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Conner Electrical Services Inc. is the company you call when you need the expertise to create the lifestyle you dream of. Even if it's new construction electrical design and implementation or interior and landscape lighting renovation, put Conner Electrical Services Inc.'s experience to work for you.


There are several different types of electric systems that can be installed in your commercial building, depending on your individual needs. This includes everything from security and alarm systems to remote keypads, access control systems, lighting systems, and automation systems.


Did you know electric fields work in a similar way to gravity? However, gravity always attracts but electric fields can either attract or repulse, just like magnetism! In fact, in 1819 Hans Christian Oersted discovered that a magnetic field surrounds a current-carrying wire, which ultimately led to these connections with other scientific properties.


Did you know high voltage transmission carriers have to use different conductors? Bundle conductors are often utilized at high voltages because they can increase the electrical current capacity.


A "GFCI" in a home or residential building is a ground fault circuit interrupter. A ground fault circuit interrupter is an inexpensive electrical device that is installed in household branch circuits to prevent electrocutions. Installation of the GFCI can also prevent many burn and electric shock injuries every year.


Modern businesses and modern offices have a much higher power consumption than in the past, largely due to increased equipment use like servers, computers, and more. Make sure that your wiring is up to it by hiring a commercial electrician.


While your home’s electrical system may technically be up to code, the electrical systems in older homes simply weren’t designed to handle the strain of the modern lifestyle. If your family demands more simultaneous power than your home can provide, we’re always happy to help with an upgrade.


If you are building a new home or structure and need to run power to it, we can provide professional assistance. We offer complete private power line construction services and are committed to ensuring that your line conforms to all local regulations and standards.


Modern electric grids are much more powerful and robust than grids used to be, but many houses still have boards and circuit breakers that are decades old. Electrical contractors can replace your old circuit boards and modernize your electrical infrastructure.


Armored cable for interior electrical wiring was first introduced in 1899 by the Sprague Electric Company of New York. This cable didn’t really catch on until around 1930 and is still a popular wiring method today.


You should inspect your circuit breaker box periodically for signs of corrosion. Sometimes water and moisture can invade it, creating rust and other problems that need to addressed by a certified and licensed electrician.


What is EMI? It stands for "electromagnetic interference," and it refers to signal disruption or “noise” superimposed onto electrical power supplies, data lines, or signal lines. In commercial settings, EMI is often caused by improper wiring, fluorescent lights or improperly shielded electronic devices.


Many homes built during the 1960s and 1970s may contain aluminum wiring in the electrical system - a real and serious fire hazard. When current passes through aluminum wire, it expands and causes overheating at outlets and switches.


Where there’s a construction project, you can bet that there’s a strict deadline to go with it. Commercial electricians have years of experience dealing with tight schedules. They know how to get the job done to a high quality and on time.


When it’s determined that a new substation is necessary to maintain reliable electric service, we can connect to that load center and meet all your requirements. Our expert engineers can connect that new substation to an existing transmission source with the route that you choose and provide reliable maintenance for years to come.


Faulty electrical wiring is particularly problematic in older homes, which are not often equipped to handle today’s heavy-duty electrical demands. If you have fuses blowing frequently or lights that dim or flicker, it’s time to call an electrical contractor.


It’s important that you never overload outlets, extension cords, or electrical circuits. If your business is experiencing frequent circuit breaker trips, either your breaker is overloaded or the circuit has malfunctioned and needs to be inspected.


Where tree-line contact may occur, we recommend using insulated wiring to protect wildlife. Larger birds with long wingspans are endangered if they come in contact with transmission lines that are not insulated.


So what exactly is structured wiring? This modern wiring model relies on heavy duty data cables that enable the latest features of all of your technological gadgets, from TVs to security systems. This type of system can even enable Internet-based remote control of your heating and lighting systems down the road.


Energy efficiency is defined as using less energy to provide the same level of energy service. Some examples of energy efficiency are better insulation of buildings, using energy saving light bulbs, buying cars with better gas mileage. Energy efficiency is achieved primarily by means of a more efficient technology.


In health care facilities, privacy and comfort, such as personal controls at the bedside, and quiet rooms rank highest in order to improve patient experience. These design elements are what many facilities are focusing on improving and remodeling, including all the electrical upgrades necessary.


Ask your electrical contractor about installing motion-detecting light switches in your office. When an employee leaves his or her office to attend a meeting, you’ll save electricity costs, as the light will automatically turn itself off after a pre-set interval of time.


One of the best ways to prevent electrical shocks is to add a residential current device to your home, which gives you an easy way to cut power. Talk to your contractor about fixing one to the fuse box as well.


In electrical terms, an arcing fault is the flow of current through the air between phase conductors or phase and neutral/ground. An arcing fault has the potential to release tremendous amounts of concentrated radiant energy at the point of the arcing in a small fraction of a second result.


If you have an air conditioner, consider setting your thermostat a few degrees higher. Turn on ceiling fans to help move air and reduce the need for air conditioning. Ceiling fans use much less electricity than your air conditioner.


In commercial buildings, wiring, cables, and HVAC vents are placed in the plenum, the space above drop ceilings. CAT-5 plenum wire is usually required by code, because the cable jacket doesn’t release toxic fumes, which would be spread by the ventilation system should a fire occur.


It’s important to remember that living in an older home could mean that your electrical system isn’t able to handle all of your electronics at once. If you need to ensure that you have the ability to run all your kitchen appliances at the same time, we’re always here for you.


In small commercial settings, fiber optic cable may not be the best choice. Copper and coaxial cables use electricity to transmit data, are easier to splice together, and are easier to connect to most common desktop components, such as monitors and computers.


We recognize that the typical home won’t always have electrical outlets in the most convenient locations of each room. When you need the ability to plug something in without running extension cords across the room, we’re always here for you.


Did you know that most early wire splices were soldered and taped joints? Interestingly, solder joints are still permitted in the NEC today and require the splice to be mechanically secure without a solder and then soldered before being covered with insulation.


Did you now that electric use tripled in the three decades following World War II? Electrical contracting also grew steadily, reaching its peak employment in 1999, although there is still steady growth at the hands of expert electricians.


You probably already know old style incandescent light bulbs were very inefficient because most of their energy produced heat, not light. Care to guess what percent of an incandescent bulb's energy did factor into producing light? If you guessed 10 percent, you're right.


If you’re thinking of installing wall sconces at either side of your bed to allow for easier nighttime reading, you may want to consider having us install an outlet where it will be mounted. Otherwise, you’ll have unsightly cords draping down your wall.


Were you aware that setting your desktop or laptop to go into sleep mode after 15 minutes of non-use can greatly reduce the amount of energy it uses on a daily basis? When in this mode, most computers will only use between 0 and 6 watts, compared to 250 watts when left constantly ready.


When you’re renovating your home, it’s not uncommon to need to do some rewiring. If that’s your situation, or even if you just aren’t sure your electrical systems are up to their new tasks, an electrical contractor should be your first call as you begin the renovation.


Are you constructing or renovating a car dealership? These facilities need to have powerful lights in the showroom, enough outlets for multimedia displays, and power enough for a mechanics’ shop. Commercial electricians are the best way to make sure all of these needs are met.


Several different inventors tried to get electric appliances off the ground during the mid 1800s, but there wasn't enough infrastructure. Fortunately, power companies and electric distribution got off the ground in the 1880s, such as Edison's Pearl Street Station in 1882.


Commercial electricians that work on construction sites must understand where electrical conduits and other components have to be laid, and how these locations affect other components involved in the construction of the building.


Mother Nature is the most powerful electrical contractor on the earth! In a single thunderstorm she can release a single atmospheric lightning strike whose speeds can reach 130,000 miles per hours and whose electrical discharge can reach almost 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit!


Need a ceiling fan installed or an outlet moved? Want to upgrade to a digital thermostat? Call your electrician, and know the job will be done safely. An electrician receives three to five years of on-the-job training before obtaining a license.


Did you know that there are specific safety requirements designated for underground cables? Basically, the area directly above the cables must be kept clear of buildings, structures, trees, and the like.


Electric contractors may be a key aspect of your building plan. They are the ones who ensure that the electrical systems are safe and that they are wired into your power system properly. There are very few things more important than that.


The ancient Egyptians were acquainted with electricity almost 5,000 years ago, but maybe not in the way you think. They had an intimate knowledge through the actions of fish that were able to generate electrical fields.


Electrical work requires a special skill set and the knowledge of the local safety codes that are applicable to your project. You can find out that information yourself, which may take years, or you can hire the professionals for a lot less.


Generators can be an important part of a commercial building, whether it's for primary power generation or for emergency backup purposes. Either way, you need to be able to count on it, and a commercial electrical contractor can make sure you're not left in the dark.


When talking to an electrical contractor, you’ll often hear them refer to the “load” of the system. An electrical load is an electrical component that consumes electricity. An electrical contractor needs to balance the potential total load on a system to the amount of power that is generated.


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