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Foster Grandparents of SE Idaho Foster Grandparents of SE Idaho is a volunteer program that places grandparents in mentoring and tutoring positions within the Head Start programs, elementary schools, libraries, day cares, State Hospital South and the Juvenile Corrections Center.

Literacy is the largest focus in the tutoring portion of Foster Grandparents. However, grandmas and grandpas also assist in spelling, mathematics, science and special projects includin g art! Mentoring boils down to being a healthy, positive adult role model. Mentors encourage children and youth to be honest, to be accountable, to treat others with respect, to communicate, to participate - all resulting in higher self esteem and happiness!


Yeah!!!! Lori and Jean pulled off another State Hospital South and Foster Grandparent bake sale. Yearly we have a bake sale to help raise funds for State Hospital South's United Way Campaign .The employees at State Hospital South have always been great supporters of this event. With donations from some of our lovely Grandparents and a wonderful employee of SHS, Julie Brodal, we managed to make over $200.00 this year. Thank you to all of the employees of SHS that purchased baked goods, our Board Member that donated funds to help pay for Lori and Jean's baked goods and everyone else that helped out.


Just posting a few pictures from our recognition adventure to Boise on June 28th and 29th. More postings will come later. It was a 100 degrees while we were going through the Rose Garden and the Boise Zoo. The cover picture is showing how we all appreciated walking by the elephant statue that was spritzing water. The next day we had fun touring the old town of Idaho City.


Lori and Jean are busy making plans for the annual May Recognition Event for the Foster Grandparents of South East Idaho. We are looking forward to showing the grandparents how much their volunteer work is appreciated.


On April 5th a representative from theYale School of Public Heath visited with Lori on the resources our community has for Senior Citizens. Lori was thrilled with the opportunity to discuss our program with the research coordinator on the mental health benefits of volunteering. United Way of Southeastern Idaho made this connection possible. This was an excellent opportunity to get information out on the benefits of being Foster Grandparents.


We were saddened to hear about the passing of Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan. Following is an article about how she was a strong supporter of the Foster Grandparent Program. If you would love to learn more about the Foster Grandparent Program please contact either Lori or Jean at 208-785-8454 or 208-785-8452.(Foster Grandparents of South East Idaho). Also we would like to highly recommend the book To Love A Child. It is an excellent read about how the Foster Grandparent volunteers enrich children's lives and how it also enriches the volunteers lives. It is full of funny and sometimes very sad stories of Foster Grandparents volunteer work.
Rest in Peace, Dear Nancy Reagon we are forever grateful for all that you have done for the Foster Grandparent Program.


Hello all. If you would like to see a news story about our Foster Grandparent Program, that story will air on Thurdsay, February 11th, at 5:30 p.m. Watch CBS which is Channel 3 with Todd Kunz. It is the segment they call "Pay it Forward."


For December in services we celebrated the holidays with pot luck lunches in our five areas. The opportunity to have quality time with the individual groups was incredible. We feel blessed to work with and know these amazing volunteers. Now we are looking forward to the New Year and it's challenges. Happy Holidays to all!!!!


In conjuncture with State Hospital South, the Foster Grandparent Program of SE Idaho held their annual bake sale to help with contributions for United Way of Southeast Idaho’s campaign .
This year with all of the help from the employees of State Hospital South, Foster Grandparents, Board Members, and staff members of FGP, we were able to raise approximately $350.00 for the United Way campaign.


FGP Director Lori Murdock had an opportunity to do a 30 minute segment on the Community and Government Access Television for Pocatello. Check it out.
Go to
Click on the link Community and Government Access Television for Pocatello
A window will appear with the title Pocatello Access Television will appear; In the upper right hand corner of the window select Home
Scroll down to Potpourri Pastimes and double click
It will take 10 to 20 seconds for the segment to begin.
Lori did an excellent job representing and explaining about the Foster Grandparent Program


It is an honor to know all of our lovely volunteers. They are giving caring people. They have made a tremendous difference in our communities with their patient and loving ways.


Currently we are in the process of planning a celebration 50th anniversary party for the Foster Grandparent Program and our recognition event in May. We are looking forward to this event.


For this month's in service we are trying educate our Foster Grandparents about the different types of scams that are constantly going around. So far we have only had two in services but the stories the grandparents are sharing really break our hearts. One of the grandparents said that her sister was scammed out of over $500,000. Her family simply could not convince her that she was just tossing her money away. She just knew that she was going to get 5 million dollars because that was what the caller promised her. Another one lost $6000.00 on one of those telephone scams that say they are your grandchild and you need to send money to get them out of a jam. There should be a special place in hell for the crooks that take advantage of these dear people that have worked hard all of their lives and have a trusting giving nature.

Senior citizens mentoring young students
Senior citizens mentoring young students

Senior citizens mentoring young students

Video on Today: A program called Senior Corps is showing some of the 60 million Americans age 55 and older that you’re never too old to go back to school. The program places foster grandparents in schools, helping kids in more ways than one. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.


This month State Hospital South is doing fund raising activities for United Way. Our Foster Grandparents offices are at State Hospital South and we have been recipients of funding from United Way so we were excited to be involved in the fund raising activities with SHS. A total of $337.25
was raised from the Foster Grandparents Bake Sale!
Thanks to Everyone who Participated!


Schools are back in session and Lori is busy arranging volunteer stations for our new volunteers. So many schools, not enough volunteers for all of them. We hope our numbers keep expanding to accommodate the need.

Foster Grandparent Program

Foster Grandparent Program

Foster Grandparents play an important role in our childrens lives. Enroll today if you are 60 and over and on a fixed income. Email me


Lori and Jean are working hard to get prepared for our annual all area in-service being held on August 13. This is one of the rare times when we can get all of our grandparents together. It is a joy to see them all together. It also gives the grandparents an opportunity to see that they are part of a large organization of people serving communities in helping children needing a little more help. Looking forward to this event and we are hoping that they will find the information we are presenting to be useful.


Our annual summer get-together for our Board of Directors has been scheduled for July 19th. Our 9 Board members generously donate their time, skills and support so that we can operate such a terrific program! Thank you, Board members!


Thanks to our two new "friends"! They are both foster grandmas through our program, Barbara Daniels and Ruth Duchscher.


We were fortunate enough to have visited 3 of our "far and away" volunteer grandmas recently - Gail in American Falls, Greta in Salmon, and Teresa in Mackay. These ladies do an awesome job and make a big difference in their elementary schools!


The Foster Grandparent program requests annual evaluations on our volunteers from the teachers they work with. It is a joy for Lori and I to read some of the teacher's comments. We decided to share a few here.

"Grandma is so kind and loving to all my students. she makes each of them feel special and capable. She is patient and is able to motivate them with her encouragement. The children have all progressed because of her guidance."

"Grandpa shows extraordinary patience and kindness to all students . The students love him."

"Grandma is compassionate and patient with kids who have great sadness in their lives. She is also patient enough to work with intense behaviors of the kids with ADHD. We love her!"

"Grandpa works well with individuals and small groups of children. He builds strong relationships and helps the children to achieve their goals. He goes above and beyond and often shares his talentsby teaching students Spanish. He is very much loved and appreciated. He is awesome!!!"


700 E Alice St
Blackfoot, ID


(208) 785-8454



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