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CiNet - Public Safety Critical Information Network (CiNet) offers dynamic online training and record keeping for security officers, law enforcement, fire and EMS professionals.

Critical Information Network (CiNet) Critical Information Network (CiNet) delivers performance-focused online training solutions that help industrial plants, emergency response personnel, public safety agencies and security firms improve efficiency and manage critical risk threats. The comprehensive CiNet portfolio has been serving companies and communities for 25 years. CiNet’s interactive, incident-based video footage puts the student on location with a virtual front row seat to emergency response events as they actually happen. The flexible delivery model works with any customer’s learning management system (LMS), or through the CiNow LMS, for program learning plan design, delivery, testing, tracking and accreditation. CiNet’s online training approach, with comprehensive, one stop shopping and easily integrated solutions, helps organizations save money and efficiently reach more people. Critical Information Network offers over 3,000 web-delivered courses. The company is based in Carrollton, Texas, just north of Dallas, and consists of talented content development, subject matter, implementation, support, sales, marketing and finance teams along with cutting edge technologies in content creation, customization and delivery. The CiNet eLearning network ■ISTN – Industrial Skills Training Network ■PSTN – Professional Security Training Network ■LETN – Law Enforcement Training Network ■FETN – Fire Emergency Training Network ■PULSE – Emergency Medical Update Specialties E-Learning (Web based learning management system), Online Training, Industrial Training Solutions, Security Guard Training, Law Enforcement Training, Fire & Emergency Training

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A complicated fire situation at a nursing home involving fragile residents who need assistance to remove themselves from a dangerous situation. Story:

Do you have a plan? Train:


CiNet did it again! We’re a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2013!

Team members were asked to evaluate company leaders, atmosphere, compensation and benefits, and our parent VectorLearning once again came out on top. Check out our press release for details:


An investigation into a 911 call with a half hour wait for Fire Rescue happening in S FL now. The patient was pronounced dead at the scene.

The team in question usually has great timing. But this could have major implications for them. Story:

Keep up with your training to keep saving lives:


Fire investigations can have long term implications. You are only as good as the current research. Train well so to avoid long term litigation like these difficult stories:


A plane crash last weekend underlines the varied work firefighters do. The jet hits the home, causing casualties on the ...

A plane crash last weekend underlines the varied work firefighters do.

The jet hits the home, causing casualties on the ground, casualties in the plane. Jet fuel floods the basement. A natural gas leak in the home. Evacuations. How would you handle this scene? Rely on your training:

Story from NBC:

Lonny Wilder, Vice President of our Public Safety Group (and completely awesome guy) interviewed by local ABC on an inqu...

Lonny Wilder, Vice President of our Public Safety Group (and completely awesome guy) interviewed by local ABC on an inquiry for putting armed guards on every Plano School Campus.

Check it out:


"It's something that you do. You go from zero to 100. I went from sitting on my couch to driving down the street and next thing you know...we have four members of the town that are still alive," North Chili battalion chief Charles Keiser said.

Firefighters in New York rescue a grateful family of four:
Rely on your training. First Line Supervisor learning plan:


No matter how experienced your team, it always comes back to the basics. Make sure your early career officers have the training they need. Check out this learning plan from CiNet:


Insurance fraud. VIN number fraud. Falsified documents. Show your team how to see through it all with CiNet's Fraud Investigation Training. Learning Plan here:


Handling hazardous materials is part of the job, but - like all things - it requires specialized training. We have that. Train your team, keep them safe:


When the fire is out, your job is over, right?

You know that's just when your job is begining. Get your team trained with CiNet. Fire Investigation Training:


Lubbock first responders get a warm thank you. "When we're running away from it, they're running toward it." Warm fuzzies.

Train your team with Cinet. Crime Scene Investigation Learning Plans here:


It's estimated over 6 million people in the US don't know they have diabetes. As an EMT first responder, you'll have you know what to look for even when the patient doesn't.

Train up with CiNet. EMT First Responder Learning Plans here:


A crazy story of stolen cruisers and small mistakes = big consequences for officers. Check it out:

Training refreshers can help. Check out our Patrol Learning Plans:


Fighting fire with fire - prescribed burns are even more important after hurricane Sandy's devastation. Story:

Wildland Fire Training from CiNet:


The cold is just another opportunity to train. Like these ice rescue drills in NJ. Story and video:

Your team needs the best in training. CiNet Fire Rescue learning plan here:


Scary situation still developing in a Tampa neighborhood this morning:

What would your team have done in this situation? Train for the unexpected with CiNet. Learning Plan for PD:


EMTs got a greeting they weren't expecting in Kansas City recently:

Your team needs to be ready for anything, including the bizarre. Be confident they can fall back on their training:


A NC EMS supervisor is on paid suspension after she says she tried to protect herself from a frightening and unruly patient during transport. Story:

How would your team handle this situation? Make sure they have training to fall back on:


A fun story about 911 and kids here. Two children are saved by heros, quite a few others will just end up doing some extra time in the time-out chair. Story:

Train to help all of them out with CINet. 911 training here:

CiNet is very excited to be at InformEx. Say hi to Jim and Katie at booth 1626!

CiNet is very excited to be at InformEx. Say hi to Jim and Katie at booth 1626!

Blog Update:Senior firefighters prove age is just a number. Read up, here:
Senior firefighters prove age is just a number

Blog Update:Senior firefighters prove age is just a number. Read up, here:

Just because people have a desire to complete firefighter training and become professional rescue workers does not mean they always follow through on their goals. If these individuals ever feel lik...


Fighting crime? There's now an app for that. Interesting news story about a new first responder app they have developed. I don't think this will be on sale for 99 cents in the Apple Store though. Story:

Training up on communications skills: There's no app for that. But there is CiNet:


The 911 calls from Thursday's 1-70 pileup in Indiana have been released. Story here:

The investigation continues. Looks like it will be a long one. How would your team do? At moments like these, rely on your training with CiNet.


An excellent firefighter Valentine fundraiser in Wisconsin that you could replicate in your neck of the woods next year:

When you have the funds, train:


"... if you're going to an incident and if you try to get there too fast, and you get yourself into an accident, you can't help anybody..." - Story here:

Train well and stay safe:


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