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Blasdell Paranormal Society We are very excited to announce that BPS is setting up interviews for new members for the team


Anyone want to share any haunted places they know of in the WNY area!!


Anyone interested in the paranormal and have thoughts about joining the team message me!


Anyone have any ghost encounters they want to tell or any good haunted areas they want to talk about.


Thank you for all the likes everyone. The page has been down for a little bit now, but we are getting back up and running.


Happy Halloween!!!


Thanks for all the likes everyone, going into the best month of the year October!!


Thanks for all the likes on the page everyone, getting ready for some upcoming investigations so if you or anyone you know is interested in the group get a hold of us.


Ordering a couple more laser grids and motion sensors to bring along on our investigations!


We are currently looking for new team members for BPS, so if you are interested in the paranormal and want to know more about joining the BPS team post on the page or email us thanks!!


BPS is waiting on some new equipment to come in to help us on our investigations!!


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The nice weather is finally on the way, time to start getting ready for some investigating!!


Blasdell Paranormal Society possibly will have a new member to the team in the next couple days!


Blasdell Paranormal Society is currently looking for people that would like to join our team. We are looking for people that are interested in the paranormal and would have time to dedicate to our team and investigations. If you are interested please post on our wall, or you can email us on here. Thanks


Excited to get our new laser grid!


(Upcoming Investigation)THE IRON ISLAND MUSEUM
Built in 1895 as a popular Methodist-Episcopal church, it was eventually taken over in the 1950s by a funeral director and converted into a funeral home. Finally in 2000, Anthony Amigone donated the building to The Iron Island Preservation Society of Lovejoy, Inc. so that they could continue their efforts to preserve the history of the Iron Island neighborhood.

Now open to the public as a museum with a large collection of donated historical items, you can experience the rich history of the former railroad and maybe even meet the local spirits that make this museum their home.

The museum was even featured on the popular Sci-Fi Channel series Ghost Hunters. Previously thought to have the ghost of a young boy wandering the rooms of the old funeral home where he was laid for his wake, after the TAPS investigation it is now believed that the ghosts of an older man and a woman are part of the ghostly world of The Iron Island Museum.


New infrared temperature gun with laser


More new equipment on order.


BPS has some new equipment on the way to help with our investigations.


Best photo we have taken yet, look to the left of the right pine tree in the pic, you can clearly see a women standing there in front of the 3rd stone and you can even see the stone right thru the apparition.


Great pic, in this pic you can make out an apparition in front of the closest tree to the camera( it's the biggest treee in the pic) it looks to be standing in front of the stone, you can clearly make out the upper body and face.


Some older pics that just turned up some evidence, in front of the middle pine tree a couple stones up.


The history of Rolling Hills Asylum began in 1827, when it was opened as the Genesee Poorhouse. County poorhouses were common in those days, established for those who could not care for themselves. The inmates were a mixture of orphans, the indigent, the mentally insane, the elderly and even occasional criminals with nowhere else to go. According to the old records, many died at the poorhouse during its years of operation and many were buried on the property in unmarked and forgotten graves. Rolling Hills later served as a mental institution but when federal funding ran out, it was turned into a nursing home. The conditions deteriorated until it was finally closed down in 1974. After nearly 20 years, the abandoned buildings were turned into a shopping center before closing down once again.

Over the years, Rolling Hills has been plagued by numerous stories of ghosts and hauntings. Some claim to have seen people inside, staring out the windows when the building is empty. Others have heard odd noises, live disembodied voices and the sounds of women and children crying and moaning. Windows have been reported to open and close on their own, knocking sounds have been heard coming from inside the walls and some report the feelings of cold hands on the back of their necks, or having their hair or clothing pulled and tugged on. There are also stories of apparitions that roam the hallways at night -- spirits that still linger here from more than a century and a half ago!


Time to get out and do some Paranormal Investigating!


BPS has been down for a little while, but is getting back up and running!!


The Sullivan brothers




BPS is planning to visit the Buffalo Naval Park to investigate USS THE SULLIVANS in the coming weeks!


We are very excited to announce that BPS is setting up interviews for new members for the team. Anyone that is interested in joining, please call or text our phone number. BPS


We are very excited to announce that BPS is setting up interviews for new members for the team. Anyone that is interested in joining, please either call the phone number up on the site or post something up on the wall and we will contact you. thank you,


We have are first interview for a new team member tomorrow, looks like a good candidate!


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