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Michael A. Johnson & Associates Our team of Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers are here to help you in every way possible! Do not hesitate to contact us! Call (312) 222-0660 today!

At my law office, our team of Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers are here to help you in every way possible! If you find yourself facing a criminal charge, do not hesitate to contact us!

Operating as usual


During these difficult times I want you to know that although the courts are closed and many businesses are shuttered, I am here for you. We should use the extra time we find ourselves having in a positive manner. Even though the Clerks Office is closed, I can still perform some services on line. If you have been considering clearing up your history of “youthful indiscretions”, give me a call and we can work on Sealing or Expunging your record. Please be safe and stay healthy.


Come for an informative seminar on self-defense and the law at the North Shore Sports Club in Lake Forest this Saturday at 6:00.
They will be serving food before the seminar and if you are a gun owner I highly recommend that you attend.
If you belong to US Law Shield the seminar is free. If not , it’s only $10 .

As many of you already know, I am the Independent Program Attorney for U.S. Law Shield for the state of Illinois. I have...
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As many of you already know, I am the Independent Program Attorney for U.S. Law Shield for the state of Illinois. I have had the privilege of speaking to groups of gun owners throughout the State. If you are not familiar with U.S. Law Shield , I suggest you look at the information on their website www.uslawshield.com.The company insures gun owners who if are forced to defend themselves and unfortunately charged criminally or sued, provide legal services from start to finish. The cost for the insurance is nominal and the benefits are well worth the premiums. In addition to providing lawyers to represent you, they also conduct educational seminars at no cost to it's members. Our theory is that to me armed, you must also be educated. At the seminars I teach the members the laws regarding justifiable use of force in Illinois as well as the ever changing regulations of our Conceal Carry Statutes. We then take some time for a question/answer period. I invite you to attend a seminar and decide for yourself. The handsome man shown below, unfortunately is not me.

At any given moment, situations of self-defense and emergencies can happen to anyone and unfortunately, the justice system may not be on your side. While you protect your family and property, U.S. & Texas LawShield is here to defend you 24/7/365 with the most comprehensive self-defense coverage at a...


As I'm sure many of you have heard that Illinois is legalizing recreational marijuana. Be careful, the new law does not take effect until Jan. 1, 2020. More importantly is that if you have an arrest or conviction for marijuana possession, you are eligible to have it expunged from your record. contact my office if you are interested in clearing your record.


I appreciate the response from my recent appearance on WGN News after the mass shooting in Aurora. It has become apparent that the fault does not lie with the individuals who follow the legal process in obtaining their FOID card and Concealed Carry license , but with law enforcement and their failure to follow up when required. The shooter in Aurora should have had his weapon confiscated by either the Illinois State police or the Aurora police department when they learned of his criminal history. I discuss this situation at length during the seminars that I present for US Law Shield throughout Illinois. If you have concerns about your right to defend yourself and when you can use deadly force, you should attend. Go online to U.S. Law Shield website and look up seminars, it is worthwhile.

I have the utmost respect for our Veterans. I am offering in addition to our free consultation, a discount to any Vetera...

I have the utmost respect for our Veterans. I am offering in addition to our free consultation, a discount to any Veterans who need my services. I want to thank you for your service and will always make myself available to any current or retired military personal. Enjoy your special day tomorrow, you earned it.


I was chosen by U.S. Law Shield to be the attorney to represent all the members of their program in Illinois. I am honored and promise to provide the best representation to those in need . To any and all gun owners, I strongly suggest that you take a close look at this new program which just recently expanded to Illinois. For a nominal payment you will be covered for any incident wherein you are forced to defend yourself or your family.
U.S. Law Shield is a program that I spent several weeks investigating until I felt comfortable accepting their offer to be the attorney for the entire State of Illinois.
I will be the featured speaker in the educational programs which we are now scheduling in locations throughout the state.

Please be careful out there.
New DWI law goes into effect Aug. 1: News Releases: Minnesota DNR

Please be careful out there.

A new law that goes into effect Aug. 1 means people convicted of driving while intoxicated – regardless of the vehicle they’re driving – will lose their driver’s license and be prohibited from operating motor vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles, motorboats and snowmobiles. The state Leg...


When I started practicing law about 37 years ago police used the "broken tail light" as probable cause to pull over a car. Today the police use " not wearing seat belts " or " the smell of marijuana" as their probable cause. More often than not these stops are pre-textual. However, under our current state of the law, many judges allow these blatant violations of the 4th Amendment . I have filed many Motions to Quash the Arrest and Suppress the Evidence in these illegitimate stops which are more often than not nothing more than profiling. I have been successful in these motions when the judge has the guts to see and accept the truth and not blindly accept the police officers perjury.
The current ( and most likely) future makeup of our Supreme Court is going to further erode our 4th Amendment Rights. Please be careful when driving, wear your seatbelt and smoke your marijuana ( in States where it is legal ) in the privacy of your home. Most importantly don't ever give permission to the police to search your car without a warrant. If you are arrested after an illegitimate car stop and search, call me .


I hope everyone had a restful Easter and Passover. As many of you know, I am Of Counsel at HalunenLaw in Minneapolis and we are one of the leading law firms handling Class Action Law Suits. Our main thrust in this type of litigation is to protect consumers. At the present time we are investigating the way that American Spirit Tobacco deceived its customers. They led their customers to believe that these cigarettes were safer and/or healthier than others. If you are an Illinois resident and either smoked these cigarettes or know someone who did, please contact me. You can private message or call me at 312-222-0660.


Hope you all had a safe and restful New Year. We are moving our offices shortly, same building, but a brand new suite. We will now be on the 3rd. floor, suite 300A. The building did a wonderful job designing our new space. Please come by if you are in the neighborhood and take a peak. We have an extra office available for rent if you know anyone who would be interested. Wishing all a happy, healthy new year.


This year I decided not to send out any holiday cards. I hope that none of my friends, clients , etc. are disappointed. Instead I am going to use the money that I normally spend on cards and postage and make a donation to a worthy charitable organization. I have a few in mind, but would be open to suggestions. I am leaning in the direction of non-profit organizations that are dealing with the horrible opioid epidemic we are facing. Treatment/ Rehabilitation for recovering addicts programs would be a worthy recipient.
Another concern I have is for the homeless, especially during the cold months ahead of us. There are several deserving organizations that help get these poor souls off the cold streets and into a warm place.
I wish all of you a wonderful, warm holiday season spent with friends and loved ones.



On the eve of another holiday season, I want to take some time and thank all of my friends for helping me have an amazing year. I wish all of you nothing but happiness, and good health for the remainder of this year and throughout the coming year. If I can help you or a loved one in any way, please call.


Having a criminal arrest/conviction in your background could make it very difficult to find future employment. The process of expunging or sealing your record should be considered. The laws regarding expungement and or sealing an arrest record have changed recently to benefit those with Illinois criminal records. If you want to try and clear your criminal history contact my office 312-222-0660.


Hope everyone has had a relaxing, safe summer. I have tried to work in a little down time between my trials. Sometimes we all need to turn off the news , put down our cell phones and smell the flowers . I'm here for you if you need me. Just call....

Just received this.....

Just received this.....


For those of you who may not know, my client Kamari Belmont was shot and killed Monday night upon being released from Cook County Jail. I represented Kamari in a Murder prosecution which we were able to get dismissed. Kamari also had an Armed robbery case pending, I was able to get his bond reduced so that his family could post his bail. within minutes of his release he was shot and killed. My thoughts go out to Kamari's family.......


I know that many of my clients as well as their family members are concerned about the new immigration policies. Whether you are a citizen, resident or even here without permission, you have protections under our U.S. Constitution. Law Enforcement Officers from any governmental agency; local police, F.B.I., ICE or any other agent of the Government cannot enter your home without a warrant. Know your rights.....call me if you have any concerns, our conversation is strictly private and will not be shared by anyone.


I know that Kim Fox is just getting started as our new Cook County States Attorney, but from all indications, we could see some positive actions. Our Assistant States Attorneys under Anita Alvarez had very little, if any discretion to do the appropriate thing in certain cases. I hope that under the new regime, their will be more recognition as to which defendants need help, which does not equal incarceration. I understand the budget constraints and financial difficulties in our State, but getting the right services for the mentally ill and drug addicted defendants, will in the long run be less of a burden on our system.


December is around the corner and I want to wish everyone a terrific holiday season. I hope that December is as successful for my clients as it was November. In the past few weeks I handled a sentencing hearing in Hennepin County Court for a young man who was convicted of Armed Robbery and also facing a Burglary charge. The Prosecution was seeking a sentence of at least 108 months, after arguing on behalf of the Defendant, he was sentenced to 88 months and the Burglary charge ran concurrent (no additional time). I saved this young man several years and he will be back with his family much sooner.
In Cook County I recently represented a client accused of several serious Class X Drug Charges. The State alleged that the Defendant was a high ranking gang leader and was facing a potential lengthy sentence. The trial took place over several days and I gained an acquittal of all charges on his behalf.
In another recent trial I represented a businessman facing an 18 count Indictment alleging serious class X felonies including Home Invasion and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault. At the close of the trial the Judge found the client not guilty of the most serious charges and only found him guilty of 2 lesser charges, which carry a probation sentence. Although I was disappointed that the client was found guilty of any charges, at least he was acquitted of the other 16 more serious accusations.
Wishing all a peaceful December....


We anxiously await the official arrival of Kim Fox as our new States Attorney. Rumor has it that she will be more lenient than our previous States Attorney, Anita Alvarez, in cases involving small amounts of drugs and non-violent cases wherein the accused may have a mental health issue. These are issues that should have been dealt with years ago, but I sincerely hope that Ms. Fox is more sympathetic to these Defendants than her predecessor.
Time will tell......


It will be interesting to see how things go at the States Attorneys office between now and November. Anita Alvarez is a Lame Duck Prosecutor with no hopes of continuing a career in politics. We will see how the office is handled over the next few months. Time will tell. I am also anxious to see which top prosecutors remain under the new administration.


I'm in Minneapolis now preparing to represent a client charged with Armed Robbery. I worked hard on his defense and feel confident we will prevail. Then I'm headed up north to Duluth to defend another client charged with a series of Drug Distribution charges. Remember, if youl,a friend or loved one needs a strong defense in Minnesota call me.


I was just retained to represent a young man in Minneapolis. He was looking for an experienced litigator and was directed to me. I believe I will be able to help him. If you need a lawyer with years of experience who is also licensed in Minnesota, call my office.


In case you didn't already know, I am Of Counsel with the firm Halunen and Associates in Minneapolis. Halunen and Associates is one of the top firms in the country handling Employment Discrimination, Consumer Rights, Class Actions. If you or a loved one has an important legal matter in Minnesota, including a criminal case, we can help.


I just completed a long drawn out defense of an Army Veteran who suffered from PTSD. Through patience, determination and hard work, the case was resolved in our favor.
About 10 years ago I represented an Army Private who was charged with Negligent Homicide and faced a Court Martial. After a week long jury trial he was acquitted of all charges and went on to fulfill his service.
I am proud to have a nephew and niece who are West Point Grads as well as another nephew who joined the Army Reserves after becoming an attorney. I had the pleasure to see my Uncle who was a WWII Vet go on an Honor Flight to Washington.
Although I never served in the military, I have the utmost respect to all the men and women who bravely served our country. I am saddened when I see our Vets having to struggle to get decent health care, help with employment, find themselves struggling financially, and not able to afford legal help when they are in need.
I have decided to extend my services to any Vet or family of a Vet at a greatly reduced rate. In addition to my long standing policy of offering a free consultation, I will reduce my usual rates substantially based on the individuals ability to pay. I discussed this new policy with my Associates who agreed to also extend this benefit.
We believe this is the least we can do for all the brave men and women who risked their lives to keep us safe.


I was somewhat concerned about our new Governor. I am becoming a fan. He is working on our prison system and some creative concepts on the appropriate way to help our incarcerated. He realizes that housing prisoners for a longer period of time, without any treatment, vocational training or education, is not the answer. Truth in Sentencing is not working.


A new law took effect this year regarding the sealing of Juvenile records. It is important to know this because it could effect potential eployment. Before you fill out an employment application, know the law. Also, the law has changed regarding adult criminal convictions and what a potential employer can ask.

Thankfully , our Juvenile Justice System has changed over the years. This story is heartbreaking.
Pursuing justice for all

Thankfully , our Juvenile Justice System has changed over the years. This story is heartbreaking.

He is prisoner No. 260. He stares into the camera for his mug shot, head cocked, eyes forlorn of hope. It is the kind of picture that haunts.


I have had success as of late in getting property returned to clients after a Seizure has been filed by the State. The law in Illinois allows the State to file a Forfieture claim against property if either money is found in close proximity to contraband ( drugs or guns), or if you get stopped in a vehicle and drugs or a weapon is found in the car. The burden is on the property owner to prove that the automobile or other property ( usually money) has been obtained legally and in no way connected to any illegal activity. If you allow your child to use your car and they are pulled over and found to possess even the smallest amount of drugs, you can lose your car. In those cases you would have to show that you were an Innocent Third Party and had no knowledge that the person you allowed to use your car possessed any contraband. Give me a call if this happens to you.


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