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Mid-Austin Steering Committee Mid-Austin Steering Committee "Promotes the general welfare of the residents in the Mid-Austin servi

Mid-Austin Steering Committee

Mid-Austin's Fall programs will begin September 4th! Please come and take part of the activities that are offered in our afterschool program. Give us a call at 773-287-5717 or visit our website www.midaustin.org


Congrats to our Board President Yolanda Bradley for pursuing her Degree in Business. Very proud of you!


Thursday January 19, 2012 on 92nd and Cottage Grove Between 9am - 12pm Ford Motor Company will be excepting applications for all positions.


$10,000.00 Reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible for shooting and killing a police officer at 1201 North Austin in Chicago. If you have information Please call Area 5 violent crimes at: 312-746-8282 or to remain anonymous call: 888-YPO-SHOT.


Have a safe and wonderful New Year From the Mid-Austin Family


From the Board of Directors, and staff of Mid-Austin Steering Committee. We would like to wish you a good holiday season from our family to yours. Merry Christmas and a Happy Blessed New Year.

Mid-Austin Steering Committee

Today at 4pm Mid-Austin is hosting a Christmas Party for the youth in the Austin Area. The will food games, present, and yes a visit from Santa! If you are in the area, come and join in the fun. This has been a trying year, due to the various cuts in our program it has caused layoffs and furlough days off. Our programs have suffered, but mostly the youth have suffered. We pray that our 2012 budget we be more sufficient in the needs of our youth. December 16th will be the last day that our programs will run, and we will re-open January 2, 2012. If you need any information, please visit our website at www.midaustin.org, or give our staff a call at 773-287-5717. Thank you for your support, and have a wonderful safe holiday season. Yolanda Bradley, President


Earlier this week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced a proposal to provide funds to temporarily reinstate limited emergency services for residents in need of shelter transportation between the hours of 12 and 8 a.m. These funds will serve to partially fill a gap left by a state funding cut that took place over the summer and led to the elimination of the service.
Beginning November 15 through spring, the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services (DFSS) will provide limited overnight transportation services to individuals engaged in the shelter placement process. Priority assistance will be given to individuals and families who have been suddenly displaced due to a crisis and need transport to shelter.
We continue to ask that our clients who regularly utilize Emergency Services for transportation call 311 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 midnight.
Keeping Chicago’s homeless individuals and families safe this winter is the highest priority for Mayor Emanuel and all of us at DFSS. If you know of anyone who needs shelter placement assistance, please call 311.
We thank you for your ongoing support and for all you do on behalf of our most vulnerable residents. Please contact Deputy Commissioner Joel Mitchell, DFSS (312.743.1524, [email protected]) should you have any questions about this service or any of our programs for homeless residents.

Mid-Austin Steering Committee

The Title XX program is in crisis again! This could mean programs and staff could be lost! Title XX monies fall in the budget of a lot of funding in our communities, we are writing to different politicans to advocate to save monies for afterschool programs. Please support Mid-Austin by contacting your Legislator, Congressmen, or Alderman about your concerns, or you can call us at 773-287-5717 or visit our Website at www.midaustin.org.


Mid-Austin is looking for a part-time youth worker that would be able set activities for our young men with basketball, peer counseling etc, we are also looking for a certified teacher that would be interested in working with our GED program. If interested in any of these positions, please fax your resume to 773-287-9418 at my attention Yolanda Bradley Board President.

Mid-Austin Steering Committee

Mid-Austin and the Sun Lodge #368 is hosting a School Uniform Drive. If you are interested in donating school uniforms please inbox us! You can also stop by Mid-Austin and see our programs in action. 816 N. Laramie* 773-287-5717 or visit our Website www.midaustin.org.


Mid-Austin is looking to hire a certified teacher to head our GED Prep program. GED is held 4pm - 6pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. This is a much needed program in our community. If interested fax your resume along with a copy of your certification to Mid-Austin 773-287-9418 at my attention: Yolanda Bradley - Board President.


Summer Programs at Mid-Austin will start July 18 from 12pm - 5pm Monday - Friday. Our summer program is free! The only cost are entrance fees and the cost of the bus. give us a call 773-287-5717 and talk to Yolanda Bradley, Rachel Bush, or Gregory Raggs for more information.


Calling all chefs! If you are a chef, and would like to give the youth in the Austin area to learn how to be a chef, give me a call. We are looking for a chef that is interested in volunteering 2 hours per week for 6months to give youth a chance to learn something other than basketball. There is a stipend for this program. Please call me at 773-287-5717 Mon, Wed, or Friday if you're interested.


If you have any questions concerning the programs at Mid-Austin, The Board President Yolanda Bradley is available at the facility on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays after 12pm. Give her a call or just stop by! Come and register your child for the programs that we offer for free! All trips will cost the entrance fee plus the cost of the bus. Please check out our website: www.midaustin.org


On 05/12/11 Mid-Austin will be rewarded a $5,000 grant for a cooking class for the youth in the Austin area. The cooking class is available for all youth of all ages. If you are interested, please call and get your child or yourself enrolled. All programs at Mid-Austin are free! Please call 773-287-5717 ask for Gregory Raggs, or Yolanda Bradley. Please help keep Mid-Austin a part of the Austin Comunity.


Summer Day Camp is right around the corner, please called MASC for details. 773-287-5717.


The Governor has re-instated the 2011 budget with 36% has been cut. The 2012 budget which starts July 1, 2011, it has been suggested that the budget will be cut in it's entirety. Which means youth facilities in Il will hault all services that are rendered. Il is broke, we are in a 6 billion dollar hole. Summer jobs for youth, afterschool programs, substance abuse programs for youth could end June 30, 2011!


2011 Summer Opportunities! Youth Ready Chicago offers young people, ages 14-21 a range of engaging employment opportunities that can help them gain valuable work experience and create professional relationships that can last a life time. Apply today! Dead line is June 3, 2011.


The Governor's Budget cuts have affected youth services programs by 14% in the past 3 years. Our programs provides prevention violence programs, safe havens during out of school time, provides positive direction and opportunities for our at risk youth. The cuts in funding has already reduced the number of youth we service because we have lost staff to service them.


Mid-Austin will be have a spring steppers set more details will come. All proceeds will go for programing and to keep the doors open for the afterschool program that is needed in the Austin Community.


The Christmas Party was a success! All the children received gifts, either from Mid-Austin or from their "Secret Santa". The Center will be closed for the holiday season and will reopen January 3, 2011. The Staff continues to work through this very difficult time. From the entire Board and Staff of Mid-Austin Steering Committee we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


On December 17, 2010 The Board and Staff will be hosting a Christmas Party for the youth in the Austin Area from 3:30pm - 5:30pm. Come out and celebrate with us, and meet Santa Claus. Everyone is invited. For more details please call us 773-287-5717


The Full time staff have been laid off since November 15, and continues to work on unemployment, which shows there dedication, passion, and commitment to the youth of in our community.


The Board and Staff are looking for "Secret Santa's" We have a lot of youth in the Austin Area that are part of the after school program that live in poverty. If you are interested in being a Secret Santa. Please call the center 773-287-5717 and speak to Yolanda Bradley - Board President, Yvonne Johnson - Executive Director. If you know Yolanda personally you can call her cell phone.


As of November 15, 2010, we could lose our full time staff because of budget cuts. That includes our Executive Director - Yvonne Johnson. However, we still have part-time staff that are funded under different grants, which means our Director will be working without pay! Log in on our web site, or put your comments on our page, and some will read and respond.


MASC is funded through state contracts, and with the social service cuts that the state will introduce, this may effect the stability of MASC and the youth programs that we offer for free. We here at MASC would like for you to contact your Congressman and let them know the importance of afterschool programs and any services that may and can be utilize by IL. families. Please Contact you Congressman!!!!


Always remember to check out our website at midaustin.org. If you are interested in the afterschool programs we offer, give us a call at 773-287-5717, or just stop by 816 N. Laramie, Chicago, IL. 60651. Some will more than happy to help you.


Don't forget to Vote November 2, 2010!


Today is the Executive Director's Birthday Yvonne Johnson and the Board President's Birthday Yolanda Bradley. We would like to wish both of the amazing women /a very Happy Birthday and many, many more. Enjoy you day!!!!!!


The Summer Day Camp is almost at the end. Please take advantage of our after school programs. We offer homework assistances, arts & crafts, recreational sports, table games, GED prep classes, sewing, and alot more. If interested in the programs, give us a call 773-287-5717. We are located on the westside of Chicago in the Austin Area, and check out our website for other programs we offer. midaustin.org.


The Summer Day Camp is in full swing!


The Summer Day Camp will start July 1, 2010 instead of the 6th. A schedule of the trips will be posted soon. If need any information about the summer day camp, or any other services we provide please call 773-287-5717 or visit or web site midaustin.org


Happy Father's Day to all the fathers who make a difference in our communities


816 N Laramie Avenue
Chicago, IL

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