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Arguably the #1 issue that causes students to struggle with math stems from having challenges remembering their times ta...
Japanese Multiplication Trick | Easy and fast way to learn | Math Tips and Tricks

Arguably the #1 issue that causes students to struggle with math stems from having challenges remembering their times tables. Check out these videos and practice with your little ones.
Let me know what you think.

This video explains the Japanese Multiplication Trick, a very simple method to easily multiply any two numbers together. Thank you for watching this video an...


Sometimes students and parents focus too much on grades. Are grades and averages important, yes; however, grades don't communicate what material is being taught or how rigorous a class is. An "A" student can easily be less prepared than a "C" student. Would you rather your student be exposed to alot and earn a C, or exposed to a little and earn an A?

In addition to asking a teacher, "What is my child's grade?",
a variety of follow up questions could be asked:

"What topics are being taught?"
"What is my child understanding?"
"What is my student not understanding?"
"Are they engaged and asking questions?"
"Are you available where they can come for help?"
"Are the topics being taught being related to standardized tests or real life problems?"


You are able to deposit $500 into the bank and allow it to grow at an interest 1.3% compounded monthly. Would it be more profitable investing the money now for 10 years, or be given $600 ten years later?


If log 10 = 1 and
If log 100 = 2
A) What do you think log 1000 = ?
B) What do you think log 15 = ?


Your children should not be using a calculator before 8th and 9th grade. Just my opinion. I am running into too many older children who have not even mastered their basic math facts like times tables. When students are allowed to use a calculator on basic operations, they fail to exercise their mind on the fundamentals. Challenging concepts begun difficult, because their foundation is weak and they come to the conclusion that math is hard. No. Calculators are a tool that can be easily abused and therefore hinder a student's long term comfort with math.

Senior Kaitlyn: Related Rate Problem, great presentation!

Senior Kaitlyn: Related Rate Problem, great presentation!


We cannot allow our children to lose focus, act immature and silly and disrupt the flow of the class. There is too much that must be introduced to them, that cannot be taught, if time is wasted addressing behavioral issues. Distractions and disruptions must be addressed swiftly and firmly in love, so that the behavioral issue is corrected and the momentum of learning is not disrupted.


Practice, practice, practice.. practice, improvement, practice, domination, practice! Calculators are a valuable tool for students who have developed a strong foundational skill level. Conversely, calculators can be very destructive and stifle the growth and understanding for students young and old. Students should not be allowed or even be given an option to use calculators to perform fundamental operations, especially if it causes them to bypass mentally exercising and practicing basic math rules.


Allowing students, young and old, to depend on using calculators, can be very destructive in their future academic mathematical development. As a child, when reading, many times I was taught to sound those tough words out. The pronunciations were not always easily available. In the same way that I had to piece together rules of letters, words and punctuations with sentences, there are rules for math. These rules must be practiced and studied too!


Where your child is seated in the classroom is a very important factor and consideration to their ability to see, hear, focus and understand the material being discussed. Ask the teacher, " Where does my student sit?


I have come to a frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. It's my personal approach that creates the climate. It's my daily mood that makes the weather. As a teacher, I possess a tremendous power to make a child's life miserable or joyous. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In most, if not all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and child is humanized or de-humanized.

Haim Ginott


In the same way that exposure to reading at earlier ages increases a child's chances of performing well in reading comprehension and writing, when you introduce your children to learn their times tables, without a calculator, they will experience fewer challenges within a wide array of math topics.


7 QUESTIONS for your student's teacher to bring clarity and understanding to how they are performing in school:

1) How would you describe my student's effort, determination, work ethic and consistency in completing work in a timely fashion?

2) Does my student ask questions during class or after school? Is my child engaged?

3) Is my student focused? What might be causing my child to be distracted?

4) How does my student perform on classroom quizzes and tests along with local and national assessments?

5) How long does it take for my student to understand general topics vs problem solving techniques and calculations.

6) What are my child's strengths and weaknesses? Are they continuing to perform at a high level? Are they improving in the area they find challenging?

7) Do we have each others current contact information? How many times have we discussed my student's performance?

Just because a student is earning a high grade, does not ensure that they are learning. Just because a student is earning a low grade, does not mean that they are not growing.


Ask the members of your child's school community, "Why is it important to you that my child succeeds within your class/school?" Also, ask them to describe what that success looks like.


The way you disclipline students in and outside the classroom, is just as important as the way that you applaud and congratulate them. It can set a tone which provokes children to anger, haulting a productive class flow, or it can invite highly productive exchanges. High standards coupled with the very nature of world class accelerated learning, causes a continuous process of correction that is likely, if not inevitable. Your desire and love for the students can be so transparent and established, that discipline is just a necessary and understood step in the process of domination. I ask the students, "Do you want to thank me for this verbal whipping now, or do you want to thank me later?!" They usually wait a while.

Each Thursday from 5:30-6:00 pm, beginning October 6th, Students Dominate Math will be airing a math tutoring live call-...
CAN TV – Hotline Live

Each Thursday from 5:30-6:00 pm, beginning October 6th, Students Dominate Math will be airing a math tutoring live call-in interactive television show. The show will encourage students of all ages to dominate their classes and answer general questions about math along with provide students help with their homework. Comcast subscribers can tune into Channel 21, while non Comcast subscribers can tune into

Get your answers directly from the source. Talk live with experts on health, education, jobs, and more. Chicago nonprofits host live call-in shows every weekday evening on Chicago cable channel CAN TV21 and right here at


It has become routine, natural and quite common place to daily remind the students how smart they are. They are geniuses! How hard would you work each day, when you genuinely believed that you are not only working with a thinker, problem solver, and potential decision and policy maker, but also a future parent and potential friend.


You know that your students are approaching another level of insight when they begin to ask questions that you dont have an immediate answer to. "I will study that and get back to you."


Don't be overly concerned about posting all of these cute pictures of these children on their first day of school, without demanding that they experience the best education possible.

2016 LINK Unlimited Geniuses!

2016 LINK Unlimited Geniuses!

Rewarding the PSM Class of 2016 for dominating the AP Calculus Exam. Their lowest grade was a "4" on a "5" point scale. ...

Rewarding the PSM Class of 2016 for dominating the AP Calculus Exam. Their lowest grade was a "4" on a "5" point scale. They put a real dent in my wallet! Worth it!! Dominate the College Experience! DLFMP


The student that says that math is hard, often times is really saying that they don't understand the fundamentals behind what they are learning. If your child is struggling with math or any other subject this year, ask your child's teacher what fundamental ideas must my child be comfortable with, in order to be successful.


When working with students they need to be continually reminded of fundamental ideas and concepts learned in the past. Do not allow standardized test goals, fear of not reaching a certain part of your curriculum, or anything else stop you from strengthening their confidence with basic skills. Invest time in the fundamentals now to save time down the road when attempting more complex problems and chellenges.

I am having a great time working with these intelligent and hard working PSM students who volunteered to take Algebra II...

I am having a great time working with these intelligent and hard working PSM students who volunteered to take Algebra II and Trigonometry at the end of their freshman year. They are all performing very well. Next Level!!! Their goals?

3 engineers, 1 medical doctor, 1 businessman, 1 undecided and 1 President of the United States.


Joseph Business School GED Math Tutoring happening at Living Word Christian Center this Wednesday (5:30-6:30 pm)
Topic: Systems of Equations


I am going to resume tutoring at Living Word Christian Center within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!


Good teachers strategically tell good stories every once in a while in order to bring an understanding to problems and or challenges.


Good teachers often repeat themselves to reiterate important ideas.


Teach your children the importance of valuing the learning process. Never ever give up! Remind them that you believe in them and that they can do whatever they put their mind to do. Sometimes this society does a very good job trying to convince them otherwise.


Ask your child, "What is your first name?" Then ask them, "What is your last name?" Finally, ask them, "What is 6 times 8?" If they hesitate, ask questions. I am noticing that teachers across the country are not teaching basic math facts by allowing young students to use calculators in the classroom. This will most certainly hinder a child's ability to perform at a high level. Calculators are important, but can easily be abused and cripple a child's capacity to think mathematically. Understanding basic math facts along with times tables is the foundation of all math.

Congratulations to Mr. Ahmad Muhammad and Mr. Jamares Johnson on earning perfect scores on our most recent Pre-Calculus ...

Congratulations to Mr. Ahmad Muhammad and Mr. Jamares Johnson on earning perfect scores on our most recent Pre-Calculus test. Great job guys!


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