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UltraSpaces offers a variety of energy saving services for all types of Commercial structures. From safety and comfort to increasing the indoor air quality in schools, health care facilities and office buildings, UltraSpaces is making an impact on the community. We pride ourselves on our ability to decrease energy costs and consumption, increase energy efficiency, cut wasteful spending, and maximizing productivity for ALL of our customers.


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UltraSpaces can insulate your walls and attic quickly, often in as little as a single day, so you can be warm and cozy during the next big blizzard! Call UltraSpaces at 800-455-9376 and Feel the Difference!


It's the first day of Spring! Even though it doesn't feel like it, Spring is around the corner. Start thinking about warmer weather energy saving ideas, like new windows, or a new a/c! You lose energy in the spring/summer just like fall/winter. Call us today for your free energy audit! 716-712-8888


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Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR - NYSERDA

Looking for energy upgrades to your home and not sure if you can afford it right now, well make sure you check out the information from NYSERDA about their Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, and income-eligible households can get up to $5,000 to help with their energy upgrades. Check it out and give us a call today for a FREE ENERGY AUDIT!

Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR offers assistance to low- and moderate- income customers with home improvements that can lower their electric bill, improve comfort and reduce energy use.

Zerodraft Spray Foam Video

Check out this great video of us spray foaming one of our customer's homes, after this, their home should be more comfortable and energy efficient!

This is a video of Zerodraft spray foaming one of their customer's homes. Below are some spray foam advantages: •Higher Resale Value 2008 Research shows that...


Winter storm warning....PLEASE! We're not afraid of cold weather! You shouldn't be either, call us today and we can help make your home more comfortable and safe!! 716-712-8888



UltraSpaces can help with all your year round needs! Call us today at 716-712-8888 for insulation, windows, doors, hvac maintenance and installation!


Safe travels today Facebook peeps!!


Safe travels today Facebook peeps!!


Call UltraSpaces today, we can help with your ice dams!!


Does your house look like this? Call us, we can help!



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Call us today at 716-712-8888 for insulation, windows, doors, hvac maintenance and installation!


Insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There are several common types of insulation — fiberglass (in both batt and blown forms), cellulose, rigid foam board, and spray foam. Reflective insulation (or radiant barrier) is another insulating product which can help save energy in hot, sunny climates.

When correctly installed with air sealing, each type of insulation can deliver comfort and lower energy bills during the hottest and coldest times of the year.

Insulation performance is measured by R-value — its ability to resist heat flow. Higher R-values mean more insulating power. Different R-values are recommended for walls, attics, basements and crawlspaces, depending on your area of the country. Insulation works best when air is not moving through or around it. So it is very important to seal air leaks before installing insulation to ensure that you get the best performance from the insulation.

To get the biggest savings, the easiest place to add insulation is usually in the attic. A quick way to see if you need more insulation is to look across your uncovered attic floor. If your insulation is level with or below the attic floor joists, you probably need to add more insulation. The recommended insulation level for most attics is R-38 (or about 12–15 inches, depending on the insulation type). In the coldest climates, insulating up to R-49 is recommended.

Call us today and we can help get your home the proper recommended insulation level! 800-455-9376


Does your house look like this? Call us, we can help!


Regular furnace maintenance is essential to keep your home heating system in top condition. Once a year you should take some time to perform a checkup on your furnace. Routine maintenance and cleaning will help you ward off the cold, keep heating bills low and make your home more energy efficient.

Don't let your furnace overwork this winter, call UltraSpaces today for any service, maintenance, or installation of your furnace! 800-455-9376


Ice dams often form on the roof following a heavy snowstorm and the onset of low temperatures. Ice dams form when the snow at the peak of the roof melts, which causes the melted water run down the slope of the roof until it refreezes as it reaches the colder surfaces at the eaves (the edges, or overhangs of the roof.) of the roof.

Ice dams can cause a very costly water damage to your roof deck, attic space, insulation, interior walls and ceilings. When an ice dam forms at the eave of your roof, it blocks off water and causes it to rise up underneath the roof shingles thereby penetrating inside your home. The water will generally rise up faster on the roofs with lower roof slope. The damage caused by ice dam built up can be very costly. You may be required to replace wet insulation, damaged dry walls and ceilings, remove mold, and replace rotten wood in your home. It is obviously, much easier, and far less costly to stop ice dams before they happen!

How to Stop Ice Dams

Because it is the warm air that makes its way into the attic space and causes the snow on top of the roof to melt, we need to find a way to insulate the attic space and keep it cool in order to stop ice dams from forming. The goal is to have a cool attic space with the temperature at or below 30° F.

Call UltraSpaces today and let us help you control your ice dam issue! 800-455-9376


What Do Icicles on the Roof Mean?

Icicles on the roof may seem to be a reflection of a beautiful winter's day, but the hanging ice may be far from benign. Snow on your roof indicates that your attic is properly insulated against heat escape. Icicles can often be a sign of just the opposite. Heat from the home accumulates under the roof deck and melts the underside of the snow pack. Water runs down the roof to the overhang and refreezes to form icicles and a potentially damaging ice dam.

Call UltraSpaces today and let us help you with your insulation needs! 800-455-9376


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