Steve Babick For Carrollton

Steve Babick For Carrollton City Councilmember (Place 1) for Carrollton, Texas Posting deemed libelous or harassing to others may be removed

Our CFR is always education to keep us safe.

Our CFR is always education to keep us safe.

It is extremely important to have interconnected smoke alarms installed throughout our homes so that the smoke alarm in your bedroom will alarm even if smoke from a fire activates the smoke alarm in your child’s bedroom or another part of your home.

If your home does not already have hard-wired interconnected smoke alarms, a very easy way to upgrade from stand alone (non-interconnected) smoke alarms, would be to install wireless interconnected smoke alarms.

Basically, with interconnected smoke alarms, either hardwired or wireless, when one smoke alarm activates, all of the the smoke alarms sound.

Amici Signature Italian

Amici Signature Italian

We are reopening tomorrow, July 14, hope to see you all soon.

Motion, The Studio

Motion, The Studio

The following camps have made enrollment for this week:

5:30pm Tiny Cheer 2-3 years
5:30pm Art (all ages will be combined and meet at this time)
6:30pm Mini/Youth Cheer 4-9 years (Youth has been combined with Mini and moved up to a 6:30pm start time)

Please wear a t-shirt, shorts, sneakers that tie or Velcro to feet, and hair back in a pony tail. Also bring your own water bottle as our water stations are closed due to COVID. Masks must be worn into the building but students have the option to remove them for class once they are spread apart in the studio.

Please contact our Front Desk at [email protected] with any questions. We look forward to seeing our little cheerleaders IN MOTION! 💙

Harry Potter lovers!

Harry Potter lovers!

The magic is nearly here! The #HarryPotterXVeraBradley collection arrives JULY 16! Mark your calendars to shop the exclusive pattern, Home to Hogwarts™ from us, The Vintage House, your local Vera Bradley specialty retailer.

Carrollton Texas Fire Rescue

Carrollton Texas Fire Rescue

Please support the Carrollton Fire Fighters Association all day July 29th!

3 Nations Brewing

3 Nations Brewing


Alright 3 Nations Fam, today’s a big one! We are so excited to launch Without A Paddle, our summer seasonal, Belgian Style Kriek!

This beer is a year in the making. What started as an idea last summer, went into committee planning, then early taste testing over the winter. Gavin was determined to find the right base beer to highlight the beautiful tart cherry juice. After several taste tests he landed on a Belgian Golden Ale that clocks in at 8.2% ABV. Once the base beer was determined it was time to brew it up in the small batch system. Our first batch was introduced during the quarantine, sold through Beer To Go, in growlers only, and lasted less than a week. Our second batch arrived right when we reopened the taproom, and lasted again, maybe a week.

We were blown away by the reception to this beer and couldn’t wait to get the 30BL batch brewed and CANNED and out to you! For sale this weekend at Curbside Beer To Go. Early next week you’ll see it on shelves at local retailers around DFW! Keep an eye out when visiting your favorite bottle shop.

Without A Paddle is a cherry infused Belgian Golden Ale, the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful sunny, summer day. A Texas take on a Belgian Kriek, made with delicious tart cherries. It is a sweet and refreshing transport to summer on the water. One sip and you’ll want to hop on board, and float along without a care in the world. 🛶🍒

Stop by our Curbside Beer To Go this weekend and snag a 4-pack. Or heck, make it an even case! You’re going to want it!

💥This weekend ONLY 4-packs are $11.49!💥

Did you know you can easily order your favorite 3 nations brews online to pickup curbside? Here’s how 👇
- visit
- Click the Curbside Beer to go button on the home page
- Place your order
- Come to our beer to go station on the south side of our building, and a 3 Nations staff member will bring your order to you with a smile!!!!

Monday-Sunday 12pm-8pm

Even though our facility is closed, Dallas County REQUIRES masks to be worn at all businesses located with the County. Please wear a mask when placing/picking up any beer to go order.

Please allow social distancing of at least 6 feet between yourself and other customers. Thank you for your cooperation!!! Cheers, y’all!

#3nationsbrewing #resp3cttradition #craftbeer #drinklocal
#historicdowntowncarrollton #beertogo #withoutapaddle #belgianstylekriek

Cane Rosso Rescue

Cane Rosso Rescue

We interrupt your Saturday for a HAPPY MOMENT!

Dobby is basking in his freedom from pain and suffering. While it will take his skin a while to feel 💯 better, he is already wagging his tail and snuggling!

Yesterday’s vet findings:
• Mange is confirmed, but the non-contagious one!
• Skin infection & yeast infections, the yeast is what makes his toenails yellow
• Dr. Farr noted that it would have taken 6+ months for his mange to get this bad. Shame on people for not helping him sooner. But we are thankful it didn’t turn into sepsis.
• He is approx 2-3 years old
• Heartworm negative! 🎉

His foster went home with a lot of meds, shampoos, & sprays. He has some work ahead, but the prognosis is good! Thank you so much for helping us save him and treat his medical needs!

See the Good. Be the Good. Rescue the Good.

CUDDLY CityVet - White Rock #crrdobby #luvusmutts

Carrollton City Limits & Surrounding Cities

Carrollton City Limits & Surrounding Cities

Strong's Nursery and Garden Center is having their annual 50% off sale this week!

FOX 4 News

FOX 4 News

CORN DOG CRAZE: This is the line at Fletcher's Corny Dogs' first pop-up event at Cane Rosso in Carrollton. The company says it has several safety guidelines in place, including mandatory masks. The next event will happen Saturday in Dallas.
(Video: Kevin Betz)

Carrollton Texas Parks & Recreation

Carrollton Texas Parks & Recreation

Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month with the City of Carrollton. We will post a specific photo ops every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of July. Everyone who emails their photos or attaches it in the comments below will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win Carrollton swag! Start the celebration with a post of you and your furry friend at McInnish or Rosemeade Dog Parks. For additional details:

Carrollton Texas Police Department

Carrollton Texas Police Department

We lost an important CPD family member today.

Recently retired Property & Evidence Manager Lucinda Lee fought a courageous battle with cancer that ended this morning.

Lucinda honorably served the citizens of Carrollton for 29 years before retiring due to illness.

She was a true servant leader who deeply loved her family, our department, and this city. And we loved her.

A Peek In The Attic

A Peek In The Attic

Come, Peek-In-Our-Attic, For 'UNIQUE' Antiques And Gifts!

We offer a 'DREAMY' line of 'JAZZ' Candles, that will TAKE YOU to your 'HAPPY PLACE!' Our, '3-Wick,' 'Clean-Green' burning, 'Jazz' SENSATIONS, are 'Doorbell-Ding'en,' 'EXCLUSIVE' to 'A Peek In The Attic,' in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Are, we proud to 'HORN-TOOT' about 'JAZZ!'

We, even 'PORCH-THUMP,' A 'Front-Porch' 'PRODUCE-STAND,' Every Weekend!' Just, 'Flavor-Burst'en' with 'FARM-FRESH' 'Fruits' and 'Veggies!'

Our, produce, can be purchased, in our 'GRANNY'S-CUPBOARD,' right inside our shop, during the week! How, about that? Any, 'PRODUCE-QUESTIONS?' See, 'STEVE POOL!' Our, 'VERY OWN' resident, 'PRODUCE-EXPERT,' with '30+ years' in the 'Produce-Business!' (Possibly, longer, but-that's-all, I'm, allowed-to-say!)

We, offer a unique, 'STOVE-TOP-RATT'LEN' line of 'HOME-MADE' CANNED GOODS, right out of 'Jacksonville,' TX!

Our, 'SPOONED-UP' delights, include: 'Hot' or 'mild,' 'tart' or 'sweet,' even a 'marriage' of 'both!' There, are 'jams,' 'jellies,' 'preserves' of every flavor, 'taste-bud-tick'len' salsa's, 'bread-&-butter-pickles,' 'candied-jalapeno's,' 'sweet-fire' (peppered bread & butter pickles) 'dips,' 'pickled-okra,' 'green-tomato-relish,' old-time, 'chow-chow,' 'thin-n-spicy' 'dill-pickle-slices,' 'sweet-pickle-chips' and more!

Some, 'CUSTOMER-PLEASER'S,' include our 'Black-Eyed-Pea' 'BEAN-DIP,' 'Queso-Blanco,' 'Queso Extreme,' 'Avocado-Tomatillo-salsa,' 'Red-Flame' preserves (jalapeno-strawberry) Lot's, of folks 'MARRY' 'Red-Flame' with 'Cream-Cheese!' Noth'en, but pure, 'HEAD-SHAK'EN,' perfection!

'FORGOTT'EN-TAG-ALONG'S' We, just can't forget, 'PEACH-SALSA!' Try, it on a 'Salted-Tortilla-Chip!' 'SWEET-N-SALTY!' Yum! What, 'A PAIR' they make! Just, 'EYE-ROLL'EN' De-lic-ious!

Then, 'PLEASURE-PLUNKERS!' We, have 'FULLY-COOKED' 'FRESH-COBBLER,' IN-A-JAR! No, fool'en! 'COBBLER-CRUST,' and ALL! Can, you believe, it? That's, right! Our, 'DESSERT-SPECIALTY' is also a 'CUSTOMER-FAV!' Comes, in 'Apple,' 'Peach,' 'Blackberry' and 'Cherry!' For, a 'QUICK,' 'GO-TO' dessert, you just, can't-beat-it! Not, in a '3/4,' 'JAR-LID-TURN!'


'HOLD-THE-PHONE!' We, can't' leave out, our 'OLD-FASHIONED,' 'Spiced Peaches!' 'DIALED-OUT' 'DE-LIC-IOUS!' Once again, 'TOWER-SCOOP' with 'Bluebell-Vanilla,' is a must! Our, new 'Hot-Peaches,' are really gaining a following, as well. 'Mid-Chew' through, and you get a swell, 'HEAT-TINGLE!'

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******DRAWERED-OUT ***** SHOP-SCOOPERS**********

**************1002 4th Ave, Carrollton TX, 75006*************

********We're Right Behind******The Finishing Touch Antique Mall*****
*****And*****Across From****THE TALL*****Climbing Gym*******
**************Once*******A GRAIN SILO!

*********Hours: Thur-Fri: 11-4, Sat: 10-4, Sun: 12-4.

***We Take Appointments***During Closed Days***Just**JINGLE-US!***

Our, 'ATTIC-PEEK'EN' Best, Steve, Yvette & Mike


Metrocrest Services

Metrocrest Services

A statement on behalf of Metrocrest Services.

Cane Rosso Rescue

Cane Rosso Rescue

It’s throwback Thursday, so why not highlight some of Rock & Rolls greats?

Ozzie Pawsborne & Dave Growl* are ready to settle down from their crazy lives mooching off their mom, and find their forever families. Their mom, Mackenzie, is a medium sized ridge back mix. She has already been adopted, but we are posting pictures so you can see her adorableness and general size.

Their foster is leaving town on Wednesday, so we would love for them to go to their forever homes before she leaves. Please visit to apply. If you have previously applied and missed out on a puppy, please email ASAP. We would like to give you first opportunity. But, we will need to move quickly.

*SIDE NOTE: for you young’ns, they are named in honor of Ozzie Osbourne (before reality TV) and Dave Grohl...Nirvana and Foo Fighters to name just a couple of bands he was with. I seriously can’t believe I just explained that...but my kennel techs didn’t know who they were. 🤦🏻‍♀️😭 some of us are denying getting old! Play along.

The Vintage House

The Vintage House

Even our Vintage House plants are feeling patriotic! 🇺🇸 July 4th celebrations may look a little different this year. Tell us: how are YOU 🥳 celebrating?
Have a blessed Sunday.

A Peek In The Attic

A Peek In The Attic

A Peek In The Attic's, Market-Rooster's 'A Crow'en! Our, 'Front-Porch' 'Farm-Stand' Is Open For The Weekend! Today-10-4 and Sunday 12-4. As always, Our Resident, 'Produce-Expert' Steve Pool, is ready to help with your veggie and fruit needs! Yes, that's Steve, waving at you with our antique produce cart! 'Bottle-Splashers!' Why, we even have 'Texas Ranch' 'Olive Oil' for 'veggie-drizzl'en' before you 'oven-roast' or 'grill' your delicious veggies! Listen, it just doesn't get any better, than 'Texas Ranch,' 'Olive Oil,' folks! Our, 'Door's-Crack'ed' for 'attic-peek'en' our wonderful antiques and gifts, too! Don't forget, we also have great treasures 'booth-wait'en' in 'our neighboring' antique shop, 'The Finishing Touch!' Isn't it swell, having good neighbors??? :) Looking, forward to seeing all of our pals! We, sure appreciate ya! Steve, Yvette and Mike, here at A Peek In The Attic, are 'Floor-stomp'en' everyone, a 'Sunny' 'Sun-Beam-Slide' of a weekend! :)

Carrollton Texas Police Department

Carrollton Texas Police Department

UPDATED 06/30/2020:


Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, we will wait for a safer time to host our community listening sessions

Despite our sincere desire to resume in-person community engagement events, right now we must put public health first.

This is too important a conversation not to have face to face and we don't want to exclude those with limited ability to attend a virtual event.

We will reschedule as soon as conditions allow!


We're Listening!

To keep everyone safe we will limit attendance to the first 100 and strictly follow all COVID-19 safety precautions, but will add future sessions if necessary.


1945 E Jackson Rd
Carrollton, TX


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Why do you support #BanTheBible bills that attack the right to live out our faith according to our biblical beliefs and conscience #TxLege #ReligiousFreedom Instead, why not support #FreeToBelieve ? Feb. 6th, 2019 - Carrollton City Council voted 5-2 this evening to adopt a “sexual orientation and gender identity” ordinance that would effectively ban belief in the Bible in areas related to city appointments, employment, or contracting. The vote was taken before hearing public testimony in a shocking disregard to local citizens participating in their Constitutional rights. Hiding under the disguise of nondiscrimination protections based on “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI), this ordinance could create dangerous government power to ban free expression of biblical beliefs, especially its teaching on marriage and sexuality. The Dallas Morning News has reported that “LGBT advocates are pushing Carrollton officials” for an even “broader” law that would punish people of faith more severely. These special protections could attack the right of Carrollton citizens to live out their faith according to their biblical beliefs and conscience. This is bad policy and completely unnecessary. Nicole Hudgens, Senior Policy Analyst for Texas Values Action said “The council today sent a clear message to people of faith who work for and contract with the City of Carrollton. Their views are no longer welcome.” In response to an Action Alert by Texas Values Action, residents of Carrollton sent over 1,500 messages to the City Council opposing this ordinance. Texas Values Action team members Nicole Hudgens and Mary Elizabeth Castle went to the meeting and testified. Council Members that opposed the #BanTheBible ordinance: Mike Hennefer- Place 2 Glen Blanscet- Place 5 Council Members that supported #BanTheBible the ordinance: Steve Babick, Place 1 Pat Cochran, Place 3 Frances Cruz, Place 4 Young Sung, Place 6 John Sutter, Place 7 Tags: Ban The Bible, Carrollton City Council, sogi
Thank you for coming out tonight. We love to pack the house for Jose Guillen and helping our local business we hope to be there once a month so tell your friends and hope to see y’all again. Thank you. FTB
Here is your opportunity to join the BEST!!! Carrollton Texas Police Department
Congratulations Steve! Looking forward to some "neighborly interaction".
Congratulations to our returning city council member... good job councilman Babick.
I’m very proud of the campaign you are running and look forward to seeing you back on the Carrollton city council.
Meet Your 2018 City Council Candidates in Carrollton, TX
What is your political position on illegal immigration and sactuary city status here in Carrollton? I'll be monitoring for a response.
Trying to figure out if you are a Democrat or a Republican if you are a Democrat forget it you will not get my vote
Steve Babick I need a sign for my yard!
This is the best man to serve your community. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a function. He really cares about the city of Carrollton not to mention he's better qualified. City of Carrollton get out and vote