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AFSCME Local 2912 American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees (AFL-CIO) Local 2912 AFSCME Local 2912 is part of AFSCME Council 31. Representing City of Chicago public sector employees in seventeen (17) departments.

Operating as usual


An Important Message for City of Chicago AFSCME Members
We are currently confronting the biggest public health emergency of our times. Many City of Chicago employees are part of an army of public servants who are still on the job every day, deserving of gratitude for all you are doing—and deserving of the safest possible working conditions.

AFSCME has been pressing the City to ensure that appropriate steps are being taken and needed PPE provided to prevent the spread of the spread of this treacherous virus.

Our union has also been working to expand employees’ rights as you seek to cope with the extraordinary demands being made on so many aspects of your life. We have worked with the Lightfoot Administration to ensure that employees can remain in pay status for as long as needed if they become sick, are quarantined, or ordered to self-isolate by a public health agency or medical provider.

Now we have just reached an agreement with the Administration to modify the union contract in order to extend the period for vacation carryover—since so many employees have not been able to use their vacation time during this period of restricted travel and intensified work schedules. Under the new agreement, unused vacation time carried over from 2019 into 2020 will not be forfeited on June 1, 2020 as the contract provides. Instead employees will have until to use this vacation time before it would be forfeited.

Many more challenges lay before us. As the City of Chicago begins the process of “reopening” pursuant to the schedule that Governor Pritzker has laid out, AFSCME is fighting to ensure that the conditions to which employees return will be as safe as possible. Unfortunately, the Chicago Public Library has already compelled all employees to return to work without putting sufficient safeguards in place. Our union is now working to address the array of problems employees confronted on their return.

Nationally, AFSCME is leading the charge in Washington, DC for federal funding to aid state and local governments—like the City of Chicago—which have taken enormous hits to their budgets as a result of the pandemic. In response to our efforts, earlier this week the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the HEROES Act, which provides vitally needs funds to prevent layoffs and service cuts in Chicago and other cities across Illinois. But Republicans in the Senate are blocking this measure, after previously passing legislation that provided billions in “relief” to the big banks and other corporations.

This holiday weekend we honor those who fought and died to keep our country free and strong. Now we are fighting a new battle—both against a deadly virus and against the forces that want only to enrich the already wealthy, instead of aiding those of us on the front lines. We can rise to meet this challenge, just as those who came before us, and emerge stronger together!

In unity,

Roberta Lynch
Executive Director

AFSCME  Council 31 and Local 2912 are working  hard behind the scene on  new developments concerning work change due to ...

AFSCME Council 31 and Local 2912 are working hard behind the scene on new developments concerning work change due to COVID-19. Please keep in mind this crisis is fluid and things are changing daily. It is important that we stand strong and support each other. This is something that many of us have not experienced in our lifetime but we will get through this together. IN SOLIDARITY LOCAL 2912.


From President Susan Littlefield

I am trying to hold it together. Since Friday I've talked to well over 100 members. I promise you as President I am doing everything I can to make sure you have the tools you need to be safe and in helping in asking about work at home opportunities. I got up at 3am this morning thinking about emails I received and sent out. Between phone calls, visits, emails and trying to get my work done I am overwhelmed. I want to thank Nicole R. Herron, Troy Rob, Edgar Diaz, Christine Bryant and Kenneth Harper for all the union work you do to represent the 16 City Departments we do. I know it is a thankless job but I appreciate you. I know we are not making everyone happy but we are doing the best we can. I am hoping that city management realizes now is not the time to continue their abusive behavior. We have to stand united and this to shall pass.


Come out tonight @5:30 pm to the Blackstone library located at 4904 S. Lake Park for AFSCME Local 2912's General Membership meeting


Reminder- General Membership Meeting is tonight 5:30pm
CPL- Richard M. Daley
733 N. Kedzie Ave.


Voting is your right. ✔


General membership meeting tonight
205 N. Michigan Ave. 21fl @ 5:30 pm


Happy New Year from AFSCME Local 2912 🎂💥🍾💯!!!!




Brothers and Sisters,

As you are aware, it is a sad day for the Labor Movement/Unions. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the billionaires who brought the Janus vs AFSCME case against us, the working people. NOW is the time we are going to prove our SOLIDARITY will not allow them to bankrupt us!

Recently there was an error with payroll and FULL DEDICATED UNION MEMEBERS were refunded their union dues. Please note this was an error on payroll's behalf and your local leadership and Council 31 are currently working on a solution. You are still considered a full member of AFSCME LOCAL 2912 and we appreciate that very much.

In Solidarity,

Susan M. Littlefield



AFSCME: Ruling attacks the freedom of working people

Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 was engineered by corporate interests: Opposing view


Updated 5:34 p.m. CDT June 28, 2018

Teachers, sanitation workers, emergency medical technicians and corrections officers: They provide professional public services every day that keep their communities safe and strong. But with its decision in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, the Supreme Court has rolled back their freedom to negotiate a fair return on their work by standing together in a strong union.

This case was engineered by corporate interests who want to rig the economy even more in their own favor. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, as they claim; it has everything to do with accumulating more wealth and power at the expense of working families. Their goal, in their own words, is to “defund and defang” public sector unions. Unfortunately, five out of nine justices accommodated them and chose to reinforce the rigged system.
But we are unfazed by these attacks. We are too busy building power. At AFSCME over the past few years, we have held nearly 900,000 one-on-one conversations with members about the importance of recommitting to their union. Nearly 18,000 public service workers have joined AFSCME through new organizing drives.
OUR VIEW: A voluntary union is a happy union
The Janus decision comes as growing numbers of working people nationwide are organizing aggressively. The recent teachers’ walkouts are only the latest and most visible example of people taking collective action to improve their lives, workplaces and communities. Nationwide, we see growing support for new laws and policies making it easier to negotiate for better pay and benefits. And unions enjoy public approval ratings above 60 percent, the highest levels in 15 years.


Happy Father's Day to the Men of Local 2912. Enjoy your day💯




Application forms available for the annual Larry Marquardt Scholarship. There will be two scholarships available, each in the amount of $2000, for 2018 school year. The deadline for application is Friday, April 20, 2018. Go to


The City of Chicago's Animal Care & Control is free cats and dogs for city employees on April 7th.


The City of Chicago's Department of Animal Care & Control is offering free cats and dogs for city employees on April 7th.


General Membership Meeting
March 22,2018
1805 S. LOOMIS ST.
TODAY @ 5:30 PM


Election Day, get out and VOTE !!!!!


Come out to elect negotiators to represent AFSCME Local 2912 as we start the process of securing a fair contract with the City of Chicago. Today at our Local office @ 5:30pm.


There are two opportunities left to volunteer:

1. This Saturday, November 5th from 10a-2p.

2. Election Day, either all day from 9a-7p or for a morning or afternoon shift.

There is a stipend available for Election Day work.

We’ll have a few locations we’re working out of, the AFSCME offices in Oak Park and Homewood, and with the Marwig campaign on the Northwest side of the city.

Please let me know if you’re interested in working either of these days, and what location you’re interested in.

Thanks for your interest,


Adrienne Alexander
Policy & Legislative Specialist
AFSCME Council 31
205 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2100
Chicago, IL 60601
phone: 312.641.6060 x4761
fax: 312.861.1672
[email protected]


General Membership meeting

Thursday October 27th 2016 at 5:30pm

Martin Luther King Jr Library

(3436 S. King Dr., Chicago IL 60616)


General Membership meeting
Thursday Sept. 29,2016 has been canceled.


Anyone interested in going to a Rally in Springfield Wednesday May 18th, for workers rights? It will be a fun day and very powerful. I can get you there, breakfast, lunch and back. Please consider. You do not have to be a union member, this is a rally for working, friends, children. ..


205 N Michigan Ave, Fl 21st
Chicago, IL


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