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Constitution Party of North Carolina North Carolina's Party of "Principle over Politics" If you're looking for a party that truly values "Principle over Politics," and limited constitutional government, then look no further.

The Constitution Party of North Carolina, state affiliate of the nation's largest third party (according to Ballot-Access News), strongly believes in a strict adherence to the Constitution of the United States as intended by the founding fathers of our great nation. We believe in the intrinsic value of life, and to that end we are the only 100% Pro-Life political party in the state of North Carolina, and nationally. We recognize and wholly support the right of the citizen to be armed, to own property and to worship as they see fit without government interference. The Constitution Party of North Carolina vigorously opposes all socialist government programs that take from one citizen to give to another and the erosion of our borders and sovereignty through such auspices as the North American Community (Union) and the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Help us to take our state back, and to make North Carolina not only the "First in Flight" but the "First in Freedom."

Mission: Essential Core Values of the Constitution Party of NC: 1. Sanctity of Life 2. Religious Freedom 3. Traditional Family 4. Private Property Rights 5. Pro-Second Amendment 6. National Sovereignty 7. Anti-Socialism Visit our website, and view our State Platform for a more detailed explanation on our stance on each of these important issues. You can view out State Platform with its additional planks at:

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WCAB Radio 100.9 FM and 590 AM - The Best of Both Worlds!
WCAB Radio 100.9 FM and 590 AM - The Best of Both Worlds!

WCAB Radio 100.9 FM and 590 AM - The Best of Both Worlds!

After getting so much positive feedback from our "Malt Shop-Sock Hop" musical weekends with music from the S0's, 60's. and 70's, our team thought it was a good idea to change things around a bit. Walking down memory lane with the music you fell in love with, stole that first kiss, strolled the beach...

Al Pisano For NC Governor

Al Pisano For NC Governor

Join me for #frontporchteaLive
tonight at 8pm
2nd Amendment, Republican form of Government. NC and Phase 2.


If you live in Wake County and would be willing to help us please let us know.

Al Pisano For NC Governor

Al Pisano For NC Governor

Folks don't forget to join me for another edition of Front Porch Tea Live, tonight Thursday July 30th at 8:pm. Remember "Be there or be Square"


Urgent: If you live in the following Congressional Districts: 2nd ( Wake) 10th ( Lincoln, Catawba, Iredell, Yadkin, Surry, Stokes, Rockingham, Western Part of Forsyth) and 13th (Rowan, Davie, Davidson, Randolph, Alamance, Caswell, Person) We could really use your help. If you live in these Counties Please let us know if you can help us as soon as possible. Send a PM to this page, respond to this post, or email us at [email protected]

Al Pisano For NC Governor

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It’s that time of the week again Folks!
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Thank you to REOPEN NC for standing up to Governor Cooper. It's time to Impeach Governor Roy Cooper. Tim Moore will you respond to our resolution? Dan Forest will you join us in calling for Cooper to resign or be impeached?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Constitution Party of North Carolina Calls on the Impeachment of Governor Roy Cooper For more in...
Impeachment of Roy Cooper – Constitution Party of North Carolina


Constitution Party of North Carolina Calls on the Impeachment of Governor Roy Cooper
For more information contact: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-683-2762 Extension 703

Charlotte (July 7th 2020) – The Constitution Party of North Carolina’s State Executive committee Passed a Resolution calling on the Impeachment of the 75th Governor of the State of North Carolina Roy Asberry Cooper III. Al Pisano, Candidate for Governor and Chairman of the Constitution Party of North Carolina states” Governor Cooper has demonstrated a blatant disregard for the rights of the people of North Carolina by violating the Constitution of the United States and North Carolina. He has shown his disdain for North Carolina laws and procedures. The fact that he has so flagrantly violated his oath of office and is so willing to violate the people’s rights, should make the citizens of our State angry and afraid. He is nothing short of a tyrant and is establishing an absolute tyranny over us. It is my hope that the General Assembly will do the right and necessary act and impeach him. I feel the case for impeachment is clear. I am calling on my Republican Opponent, Lt. Governor Dan Forest and my Libertarian Opponent, Steven DiFiore II, to join me in helping remove this tyrant from office before we lose all our freedoms. This is not a political partisan demand but a demand that will reinforce the ideal, in North Carolina, We the People, are the authority. The rule of law must prevail.” .
Kevin Hayes, Vice Chairman of the Constitution Party and current Candidate for US Senate said the following “Governor Cooper’s disregard for both the US and State Constitutions through his executive Orders can’t be ignored. He must be held accountable. I hope that the NC house and Senate do their job and impeach the Governor before we lose more of our Constitutional Rights to this Tyrant. I am Calling on My opponent’s Thom Tillis, Cal Cunningham, and Shannon Bray to join me in helping rid North Carolina of Governor Cooper’s unconstitutional mandates. The fact that members of the Governor’s own Party are refusing to enforce his unconstitutional orders shows this is a non-partisan issue.
The Constitution Party of North Carolina has Sent Copies of the resolution to The Speaker of the NC House Tim Moore, and President Pro Tempore of the Senate Phil Berger. Dan Forest and Governor Cooper also received a letter. We have asked Governor Cooper to do the honorable thing and resign.
Constitution Party of North Carolina
7209-J East W.T. Harris Blvd. #119 – Charlotte, NC 28227
1-888-683-2762 – [email protected]

To Read the Letters and Resolution visit our website:

Impeachment of Roy Cooper Click Below to read the Resolution and letters sent to Governor Cooper, Tim Moore, Phil Berger, and Dan Forrest. Impeachment of Roy Asberry Cooper Press Release Roy Cooper Letter Dan Forrest Letter Phil Berger Letter Tim Moore Letter

Al Pisano For NC Governor

Bring your Questions! The time is NOW!!!! North Carolinians must STAND UP and use your voice!!

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Come join me LIVE tonight at 8pm

Al Pisano For NC Governor

Tonight @ 8pm. #alpisanoforncgovernor will be doing another episode from his #frontporchtea LIVE series

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#frontporchtea LIVE

Tonight at 8pm

Al Pisano For NC Governor

Al Pisano For NC Governor

Okay Facebook friends I must apologize for being tardy on my posts and for not being able to have "Front Porch Tea Live this past Thursday. I was in the Western North Carolina Mountains meeting some contacts and making arrangements with locals in order to have Constitutionalists on the ground and ready to go in the mountain counties. The Pisano for NC Governor WNC Campaign Command Center is way up in GODS Country and the internet service is unreliable at best at this time.I did everything in my power to make the broadcast work but the tech devils were to much for this guy to handle. The magic face book I.T. elves were not able to be on this trip with me thus I had to forgo the broad cast. My apologies once again. I love meeting the folks of the Western Carolina Mountains and the response was very positive. The other Governor candidates will never go to those counties because in their power hungry minds those people do not matter. Why don't they matter to the other candidates? Simple, they say that there just are not enough votes to concern them. Well as for this candidate, those people matter to me, as does every North Carolinian. The Asheville area will get the candidates there but any North Carolinians West of that might as well not count on the establishment candidates #kingcooper or #silentdan Forrest to show.

Al Pisano For NC Governor

Al Pisano For NC Governor

~Public Service~ ~Announcement~

Folks I sincerely apologize. Tonight’s #frontporchtea LIVE will have to be cancelled due to technical difficulties.


With much apologies, I regret to inform you that Front Porch Tea Live with Al Pisano has been canceled today. Please be on the lookout for a recorded video from Al Pisano in the next couple of days. We will return to our regularly scheduled Front Porch Tea Live next Thursday, June 4th.


Go Vote. We do have a ballot.


The Constitution Party of North Carolina would like to wish you and your family Merry Christmas


Reminder tomorrow ( December 20th) at 12 noon is the deadline to file for the 2020 elections. If you intend on running please do so today or tomorrow before noon.


7209 E WT Harris Blvd
Charlotte, NC


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Various American Citizens came together today to honor The American Flag, Constitution, The National Anthem, The Pledge of Allegiance, Law Enforcement officers, American Soldiers and Veterans. It was a beautiful celebration of gratitude of being an American and all this means to each and everyone of us. Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. In God We Trust. One Nation Under God.
Hello All, we all need to get Educated today and Restore Our Republic and here is a solution to the problems we have been facing with our Country! We have the power to do this at the State level, the 10th amendment gives us this power! American FLAGS out till Election Day - Every County Sheriff needs one of these. At last a book to SAVE mankind from NWO enslavement - GOVERNMENT by CONSENT - Read Table of Contents. The Constitutional Party of NC put this together 7 page Resolution for Governor Roy Cooper please take the time and read Governor Roy Cooper Resolution and Red Beckmon 12 parts series We the People are above the Government and Common Law with Charlie Ward Please share this and thank you in advance ! May God Bless Us all !
AMERICA NOW STANDS AT THE EDGE of a cliff. A bad move now will land us all on the trash heap of history! We have allowed this experiment with “Progressivism” to go on far too long. The time has come to restore law and order. Please read what I discovered as an American “spy” of 27 years, and feel free to pass it on to your sphere of influence. THAT WHICH BEGAN AS A REFORM MOVEMENT, calling itself “Progressive” in 1912, turned totalitarian one hundred years later, when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) silenced the American People in 2012 and took control of the richest country in the world. Over 400 TEA Party groups were shut down. Once the train left the tracks, there was no way of knowing where it would end up. It is now plain to see that once the sacred and lifesaving principles upon which our great nation was founded, were abandoned, there was no limit to how far people would go to retain power. AT MIDPOINT, IN 1962, Progressives had control of most of government, including the U.S. Supreme Court, which transferred control of education to the “Progressive Deep State,” removing a moment of voluntary, nondenominational prayer from all public schools (Engel v. Vitale). Since then, costs have more than tripled –in inflation adjusted dollars- while schools were transformed into political indoctrination camps: “When told to rampage you RAMPAGE.” Tragically, students are not taught right from wrong, as is being loudly displayed at every turn. WE NEED TO REESTABLISH THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT, and each of us appoint ourselves President. Modern electronic communication empowers us all to influence others like never before. Thankfully, those politicians responsible for the tragic spilling of blood and broken lives have exposed themselves by aligning themselves with the lawless. Let’s have strong assurances from those we elect to all positions in government, that they stand for law and order, as called for in our founding documents. This needs to include School Choice as a Civil Right. LAW AND ORDER WILL COME when we care enough to overcome the fear that is so prevalent, and finally recognize that this is likely our last chance to save our Republic from destruction. Now that we have this media, we can hold all our public officials accountable by publicly challenging them to restore our “inalienable” Rights as clearly mandated in our founding documents.
Hey All - I had a chance to interview Jeff Gregory, Constitution Party Candidate for NC-5, for my podcast, and thought some folks here might be interested in listening to it. My podcast is focused on promoting non-major party candidates, so I try to learn more from them than push my own agenda. You can listen here: - Via a player on my website: - Via Apple Podcasts: Hope you enjoy it. Also - Admins: let me know if I'm breaking any rules by posting this. Dan
Hello fellow Constitutionaly interested Americans. My name is Scott Hatch. I have been following and participating in the Constitution Party open forum. I an a new resident of North Carolina. I live in Graham County way out to the South West end of the State. I am actualy the last person in NC. Between me and some person in Tenn is a couple of million acres of Federal land. I am a, amateur Constitutional Scholar. Over time you will find out that I don't necesarily agree with the Constitution party platform on several points. Point one. This party is concerned about tyrany from the Federal government. I get that but I have faced Tyrany at the state level and now I am witnessing tyrany at the County level. So I tend to question if breaking down the power of the Fed eral Government will alter the total level of tyrany we face. Point two. The Party platform sugests that the Government should stay out of the church. I agree with that but the party doesn't say anything about the church staying out of the Government. So here is my specific problem. Graham County is the last dry County in NC. Last year a signature drive took place to get allowing the sale of alcahol in the County. Way over the total required number of signatures was gathered. So you would think the question got on the ballot right. Wrong! A public hearing was called to discuss the proposed referendum. 1500 people showed up in a County with 8000 residents. Thats a big turn out my friends. At that hearing three preachers were allowed to speak abut the sins of alcahol then the County Commisioners tabled the subject and have never and will never bring it up again. The fact of the matter is that in Graham County the preachers tell the congreagations how to vote and then they tell the Commisioners how to vote on County business. Tyrany is alive and well here in my new home County. The people have followed the processes lain out in the State Constitution. They have followed every rulle to the letter. An overwhelming majority support the referendum and it would certainly pass if put on the ballot. So my question is if the Constitution Party of North Carolina would be willing to look into this matter. You could win my vote and even some volunter time from me. I am a Christian who believes in the seperation of Church and State for a reason.
Hello, My name is Justin Capouellez and I am a field organizer for the North Carolina Gop. I live in the Charlotte area. I am reaching out to see if we can have a discussion on ways we can work together?
I never see any posts or action from this page. Not sure why! What's happening with the party this year?
since no preference won what does that mean for nominating a presidential candidate
Hello to all who stand up for freedom and liberty! My name is Tiffany Lesnik and I am trying to run for District Court Judge in District 10C in Raleigh. I am in a race against the clock and the NC government. As of 2017, NC law prohibits Independent/Una candidates from running for office unless they collect thousands of signatures via petition. I have to collect over two thousand signatures in order to qualify to have my name added to the ballot in November. I am the only alternative candidate for district court judge on the ballot. If I am not given a chance, my opponent, automatically becomes judge. Please come out to Optimist Park early voting in Raleigh to sign the petition and stand up to government control and interference with the people's right to choose their own public servants. My deadline is Monday, March 2nd. You can learn more about me at
I am a ticket-splitting Independent and retired political science professor who has long favored allowing "third parties" on all state ballots. When I was actively teaching decades ago, I grew tired of meeting pupils from Communist countries who asked why the U.S.A. only allowed two political parties on its ballots. As a result, I have signed petitions so as to empower minor parties around the country, and thus am glad to see that you have achieved your long-deserved civic recognition. Since I am a Christian living in Hendersonville (Henderson County) in western North Carolina, I am quite willing to post pre-"Super Tuesday" (March 3rd) primary signs within my county for your Constitution Party of North Carolina. I am eager to help you advertise your presence here and your primary election candidates. I am also well versed as to how to post signage along the well-traveled legal "right of way" in N.C. and how to minimize a sign's destruction by subsequent lawn-cutting machines. It is best to communicate with me via Facebook. My retirement unit (first-floor section) is located at: Unit 2, at 89 Ladies Mantle Court in Hendersonville --- which is near the highway intersection of U.S. Highway 64 and Sugarloaf Road at the off-ramp of Interstate Highway 26 exit # 49A. Please let me know if you are interested!
I read that two individuals filed in North Carolina as Constitution Party POTUS candidates but their names where not listed. Does anyone know who they are?
Did anyone hear what X-Gov Pat McCrory said about Gov Cooper and the fraud votes ? McCrory said about how DUKE UNIVERSITY allows their students (WITH HOMES IN OTHER STATES) To vote here in North Carolina.... The students use the address as the parking lots! Did anyone hear that today on WBT RADIO...?