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THE DRONE'S OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED!!! Thank you all for sharing the post and helping the owner recover his drone.


Is anyone missing a drone? A resident turned in a drone they found on their property. If you can identify it we will return it to you. If you have the controller, we'd like to borrow it first, (Just kidding)


Just a reminder, Please make sure to clear the snow from sidewalks in front of your house and also keep snow cleared from around fire hydrants. Yes, Village Codes requires you keep your sidewalks clear but we're more concerned about keeping pedestrians safe and out of the roadways during winter.


As we've stated numerous times, the Crossing Guards are in lawful control of the intersections of Post Street and Ford Street and Post Street at James Street during arrival and departure times at the Elementary School. The Crossing Guards are responsible for the safety of the children and adults who are walking their children to school and are lawfully authorized to control the flow of vehicular traffic accordingly.
On Monday, October 31, 2022 at about 7:38AM a motorist refused to comply with the lawful order of the Crossing Guard at the intersection of Post and Ford Streets. The driver disregarded the Crossing Guard's lawful order to STOP for pedestrians in the crosswalk and proceeded to continue on into the intersection while children were in the crosswalk. (Not the first time)
The Crossing Guard was able to obtain the description of the vehicle, license plate, and driver which matches body camera footage, (Yup, body camera footage). The driver was located ticketed for Failure to Comply with a lawful order and is due to appear in Boonville Town Court at a later date.
We understand that traffic can become congested at those intersections but we've also stated, NUMEROUS TIMES, that alternative routes can be taken during arrival and dismissal times. Schuyler Street and Erwin Streets are available and allow motorists to avoid periodic stoppages at the aforementioned intersections.
Please keep in mind, we are far more concerned with the safety of our children than any minor traffic delays that ensuring their safety may cause. If you're in a big hurry, please take an alternate route.

SCAM ALERT UPDATE!          This is a screenshot of the hoodie being "Marketed".   At no time did I nor any other person...


This is a screenshot of the hoodie being "Marketed". At no time did I nor any other person with the authority to do so, give permission for any person or persons to use our Boonville Police Department patch for any non-law enforcement purpose. If you look closely this is a poor quality photoshop job intending to entice people to purchase their product. An individual in the Village did order one of these hoodies and we're waiting to see if they receive anything. We will update as information comes in.


I've received a bunch of calls from people alerting me to a new scam that's going around involving people receiving text messages advertising Boonville Police Department hoodies for $10 off. Most of the recipients receive a text message with a white background and text at the bottom that states:

Dear (Recipient), Boonville NY
Police Department hoodie
10$ OFF ready to order now

One recipient received the text message with a green background with numerous pictures of dogs, (head shots only).

Needless to say, Boonville Police Department has no hoodies, or any other apparel for sale at this time so PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY TEXT MESSAGES REGARDING BOONVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT HOODIES OR ANY OTHER APPAREL.

August 20, 2022 Boonville Auxiliary Police Captain Gene Graves receives his plaque commemorating over FITY YEARS of self...

August 20, 2022 Boonville Auxiliary Police Captain Gene Graves receives his plaque commemorating over FITY YEARS of selfless volunteer service to the citizens of Boonville and to Oneida County. Thank You Gene for all you've done for all of us.

We whish to offer our sincere thanks to Carmen and everyone at Luigi's II Pizzaria on Water Street in the Village of Boo...

We whish to offer our sincere thanks to Carmen and everyone at Luigi's II Pizzaria on Water Street in the Village of Boonville for taking care of us and donating pizza and drinks for all the members of our traffic detail for the Woodsman's Field Days Parade. It was a long, hot, exhausting day for all of us and it was really nice to come back to the station and have a great lunch. Thank you Carmen and everyone at Luigi's that made this a great day!

If you're at the parade today please acknowledge the distinguished gentleman in the passenger seat of the Boonville Poli...

If you're at the parade today please acknowledge the distinguished gentleman in the passenger seat of the Boonville Police car at the front of the parade. This man is Gene Graves, he's the Captain of the Boonville Police Department's Auxiliary Police and he's retiring after serving over fifty years a public safety volunteer! He's served in served as a volunteer in Volunteer fire departments, Oneida County Civil Defense, the Boonville Auxiliary Police, and so many more agencies. We salute Gene and offer our profound gratitude for his dedication and service to the citizens of Boonville and Oneida County.


On Saturday morning, August 20, 2022 between 10:00AM and 3:00PM there will be NO PARKING on Main St, Schuyler St, (Between Main St, Post St), Post St, (between Erwin St and James St), Ford St, ( Between Post St and Summit St), and Summit St, ( between Schuyler St. and Ford St.). These streets will be closed for the Woodsman's Field Days Parade which starts at Noon.
The no parking order will still allow for drop-off and pick-up of individuals with limited mobility and to drop of chairs or seating for spectators. All cars however must be removed from the parade route streets immediately. We are expecting a bigger than normal parade with a large number of very big logging vehicles. The parking ban will allow for safe transit of those vehicles and allow more room for spectators to safely watch the parade.


I would like to thank everyone who took the time to come to Boonville Police Department's FIRST public safety meeting. As part of our Reform Package we wanted to reach out directly to our community members to share our plans and to listen to everyone's concerns. We were able to discuss Boonville's new Nuisance Abatement Law, parking issues, Crossing Guard responsibilities and powers, and a request for everyone to have their house numbers clearly posted on the front of their house to help first responders locate addresses quicker. Community members also shared a number of their concerns which will be a great help for us to be able to concentrate our efforts to handle issues in the community more efficiently an effectively. Thank You!!
Fred Robenski, OIC


In preparation for this evening's Boonville, Oneida County Fair Parade, there will be no parking on Main Street, Schuyler Street, Post Street and Ford Street in the Downtown area, we need to make room for the parade and spectators. All streets in the downtown area of the village will be closed at 6:20PM so please plan accordingly. Please have all parked vehicles removed from the parade route between 4PM-8PM. Thank you all for your patience and cooperation.


Our Boonville Auxiliary Police are looking for a few more people to join their ranks. If you are interested in volunteering your time for this fantastic organization please send a letter stating your interest to: Boonville Police Department
13149 RT 12
Boonville, NY 13309
ATTN: Auxiliary Police

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or older and be able to pass a background check.


Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let everyone know that (unfortunately) we arent able to monitor this page as often as we like so if you have a complaint or an emergency please call us at (315)338-2888 instead of messaging us on Facebook Messenger. If you call the number and we're not here, the call is transferred to the Oneida County 911 dispatch center so law enforcement can be dispatched to you. Obviously, if it's an emergency call 911. If you wish to contact us for a non-complaint-related reason, you can E-Mail us at: [email protected] Again, this is for non-emergency or non-complaint-related issues.


Boonville Police phone number:
(315)338-2888 If nobody answers at the PD the call will be automatically transferred to Oneida County Despatch. Please be advised that the old 943 number is not in use.

fax: (315)338-2889

E-Mail: [email protected]


Our School Crossing Guards have been doing a great job this school year and we have experienced significantly fewer issues than last year. Students and parents have been a joy to work with this year and we thank you all for your cooperation and patience. To avoid any potential problems, please follow the guidelines listed below:

1). The Crossing Guard is in control of all vehicular and pedestrian traffic at their assigned intersection. Please pay attention to the Crossing Guards and follow their directions.

2). All pedestrian traffic must cross in the crosswalk. Crossing away from the crosswalk or crossing diagonally across the road or between vehicles could result in citations being issued for violations of laws.

3). Please be considerate of businesses in the area. Several of the parking lots are private and are reserved for customer parking. If you see a sign that says Customer Parking Only, please find another place to park.

We sincerely appreciate all the cooperation we've received and the positive relationships with our parents and students that have been established. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail them to: [email protected] and we'll address them as soon as possible.

Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!


Just a reminder to everyone that we need to keep the sidewalks clear of obstructions. Snow must be removed from sidewalks and vehicles cannot be parked in such a manner as to block any portion of the sidewalk.


The Boonville Police Department is accepting applications for part-time Police Officer. Applicants must be certified and have at least two years experience as a Police Officer in New York State. Resume's may be sent to:
Boonville Police Department
13149 Rt. 12
Boonville, NY 13309
ATTN: Fred Robenski OIC.

It is with the heaviest of hearts the Village of Boonville Police Department must announce the passing of Boonville Poli...

It is with the heaviest of hearts the Village of Boonville Police Department must announce the passing of Boonville Police Officer Dale W. Roberts, Badge #5012, on Sunday June 06, 2021.
After his retirement as a Senior Investigator for the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, Dale continued his service as a Lewis County Parks and Recreation Deputy and as a Patrolman for the Village of Boonville Police Department. Dale’s contributions and dedication to our communities is unparalleled and the loss of such a great man is immeasurable.

In times of question you were our voice of reason
In times of confusion you showed us a clear path forward
In times of turmoil you were our rock
Always, you were a gentleman

Rest easy BPD 5012, LC 712, we have the watch from here


I received a phone call from the Observer Dispatch this morning informing me that they had received an E-Mail from Albany advising them that the Village of Boonville Police Department's Reform Plan had been received and that we are, and have been in compliance with all Reform mandates and requirements. I would like to thank Samantha Madison, the Governor's Representative for this region for all her help since this ordeal began. Samantha was instrumental in having this issue resolved.


On Tuesday, June 1, 2021 members of the Boonville Police Department were in the City of Utica on other business when they observed a vehicle parked next to a residence on Blandina Street and the vehicle matched the description of a vehicle stolen from a business in the Village of Boonville in February 2021. With the assistance of the Utica Police Department, the 2015 Chevy Malibu was determined to be the stolen vehicle and BPD Officers were able to secure it without incident. An arrest warrant had already been issued for the suspect but she was not at the residence at the time the vehicle was located. After processing at BPD, the vehicle has been returned to the business. Police are still actively looking for the suspect.

On July 4, 2020 Toledo Police Officer Anthony Dia, badge number 2755 was shot and killed while investigating a report of...

On July 4, 2020 Toledo Police Officer Anthony Dia, badge number 2755 was shot and killed while investigating a report of a person acting erratically at a local Home Depot. You may remember Officer Dia’s last radio transmission, “Tell my family I love them” made as he lay dying on the parking lot pavement. On July 05, 2020 I put the mourning band on my badge in honor of the 26 year old officer of 4 years.
After Officer Dia’s death I became acutely aware that cops were being killed at a record pace in our country and I kept the mourning band on my badge because at least one cop was being killed every week. I said that if we went a week without a cop being killed while on duty, I would take it off. It’s June 2, 2021 and it’s still on. Here are my reasons for keeping it on:

2020 Line of duty deaths (Nationally)
9/11 related illness 14
Aircraft accident 1
Assault 1
Automobile crash 19
COVID19 236
Drowned 4
Duty related illness 5
Gunfire 49
Heart attack 7
Heatstroke 1
Motorcycle crash 4
Struck by vehicle 8
Vehicle pursuit 2
Vehicular assault 13
Total line of duty deaths 364 Thru may 31, 2020 total 31

9/11 related illness 1
Assault 4
Automobile crash 10
COVID19 70
Duty related illness 2
Gunfire 26
Heart attack 7
Motorcycle crash 3
Stabbed 2
Struck by vehicle 9
Vehicular assault 9
Total line of duty deaths (So far) 143 that’s an increase of 112.
Last year at this time we had faced the duty related deaths of 31 police officers, this year we’re already at 143. As summer approaches we normally see a sharp increase in the number of on-duty, assault and gunfire related deaths of our nation’s police officers and we can only pray that this is not the case this year. Until then I’ll keep wearing the mourning badge on my badge in the hopes that this ends.


By now many of you have read the grossly misleading and factually incorrect headline in the Saturday, May 29 issue of the Observer Dispatch. I wish to assure you that the Village of Boonville Police Department's Reform Plan was submitted on time and complete. The plan and required certification was submitted on March 29, 2021 which is three days before the deadline.
On April 7, 2021 We received a call from the Governor's Office reminding us that the plan had not been submitted. During this conversation it was verified that in fact the plan had been submitted and received. A copy of the plan containing the required certification was re-submitted on this date to assist the Governor's Representative in correcting this issue.
On April 21, 2021 another call from the Governor's Office again reminding us that the plan had not been received. After reminding the Governor's Representative of the April 7th conversation, (She remembered it), the plan was again re-submitted with the required certifications. The plan and required certifications were also re-submitted to the Budget Office. Follow-up E-Mails were received from the Governor's Office which confirmed their receipt of the plan, (Again). A follow up phone call from the Governor's Representative advised that the plan was in fact received, accepted and approved.
On Thursday, May 27, 2021 I received a call from the reporter from the Utica Observer Dispatch advising me that the Boonville Police Department was on a list of departments that had not submitted a Reform Plan to the State. I informed the reporter that we had in fact submitted the plan, (at least three times), and that the plan had been received accepted and approved. I also sent a copy of the plan with the required certifications to the reporter for her review. After completing my call with this reporter I immediately attempted to contact the Governor's Representative regarding the matter but was unable to reach the Representative. A voicemail was left and another copy of the plan, certifications, e-mails and text messages was sent to the Representative, (4th time!).
After reading the headline and story I contacted the reporter. She stated that Boonville Police Department was still on the list of departments that had not submitted their Reform Plan but did admit that she had been unable to make contact with anyone from the State to verify any of the information I had given her regarding our submission. She said that she was going to contact the other departments on the list to determine if there were any other agencies that were experiencing the same issue to determine whether or not this is a broader issue and provide a follow-up to this story.
On Tuesday, June 1, 2021 I spoke with the Representative from the Governor's Office regarding this issue. She stated she was actively working on getting to the bottom of it and working on correcting the issues created by Boonville PD being on the "List". She confirmed that the plan had been submitted, received, accepted and approved, and that she was going to do whatever was required to fix the problem. She will be in contact today and I will relay any information received from her. I appreciate your concern and I wish to assure you that the Village of Boonville Police Department has been in compliance with the Governor's mandate and will work diligently to insure that this problem is corrected.



There are days that make us question our worth to our communities and we wonder if those that we are sworn to protect an...

There are days that make us question our worth to our communities and we wonder if those that we are sworn to protect and serve have an understanding or appreciation for what this job is all about. Today is not one of those days!!
Thank You John for thinking of us and for your kindness and generosity in sending these Adopt-A-Cop kits!


Law enforcement across the country is experiencing a deluge of fraud complaints and are faced with the incredibly difficult task of trying to combat this problem. News media outlets, law enforcement, community organizations and many other groups have attempted to educate people on how to avoid being victimized yet the problem persists. With technological advances happening every day it's becoming almost impossible to keep up with those who use this technology for criminal reasons. Additionally, many of the groups perpetrating these crimes are operating from foreign countries so investigating them and arresting them is difficult to say the least.
Some common methods of fraudulent activity involve phone calls from phone numbers that appear to be local or even from a familiar number. A friend of mine actually received a fraud call from MY phone number! Easily available software allows these criminals to choose any number they want to show up on your caller ID. The caller could be making the call from ANYWHERE in the world but the caller ID shows it's a local caller. How many of you receive daily calls about your vehicle's warranty from a local cell phone number? If the number appears to be familiar, but you don't recognize the caller's voice, you could hang up and call back to see if the same person answers the call. If it's a fraud call, the number may not ring back to the original caller.
If you get a text message from a friend asking for money, call them and verify that it's actually them requesting the money. Criminals can, and do, access your saved phone information and can copy your directories and saved call records to determine which numbers you frequently interact with so you may let your guard down when they call.
In one recent case a person received at text message from a known friend's cell number. The text message stated that the "Caller" was out of state but forgot their' nephew's birthday. The "Caller" asked the person to purchase two gift cards for them and then send pictures of the gift cards to them so they could forward the images to the "Nephew" for his birthday. The "Caller" said that they would pay them back when they got home. The person receiving the texts did purchase the gift cards, (Total $500.00) and sent pictures to the "Caller". There is no way to recover that money! This could have easily been prevented by simply calling the "Friend's" number (ACTUALLY DIAL THE NUMBER, DON'T JUST HIT RE-DIAL), and asking if this is a legitimate request.
Criminals also will access your e-mail accounts in this same manner and perpetrate the same fraudulent activity. If it's really your friend, you should always call them directly and inquire if it's really them sending you the request.
Social Media and Dating sites:. If a facebook group direct messages you and asks them to send you money, DON'T. It's most likely an attempt to take your money. That hottie you just met on TINDER yesterday that says they're new to the area and don't have a bank account yet probably doesn't live anywhere near here. When they send you a check for thousands of dollars to deposit into your bank, or asks for your account number so they can do it themselves, DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER!!! Even when they say you can keep some of the money, DON'T DO IT!!!
Once they get your money, IT'S GONE, FOREVER!! You may have insurance or you bank may have insurance, but in most cases IT'S GONE!!
If everyone just uses some common sense this problem could be greatly reduced and possibly even eliminated. Here are some tips to help if you're being contacted by these criminals:

1). If you don't recognize the phone number or E-Mail address, don't answer or open it. If it's a legitimate call, they'll leave a voicemail.
2). If you didn't solicit or request a contact from a business, don't agree to anything on the initial contact. Obtain the phone number from another source, (Google search, phone book etc) and call them back for verification.
3). If you get a call, text or E-Mail from someone you know and they're asking for money, verify it's actually that person. Look up their number from your phone and call them directly and ask them if it's really them asking. DON'T JUST HIT RE-DIAL. If it's an E-Mail, don't reply to that E-mail, start a new E-mail chain using the E-mail address you have for that person, even if it's the same as the suspect E-mail. Break the chain and start a fresh one.
4). The IRS, Social Security won't call you directly regarding your account, they'll contact you by mail. , FBI and Police won't usually call directly you to tell you that someone you know was arrested and needs bail money, the arrested person will do that. And police won't meet you somewhere to get the bail money from you. If you get such a call ask them what agency they're calling from and look up the number yourself and call them. Realistically, in New York State, there usually isn't any bail required any for most offenses.
5). DON'T ENGAGE the caller if you believe it's a fraud call. These people train themselves for this! Very often the calls are recorded and the more you say the more they have of your voice. Now they can have the ability to piece together a conversation using your actual voice to set up accounts in your name.
7). Any correspondence you receive that offers money, asks for money, or attempts to obtain your personal information needs to be verified. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn't.
8). If at any time something doesn't sound right, trust your gut and end the conversation. You can always verify whether the contact is legitimate or not if you just do a little homework.

If you believe you are the victim of fraudulent activity, or if you believe someone is attempting to target you, contact your local law enforcement for assistance.


Questions have come up recently regarding mask mandates and whether a mask must be worn in places that are open to the public. Whether or not you believe in the constitutionality of mask mandates or whether or not you think there is any medical benefit to wearing a mask, please pay attention to the following.
Any person or entity who owns buildings or property may require persons on that property to adhere to certain rules in order to be able to remain on that property. If a person refuses to adhere to those rules, the person in charge of that property may refuse entry to that property. If a person is already on that property and refuses to adhere to the rules, the person in charge may remove that person from the property. If the person enters the property against the wishes of the person in charge, or refuses to leave when ordered to leave, that person can be arrested for TRESPASS.
If the rule on that property is that a mask must be worn, then a mask must be worn.
Also consider that in businesses that are open to the public, fines that are well into the thousands of dollars may be imposed on those businesses that fail to insure compliance to mask mandates. These rules apply to any business or entity that is open to the public including churches, stores, offices, medical facilities, schools, etc. So have respect for the people in charge of these entities and wear your mask.


We are currently looking for a Kia, possibly a Kia Soul involved in a property damage hit and run accident last week. The vehicle should have front end and undercarriage damage. You can forward info via private message here, e-mail to [email protected] or (315)943-2052 and follow the prompts. Thank you for your assistance.


It’s been brought to my attention that people cannot reach the PD using the (315)943-2050 phone number. If you have an EMERGENCY, obviously call 911, but for NON-emergency situations you can call (315)880-0301 and your call will be answered by dispatch. We’ll work on fixing the original PD number

Being a Cop lately is becoming more stressful by the minute.  But just when we can’t stand it anymore we get a letter li...

Being a Cop lately is becoming more stressful by the minute. But just when we can’t stand it anymore we get a letter like this! Thank you Alexander, you made our week!!


Working a detail this morning I was approached by a nice lady who had a question. She asked me, “What happens when a frog gets a parking ticket?” Obviously I had no idea. She responded, “They get toad”. Have a nice day

January 7, 2020 was a tragedy for the entire Boonville Community.  Losing such a big part of our downtown seemed insurmo...

January 7, 2020 was a tragedy for the entire Boonville Community. Losing such a big part of our downtown seemed insurmountable at the time but in every step of this journey we’ve seen hope for the future our Village. Now the charred remains of the landmark buildings and businesses have been removed and we have a clean slate to begin the next phase of Downtown Boonville. Announcements will come soon on plans for future buildings and businesses.


At about 4:00PM tomorrow, (06/06/2020) a large group of people supporting ACS Seniors will be walking on Ford Street (Rt.294) from Boonville Elementary School to the Adirondack High School to express their support for a graduation ceremony for the Seniors. We ask that anyone driving in that area please exercise extreme caution or avoid the area completely between 4PM-5PM.


Due to parking lot paving the Town and Village Offices locates at 13149 Rt 12 will be closed today, June 5, 2020. The Offices will be open on Monday. Thank you for your patience.

The cleanup of the fire scene is progressing but it is not complete.  Because of this Municipal Parking Lot A will be cl...

The cleanup of the fire scene is progressing but it is not complete. Because of this Municipal Parking Lot A will be closed Monday - Wednesday 6/1-6/3 and all parking restrictions on Main Street will resume. We sincerely appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Due to cleanup operations on Main Street and the congestion it is causing, we are asking everyone to avoid using Main St...

Due to cleanup operations on Main Street and the congestion it is causing, we are asking everyone to avoid using Main Street from Church Street to East Schuyler Street. Operations are from 6:45 AM- 2:00PM today-Friday so during that time please use alternate routes. Thank you so much for your cooperation during this time


Boonville, NY



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