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Love hearing about great results after prayers, let me share some of God's Blessings and our client's recent results with you:

Driving on Suspended 14th Offense: Not Guilty

Public Intoxication: Dismissed

DWI 1st: Dismissed
Driving on Suspended: Dismissed

Disorderly Conduct: Dismissed

Fail to Stop at Scene of Accident: Dismissed

Reckless Driving: Improper Brakes/Accident: Dismissed

Reckless Driving 92/55: no Active Jail time

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What another great day for us:

Abusive Language to another....Dismissed

Intoxication in Public...Dismissed

RD 82/55....Reduced to 75/55 Speeding

RD 86/60...Reduced to Speeding 19 over limit

Assault & Battery...Not Guilty


God is great.....Attempt-Drive under Revo/Suspension...dropped to No Drivers License
RD 81/55...dropped to Improper Control/Driving
RD 90/60 Dismissed
RD-80/55 Dismissed
OP/Permit/Prk OP Unlic MTR Vehicle Dismissed
Fail to have Vehicle Inspected Dismissed
Fail to display License Plates Dismissed


Another great week at Dunnigan Law. We thank God for all the miracles. Let me share some with you:

Reckless Driving 108/60: Reduced to Improper Driving
Reckless Driving 81/55: Reduced to Speeding
Reckless Driving 87/55: Reduced to Improper Driving
Reckless Driving 85/55: Reduced to Improper Driving
Reckless Driving 83/55: Reduced to Improper Driving
Reckless Driving 81/55: Reduced to Improper Driving

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What a great day for us....

Reckless 70/45 Reduced to Improper Control/Driving


Another great day for us....

71/45 SP Reduced to Improper Control/Driving

RD 81/55 Reduced to Speeding


Another great day for Dunnigan Law:

Trespassing Charge Not Guilty

89/60 RD SP Reduced to Improper Control/Driving

Trespassing charge Not Guilty

Reckless Driving 86/55 Dismissed

Petty Larc Not Guilty


Man did the blessings from above fall upon our clients today, Prayers were answered!

Petty Larceny: NOT GUILTY

Capias-Fail to appear: NOT GUILTY

RD 108/60: Dropped to Improper Control/Driving

RD 94/60: Dropped to Improper Control/Driving

RD 96/60: Reduced to 79/60 Speeding

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Thank God for another great day at Dunnigan Law:

RD 94/55 Reduced to 74/55 SP

RD SP 86/60 Reduced to Improper Control/Driving


Another great week for Dunnigan Law:
RD-Generally-MISD Dropped to improper control/Driving
Fail to maintain Proper Control Dropped to improper control/driving
RD-SP in Excess 85 MPH Dismissed
RD-OP Improper Brakes Dismissed
RD-Speed 91/65 Amended to 84/65 SP
Disorderly Conduct DIsmissed
Obstruct Justice/Resist Arrest Dismissed


Another great day for Dunnigan Law:

RD 63/35-Reduced to Improper Control/Driving

False Report of Crime to Police-Dismissed

SP 65/45-Dismissed


Shout from the roof tops: God is full of Mercy and Grace!!! Here are the results from our cases today:

DWI 2nd BAC .22 (mandatory Jail time) reduced to Reckless Driving-no jail time

Reckless Driving 20 miles over reduced to Speeding

Class 5 Felony reduced to Misdemeanor No Active Jail time

DWI 1st reduced to Reckless Driving

No Drivers License: Nolle Prosequi

Refusal: Nolle Prosequi

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Another great day at Dunnigan Law:

False stmt on crim his consent: Nolle Prosequi
Attempt-nonviolent felon poss gun: Nolle Prosequi

RD 90/60 SP: Reduced to improper control/driving

RD 87/60 SP: Reduced to improper control/driving


Praise the Lord!

Shop Lift/Alter Price Dismissed

Concealed Weapon: Carry Nolle Prosequi
Civil Violation-Refused Blood/Breath Test Nolle Prosequi

66/45 SP DIsmissed

RD 76/55 SP DIsmissed


Another Great Day

71/45 SP Reduced to Improper Control/Driving

SP 82/55 Reduced to Improper Control/Driving

SP 81/55 Reduced to Improper Control/Driving

81/55 SP Reduced to 73/55

DWI Nolle Prosequi

RD-SP In Excess 85 MPH Reduced to Improper Control/Driving


Another AMAZING Friday! Thank you God, all the Glory is to you! Let me tell you all about this amazing day:

Reckless Driving 90/65: Dismissed
Enter Structure to commit Assault and Battery: Dismissed
Grand Larceny: Dismissed
Petit Larceny: Dismissed
Reckless Driving 47/25: Dismissed

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Another great day of God's Mercy and Grace today:

Reckless Driving 85/55: Reduced to Speeding 75/55
Assault and Battery: Dismissed
Point and Brandish Firearm: Dismissed

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Let me share some recent blessings with you:

Suspended License: Dismissed
ASAP Violation: Not Guilty
Reckless Driving 113/60: Dismissed
Reckless Driving General: Dismissed
Driving on Suspend: Reduced to Fail to Carry License
Reckless Driving 85/60: Reduced to Speeding 79/60
Following too Close: Dismissed
Reckless Driving 90/55: Reduced to 75/55
Tunnel Height Violation: Dismissed
Possession of Ma*****na: Not Guilty
Reckless Driving 67/45: Improper Driving

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All praise to God:

Point Brandish firearm: Withheld Finding
RD 70/35: Dismissed

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Another few amazing results, nothing but blessings from above.

DWI 1st: Dismissed
Driving without a License 8th Offense: No Active Jail time, No Suspension of License

Keep praying for miracles and they shall be granted! Call Dunnigan Law for all your traffic and criminal court needs. 757-410-3900 Let us see how we can help you.


To God be all the Glory!!! Here are some Blessing from above:

DWI 1st Offense: Dismissed
DWI 2nd Offense: Reduced to Reckless Driving
Reckless Handling of Firearm: Not Guilty
Reckless Driving 85/55 Dismissed
Reckless Driving 68/45: Reduced to Improper Driving

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Great way to Start the week with Blessings from above:
DWI: Drugs: Reduced to Reckless Driving
Fail to Maintain Lane: Accident: Dismissed
Fail to Appear: Dismissed
Solicit A Lewd Act: Dismissed

Don't wait until it's too late, call Dunnigan Law and see what we can do to help with all your court needs. 757-410-3900


Great way to start the new week and end a peculiar year:

Concealed weapon: Not Guilty
No Drivers License: Not Guilty
Illegal Tint: Not Guilty

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Another day of amazing blessing from above:

Convicted Felon Possess Firearm: No active Jail time
Driving on Revoked: Reduced to No License in Possession

What a blessing from God!! Call today for all your court needs 757-410-3900


What an awesome way to start a new week, 3 different cases with amazing outcomes:

Driving on Suspended: Reduced to Not Carrying License
DWI: Dismissed
Concealed Weapon: Dismissed

To God be all the glory!!! Call Dunnigan Law today with all your criminal and traffic court needs 757-410-3900!!!


Another awesome review from a Satisfied Client: "Mr. Dunnigan and his staff are amazing!! They have gone above and beyond to help me through my court cases along with getting one of my charges dropped. I would recommend this awesome team to anyone fighting legal battles."


What a way to start Thanksgiving week:

Reckless Driving: Dismissed
Public Intoxication: Dismissed

To God be ALL THE GLORY!!!
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We love getting this positive feedback from our clients:

"Trustworthy, truthful and honorable
5.0 stars
November 9, 2020

It was a scary situation, but Mr. Dunnigan expertly handled the case and pulled unexpected moves that really turned the case.

Will recommend to anyone needing a criminal defense lawyer, and hopefully I never need 1 again, but if I do, I will return to Mr. Dunnigan.

I really appreciated his honesty. Fantastic job!

Thank you Mr. Dunnigan."

Do not hesitate to call today with all your court needs, traffic and criminal! 757-410-3900


Another amazing day with Dunnigan Law and it's clients:

Reckless Driving-Bad Brakes: Dismissed
Fail to stop at Scene Accident: Dismissed
Failure to Appear: Dismissed

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More blessings and mercy shown today:

Possession of Controlled Substance: bond reinstated
DUI with BAC .11: Not Guilty

To God be all the Glory!! Feel free to call us with all your court needs today 757-410-3900!


Nothing but God's mercy and grace being showered upon Dunnigan Law and it's Clients. Hope everyone is doing well in this season of life. Here are some recent results from some of our cases:
Obtain Money Under False Pretense: Not Guilty
Bad Check: Not Guilty
Fail to Remain on Good Behavior: Not Guilty
No Drivers License: Dismissed
Shoplifting: Not Guilty
Obtain Money Under False Pretense: Not Guilty
Bad Check: Not Guilty
Reckless Driving 85/65: Amended to Speeding
Obtain Money Under False Pretense: Not Guilty
Bad Check: Not Guilty
Obtain Money Under False Pretense: Not Guilty
Reckless Driving: 80/55: Amended to Speeding 69/55
Reckless Driving 92/60: No Jail time
Possession Ma*****na: Dismissed

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What an amazing client testimony, to God be all the Glory!!!

"I had been charged for allegedly not scanning items in a self checkout. From the very beginning it was a misunderstanding, but that's what we all say right? First off i will start with the service i received from the day i called. I personally spoke with Monica, Amanda, and Angela. They provided me with exceptional service everytime i called. They were beyond helpful and informative. I had no previous convictions or charges. I work 50+ hours every week as a contractor for DoD.
I have 2 kids and a wife and even though i knew it was petty, i was worried about facing jail time and not being able to provide for my family, while also being considered a criminal for the rest of my life. I contacted Mr. Dunnigan's office after reading reviews on multiple firms. I told him the truth from the beginning and let him do what he does. I was advised to complete community service along with completing an online theft awareness course and conduct my own criminal background check of myself to show the courts, all before my court date as it would be beneficial in my case. I was only able to complete half of the community service, and i procrastinated on the background check so much that i was unable to have it back in time for my court date. Even after my inconsistencies Mr. Dunnigan got the charge dismissed, all that was left to do was pay a court cost. With such a huge relief, i will be able to get back to focusing on my future.
While every case is different and has their own uniqueness Mr. Dunnigan was the guy for the job and i couldn't have asked for a better result. Thank you to the whole Dunnigan Law Firm team."

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Miracles and Blessings were showered upon Attorney Brian Dunnigan and his clients, let me share some results with you from today:
DWI 2nd Offense with Elevated BAC: Dismissed
Profane Language over Public Airway: Dismissed

Please call Dunnigan Law with your traffic and criminal court matters. 757-410-3900


While the courts are almost fully open and functioning, we at Dunnigan Law have been working hard and praying even harder for the blessings our clients have been receiving. Let me share a few of our recent results with you all:

Disturb the Peace: Dismissed
Driving without License: Dismissed
Reckless Driving-Bad Brakes: Dismissed
Obstruction of Justice: Dismissed
Driving under Suspension: Reduced to No Drivers License
RECKLESS Driving 89/55: Reduced to Simple Speeding
2 Felony Possession of Scheduled Substance: No Active Jail
Public Intoxication: Dismissed
Possession with Intent to Distribute-Felony: Reduced to Misdemeanor
Trespassing: Dismissed
Possession of Ma*****na: Dismissed
Reckless Driving 86/60: Reduced to Improper Driving

Please don't hesitate to call Dunnigan Law with any traffic or Criminal needs or questions. 757-410-3900!!


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We serve a merciful God...DUI .25 - no active jail time!
This is hands down the best lawyer in the tidewater area . Brain u r the best Thanks you so much
Mr. Dunigan was an amazing attorney. I have used him three times and the outcome was a dismissal and I highly recommend him for any case great guy and staff!!!!!! 5 stars