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UIC TRIO Upward Bound Upward Bound provides fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entrance. Upward Bound is a college preparatory program for first generation and/or income eligible high school students.

It is designed to prepare youths for education beyond high school by providing appropriate academic, cultural, and social programs that develop the skills, attitudes, and motivation necessary for post-secondary education. Upward Bound provides instruction in math, laboratory science, composition, literature, and foreign language.

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The Daily Goalcast

Words of intellectual inspiration!

This video will enhance your understanding or what is a true intellectual.

Ibram Kendi breaks down what it really means to be the smartest person in the room.

For more information: Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University

Good Afternoon UB Families,It brings us great sadness to share the news that Jedell Hoskins, UB Administrative Assistant...

Good Afternoon UB Families,

It brings us great sadness to share the news that Jedell Hoskins, UB Administrative Assistant, has passed away. We are forever grateful for her dedication to our students and UB program and for touching so many of our lives. She will be truly missed.

Please view the files attached for our TRIO message for Jedell and for more information regarding her funeral arrangements. UB Families are welcome to attend Jedell’s visitation, wake, and services. If you should have any questions, please feel free to call Cynthia at (312) 996-5046 or email her at [email protected].


"They want the art, but not the people."

In what ways can we make critical connections from this video to our communities here in Chicago?

The Brooklyn Museum hired a white woman to curate its African art collection — but this is just a small piece of an even bigger issue


Check this out!

China has officially set the age of its civilization at 5,000 years. Follow us for more.

~~~~FREE EVENT~~~~Good Afternoon Everyone! One of our UB Alumni, Johntae Brown, wanted us to spread the word that you co...
Chicago Sky

~~~~FREE EVENT~~~~

Good Afternoon Everyone! One of our UB Alumni, Johntae Brown, wanted us to spread the word that you could attend the Chicago Sky games on June 1st & June 3rd for FREE!!!!! Please contact Johntae at [email protected] for more details.



Tickets for Basketball games: buy Chicago Sky Basketball single game tickets at Ticketmaster.com. Find game schedules and team promotions.

HuffPost Black Voices

HuffPost Black Voices

Amnesty International has named Colin Kaepernick Ambassador of Conscience for his fight against racial injustice.


The gentleman that is dancing is called a Men's Fancy Dancer. All of his eagle feathers in his regalia are generally earned through community involvement. (We purposefully utilize the word "regalia" rather than "costume" because this is very offensive since regalia is connected to ceremony and honoring our ancestors and our communities, not for entertainment.)

Here this Men's Fancy Dancer, who is also a Native American rapper, is dancing to honor the lives of the r***d, murdered, and missing Native American women. What many people do not know is that Native American women are r***d, murdered and missing by percentage of population of all ethnic groups in US AND CANADA! However, Native Americans are rarely ever included in these ethnic data studies.

To note, Native Americans by percentage of population also encounter the most police brutality and other socio-cultural issues. It is very interesting how Native people are the first inhabitants of the Americas, yet we know very little about their history and culture, which in part is due to the lack of integration of this knowledge in the school's curriculum. This is very true of other ethnic groups as well!

Think more about what you can do to implement or initiate the change of this. We all can play a role in this.

We're not promised another day on this earth, but we can only hope that when we lose the people we love that we will see them again! If you heart is hurting for your loved ones who have gone to the other side camp, be encouraged that you will see them again! Dedicated to all the missing and murdered Indigenous women around the world and anyone who has lost a loved one! Beautiful song by Theresa Bear Fox's Sky World sang by Teio Swathe. #mmiw


This video briefly highlights why tribal recognition by the US Government is salient for the tribal member's survival and also the physical displacement of these tribal members from their ancestral land, which was due to the US Government seizing their land to sell to the highest bidder.

The government tried to erase these Native Americans, but this woman is fighting back.


The US Government had paid the State of California to exterminate Native Americans during the Gold Rush Era, in which all crimes that the Anglos (Whites) committed against Native Americans during this process (ie. r**e, murder, etc.) was legalized without legal repercussions. Thus, INSTITUTIONALIZING & LEGALIZING RACISM AND MURDER.

This combined with several other major events have culminated to create the legacy of the marginalization of Native people in their homelands that leads to present day, such as the highest rates of police brutality and r***d, murdered, and missing woman per percentage of the population and racist mascots that remain embedded in our mainstream society.

This same model of marginalization has been implemented with other ethnic groups such as Blacks and Latinxs (Latinas/Latinos). Think more about this and come up with some examples.

(Marginalization explained: In this case, marginalization is racial discrimination that leads life chances and experiences that are less than that of whites that is reinforced throughout society and institutions [ex: schools, jobs, prisons] to purposefully maintain white supremacy across society [ex: representation in government, voice in legislation, etc.] to maintain a white majority across society [ex: voice, representation, etc]. )

Think of examples TODAY that demonstrate the marginalization of people of color in our American society.

More people should know about the awful bounty system that paid settlers to kill Native Americans.


Imagine being one of the very first women from your country to join a Female Football Club, especially given the social environment that these women come from.

These Somali women are defying taboos and braving death threats to play soccer.

Greetings UB Families! This is a reminder that next Saturday, April 14th, 2018 we will be taking our students to the UIC...

Greetings UB Families! This is a reminder that next Saturday, April 14th, 2018 we will be taking our students to the UIC Health Sciences Career Conference for High School Students. ALL STUDENTS WHO PARTICIPATE MUST TURN IN A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP FOR THIS EVENT. If you have any questions please contact Cynthia at 312-996-5046. Thank you!
Saludos a las Familias de UB! Esto es un recordatorio que el proximo Sabado, el 14 de Abril, vamos a llevar a nuestros estudiantes a la Conferencia de las Careras en Ciencias de Salud a UIC para los estudiantes de la preparatoria. TODOS LOS ESTUDIANTES QUIENES QUIEREN PARTICIPAR EN ESTE SUCESO TIENEN QUE TENER UNA HOJA DE PERMISO FIRMADA. Si usted tiene preguntas sobre este suceso, favor de llamar a Cynthia a 312-996-5046. Muchas Gracias!

teleSUR English

Definitely check this out!

Costa Rica's vice president-elect Epsy Campbell Barr will be the first Black woman in Latin America to hold the position.

National Geographic Travel

Check out the beautiful sight of this scientific phenomenon!

Due to its location, Yellowknife is blessed with spectacular views of the northern lights. (Credit: Kwon O Chul) See more places to witness this wonderful sky show: https://on.natgeo.com/2J23o9w

ATTN: Video

This individual gives some insight on the benefits of attending community college, which are based on his personal journey.

Please remember to consider community college as a viable option in higher education.

Lending money to kids who can't pay it back to educate them for jobs that don't exist anymore is a bad idea. -- Mike Rowe

NowThis Politics

To this date, there still has not been a Native American woman to serve in Congress. This woman wants to change that. She has a very humble story and purpose with her aspirations to serve as the first Native American Congresswoman in US History.

There has never been a Native American woman in Congress — Deb Haaland wants to change that

NowThis Her

Walking for Justice and Paying Tribute to Harriet Tubman

These women walked 100 miles along the underground railroad in tribute to Harriet Tubman

Huge strides made for Native Americans! The first Lakota earns a doctoral degree in environmental engineering. Represent...

Huge strides made for Native Americans! The first Lakota earns a doctoral degree in environmental engineering.

Representation Matters!

Another Native lady making history is Dr. Otak Conroy Ben. The first Lakota to earn a doctorate degree in environmental engineering! #WomensHistoryMonth


Learn about the importance of the fresh water in the Great Lakes and how it was formed throughout thousands of years!

THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER, Native American Perspective:

"Mni Wiconi! Water is life!"
This was the main message that was utilized by water protectors in Standing Rock in 2016 when they defended the land and water from a pipeline initiative. This pipeline company used police from various states to dismantle this modern Native American movement, in which police utilized military force against peaceful and prayerful citizens. The pipeline initiative directly violated the 1851,1863 Federal treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, which is federally recognized, like all other US tribes, as a sovereign "independent" nation.

Often times when Native nations and people stand up to protect a natural resource, it not only is for the interest for the Native people, but for all people. Native people have saved roughly 80% of all natural resources (nature) across the planet through their activism.

Did you know that the Great Lakes contain almost 20% of the Earth's supply of fresh water?

So, what else makes the Great Lakes so great?

Pero Like

The story behind the movie Coco, which carefully integrated Mexican culture and history for its creation.

5 Things That Inspired Coco

Very powerful message that is applicable for all people, even if they are non-Native. We need to do a better a job of su...
Arlee Warriors basketball team creates video to promote su***de prevention

Very powerful message that is applicable for all people, even if they are non-Native.

We need to do a better a job of supporting each other. It can be something as easy as checking up on someone to see how their day went or to just listen. This is one way how to be a leader!

The Arlee Warriors basketball team created a video to raise awareness of su***de prevention

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Learn more about how super clusters are changing the framework of modern science! Quite fascinating!

The Most Detailed Map of the Universe to Date

George Takei’s Oh Myyy!

An interesting narrative from the Great Depression era. In this video you can learn more about the interesting role of some librarian women during this troubling time.

Horse about that?

via INSH


Inspiration comes in this bag!

Watch the video to learn how!

The Mexican immigrant who invented the fiery snack is getting his own biopic.
>> thrl.st/2F4DQWw

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

This was amazing. Chadwick Boseman surprises Black Panther fans while they say what the movie means to them.

Rise Up

All Black Rodeo with All Black Cowboys.

Another thing that is not in our children's history books in school. How impressive!!!

"The black cowboy was left out of the history books. They were left out of the TV. So society had nothing to even help educate them that there were black cowboys."

This all African-American rodeo is keeping a forgotten legacy alive.


This message is for the Upward Bound Students who have successfully submitted a permission slip for the National TRIO Da...

This message is for the Upward Bound Students who have successfully submitted a permission slip for the National TRIO Day field trip for this Saturday, February 24th, 2018.

UB Students should arrive at 750 S Halsted by 7:30AM. We should return around 4pm to UIC.

If you have any questions please call Cynthia at 312-996-5046. Thank you! See you there!

Este mensaje es para los estudiantes de Upward Bound quienes ya se han entregado una hoja de permiso para la salida de la National TRIO Day field para este Sabado, February 24th, 2018.

Los Estudiantes de UB deben llegar a 750 S Halsted por las 7:30AM. Regresaremos a UIC aproxadamente por las 4pm.

Si usted tiene preguntas, favor de marcar a Cynthia a 312-996-4777. Muchas gracias! Nos vemos!

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Check out this new discovery of water in the Earth's Core!

Learn how plate tectonics plays a role in the cycling of water from the Earth's Core!

There is a massive underground ocean located near Earth's core.

BBC News

The celebration of the premiere of the Black Panther is so massive that it reaches Africa with much pride and excitement.

Fan of Black Panther? This is how Kenyans in Lupita Nyong'o's hometown celebrated the premiere.

(via BBC Entertainment News)


Afro-Latinos in WWII

This is the story of Esteban Hotesse, the first Afro-Dominican member of the Tuskegee Airmen. He was an immigrant, a pilot, and an activist.

The Root

Representation Matters

The cast of Black Panther reveal why black superheroes matter:

The Goods by Vox

What are your thoughts on this and why?

“Through fashion, I can connect with my ancestors, but I can also change the future.” - Cheyney McKnight

This is a friendly reminder that UB Students who attended Saturday College February 3rd, 2018 and who will be attending ...

This is a friendly reminder that UB Students who attended Saturday College February 3rd, 2018 and who will be attending this Saturday, February 17th, 2018 NEED TO BRING A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP for the Dave & Buster’s field trip.

If you need an additional permission, slip please email Cynthia at [email protected] .
Este es un recordatorio que los estudiantes de UB quienes asistieron nuestras clases de los sábados el 3 de Febrero de 2018 y quienes asistirán este sábado el 17 de 2018 TENDRAN QUE LLEVAR LA HOJA DE PERMISO para la salida a Dave & Buster’s.

Si necesitas una hoja de permiso adicional, favor de mandar un correo electrónico a Cynthia a [email protected] .

Upcoming Upward Bound Schedule - Spring 2018 & Summer 2018

Upcoming Upward Bound Schedule - Spring 2018 & Summer 2018


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