Buffalo, NY 2011- All America City Finalist

Buffalo, NY 2011- All America City Finalist " All America City" Finalist Buffalo, NY Finalists Named for 2011 All-America City Award- “City of Good Neighbors “among Finalists. Denver, Colorado--The National Civic League (NCL) today announced the finalists for the All-America City Awards, the annual competition for civic activists and community problem-solvers.

The 2011 awards event will be June 15-17 in Kansas City, Missouri.

“We’re very excited about this year’s participants, a very strong group of contenders with great civic projects to brag about,” said NCL President Gloria Rubio-Cortés. “These communities have tackled everything from tsunami preparedness to environmental sustainability, education, gang violence and economic development.”

The list of 26 finalists includes large urban centers, midsized cities and smaller suburban and rural communities. Listed alphabetically by state are the 2011 finalists:

Alaska: Kenai
California: Downey, Dublin, Huntington Park, Torrance and Yucaipa
Colorado: Lakewood
Illinois: Belleville
Indiana: South Bend
Iowa: Marshalltown
Kansas: Scott City
Massachusetts: Dedham
Michigan: Ann Arbor
Mississippi: Tupelo
Nebraska: Dakota County
North Carolina: Eden and Fayetteville
New York: Buffalo
Ohio: Cincinnati
Oregon: Lakeview and Seaside
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
Texas: Fort Worth and Taylor Landing
Utah: Cottonwood Heights
Wisconsin: Beloit

Immediately recognizable for the “stars and bars” shield logo found on water towers and city limits signs across the country, the award is given to ten winners each year for community-based problem solving, grassroots civic engagement and joint efforts on the part of the public, private and nonprofit sectors. To become a finalist, each participant completed an application describing three community projects to address local challenges. At least one community project must focus on the needs of young people. During the three-day competition, a delegation from each community will present its challenges and solutions to a jury of national experts from across the United States. The All-America City Award is an honor achieved by more than 600 neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, counties, and regions across the country. Some have won the award multiple times.

“People can’t believe the energy and spirit of this event until they experience it,” noted Hon. Sandra Freedman, who chairs the National Civic League Board of Directors. “It’s a unique combination of local pride and community innovation, and in these very tough times for localities, these communities give us hope and new ideas about how to do more with less.”

Sprint Foundation is underwriter of this year’s All-America City Awards. Sponsors are: the Gay & Le***an Fund For Colorado; Southwest Airlines (the official Airline of the All-America City Awards); the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, Jossey Bass (an imprint of Wiley), which is celebrating the 100th year of the National Civic Review; the Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation; J.E. Dunn Construction; LSC Transportation Consultants; the City of Gladstone, Missouri; the City of Barnstable, Massachusetts, and the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Learn more about the award program and follow events leading up to the Kansas City event on our All-America City blog at www.allamericacityaward.com and the All-America City Awards page. NCL is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that strengthens democracy by increasing the capacity of our nation’s people to fully participate in and build healthy and prosperous communities across America. Find out more about the National Civic League at www.ncl.org.


The following projects were included as part of the application for the All America City award by the the Wellness Institute:

PROJECT ONE (Challenge #1) -

B. The non-profit Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo is a social entrepreneurship agency that works collaboratively with inter-sector; inter disciplinary organizations and citizens to empower Buffalo to be a HEALTHY CITY. Using the broader definition of a “healthy city,” that encompasses the City’s Social, Environmental, Human and Economic capital the Institute has developed facilitation and strategic planning skills to create, participate in or influence a portfolio of initiatives that collectively address the City’s key issues. In the past three years the Institute has facilitated “Visioning” processes in the City’s Riverside, Flare and Black Rock communities and a city wide “Shared Vision” process targeting Childhood obesity. Through the process of developing the Vision statements the Institute has fostered the community’s look at their ‘current realities’ and crafting strategic plans to build their “healthy” community by networking with non-profits, city/county government, civic groups and private sector partners. Wellness Institute partnerships with Colleges ( i.e. Buffalo State; University at Buffalo and D’Youville) bring academic resources and interns into the mix of change. Over the years the Institute has impacted health in Buffalo’s youth, adult and older adults. A successful example of a City wide initiative touching all ages was the Institute’s advocacy creating a Buffalo Bicycle Pedestrian Commission in 2008. Policy change from this Commission included the passing of “Complete Streets” legislation which will have a lifetime impact on citizens of all ages, their health and the City’s sustainable environment. PROJECT TWO (Challenge #2 – May address sustainability issues) -

B. People United for Sustainable Housing in Buffalo is focused on the rehabilitating of vacant and abandoned housing to improve the overall quality of communities around Buffalo. In order to do this PUSH captures government resources and uses government finance options as well as state and federal money to address vacant lots and abandoned housing. PUSH has partnerships with other community organizations such as the Massachusetts Avenue Project and the Butler Mitchell Boys and Girls Club and schools such as Buffalo Public School 30 to get youth involved in the vacant lots they purchase, which are turned into gardens. Youth from Buffalo Public School 30 lay out a garden and then during June they come and watch what they planted grow. MAP uses the vacant lots purchased by PUSH for their Growing Green program, which revolves around youth. Other projects by PUSH include the Net Zero/10 Winter Street demonstration project and the Massachusetts Avenue Development Plan. The Net Zero/10 Winter Street demonstration project is designed to show all the latest green building techniques under one house. The MAD Plan is a 2.1 million dollar project designed to make more housing units available on Massachusetts Avenue through gut rehabilitations. Both the Net Zero/10 Winter Street demonstration project and MAD Plan have been well received by the community in which they are being done according to Sean Ryan, the housing director of PUSH. PROJECT THREE (Benefit Youth and Children) -

B. The Massachusetts Avenue Project’s top priority is providing alternatives to youth. This has been the top priority since MAP’s inception in 1992. MAP started to focus more on teenagers in 2002 when its leaders realized that there weren’t enough opportunities for teenagers in the community. Teenagers wanted jobs and since jobs were scare in the community they lived in, MAP created Growing Green in 2003. MAP employs and trains youth from the ages of 14-20 in Growing Green, which teaches them how to do sustainable food production methods and composting on MAP’s urban farm. Youth in Growing Green are the ones who structure and evaluate the program so they are more apt to work together and come up with solutions that will ultimately provide more affordable and healthy food to people in their community who are less fortunate. Through other areas of Growing Green such as the youth enterprise and the community outreach and education component, youth are actively learning how to run their own business and how policy work is done through the zoning ordinance meetings they are attending. MAP’s youth programs are funded in part by New York State, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Office of Children & Family Services with some local funding coming from Erie County.



Our team was happy to help out Mayor Brown with his Clean Sweep Initiative last week!

Activities Include, But Are Not Limited To:

▶︎Trimming trees
▶︎ Repairing signs
▶︎ Code enforcement
▶︎ Community policing
▶︎ Removing graffiti and debris
▶︎ Boarding up abandoned structures
▶︎ Going door-to-door offering governmental, employment and health & human services information.

If you'd like more information on this program please visit the website below ↓


Another reason why we are an ALL AMERICA Region!

Another reason why we are an ALL AMERICA Region!

Michaela from our team with 5 things she is thankful for 😄

1. The amazing nature in Western New York!!
2. My family, friends, and boyfriend
3. Good food (especially this month)
4. My puppy Benji

Life . Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Life . Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

One Word... VOTE! 🇺🇸

Election Day is Tuesday November 3rd

Promote civic health by using your democracy!

Check out your voter registration status here & find out all the information for local polling places here.

Use this link → voterlookup.elections.ny.gov/

Enjoy and share!

Enjoy and share!

The weekend is almost here! Come along with us on a walking tour. We'll be continuing to offer walking tours into November but catch them while we've got this nice Fall weather! www.explorebuffalo.org/calendar/

Healthy Communities 2030

Wash your hands ✋ Roger!!

Hand Washing has never been talked about more than in 2020...

Our newest team member Cerys demonstrates the CDC recommended way to wash your hands 🧼

* Cerys is from DC and new to WNY so we thought it would be fun to hear her 5 favorite things about Buffalo!

Another reason why we are an ALL AMERICA CITY AND REGION!!

Another reason why we are an ALL AMERICA CITY AND REGION!!

We love sharing the joy of biking. This fall, we're hosting mobile repairs and bike giveaways throughout Buffalo like this one at the Delavan Grider Community Center a few weeks ago.

Thank you to Independent Health for sponsoring our mobile repairs and the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation Youth Sports and Recreation COVID-19 Fund for supporting our bicycle giveaways.

We gratefully accept bike donations at our community workshop and at community events.

Enjoy 😉

Enjoy 😉

Fun facts about The Richardson Olmsted Complex as we continue to explore the letter "R"

🔸The Richardson Complex is a great example of adaptive reuse, which is the process of reusing an existing building for a new purpose, other than what it was designed for. This is one of the many examples of adaptive reuse throughout Buffalo!

🔸Perhaps owing to its past use, there are numerous rumors of paranormal activity at the property, including ghosts of former patients! These rumors have yet to be proven, however.

🔸A portion of the complex was used in 1983 as a hospital setting for the movie "The Natural", which was filmed in Buffalo.

🔸The building is designed in such a way that, when viewed from above, it resembles a flock of geese in a V-shaped flight
Buffalo is one of only two American cities to have examples from the "Trinity of American Architecture" - Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, and H.H. Richardson.

You Can Visit!
The Richardson Olmsted Complex and the 100 Acres restaurant, is open daily to visitors, though there may be some restrictions due to COVID-19. If you have never been to this building, it's worth a visit - both inside and out!

Have you been to the Richardson Olmsted Complex? Share your photos with us and tag #ExploreBuffalo so that we can feature them!

Thanks to City of Light Publishing for the Buffalo A-Z journey. We've enjoyed following along with their book "Buffalo from A to Z: Come Take A Tour With Me." https://cityoflightpublishing.com/product/buffalo-from-a-to-z-come-take-a-tour-with-me/

That's all for this week - be sure to check back next Thursday when we see what's going on with the letter "S"!

Building community social capital!!

Building community social capital!!

Our Fall Newsletter is here! 🍁

We are so proud of what our partners are doing to help the WNY Community...

▶︎Steven's Spirit of Giving Inc. non-profit is promoting Random Acts of Kindness!

Learn more in our newsletter below ↓


Thank you Councilman Rivera!

Thank you Councilman Rivera!

We are very excited to have David A. Rivera, Niagara District Council Member as part of the REACH Ferry Street initiative!

It is so important to get out of the house and get some exercise. The easiest way is to simply go for a walk!

Ferry Street is a historic trail here in WNY! We encourage you to see more information on our website below ↓


Community Resource. Please share. P

Community Resource. Please share. P


We are very excited that some of our shoppers have begun to return! Hooray! Part of our re-opening plan includes signing up for a time slot to shop so we can limit the number of people in the Closet at one time. Here is the sign-up link for August! Please share for anyone that would like to come in and grab some fabulous summer stuff for their kiddos!


Healthy Communities 2030

Civic Health!

Do you live near Ferry Street?

We are happy to announce our REACH Ferry Street Walking Initiative!

Learn more & join in with us by clicking the link below!


For sharing. Phil
About : Explore Buffalo

For sharing. Phil

Explore Buffalo ® is a non-profit organization providing tours and other opportunities to discover Buffalo’s great architecture, history, and neighborhoods.

Universal Access to Health Promotion - Art & Science of Health Promotion Institute
Universal Access to Health Promotion - Art & Science of Health Promotion Institute

Universal Access to Health Promotion - Art & Science of Health Promotion Institute

Universal Access to Health Promotion: A Sustainable Strategy to Reduce Health Disparities, Improve the Health of an Entire State, and Accelerate the Evolution of Health Promotion “The three pillars critical to improving the health of the residents of a state or nation are enhancing the social dete...

Investment in our health!
Universal Access to Health Promotion - Art & Science of Health Promotion Institute

Investment in our health!

Universal Access to Health Promotion: A Sustainable Strategy to Reduce Health Disparities, Improve the Health of an Entire State, and Accelerate the Evolution of Health Promotion “The three pillars critical to improving the health of the residents of a state or nation are enhancing the social dete...

NCDD Community News » National Civic Review 2020 Spring Edition is Now Available!
NCDD Community News » National Civic Review 2020 Spring Edition is Now Available!

NCDD Community News » National Civic Review 2020 Spring Edition is Now Available!

NCDD member org, The National Civic League, announced the release of the 2020 Spring Edition of the National Civic Review. This esteemed quarterly journal offers insights and examples of civic engagement and deliberative governance from around the country. Friendly reminder that NCDD members receive...

Bula FM Fiji

Bula FM Fiji

Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover ✋🧘‍♀️🙇‍♀️💁‍♀️👉✊👊

Credit: Demic

Community resource for sharing  PHIL

Community resource for sharing PHIL

Dedicated to creating a region that supports active living and healthy eating.

Explore Buffalo

Explore Buffalo

Have you heard?! We've put together some neighborhood walking routes to enhance your daily/weekly walks.

On our website, you'll find walking routes for Elmwood Village Victorians, Hertel Avenue, & South Buffalo. These docs give you a route with stops and fun facts about where you are or what you're looking at. You can print them out or simply pull them up on your phone.

As you walk, feel free to tag us and share your experience or give yourself a digital break and just enjoy the outing!

We look forward to adding more routes on a regular basis and want to thank M&T Bank, Independent Health Foundation, Buffalo Spree magazine, and the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo & WNY for their support!

Check out the routes at https://explorebuffalo.org/walking-routes/

Urban Design 4 Health, Inc. | Physical Activity
Urban Design 4 Health, Inc. | Physical Activity

Urban Design 4 Health, Inc. | Physical Activity

UD4H develops evidence & tools to support healthy, sustainable & energy secure transportation & land use decision making. © 2020 URBAN DESIGN 4 HEALTH, INC.

Living Better, Living Longer: Stress and anxiety in the time of Covid-19. A Harvard psychiatry professor weighs in.
Living Better, Living Longer: Stress and anxiety in the time of Covid-19. A Harvard psychiatry professor weighs in.

Living Better, Living Longer: Stress and anxiety in the time of Covid-19. A Harvard psychiatry professor weighs in.

Dr. Greg L. Fricchione is the Mind Body Medical Institute Professor of Psychiatry at Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Here he places in context the worries we all feel when an infectious disease like the coronavirus COVID-19 comes calling. You’ll be happy to know the stress you’...


C/O Wellness Institute Of Greater; Buffalo 65 Niagara Square
Buffalo, NY


(716) 851-4052


Healthy" Civic infrastructure" . www.NCL.org


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