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Chaparral CableVision Chaparral CableVision is a locally and privately owned company that provides, Cable Television, High Speed Internet, and Digital Phone Service

Operating as usual

Thank You to the Farsouth Fire Rescue for helping with traffic  control . Farsouth Fire Rescue

Thank You to the Farsouth Fire Rescue for helping with traffic control . Farsouth Fire Rescue


There will be an update on the system tonight 4/23/2020 at 12am to 3am possible outages during upgrade.Chaparral customers only.


We just got word of a possible outage in the area of Amparo, Old Sequoia and surrounding streets. This will be affecting cable and internet customers. We have techs responding to the area to resolve the issue. The cause of outage is unknown at the moment.


After years of offering Internet service to Individuals and Businesses in our local geographic area, we regret to say that Yesterday July 17th 2018 we could not support your needs. For years we have relied on a highly dependable upstream fiber provider that allowed us to help serve you. That provider had a major fiber path cut by a third party construction crew. It took extended time to resolve as the fiber cut was under ground and required multiple work crews from two separate directions to first trench, then pull new fiber and finally splice onto the long haul network. Accidents happen, and this was simply that. Please remember, we are in a remotely served market. Chaparral is making strides to secure a secondary Fiber provider with a completely separate network to help make our service and experience to you the customer even better. There are reasons you choose to work with us and have stayed with us, please remember those. We value your patience and understand this impacted your daily operations. Service was restored about Midnight, and if your still having challenges please call us to help resolve them, please also make sure to power cycle your equipment first.

Fiber cut in Phoenix, AZ was impacting all data transport to El Paso TX

Sincere Regards,

Chaparral Holdings, Cable and Wireless


We would like to apologize to all our customers for the internet outage. It is a system wide outage affecting areas from Arizona to El Paso. Apparently level3 fiber owned by Century Link was damaged just out of El Paso which is affecting our service and other surrounding areas.


We have a few power outages reported possibly caused by the rain storm. We do have several techs out on the field working on it already. Services should be restored shortly.


Change is good. Thanks for those that have waited also new disconnection date on the 5th
of the month not the 14th. As we move into new packages and continue to move on the upgrade we will need to change some things here and there to give better service. Thank you for your continued support. Soon to come moving all digital.

New Packages Coming Soon

New Packages Coming Soon

Coming Soon New Packages

Coming Soon New Packages

Chaparral CableVision's cover photo

Chaparral CableVision's cover photo


We will be doing an upgrade to the system Today 2/16/2018 Friday. This upgrade is scheduled between 12am to 5am Friday morning. This is to upgrade the system for new services ranging from 50 to 100 Meg Services. We do have people answering the phone between these times. Thnk you for your Patience.


An Outage has been reported in the area of Regalaway,Lisa, Sand Dunes Way, Rocky Mnt, Old Laredo and Cloud View. We have crews on the way.

Believe it or not a squirrel chewed through our fiber earlier today causing a disruption in service to most of Chaparral...

Believe it or not a squirrel chewed through our fiber earlier today causing a disruption in service to most of Chaparral. Our guys are bringing service to residents one part of the town at a time. We are almost finished and as of now most of Chaparral should have service. Thank you for your patience.

DirecTV charged with false advertising
DirecTV charged with false advertising

DirecTV charged with false advertising

DirecTV is selling a 12-month package that actually ropes customers into a longer, more expensive contract.


Sorry guys. Channel 3 and 17 have been removed. We will have other channels from our digital line up in their place. Thanks for using Chaparral CableVision.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Jingle Bell Sale!  Great deals until January 1st!

Jingle Bell Sale! Great deals until January 1st!

Want FREE HBO??!! Call 575-824-4099 option 1 to find out how! Don't miss out on Game of Thrones' fourth season!

Want FREE HBO??!! Call 575-824-4099 option 1 to find out how! Don't miss out on Game of Thrones' fourth season!


We have struck a deal with Viacom and the possibility of black out or loss of Viacom channels is no longer a concern! Thank you for standing with us and we look forward to a great rest of the year!


Get a free premium channel package for three months and 1/2 off installation when you subscribe to our new DVR service!


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Geee internet is out yet again and don't blame modem unless you think it controls people in both counties!
Is the internet going to be back on anytime soon? It's 8:30 it's been out about 10 minutes on Oasis?
Service sucks 😒 it goes out for 1or2days them comes back on.then they rip you off over change you and then they don't want to give you the money back.i went to Hughes net. And I paid less than them.
Great job helping me out the past few days. Y'all went above and beyond what should be expected, working hard to get my internet up and running I do understand it is not completely fixed and I get that after all you did work after business hours to help me out AND EVEN PERSONAL dropped of my new modem to me at work. Being a single mom who is VERY busy you have no idea how helpful that was. Thank you so much for everything these past few days.
We are having getting digital channels 9 and digital channels 9 234 out sense last week
Our Internet goes down typically once or twice/week. I always try re-starting my modem but that usually does not help. What's the problem?
No vale verch l pi**he servicio chaparral cable
This company has been the absolute worst I've ever had to deal with. I pay for Internet service service that goes OFF every single day. I want to be compensated for this.i should NOT have to pay an entire month of service that works .25% of of the time. I indicated this infuriating. I am not happy as I've had to stay home not 1 but 3 days in a row for them to come in and say th problem is fxed, only to have no service the second they walk out the door.