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The Law Offices of Matthew Albert Esq. Back before lawyers were the punch lines of bad jokes, being a lawyer meant something. The law was used for social progress and cultural growth.

At some point, in such a capitalistic culture, the importance of social values have been replaced by the importance of the almighty dollar. Sadly, no more so is that the case than in the legal community. The legal oaths with which lawyers are all sworn to become nothing more than punch lines in actual practice. Anyone who does not become coerced to the conformity of which we have now become conditioned is shunned as an outsider. Bill your hours. Make partner. Align yourself with the right people politically. Pay to play. Conform. Fall in line. Protect the police. Protect the system. That is my perception as to where the legal system is, based on six years as a District Attorney and one year in private practice. I am starting my own practice as a social experiment of some sort, as well as a challenge. Can one use the law not to trudge along with the system, but to challenge it, and, in some cases, destroy and obliterate the routine injustices that take place in the system? Can the law still be used for a more noble calling? Can the law still be a vehicle to advance social change? Yes, these questions sounds somewhat lofty and grandiose in nature. So be it. They are sincere in their quest to create a different model that goes against the grain, and goes against the system with which more and more of the population is recognizing as being broken.

Operating as usual

As many get set to put this year to rest by spending time, virtually or otherwise, with their loved ones, there are othe...
Attorney representing family of Gary Strobridge releases statement about assault charge filed against Elmira officer

As many get set to put this year to rest by spending time, virtually or otherwise, with their loved ones, there are others who are not as fortunate. Some must instead try and take solace with the prospect of justice for the cruel killing of their sons, brothers, and sisters by our government. Yesterday, upon the Attorney Generals' indictment of Eduardo Oropallo relative to the death of Gary Strobridge, his family and my clients received the somewhat hollow gift of hope that his killer will suffer consequence.

Pray for the lost and their families... for them, there is no harder time of year.

-On behalf of the Strobridge family, we believe that the Attorney General’s indictment of police officer Eduardo Oropallo, a City of Elmira police officer, on a violent felony charge is a significant step towards obtaining some measure of justice for the loss of Gary Strobridge. Strobridge, 47, was killed while in police custody on August 22, 2019.

However, there are still very troubling questions relative to Mr. Strobridge’s demise as well as the events that have transpired in the last year and half. It is our understanding that Mr. Oropallo has still been working on the taxpayer dollar since the events which occurred that day. A video clearly depicts Officer Oropallo slamming Mr. Strobridge’s head against the ground numerous times when he was in a prone position and handcuffed. The fact that Oropallo, who previously has excessive force complaints lodged against him, could continue prowling the community at the taxpayer dollar and putting its citizens at risk is a deep concern to the Strobridge family.

Also, Mr. Oropallo is now charged with causing a serious physical injury to Strobridge. Mr. Strobridge did not just suffer a serious physical injury; he died while in police custody. Our review indicates that manslaughter would have been the appropriate charge. Also, it is our understanding that Oropallo has been released on his own recognizance. We are of the firm belief that despite the charges lodged against Oropallo, he has still been given the royal treatment relative to the crimes he committed.

Gary Strobridge was in the throes of a mental health crisis, but otherwise healthy, when Elmira Police arrived on scene. Due to a parity of errors, Mr. Strobridge was left beaten to a pulp while on life support some two hours later. This case is emblematic of the need to change our method of policing and have mental health workers respond to scenes as opposed to police officers. While Mr. Strobridge was on the roof, one officer was overheard saying, “Well if he wants to jump, he can go ahead and jump. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

“Simply put, it is our belief that not one officer showed up on scene and had any intention to help Gary Strobridge get through his mental health crisis, “said Strobridge’s civil rights attorney Matthew Albert. “When all one has is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail. Mr. Strobridge’s death is the result of a culture designed to raise revenue and punish, as opposed to protecting and serving. Things need to change.”

The attorney representing Gary Strobridge's family in a federal lawsuit filed against several Elmira Police Officers has released a statement regarding the assault charge filed against one of the o...

The "pit bull," is my client's, Atom Arrollo. Today is a very sad and appropriate day to finalize our long journey for j...
City to pay $785,000 in cop, fire claims – including $110,000 for shooting pit bull

The "pit bull," is my client's, Atom Arrollo. Today is a very sad and appropriate day to finalize our long journey for justice with the lack of criminal charges coming against the cops who killed Breanna Taylor. My client was a decorated Iraqi war veteran who fought for his country overseas so that he could come home and live a quiet life with his best friend, a two-year-old pit bull named Cindy.

That was, until BPD executed a wrong house search warrant when going after the drug dealers whom lived in the front unit. Detective Joe Cook then killed my client's beloved and angelic dog, who was tethered and tied to her station. City propagandist Mike DeGeorge continued to disparage my client and say he was a drug dealer when my client has never so much as smoked a joint. This settlement proves shines a spotlight on a much larger issue.

Judges, in partnering with police to feed the prison industrial complex, sign search warrants with less thought than when they are choosing chicken or beef for whatever political fundraiser they are attending.

Innocent angels like Cindy and wrongfully accused soldiers, especially men of color like Atom, become mere casualties of an unjust system and a manufactured war on drugs.

Cindy's killer, Joe Cook, killed upwards of 50 dogs during his illustrious career. He didn't get arrested... he received a taxpayer funded pension for potentially killing more dogs than any cop in the United States. The whole damn system is guilty.

The three separate incidents all happened in 2013.

These are some of our current miracles who, Against ALL Oddz, are going to have amazing lives. We do not let finances or...
Help our Against All Oddz Miracles, organized by Matthew Albert

These are some of our current miracles who, Against ALL Oddz, are going to have amazing lives. We do not let finances or difficulties impact our decision making into who we take into our rescue. In fact, we take the hardest cases that often demand the most resources for the simple reason... no one else will and they deserve it.

Moe, on the left, was at a vets office with her prior owner and she was 10 minutes from being killed, at the age of 2. We didn't let that happen, and she is now in a board and train with all star trainer Josh Moran at BFK9, getting ready to live her best life. It'll be pricey but she's worth it.

Lucy, in the middle, was almost feral and missing a foot due to trauma. She's with us, and we will love her and treat her.... it'll be pricey but she's worth it.

Brady was wrongfully locked up for 21 months in cruel
inhumane conditions by a cruel Judge in the cruel town of Ogden, New York. By the grace of who knows what, we got him out and he is living his best life. It was the most taxing effort, both emotionally and financially, that we have faced. But he's worth it.

These efforts have exhausted us financially as we are also building our sanctuary. We have not had a day off from our jobs or AAO for... God knows when, as we make ends meet for these angels and more. Please help us help the ones no one
else will... we need the help now more than ever.

These are our current miracles who, Against ALL Oddz, are going to have amazing liv… Matthew Albert needs your support for Help our Against All Oddz Miracles

Many have reached out about this matter. We have offered our services but to become involved, we would need someone with...
Paralyzed dog stranded in quarantine at JFK Airport could be euthanized

Many have reached out about this matter. We have offered our services but to become involved, we would need someone with legal standing... some kind of possessory interest in the dog, to formally retain our services. In this case, that would be a representative of the rescuing agency who brought this dog over to the U.S. That is the case whether or not we were to offer our services on a pro bono basis. We could file an emergency injunction on such agency's behalf to protect against adverse action taken by the Government, if necessary.

At this juncture, it is my understanding that advocates are in touch with the authorities and trying to resolve this without formal representation. Obviously, we wish them the best and are on standby in case anyone needs us.

A paralyzed rescue dog has been stranded in quarantine at JFK Airport for three days — and could soon be euthanized — because Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials wrongly assumed sh…
Buffalo Police Officers Suspended After Shoving 75-Year-Old Protester

As a civil rights attorney in Buffalo, I have been fighting and screaming about the depraved injustices that happen in this city for years. Years, while most people, especially the corporate media, have not listened.

There was my client and close friend Christine Townsend, who called the Police for help with loose dogs terrorizing her family and pets. They threw her down the stairs because they didn't like her tone when she asked the one cop of he was scared, breaking her ankle. There was my client and close friend, Atom Arrollo, an Iraqi war veteran and honorable man. They executed a search warrant at the wrong house.. his house.. and shot his innocent and peaceful dog Cindy who was tethered to a leash. To this day, the City is defending their Officers. To this day, they try and portray Atom as a drug dealer despite the fact that all evidence proves they hit the wrong house. There are Soooooooooo many more cases that it would take me weeks to write them out. The city's law department and leadership are complicit and in fact, by their actions, condone this brutality. It's systemic.

What happened last night was awful. But dear God, we need to make this the incident that pushed this city towards transformative change. Protest. Call your City councilman and demand they defund the police department. Call DA Flynn and demand he pursue CRIMINAL charges against these Officers and all other acts of police brutality. As someone who see the treacherous and even treasonous acts of City Government every single day, lets band together and build something way better than the shamble of a Government we now have.

The protester, who was seen on video motionless on the ground and bleeding from his ear, was in serious condition late Thursday.

Two Buffalo Police officers shove a man to the ground in front of City Hall (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

This is everything wrong with policing. Right here in my hometown. One cop commits a brutal cowardly act against an elderly man, throwing him to the ground. He cracks his skull and blood pours from his ears. The rest of the police react and arrest... the civilians who rush to this man's aid.
I'm hearing the man has no brain function, though that isn't confirmed.

The official line: He tripped and fell. I kid you not.
This quote seems especially fitting tonight.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”-Joseph Goebbels.

June 4, 2020


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Sadly, leaders have still problems to understand our designed “Human World”. Therefore, they don’t know how to humanize their policies. Unless you are a brain-washed mercenary, please don’t become a free domestic. Let them carry the miserable load of their mismanagements of our “Manmade Human World” on their own shoulders. Signed PE 12-1-20
Thank you for all you do.
Just sharing 😞
But this situation in Rochester is a misdemeanor 🙄
Matt, Is there any update on the case of the 2 dogs in Utica, NY? I can't help but wonder if they've been rescued and are living a happy life yet.
Sharing this post from Villalobos Rescue Center FB page 2 hrs · DOES MICHAEL VICK DESERVE A 2ND CHANCE? I've been watching the petitions and the comments all over social media. Emotions are high and rightfully so. Many are asking my opinion and I've been sitting back and watching...waiting....for the right moment to respond. And as someone who has been well immersed in the "prison world" for many years, I guess I might just be the right person to voice an opinion being that I've also been in the Pit Bull world for almost three decades as well. So the million-dollar question......does Michael Vick deserve forgiveness and another chance? As a proponent of prison reform, you'd probably expect me to say "of course!" I mean, isn't that what we are all about? Second chances! But truth be told....even the prison world has a code of "ethics" where lines are drawn on "forgiveness" and that's where I take my stand. There are specific crimes that are just not forgivable (by convict standards) and two of those examples are rape and child molestation. It takes a "special" thought process and way of thinking to make someone commit these kinds of crimes. Sorry folks, this isn't up for debate. If you have a problem with what I'm saying then take it up with your favorite convict. Michael Vick didn't "just fight dogs". He tortured and mutilated them. He wasn't some "poor backwoods redneck" who grew up in a culture where dogfighting was the "norm". He was a multi-millionaire who did what he did for some sort of twisted and demented form of entertainment and fulfillment. And if you think this type of mind can be rehabilitated.....well comes the next million-dollar question... Would you invite a freshly paroled and "rehabilitated" child molester to babysit your kids? Just sayin......
I tried to sign the thing it does not work
I just came across this page today. Heartbreaking story.
Matt takes the cases for the underdog that no other lawyer will take. He advocates for Animals and their humans and will not give up. I know this to be true from personal experience of Matt representing my daughter and myself a few years ago.
Please share - this is huge for NYS advocacy-irt has all the NYS Assembly Ag Committee emails and names.: