Waterford Living in Calera is Bad

Waterford Living in Calera is Bad After living in Waterford for sometime and just keeping my mouth shut about the crazy stuff that does or doesn't happen around this subdivision.

This page is for people who do not like living in Waterford Subdivision and hope to move soon. But need somewhere to complain about the things that go un taken care of in this subdivision.

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Waterford Living in Calera is Bad's cover photo


Dead rose bushes for years at the stop sign.. Dead bushes everywhere... Un cut bushes all along the parkway all year long. trash everywhere. Walking track a mess. Police at every corner waiting on you to run a stop sign. worst neighborhood ever.


Top things why I can't wait to sell my house and leave Waterford. And you can say "Well these things happen everywhere.... but they don't. These are things that are exclusive to Waterford.

1. You wash your car and the next day it's dirty because of the strip mine just a few feet behind the subdivision.
2. All my neighbors complain about the Calera Police being so bad. They sit at the entrance of the subdivision and write stop sign violations every day. If they aren't there they hide behind the bushes at the pool or at the end of the parkway passing out tickets to everyone.
3. The HOA enforces ZERO covenants.
4. It's like gang central in the "the Village"
5. Theft is horrible my neighbor had a trailer taken off his truck that was backed up against his garage door and stolen with $25k of lawn equipment on it.
6. The Parkway is horrible. The landscaping company is a joke. The half mile of bushes are constantly be hacked at (not trimmed) and are a constant eyesore. If and when they cut the grass it's a horrible job. And when they do cut them you have to drive around the branches and look at them for months. Not days mind you but months. They refuse to even work on the back of the parkway. It stays in a mess- funny how they are trying to sell new homes back there and the builders allow new homeowners to drive past all that.
7. People park in the street all the time.
8. Lots of homes with multiple cars parked in the yard and street. My neighbor runs a legit car repair service out of his garage so there are always broke down cars on jacks - another neighbor I think does body work in his garage. And since all the garages face out you get to enjoy all your neighbors clients also..
9. Multiple colored homes with un finished renovations sitting for years.
10. And finally... the track would be really nice if they cut the grass around it more than once a year and leveled out the gravel. But you can't run on it because it's got large piles of gravel that where brought in and not spread out. And the grass is typically waist high.
11. You can't pull out of the subdivision unto hwy 70 without being almost mowed over by gravel trucks and 18 wheeler s

Waterford Living in Calera is Bad

Waterford Living in Calera is Bad

Waterford Living in Calera is Bad

Waterford Living in Calera is Bad


Hwy 70
Calera, AL


(205) 555-1212


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