join2 Looking for ABATE of Wisconsin's ABATE Acres in rural Greenwood (home of the Summer Hummer and other activities)? Use this link to access the location on Google Maps: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&q=W8742%20Capital%20Rd,%20Greenwood,%20WI%2054437%20USA Watch a video that explains "What ABATE of Wisconsin Is" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv95aw5eLFg

Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Washington, D.C.


The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is pleased to update our members that all three of our high priority motorcyclist amendments have just passed with unanimous consent after being placed in a bipartisan en bloc vote during this morning's hearing. After lengthy negotiations between both parties, each side agreed to put 18 amendments in a single en bloc vote to help speed up proceedings in the markup of H.R. 2, the INVEST in America Act.

The MRF wants to thank all of our members and partners for engaging with their member of Congress to ensure the priorities of motorcyclists were addressed during this process. We will send out a full release later today on the hearing but wanted to alert our members who have been following the hearing proceedings over the past two days.

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ABATE of Wisconsin - Region 1H (Washington County)

ABATE of Wisconsin - Region 1H (Washington County)

ABATE Region 1-H SUMMER RUN 2020
Establishments on the Run Categorized By County.
Listed by Name; Location; Phone number

To find books, choose a location. If the location is out of books, another one is nearby. Some Locations May Have Different Hours & Days Open than listed in the book. Feel Free to Call Ahead to see if the Location is Open & Has Books Available.

WASHINGTON COUNTY; (36 Total; Grouped By Area Where Possible, But No Particular Order)

Name/ Location/ Phone #:

Al’s Hideout/ 1004 Park Ave., West Bend/ (414) 334-9200
Blondie Pop/ 225 S. 5th Ave., West Bend/ (262) 429-1415
House of Heileman’s (Big Cedar Lake)/ 5723 W. Lake Dr., West Bend/ (262) 644-8809
Rally Time Sports Bar & Grill/ 1373 N. Main St., West Bend/ (262) 429-1532
Eddie’s Lake House (north of West Bend)/ 7138 State Road 144, West Bend/ (262) 353-3056
Bootleggerz Saloon/ 143 Main St., Kewaskum/ (262) 477-1191
Curve In Bar (north of Kewaskum)/ N192 State Hwy 45, Kewaskum/ (920) 948-4981
The Alibi (Boltonville)/ 1307 Scenic Drive, Kewaskum/ (262) 488-3313
The Fillmore House II/ 699 Cty Rd H, West Bend/ (262) 689-9883
Traditions Pub (Fillmore)/ 501 Cty Rd H, Fredonia/ (262) 692-3554
The Speakeasy (Newburg)/ 617 Main Street, Newburg/ (262) 667-4001
Newburg Brewery/ 315 Main Street, Newburg/ (262) 675-6292
C-C’s Place (Wayne)/ 8892 Cty Rd W, Allenton/ (262) 626-6824
Candy’s Pub (St. Anthony, near Allenton)/ 6936 County Rd. W, West Bend/ (262) 629-4700
Jug’s Hitching Post (Kohlsville)/ 5781 Main St., West Bend/ (262) 629-5859
Slippery Rail/ 402 Main St., Allenton/ (262) 299-1400
Good Times/ 502 Main St., Allenton/ (262) 629-5900
The Wedge/ 5327 State Hwy. 175, Hartford/ (262) 457-7503
Noey’s Pub & Grill (St. Lawrence)/ 4920 State Hwy 175, Hartford/ (262) 644-8707
Reef Point Resort (Pike Lake)/ 3416 Lake Drive, Hartford/ (262) 673-9952
The Pour House/ 22 South Main St., Hartford/ (262) 673-7108
Tally Ho (Thompson)/ 1855 State Hwy. 83, Hartford/ (262) 457-3332
Raceway Bar & Grill/ 711 E. Washington St., Slinger/ (262) 297-1700
Sheryl’s Club 175 (Ackerville)/ 3545 State Hwy. 175, Slinger/ (262) 644-1750
Pleasant Valley Pub/ 4493 Cty Rd P, Jackson/ (262) 677-9777
Latest Edition Saloon/ N168W20788 Main Street, Jackson/ (262) 305-0184
Kenicky’s Public House/ 2763 State Hwy. 175, Richfield/ (262) 674-1604
Richfield Roadhouse/ 1952 State Hwy 175, Richfield/ (262) 628-5080
Fat Charlie’s/ 1907 State Hwy. 175, Richfield/ (262) 628-8655
Sloppy Joe’s Saloon & Spoon/ 3723 Hubertus Road, Hubertus/ (262) 628-1800
American Legion Post 522 (Bark Lake)/ 3590 North Shore Drive, Hubertus/ (262) 623-6776
EJ’s (Bark Lake)/ 3535 S. Shore Drive, Hubertus/ (262) 628-4701
KJ’s Bar & Grill (Meeker Hill)/ N112W21209 Mequon Road, Germantown/ (262) 293-9824
Das Barrel Room/ W201N10466 Appleton Ave., Germantown/ (414) 507-8653
Tiny T’s/ W157N11683 W. Fond Du Lac Ave., Germantown/ (262)617-8116
Joe Mama’s Bar & Grill/ 4600 County Road Q, Colgate/ (262) 628-9211
M&J’s Moonlighting in West Bend is Permanently Closed. Everyone will get that Stamp.

OZAUKEE COUNTY; (17 Total; Grouped By Area Where Possible, But No Particular Order)

Name/ Location/ Phone #:

Lake Church Inn/ 690 Cty Hwy D, Belgium/ (262) 285-3475
Little Kohler Haus/ W4810 Cty Hwy H, Fredonia/ (262) 692-3023
The Dawg House/ W4101 River Road, Waubeka/ (262) 692-2011
Tom & Jodi’s Fredonia Inn/ 412 Fredonia Ave., Fredonia/ (262) 692-9293
Iron Hog Saloon/ 4885 Cty Hwy LL, Port Washington/ (262) 476-4002
Newport Shores Inc. (Restaurant)/ 407 E. Jackson Street, Port Washington/ (262) 284-6838
Schooner Pub/ 114 N. Franklin Street, Port Washington/ (262) 284-2258
Gopher One/ 605 Grand Ave., Port Washington/ (920) 980-1990
Rally Time Sports Bar/ 284 W. Dekora Street, Saukville/ (262) 268-0446
Redheads Tavern/ 1412 Wisconsin Ave., Grafton/ (262) 389-9054
Cedarburg Roadhouse (5 Corners)/ 1302 Washington Ave., Cedarburg/(262) 387-0399
The Hamilton/ 228 Hamilton Road, Cedarburg/ (262) 375-0544
Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson/ 139 N. Main Street, Thiensville/ (262) 242-2464
Libby Montana Bar & Restaurant/ 5616 W. Donges Bay Road, Mequon/ (262) 242-2232
Spanky’s Hideaway/ 5208 W. County Line Road, Mequon/ (262) 242-3677
Homeplate Asylum/ 7520 W. Donges Bay Road, Mequon/ (262) 238-1733
Pigskin Inn/ 10631 W. Freistadt Road, Mequon/ (262) 365-9813

SHEBOYGAN COUNTY; (6 Total; Grouped By Area Where Possible, But No Particular Order)

Name/ Location/ Phone #:

Random Lake Pizzeria/ 435 2nd Street, Random Lake/ (920) 994-4414
Booz’In/ 124 Carroll Street, Random Lake/ (920) 946-7754
Greg’s Tap/ 409 Wisconsin Street, Adell / (920) 994-4053
J.W. Creekside (in Batavia)/ N1439 State Hwy. 28, Adell/ (920) 994-4582
Sipp’s Bar & Grill/ 507 Madison Ave., Cascade/ (920) 523-6001
Kim’s 5 Corners/ N3701 Cty Hwy I, Sheboygan Falls/ (920) 467-8375

FOND DU LAC COUNTY; (3 Total; Grouped By Area Where Possible, But No Particular Order)

Name/ Location/ Phone #:

Dundee’s Roadhouse/ N3086 State Hwy. 67, Dundee/ (920) 533-8359
Bahr Time, LLC/ W2904 Main Street, Campbellsport/ (920) 533-3336
Swede’s St. Kilian Inn/ 4103 St. Kilian Drive, Campbellsport/ (262) 626-8786

DODGE COUNTY; (3 Total; Grouped By Area Where Possible, But No Particular Order)

Name/ Location/ Phone #:

The Ranch/ 3706 Cty Hwy P, Rubicon/ (262) 457-2727
Rubicon Oasis/ N4098 Cty.Hwy. P, Rubicon/ (262) 673-4874
The Rock River Tap/ 110 W. Lake Street, Horicon/ (920) 485-4241

WAUKESHA COUNTY; (1 Total; Grouped By Area Where Possible, But No Particular Order)

Name/ Location/ Phone #:

Hollywood’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill/ W332N6629 Cty Hwy C, Nashotah/ (262) 727-7127

Please Remember to be Patient & Understanding with the Bars & Restaurants that May Still Be Closed or Have Different Hours &/or Days Open Over the Summer & into the Fall, Due to Covid-19. Take a Photo of You holding your ABATE Summer Run 2020 Book with the Bar’s Sign Viewable in the Background. Thanks Much!! Take Care!! Have Fun!! Ride Safe!! DOG


To avoid any confusion, I am only running for District 1 Director, not Region 5 as published in the newsletter. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Stan "Stash" Rygh

Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Meeting of the Minds 2020: It's time to get beyond the "lockdown"

If you’re riding now, it’s because you’re as tired of the lockdown as the rest of the country, and riding is a 70 MPH exercise in “social distancing.”

Your rights as motorcyclists’ are just as important as your safety. While the world was on lockdown and “recommended social distancing,” the MRF never lost focus of the reason the organization exists – protecting the rights of all motorcyclists, even while Congress was closed.

Bikers Inside the Beltway was reluctantly canceled because Congress was closed to the public. With that, the MRF turned our focus to the Meeting of the Minds and protecting our rights beyond the lockdown. With twelve workshops, six major presentations, and a cadre of motorcyclists’ rights activists presenting, the 2020 Meeting of the Minds Conference is destined to be one of the most dynamic in recent memory. And it doesn’t stop there…

For the first time ever, event registration includes eight full meals -- not box lunches, eight full meals! The Waterfront Hotel is a class act and, for the past several years, has hosted ABATE of Indiana events. You’re going to get more than your money’s worth on the 36th Annual Meeting of the Minds!

The lockdown is lifted, and we’re moving beyond it. As you’ve seen or experienced, individual rights beyond the ones the MRF diligently fights for, have been under siege since March. With that, the MRF is expecting a record number of attendees at this year’s Meeting of the Minds, September 24-27. Get beyond the lockdown; make your reservations now!

Now’s the time to register for Meeting of the Minds 2020. The hotel information is on the same page. Register here: http://motorcycleridersfoundation.wildapricot.org/event-3703508

We will endure beyond the lockdown. However, without exaggeration, your rights, your motorcycle, and your lifestyle are under siege. The 2020 Meeting of the Minds provides you with the tools to get beyond the lockdown; see you in Indianapolis!!!


Anyone in District 1 who still has cash raffle tickets, (or the money from tickets sold), please get them to me by this Saturday as the BOD is Sunday and we'd like to have them all taken care of. My phone is 920-220-0318. Thanks, Stash DD1

Abate of Wisconsin Region 7B

Abate of Wisconsin Region 7B

We lost a great Brother today, Dennis Knudtson . Denny was on his way to a 7b meet Yesterday,and was killed by a car that failed to see him on his Ultra Classic on the the North Crossing and The 53 Bypass in Eau Claire. Denny was a life Member of ABATE and also 20 yr Vet. Greg was to meet him about noon and didn't learn till later when the Police contacted him. Denny was very close to, Greg Koller our prayers to the family and to the Koller family.

Abate of Wisconsin Region 1E Jefferson County

Abate of Wisconsin Region 1E Jefferson County

Region 1E's meeting today. Thanks Bob for letting us meet at the farm.

ABATE Summer Run

ABATE Summer Run

ABATE Summer Run

ABATE Summer Run

Hello Riders,

The books are getting out to the bars now! They are available for sale at our meetings and at each bar. I will be highlighting each bar on this page along with some events that each place is having over the summer.

Just let me know if you have any questions!

Abate of Wisconsin Safe Rider Inc

Abate of Wisconsin Safe Rider Inc

We had a great weekend with a great class - if you are looking to learn the basics of safely riding a motorcycle, we have classes open and would love to have you out on the range with us!

ABATE of Wisconsin Region 6B

ABATE of Wisconsin Region 6B

My heart has been heavy since receiving the news of the passing of John ‘Chic’ Ciocarelli. Chic was a good friend, faithful ABATE brother (serving many years as a 6B Area Rep), dedicated to family and friends. His sense of humor was always present and infectious. The brothers and sisters of ABATE of WI Region 6B and the Northeast Chapter of ABATE of Minnesota are grieving the loss of this wonderful man. Personally, it has taken a few days to digest this immense loss. Any news regarding celebration of life will be shared. Rest well Chic!

This is an old article but it tells us fail rates of road tests from several DMV locations.  After reading it do you fee...
The odds of getting a driver's license are much better at some state testing centers than at others

This is an old article but it tells us fail rates of road tests from several DMV locations. After reading it do you feel it’s okay to wave the test?


A State Journal review of recent DMV records has revealed wide variation in the average road test pass/fail rates among the state's service centers, including a large spread between Madison's

Sideways Shakes
Sideways Shakes

Sideways Shakes

Sideways Shakes is a unique and personal look inside the sport of motorcycle flat track racing, this page offers a assortment of thing like, race content, technical blogs, high octane race footage, and much more.

ABATE of Wisconsin is disappointed that we will not be able to send members to represent the motorcyclists from the stat...
2020 Motorcyclist Legislative Priorities

ABATE of Wisconsin is disappointed that we will not be able to send members to represent the motorcyclists from the state to Washington DC. In the past we have been able to send a representative from every Congressional District to educate them on what is important to the motorcyclists in Wisconsin. Due to us not being there in person, we are asking you to please submit this information to your elected Representatives.

Together we can create a safe and enjoyable environment for motorcyclists in Wisconsin.


2020 Motorcyclist Legislative Priorities While we cannot host an in-person lobby day this year, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) still needs advocates like you to continue to engage your elected officials to raise the profile of our 2020 legislative initiatives. In place of Bikers Inside the B...


Thank you to Docs HD, Harley Davidson of Madison, Roadhouse and Bonney Reynolds for support as sponsors to Summer Hummer (which unfortunately had to be canceled).


Thank you Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson for your support!


Thank you Hupy and Abraham, S.C. for your continued support!

Great job to all who came out to spread awareness!

Great job to all who came out to spread awareness!

Hupy and Abraham, S.C.

Hupy and Abraham, S.C.

Every year Hupy and Abraham generously donates to help Abate of Wisconsin Inc with their Motorcycle Awareness billboard campaign.
The firm sponsors billboards throughout the state. The boards went up on May 1st and stay up for several months of the riding season.

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi

ABATE of Wisconsin - Region 1H (Washington County)

ABATE of Wisconsin - Region 1H (Washington County)

Plan to attend the 1-G/1-H Awareness Rally on Saturday, May 30th. Come to both locations or to either one! 🏍🏍🏍

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi

Abate of Wisconsin Safe Rider Inc

Abate of Wisconsin Safe Rider Inc

Safe Rider is up and running for 2020. The first week of classes was a huge success. Check the schedule and book your class now. They will fill fast. Two new bikes enhance the training fleet for this year. Register at www.abatewis.org/programs

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi

@sidewaysshakes #sidewaysshakes #abateofwisconsin #abatewi #hooliganracing #hooligans

@sidewaysshakes #sidewaysshakes #abateofwisconsin #abatewi #hooliganracing #hooligans

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

ABATE of Wisconsin 3c Langlade Co Shawano Co and Menominee Co

ABATE of Wisconsin 3c Langlade Co Shawano Co and Menominee Co

Hi Everyone, Thanks to all that came out to our Awareness Rally we got alot of horns honking and a lot of thumbs up so hopefully people will watch a little closer for motorcycle's. Big thanks to Rita at Not Bob's for letting us hang there..Robin

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi #looktwiceformotorcycles #looklooklookagain #putthephonedown

#abateofwisconsin #abateofwi #looktwiceformotorcycles #looklooklookagain #putthephonedown


438 N Water St
Black River Falls, WI

General information

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Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 16:30
Wednesday 10:00 - 16:30
Thursday 11:00 - 18:00


(715) 284-7415


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Contact The Business

Send a message to Abate of Wisconsin Inc:



Cant we get 10,000 bikes and 75,000 people to get together, and hit 100 businesses on Saturday??? Fix Valley Area.. Open the Bars!!
I wish I could be in the Capitol with you tomorrow, but I have to be in district with our DNR Secretary and others for an important session on CWD and the fiuture of deer hunting. I'll have to catch you in district sometime soon. Thanks for all you do! Senator Jeff Smith
I think ABATE needs one of these to capture events:
Cat 2E membership here. Johnny V & I are booked this weekend representing ABATE @ the Kiel Auto Show. 2H has an event this Saturday in Hortonville. They could use help with products if anyone could help out. That is all the information I have. Thanks. Please get contact info asking someone else here or off the newsletter. 😎
We are so thankful to the riders of ABATE and their tireless work on behalf of children. Hope to see as many of you as possible this Sunday 7/14 at the annual ride for the Wisconsin Burn Camp Thank you for also collecting healthy donations for Hunger Task Force, Inc. Can't wait to let the good times roll TJ's Roundabout!
Thank you Abate of Wisconsin for all you do !
have some pics from 1936 how do I share I gave the negatives to the Harley museum and got a huge plaque and free entrance for life
Just got a call from Green Bay news channel wanting to do story on motorcycles and safety in WI. She wanted live interview for video for program. I refered her to 3B rep Shoe or BOD member Cat. Heads up folks, you may receive a phone call.
Beginning in June, the Shawano Region 3C meetings will BEGIN AT 1PM (on the 1st Saturday of the month). This coming Saturday our meeting is at Toad Creek Tap just north of Black Creek on Old Hwy 47 Rd (off of Hwy 47). Join us if you can! Remember 1PM!