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Afloat Multimedia Production System Naval Afloat Media Systems program support This page is for afloat media MC's to share information about the CVN media production program.

Operating as usual


Please do not use any knife or sharp object on your laminator. The SEAL laminators you have on the carriers cannot be replaced as they are not manufactured anymore.


Here are the part numbers for HP Z3200 ink and paper. I buy most of this from B&H or Adorama.
Matte Black C9448A
Black C9449A
Gray C9450A
Light Gray C9451A
Magenta C9453A
Yellow C9454A
Light Magenta C9455A
Green C9457A
Blue C9458A
Clear C9459A
Light Cyan C9390A
Red Ink CD951A

This is the paper I recommend for this printer. There are plenty of other surfaces you can use but I feel this paper works best.

HP Universal Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper for Inkjet - 42" Wide Roll - 100' Long
MFR # Q6576A


Here is the current list for ordering consumables for your Noritsu printers. Contact Todd Holloway at Noritsu government sales for quotes. [email protected]
Paper (Glossy):
Nomenclature Part Number
12” Glossy (2 rolls per case) H073205-00
10” Glossy (2 rolls per case) H073204-00
8” Glossy (2 rolls per case) H073203-00
6” Glossy (4 rolls per case) H073202-00
5” Glossy (4 rolls per case) H073201-00
Paper (Semi-Glossy):
Nomenclature Part Number
12” Semi-Glossy (2 rolls per case) H073211-00
10” Semi-Glossy (2 rolls per case) H073210-00
8” Semi-Glossy (2 rolls per case) H073209-00
6” Semi-Glossy (4 rolls per case) H073208-00
5”Semi-Glossy (4 rolls per case) H073207-00
Nomenclature Part Number
Ink (Yellow, 500ML) H086078-00
Ink (Magenta, 500ML) H086077-00
Ink (Cyan, 500ML) H086076-00
Ink (Black, 500ML) H086075-00



Some interesting info on shooting RAW.


Another reminder that your Noritsu printers. They have Epson print heads inside. You need to run prints on a daily basis to ensure the print heads do not clog up. I call it exercising the heads.


There seems to be a rash of issues with the Noritsu printers having print quality problems. Follow the procedures below and it will clear up a majority of your problems.

Here are the instructions for a power head cleaning.

Controller Main Display - F - Management Tool - System Management - Printer setting - highlight "d703/1005" - click on Maintenance.

At this point you will be at the printer information screen (you will see the ink levels) click on maintenance again.

Now you have entered the screen where you can print the nozzle check, on this screen hold the F1 key and press the F9 key on the keyboard, and when you see the screen with the "input password" enter 2260.

Then click on Extension - Maintenance - Function Check, if you entered the password correctly you should see the Power Head Cleaning. If it is not there go make and enter the password again, you know you have entered the password correctly because on the title bar you will see [SP].

Before running a power head cleaning make sure that none of the ink cartridges are low, as well do not run the power head cleaning 2 this will a large amount of ink.


Another question I'm frequently asked is what does the AMMPS program support? Here is the list of what we are contracted to support.
8 iMac workstations
5 PC/Dell workstations
All the equipment in your server rack. Storage, domain controllers, switch, UPS's, etc.
Each CVN should have appx. 15 APC/UPS's. One for each workstation.
RIMAGE CD/DVD duplicators
Noritsu printers
HP large format printer
SEAL laminator
Paper Drill
Paper Cutter
Paper Stitcher
Xerox 7760 printer

The RISO is no longer supported. If it fails let us know and we will help you with disposition.
Each CVN has an Ethernet connection between the 3rd deck main space and the SITE TV studio. This is so we can put some of your workstations in SITE TV.

The Xerox printers fall under the Xerox Defense Printing contract but AMMPS makes sure each machine can scan to the AMMPS NAS and each workstation can print to all Xerox copiers/printers.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


If you are having problems with your Noritsu printer please use the following email address for support. [email protected]
If you do not get an answer right away let me know.

AMMPS support team at [email protected].

I was on a ship yesterday and noticed this. Just a reminder that a CD/DVD tray is not a shelf!!

I was on a ship yesterday and noticed this. Just a reminder that a CD/DVD tray is not a shelf!!

Great information here shipmates. Please read and share.
My Video Workflow

Great information here shipmates. Please read and share.

I’ve been doing this Navy video production thing for about ten years now. Over that time, I’ve developed a workflow that streamlines my production process. I don't think there is anything magical a...


Lt Ilic and I started this page so we could share information about the AMMPS program and try and get all the CVN MC's involved. I know a majority of the MC's are on facebook quite a bit during the day. Please share this page with all the MC's in your media department. Encourage your Sailors to ask questions about the AMMPS equipment. We are here to help!!

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