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Operating as usual


A recent fire in a home on Benzinger St.
Displaced a family of 6 and sent toxic fumes into the Closed school 43 next to home.
The fire melted windows on the school and caused the school to close for 2 days.
Even though the home was demolished and the asbestos abated the location of the drop off and boarding point for the busses has been moved to the Gold St. Entrance till the demolition crew removes the equipment.
Maybe a good idea for the reuse of the property might be a Victory Garden for the School.


Notable people

Carl Paladino, developer, Republican gubernatorial candidate in the 2010 New York State election, defeated by Andrew Cuomo. Originally from Lovejoy, he later relocated to South Buffalo.


Iron Island

Iron Island is a popular nickname of Lovejoy, due to the fact it is entirely, or almost entirely, surrounded by train tracks (Tracks run along William Street, Broadway, many go through the Buffalo Central Terminal, and across William Street). The area also has a CSX building located on N. Ogden Street.



There are many parks in the Lovejoy area, including Hennipin Park, the main and largest park including a recently redone community center, Davey Park, and Moreland Field.



There are many churches in East Lovejoy, although many of the Catholic churches underwent closures. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo decided to close two of the churches due to economic issues, and rename the church they kept open, as well as getting a new pastor. The three churches, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Agnes, and Visitation, were closed, and the Saint Francis building is used under the new name Saint Kathrine Drexel with pastor Rev. James M. Monaco. There are many other non-Catholic churches, for example, the Evangelical Baptist Church, located on Longnecker and Ludington Streets, Immanual Evangelical Lutheran located on Lovejoy and SS. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox church on Benzinger. The Trinity UCC closed in 2010 because of lack of parishioners. The Old German Evangelical Church built in 1883 under the name Trinity UCC on Gold St. has been purchased by Spirit of Truth Urban Ministry in 2010 to be its world headquarters at the East Lovejoy Campus on Gold St. It is now a diverse Apostolic Non-Denomination Church led by Senior Pastor Al Robinson. They are also responsible for the "Jesus on Blast" evangelical movement in western New York.



PS #43 is the primary school in the East Lovejoy area and many living in the area attend. It has architectural and significant history. Started in 1831 by Joseph Churchyard, the man who owned the land, the school created an annex on East Lovejoy and Benzinger Streets. This school is the current school #43. Built to accommodate 600 German children living in the area, the school had 49 classrooms, two gymnasiums, a cafeteria, and other features. In 1926, the amount of students attending was 1,662. Recently, the school underwent a 56 million dollar construction project that created another building connected to the old one, in place of the old parking lot. PS 43 is one of the Buffalo Public Schools.

Another school that was located in Lovejoy before its close in 2009, is St. Agnes. It did not have enough money to pay for the school and thus closed down. It was in Lovejoy for over 100 years. It opened in the 1800s.



The main group of ethnicity in Lovejoy are Italian Americans. Many Italian immigrants came to Lovejoy after immigrating to Buffalo. Italian Americans are not the only group in Lovejoy, Polish Americans and German Americans take the next two slots, however there are many other ethnicities in the area, 75% European-Americans. 10% each African-Americans and Latino-Americans, and 5% Asian-Americans


East Lovejoy, Buffalo, New York
The Lovejoy District is a neighborhood in Buffalo, New York. Lovejoy is the easternmost portion of the city, running along the city's border with Cheektowaga. It is part of the larger East Side of the city, but the region lacks much of the inner-city nature present in much of the East Side. The councilman of the area is Richard Fontana.


Welcome to "The New Lovejoy Village" a page dedicated to documenting the redevelopment of our Great Neighborhood we welcome your comments and Photo's Past and present.


Welcome to "The New Lovejoy Village a page dedicated to documenting the redevelopment of our Great Neighborhood we welcome your comments and Photo's Past and present.


E Lovejoy St.
Buffalo, NY


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Anyone from the Lovejoy area get a kids bike stolen? If so leave description in the comments because someone left a stolen bike on my front lawn
PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY 1 year old cat Lovejoy area! She does have medical problems and needs medical attention as well as her medications! If found contact me please!
i guess iam not allowed on lovejoy glory days sad my generation did not let lovejoy go to hell
Today from 5pm to 8pm there will be a Girl Scout Cookie booth outside Carbones Pizzeria on E. Lovejoy.
**ATTENTION ALL OF LOVEJOY RESIDENTS** We are having a Lovejoy sale for all our valentine's day items in the window at Lovejoy Village Association at 1160 E. Lovejoy st thursday and friday with extended hours.
I’m missing my Merle French bulldog puppies just turned 12 months old . Goes by the name of lucci , went missing around 8pm tonight on January 30th 2020 . If you have him or seen him please contact me . We have a prize for who has him and can give him back safely . My two year old got him for Christmas please find it in your hearts to give us or dog back . Thank you #SHARE SHARE SHARE MY FIANCE Teek Can Be Reached At 7164680291
tp roy bonati and the fools he hired too clean out my house. how could you take everything without asking me if i wanted it. you took it a wonderful life village which cannot be replace. all my decoration just everything. i hope you all are enjoying what you stole roy i am your baby sister how could you do this too me. have a merry christmas with my stuff. you stole from someone who is very ill does that make you happy.
I am excited to offer this event. A perfect way to ease stress and relax before the holidays.
TO THE RESIDENT OF LOVEJOY ON IDEAL ST BETWEEN REIMAN & KING: That's great your walking your dog and getting your pet exercise.... but when you repeatedly have to be ignorant by leaving your dog's poop on my front lawn and refusing to pick it up after my husband already had a conversation with you and I have verbally made sure to announce LOUDLY that our dogs don't go on our front lawn and that when we do walk our dogs we make sure to bring a bag with us. I have just friggin' stepped in it when i got out of my car and was trying to bring my garbage cans back but had to make sure to grab a bag and clean not 1 pile of FRESH SOFT poop but 4! STOP BEING LAZY AND DISRESPECTFUL...CLEAN IT UP! IF YOU CAN'T THEN HAVE THEM POOP IN YOUR YARD. WE HAVE CAMERAS SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE... OTHERWISE I WILL TAKE MY DOGS TO CRAP ON YOUR LAWN (And my dog has bigger poops).
Hello ,every one, ST. Agatha's Academy and Drexel Academy, are having a Head Start Summer Health Screening day for those who has been approved/accepted for the school year 2019, where: 65 Abbott Rd. Buffalo NY 14220,Tuesday, July 16, 2019 from 10:00 AM -2:00 PM. Please bring your child.